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  2. Add Diego Martinez and Lydia Valentine.
  3. Added Rip and Added Added Added Added
  4. Ment to do this but yeah you are done fully.
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  6. //: NCO in charge: Cpl. Sarah Sanderson //: Time and Date of session: 21/08/2300 1:57 am //: Type of Training Session: Weapon training and SAW Certification for Angelika Gjallahad //: Notable Acts: N/A
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  8. What's that? I used one of the reserves?! I'll add bio relationships later
  9. Reason: Family matter LOA: 21st - 24th. Feel free to message me with any marauder issues during this time, il still handle them as I go on
  10. List all LOA's here to keep myself update: Reason: LOA Start/End:
  11. The very much dead thor… But! Do add Logan Kent.
  12. Better stick Logan Kent in there smelly!
  13. I wish to know what madman Karlosson thinks of madman Augustus Azam.
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