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  2. Hes been on one mission with Jack, he doesnt have an opinion
  3. Jack varks? If we ever talked or just slimply what you think of them.
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  5. //: Drop Lead: SGT Jessica Ryan //: Second In Command: LCpl. Orson Tate //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.)- PFC. Godkim (RTO), CPL Carter, Pvt. Varks //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: MI were diverted to new AO. MI proceeded through moderate contact and sealed multiple holes. Advise more gun time for the Marauders on their new miniguns, caused my RTO to get shot. //: Mission Summary: MI were diverted from civilian Evac to wipe out a bug Hive. We landed in unfavourable terrain for the Chickenhawk, which struggled but kept pace with the infantry as we advanced over hills and took out multiple bug holes. Tanker Ambushes appeared infrequently until we got within visual line of sight of the Spires, where PFC Godkim, the RTO, called in TAC. Right after, 2SPEC Angelika clipped her with a burst from her new minigun, due to being unfamiliar with the new recoil on it. As a result, SPC Nyx took over as RTO and finished the run. While the TAC run blew out the hive spires, a tanker ambush hit our advance team covering our flank after the Chickenhawk was disabled, causing light wounds to Carter and Varks before being killed. All in all good drop, however Marauders dropped the ball a little, with Angelika's unfamiliarity with the new weapons system taking out my RTO and Nyx firing a Y-RACKs at a tanker close to infantry. SGT Jessica Ryan
  6. Thanks semus. Did my math wrong.
  7. Character Information: Basic Information: Name: Adrian J. Perot Gender: Male Age & Birthday: 20 -- (08/11/2280) Nationality & Birthplace: Federal Citizen / Iskander, Irving Residence: Iskander, Irving / AFC-CC-251 Joseph A. Glowin Education: Primary & Secondary Levels / Tier 1 & 2 Marksman Certifications Religious Affilation: Agnostic Physical Details: Height: 5'11 Weight: 161lb Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Black Body Type: Ectomorphic Bodily Modifications: N/A Physical Description: Standing at a rather average height of five feet and eleven inches, Perot seems like an relatively ordinary trooper. He has an ectomorphic build associated with runners, dancers and swashbucklers. His limbs are long and gangly, his entire frame made up of lean, wiry muscle. His skin pallour is light, albeit not exceptionally pale nor tanned. A pair of thick-framed GI glasses are sat onto his face. Affixed onto his face is a pair of faded, unremarkable blue eyes and black hair. A fresh fade sits upon his head, with a slight tuff of black hair sat upon his face, shooting outwards in combed out spikes. His eyebrows are preened, his teeth white and his nails trimmed perfectly, suggesting the young trooper takes care of his appearance. His body lacks any noticeable scars, suggesting he is relatively "green behind the ears". Military Details: Service Number: 2041P-91488 Military Branch: 47th Mobile Infantry Battalion Rank: Private Military Occupation: Military Marksman Date of Enlistment: 06/09/2298 Standard Equipment: Yiniminia Z-01 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle Brunham XW-103-S7 Shotgun Poly-Carbide Combat Knife Military Medical Record: N/A Awards Earned: Federal Defense Ribbon Good Conduct Medal Citizenship Ribbon General Specialization Medal (Marksman) Veteran Combat Medal Relationships Loved / Familial / Respected / Good Friend / Friend / Acceptable Co-Worker / Neutral / Disliked / Hated The homies still kicking: Yoooo! RIP!
  8. Uh... 2292. That means he's 8.
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