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  2. You know who to hook up your sick cute boy varks
  3. Add the sick boy varks you worked on
  4. Heidi Von Krieger. Yeah I know not my char but add the cutie
  5. APPLICATION: ACCEPTED Report to SSPC+ for Training. TSgt. Haley Miller Executive Officer
  6. Name: Elizabeth S'Jet Federal Service Number: 483729 Physical Age: 19 Race: Hesperian Gender: Female Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Dirty blonde Height: 5'2" Weight: 125.6 Employment & Background Current Rank: Private Educational History: High School Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Part time barmaid for a year before signing up Service Record: Freshly recruited into the MI OOC: Character's College Explanation: N/A Server Time: About a year or so Roleplay History: I've been part of the SSTRP world coming on 12 years now. I have been part of multiple serious roleplay communities including Monkey+Wolly RP, Epsilon Community, Zeta Community, Sigma Community, Heartbrit hl2rp, .Net and now UCF. Even founded my own rp server for 4 months.
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  8. Reference Picture Basic Information:Name: Age: 22 D.O.B: 15012279 Gender: Female Affiliation: Medical Role(s): XMO of Medical Homeworld: Earth Hair color: Ginger Eye color: Hazel Build: Endomorph Rank: Technical SergeantBackstory: [WIP] Other Information: Like to read books, play video games on off time. Works out alone.Character Description: A woman standing at 5'7 in height, her hair ginger in color. Her eyes hazel, leaning towards green; light brown freckles covering her upper cheek. She would lean more to a endomorph build. She had an upbeat personality,Characteristics: Happy/Enthusiastic. Nice/Polite. Personal Relationships--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- --[[Psi-Ops]]-- --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- --[[Federation Marauders]]-- --[[Federation Fleet]]-- --[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]-- --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
  9. Aren't you supposed to be looking for Khar-Toba? STOP DOING WHATEVER IT IS YOU'RE DOING AND GET BACK TO THE KAPISI AT ONCE
  10. Elizabeth S'Jet Face Claim Character Theme GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Elizabeth Jane S'Jet Alias(es): N/A Rank: Private Age: 19 Hometown: Hesperus Affiliation: UCF Specialization: Trooper Awards Granted: Morale: Awful ██████ | ███████ Good FAMILIAL CONNECTIONS Father: Micheal S'Jet- Military Provost Mother: Hailey S'Jet- Unemployed Spouse: N/A Children: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION  Gender: Female Height: 5'2" Weight: 125.6 lbs Build: Mesomorph Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Cybernetics: N/A Equipment: Mark Three Morita Roll of 20 Sandbags Entrenchment Tool Frag Grenades PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Personality Type: Quiet, slightly upbeat, friendly, Strengths: Follows orders well. Weaknesses: Struggles starting a conversation with new people. RELATIONS [You Know The Drill]
  11. Shite can't really can't do that.
  12. Okay I will later on my phone XD let's see what I can do
  13. Hunter and S'Jet. You know you wanna
  14. Last week
  15. Godkim Acting Corporal for now
  16. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Redbrick //: Second In Command: Staff Sergeant Ryan taking over for Corporal Morelli. //: Squad Leaders: Lance Corporal Layland (Red) Corporal Morelli (Blue) Blue Team: Morelli Red Team: Layland //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Staff Sergeant Ryan, Sergeant Redbrick, Lance Corporal Beckett, Lance Corporal Daly, Private Chumbley. (Several more but i dont recall, it was a lot.) //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): All Recruits present on the drop were killed aside from one, Private Boucher. (I dont remember what their names were other then Boucher because it reminded me of bowser, lool.) Lance Corporal Layland. //: Notable Acts: Lance Corporal Layland assisted in saving the life of Lance Corporal Holloway. Lance Corporal Layland, Holloway, and Corporal Morelli planted DOTON charges in the hive. And, HEAT rockettes on their own volition the brain bug to ensure it was killed prior to DOTON detonation. Medical Third Specialist Jade Mason showed exceptional on the spot work in handling extremely grevious wounds, including my own. Corporal Morelli provided important fire support with his extremely well done skirmishing in the IFV prior to its destruction. Specialist Daniel Kriger assisted with the wounded and dead that were accrued in the beginning of the operation, sorting them out quickly. Staff Sergeant Ryan showed incredibly useful and life saving on the spot thinking with calling in TAC strikes and MED-EVAC calls throughout the entire drop while being wounded themself along with myself due to friendly fire. //: Mission Summary: Operation Sledgehammer (Concluding event) 47th are sent to the location of the new bug hive on Roku San, located after the Hives Brain Bug was sighted moving to the new location. General Ziola and one of their Lieutenants ordered the 47th to lead a strike to kill both the hive and the Brain bug inside before it could relocate once more by any means available to them. Objectives : Locate the Hive entrance in a bug made ravine. (Completed) Move inside the Hive and plant the 10 DOTON's inside after the main hive chamber and Brain bug were located. (Completed) Escape and detonate the planted DOTON's, ensuring the demise of the Hive and Brain bug. (Completed) The 47th lead by Sergeant Redbrick and Staff Sergeant Ryan were dropped a short distance from the presumed hive entrance, moving North Easterly with IFV support and Marauder AEGIS 2 Support, Lance Corporal Beckett and several others were injured or killed in the journey due to mass bug swarms including Tanker and Hopper attacks, the 47th repelled the attacks and closed the holes via M55 TON's Rockets and Multiple TAC strikes. However, the arachnid warriors managed to total the accompanying IFV and damage the Marauder beyond field repair, forcing the IFV to be abandoned and the Marauder to be recalled. -- The 47th continued on to the objective shortly after. Upon arrival in the hives direct area of operation the 47th were immediately attacked by skirmishes of warrior and tiger castes, followed by Tankers, Scorpions, Hoppers and Cliff mites. Slowly but surely making progress but not without deaths and injury. MED-EVAC being called throughout this second engagement regularly as a result, killing the brain bug and Hive with a combination of HEAT rockets and DOTON's. Barely escaping with their lives into the nearby EVAC dropship as an Adult Royal burst from the Ravine and swatted the dropships, causing the 47th and their dropship to spin uncontrollably off into the direction of the FOB, crashing a few miles away in a deadly spectacle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Event Runner: @Kris )
  17. Forgot that Holloway was also certed for Flamer and tiers 1 & 2 of pointman
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