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  2. After reading through the topic, and speaking to a few people. I have decided against the PK appeal. Due to a number of factors. 1. Foxy set in his head a threshold, you crossed said threshold leading to your injury 2. Foxy also said to himself if a medic comes to you within a minute you would not be facing any consequential injury. However one did come to you within the time frame. But for some odd reason you decided to try and cauterize your wound with a plasma torch which burns 5x hotter than the sun which honestly makes no sense. 3. After you used the plasma torch you somehow had superman pain endurance and where able to stand up no problem. Usually that would probably hurt, just a little. With all that said I will address your concern about rolling. Myself and most of the other admins use rolling some times. It's not mandatory when it comes to injuries and what ever. It's solely up to the admin doing the injury. However, the injury isn't what killed you. It's the powergaming, somehow being able to burn yourself with a plasma torch and not really roleplaying shock. Yes, grant you adrenaline works magic. But quite frankly I don't believe the human body would be able to withstand such a temperature and not educe any kind of pain, or frankly passing out.
  3. PK reversal is approved. After reviewing what you laid out we've decided to go ahead and move forward with it. kthxhavenicedai
  4. I will be handling this PK appeal. I will speak to to the relevant people. I will get back to you shortly with the verdict.
  5. //: Drop Lead: Sgt. John Langdon //: Second In Command: Pfc. Jack Varks //: Squad Leaders: If not applicable, N/A or delete. Blue Team: Pfc. Jack Varks Red Team: Pfc. Something Halla //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Pfc. Jack Varks, other people i forgot //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: Pfc. Jack Varks showed great potential as a future NCO. Everyone performed well. //: Mission Summary: MI sent to secure a rear train supply line. Once upon landing we secured the immediate area, I then sent Blue squad to secure the rail line. Red and myself secured the small garrison. After a couple of minutes both teams received contact. Blue team got hit pretty hard by a hopper. Sustained a couple of injuries. Lost one M9 Chicken Hawk due to being swarmed by bugs, we managed to rescue the Pilot. Other than that it was your normal bug drop that ended up with a lot of shooting. (Event Runner: Dickers)
  6. But then you’d have to go and set everyone’s forum group and what have you. Don’t the NCOs have a club that pretty much does the same thing.
  7. Greetings all, Effective immediately, I am resigning my position as XA. This is due to a number of factors that I am going to iterate because fuck it. You guys need to hear, once again because you lot have done it before and will do it again. If there is a server to do it on. Firstly, I love SSTRP, I loved this community and communities before it. But frankly it is not the same SSTRP that I have fallen in love with. The majority of the player base has drifted away from the actual lore that is seen in the movies and books. Everyone is just too fucking soft, god forbid you get yelled you go crying to the forums. I’ve been called a power hungry cunt, even though I did what I thought was in the best interest for the server. Also it just seems that the player base would rather sit around and ERP, instead of actually roleplay. Might as well not be SSTRP and do brothelRP. Since when is it acceptable to roleplay something so vile and disgusting like rape? If this is commonly accepted and everyone is okay with it, this is not a place I want to be. Secondly, the way you guys treat the XA’s and developers is disgusting. I know it’s been said before and beaten to death by my predecessors but it’s true. Lit and Seamus would work hours on hours even days to add content to the server. But get met with constant shitting on for no good reason. I frankly don’t understand why I sank money, and time and effort into a server that doesn’t respect the people working their asses off to make it better. Do we make mistakes sometimes, yes we do. We’re human too everyone makes fucking mistakes. Instead of being pricks about it and starting shit, why not talk to us one on one. It has literally become a cesspool of toxicity for no fucking reason. We’d remove one toxic person and three more would pop in their place. Lastly, the good parts. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here despite what’s been posted above. I wanted to thank those who have made my time here unique and fun. I’ve enjoyed working with the majority of you. The admin team was top notch in my opinion, even though I personally feel like a select few of the admins are just here to start drama for no reason. I specifically want to point out some of the admins that are underappreciated @Ymot, a quiet one but he’s genuinely one of the nicest guys around. @Cipher for doing so much work that is also unappreciated, people shit on you for some reason. But you are one of the ones who will happily run a campaign and spearhead such things. @Kris just for being a cutie pie. I also want to thank @Lit and @Deckers for everything that they've done. It’s been a pleasure working with you both all this time. @Seamus for being a solid developer even though he’s a major idiot at times, but we still love him. @Pasta for being a good friend throughout the years, and @Rook because he is the Rook. Of course Xalphox, he also tried to guide us in the right direction, contrary to popular opinion, he does care. Last but not least, the hero squad, @hititus, @Sting, @Scoutis. Don’t get butthurt if I didn’t @ you, it’s probably because I forgot or I simply don’t like you. It’s for you to decide. Bless up, Jimbow
  8. It's also a trend that majority of the enlisted do not respect anyone, NCO's and CO's included in this. For some reason they think they can do and say what ever they please. Also majority of the playerbase somehow forgets they went through bootcamp where this would be explained and stomped out. Also there is a couple of reasons that Oakwood hasn't been made Master Sergeant, and I will not disclose them. Some players do work their way up the ranks, and become per say a 'trusted player'. In most cases they're mad an admin due to the fact we know they aren't a complete troll or minge. I'm not sure if you ever noticed there hardly is any high ranking players, simply due to the fact they reached that rank and are usually offered admin. One because like I mentioned before they're trusted, two we know them. I can only speak from my own personal experience, I have never given anyone a rank just because they asked OOCly.
  9. Firstly it is me. Secondly for what ever reason everyone assumes this is a permanent character. Which I can tell you it is not. The character was created due to certain beliefs that the current NCO core is not properly doing their job of enforcing rules, regulation and leading. Now this isn't calling every single NCO shitty or should anyone take it that way. Furthermore the majority of my NCO characters, hell even characters in general expect like one are place holders. Usually until a player or what have you is deemed fit for the position. So no, this character is not halting any ones progression, that I can assure you. Lastly admins are usually given NCO's or Officer's 'randomly' because they're trusted players, they either have had a position of equal power or something equivalent. So they have experience with said position, and once again most of the time they are temporary until the position is properly filled.
  10. Hi, I'll be handling this PK appeal from this point on. Taking into account what Leprosy has said I'm going to have to side with him and deny the PK appeal. First off like Mister Shaxx said the Event Runner is king. However every single admin handles PKs and con rolls differently, but in the end it is up to them. Example I only tend to PK someone if they do something really really stupid, or roll a nat 1. Or they ask for it. But like I said, every admin handles it differently. On another note the Event character faction has a higher HP, due to the fact we try to RP with them at times, and do not want to get mowed down in one second. Lastly, if you are not mentioned or have anything to do with the PK. Don't reply to the thread, @Seamus PK appealed denied.
  11. who r u???? Seriously though, best of luck in your future endeavors.
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