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  1. Added Rip and Added Added Added Added
  2. MARK DAVIS Older Family Photo found in the pocket of Mark Davis. On the back is the date with a bloody fingerprint covering the last three digits: 9/8/2---. In addition, there are names scribbled on the back, going from left to right on the picture it seems. Older Sister: Mary Davis, Younger Sister: Alice Davis, Me, Father: Henry Davis, and Older Brother: Hank Davis. Basic Information Name: Mark Davis DoB: 24/8/2--- PoB: Vienna, Austria, Earth. Age: 29 Gender: Male Physical Description Height: 6'4" Weight: 167 lbs. Eye Color: Red Hair Color: Brown Military Information Rank: Private First Class Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: Unknown Service Record: N/A Injuries: Large Gash to the Left Arm(Treated), Right Arm Sliced Off(Treated), One Concussion, Several Broken Ribs(Treated), Broken Spine (Treated). Morale: Average Personal Information Family: Mary Davis (Sister): Presumed Dead Alice Davis (Sister): Dead Hank Davis (Brother): Dead Henry Davis (Father): Dead Allie Davis (Mother): Dead Relationships Romantically Involved|Interested|Best Friend|Friend|Liked|Neutral|Disliked|Hated Klavier Krueger A fellow soldier and a great leader. Haven't really talked to him one-on-one, but I would like to. Möge deine Seele in Frieden ruhen, Freund Sarah Sanderson Another fellow soldier. She and Donham annoyed the fuck out of me with their bickering, but they made up and that makes me happy. Arkay Netanyahu He was the first NCO I saw, and I respect him. I heard that he got demoted since he shot Myers in the foot... But honestly it seems worth it. Federick Stokes A nice guy, good leader, and a great taste tester. Has a bit of a sweet tooth, which we both share happily... And kinda helped me through seeing... yeah. Vebjorn Hegg He was a gentle giant, with a taste in pancakes and flames.... Mögest du Pfannkuchen im Himmel essen Logan Kent He was first annoying with the jokes and whatnot, but he is a pretty damn cook. Might show him my recipe book. McCoy [Forgot the first name ;-;] My first interaction with McCoy involved me dragging him out of the ice with his guts spilt all over the floor.... But, we are pretty good 'drinking' buddies, even if I have to drink for him. Augustus Azam Barely talked to him... Seems like a nice guy. Sophia Holloway One of the many engineers we have, she is a nice gal, even with the huge gash in her head. Reminds me of Alice in a way.
  3. Both. First I unsubbed and resubbed, then I went into the actual addons folder and removed the files there. I tried to redownload the addons before finding out that they weren't giving the .gma. Yes, I have those, and those are not the problem. I HAD the props, but then suddenly I don't anymore. I did not unsub from anything in the content pack.
  4. For some bizarre reason, certain addons on the server for me are no longer working. Props, such as the plant in the box planter in the corner of the med-bay, to the walls of the surgery room are just giant errors. It has effected the med-bay so much for me that it is essentially useless, as while certain things (like the beds, desks, and even the microscope) are unaffected while being surrounded by errors (such as the operating room walls, certain screens, shelves, etc) This has been annoying the hell out of me, and I recently discovered that the cafe/mess hall has also been affected to a certain extent, as well as the bunks. I have uninstalled and re-installed the content pack, G-mod itself, validated the game to hell and back, and have emptied my subscribed addons and have left the server content only. Can someone help me with this problem?
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