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  1. //: Drop Lead: Sgt. Mark Davis//: Second in Command N/A //: Squad Leaders:/: N/A//: Wounded in Action: N/A//: Killed in Action: N/A.//: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary:Alpha Company was tasked in securing multiple hostages from a tribe of cannibals. It was a gruesome drop, however we managed to mostly dispatch the hostile forces without effort, saving quite a few hostages before hitting the main camp. The squad was caught, and I walked into the light while ordering the rest to go around and flank. After that, the cannibals were wiped out and the survivors were rescued... though there was a lot of innocent fatalities before we arrived... including children.Event Runners: Pillar.
  2. //: Drop Lead: Sgt. Mark Davis//: Second in Command N/A //: Squad Leaders:/: N/A//: Wounded in Action: N/A//: Killed in Action: N/A.//: Notable Acts: S'Jet and Goose managed to pilot a stolen Mammoth Tank from hostile forces. //: Mission Summary:Alpha Company was tasked in scavenging supplies from a ruined town outside of the PDF's radar (Due to a recent wrinkle in the relationship between the Sarns police force and the Federation). The initial scavenging was met with little resistance, until we met a group of smugglers who called for backup. Thanks to the work of First Class Valentine, we were able to figure out their base of operations, eliminated all hostile personnel, and recovered one Federation-Grade Mammoth Battle-Tank. Event Runners: Pillar.
  3. Type: Ship Engagement TAC Elements: N/A WIA: N/A KIA: N/A Notable Acts: Petty Officer Third Class Ashwood seems to have a good handle on her station, and was able to direct the other bridge crew present to destroy an escaping enemy pod while I was away.Maintenance & Repairs: Full ammunition refill of mounted cannons, torpedo bays, and missile pods. Check for bullet impact damage. Mission Summary: The USS Darkstar was pursued by a pirate vessel as it attempted to reach a nearby asteroid belt, one that contained high traces in very useful materials as scanned by the Austin Brown. The Brown was able to deny the enemy vessel from destroying the Darkstar, spending two EMP torpedos and one Cluster Missile to knock out the weapons and engine of the vessel, and allowing a squad of troopers to board said pirate vessel. During the engagement, Ashwood was able to ensure that no pirates attempted an escape or rescue in my abscence, allowing the troopers aboard to exfil with no problems.Signature: M. Davis(Event Runner:) Ryan
  4. Huh... thought I put that update there a while ago.
  5. Warlord

    Federal PX

    Name: Mark Davis Rank: Petty Officer Third Class Item(s) Requested: [x1] Empty Stainless Steel Spice Racks [x10] Plastic Spice Containers [x1] Packet of Cherry Tomato Seeds [x1] Ceramic Plant Pot [x1] Sword Cane (36'' Blade)
  6. Done Done Done Huh... I'm tied with Optic on the top amount of current replies... Time to kill Davis I guess.
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