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  1. U.C.F - MI PERSONNEL FILE #93798 IVAN RAIKOV ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS RECORD IS PROTECTED BY SECTION 10, TITLE-G, SUBSECTION-ARF, CHAPTER 332, CODE NUMBER 2174 OF THE U.C.F - FEDERAL ARMED FORCES CODE. THIS RECORD IS TO BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL, AND IS TO ONLY BE SEEN BY RELEVANT ARMED FORCES MEMBERS. ANY DISTRIBUTION OF THIS FILE WILL RESULT IN RESTRAINT UNDER CODE CODE 807 OF MILITARY JUSTICE. SECURITY CLEARANCE: N/A Public File Masking Confidential Information Until User Indicates that information should be publicized. FAF-MI-ID: *************** PASSWORD: ******** RETINAL SCAN: ACCEPTED • • • LOGGING IN • • • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ivan Raikov DOB: February 10, 2282 Service Number: SN-OD-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX Race: Caucasian Religion: Eastern Orthodox Church POB: Saint Petersburg Age: 18 Height: 5ft 9in Weight: 145lbs Rank: Pfc. MOS: Mobile Infantry - Machine Gunner ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relation(s): Quinn Murphy - Murphy's the first guy I had a long and meaningful conversation with. He's clearly a man of many talents, as he helped me understand philosophy and art, without even saying a single word! He's also pretty good at being a barman. I love his milkshakes. I spend most of time at the bar, waiting for him to make me more milkshakes. We don't talk much, mainly because he is not a very talkative guy, but I still enjoy his company, and he doesn't seem to be bothered by mine. Logan Kent - I was introduced to Logan when I agreed to help him out with his kitchen assignment. He seems like a very chill and genuine guy. Very caring, and willing to help others. We worked together in the kitchen, and cooked up some steaks with fries on the side. People genuinely liked our cooking. So, I guess we make a good cooking team. We talked a bit, but didn't really get the chance to get to know each other well. I'm sure that we'll get the chance to talk more in the near future. Kelly Sands - Kelly was the definition of a 'Bro'. He was so chill, so genuine, so caring, and such a professional, at the same time. The greatest medic in this company. He was always so nice to me. He would always treat my wounds, and tell me nice things, during deployments. We even became 'Bros' -I think- during the deployment where we infiltrated that pirate spaceship. I really liked him... And I miss him so much... His death has saddened me, a lot... I wish I could of done something to prevent it... Rest in peace, Kelly. You were a real 'Bro'.
  2. What are Quinn's thoughts on Ivan Raikov?
  3. Hello everyone, I just wanted to suggest two addons for the server. They're pretty self explanatory, but I would like to properly explain why I suggest to have them added into the the server. My explanations shall be simple. First addon: Combat Roll - I do believe that the addon can offer greater "freedom" when it comes down to player movement. As of now, I find myself hesitant to jump off heights that realistically speaking would cause no damage. But due to the games mechanics, chances are that I will. I am fairly certain that other players feel the same way. With the combat roll, players will be able to perform a roll that allows them to either completely avoid damage (if the height they're dropping from isn't TOO high), or reduce the fall damage by 50%. Of course jumping from very high points will still result in death. All players have to do is crouch during their fall and look down towards the ground. An animation from the players' first person view point shall play, resembling that of a roll, followed by a sound. Second addon: Simple Body Group Editor - Another simple addon that allows players to control their body groups by simply choosing the Simple Body Group Editor menu when holding down C. This is a good way for players to quickly adjust the small details of their attire without having to ask for tools, staff assistance, or use of PAC3/4. That is all. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please share your opinions.
  4. Theme Song <:: Pfc. Nikolai Zinoviev ::> This soldier has lost his edge. He has forgotten what fear and survival mean. It's time for him to remember. <:: [BASIC INFORMATION] ::> [NAME]: Nikolai Zinoviev [RANK/DIGITS]: Pfc. [ASSIGNMENT]: Mobile Infantryman / Designated Marksman [AFFILIATION]: U.C.F [DOB]: Unknown <:: [BACKGROUND INFORMATION] ::> [HOMETOWN]: Unknown [PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENTS]: Unknown [EDUCATION]: Unknown [RELATIVE - FATHER]: Unknown [RELATIVE - MOTHER]: Unknown [RELATIVE - SIBLINGS]: Unknown <:: [PHYSICAL INFORMATION] ::> [HEIGHT]: 6'2" [WEIGHT]: 225 Lbs [PHYSIQUE]: Athletic [PHYSICAL DISABILITIES]: None <:: [MENTAL INFORMATION] ::> [MENTAL HEALTH]: Steady [MENTAL DISABILITIES]: None <:: [PERSONNEL NOTES] ::> <:: No notes have been added - (Ask to be added) ::>
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