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    Man, you joined SSTRP to impress a girl? What a topsy turvey world we live in. Take care Lit man. You was always the dopest. I shall await your return. 😎
  2. See you later, Space cowboy.
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    Don't forget how the bullet casings fall down and bounce off the ships hull with and audible clink. - In the void of space.
  4. OPERATION NC67865 LOCATION: HELIX NEBULA TARGET: DORMANT ARACHNID FLEET STATUS: TACTICAL VICTORY Following a navigational error onboard the Scapa-Class Recon Frigate AFC-RF-793 Laura R. Secord, the vessel came into contact with a dormant Arachnid fleet inside of the Helix Nebula. Through the wise actions of the onboard crew, the vessel avoided detection by the Arachnid Fleet, wherein it escaped the nebula and reported it's position to the 6th Fleet. In response, the task force SAG (SPACE ACTION GROUP) HESPERUS was deployed to the provided coordinates on a hunter-killer operation. With knowledge of the arachnid ships locations, and that they were able to be bypassed at sub-impulse heading, SAG HESPERUS was able to close within targeting range of the dormant fleet and utterly annihilate it without loss. The elimination of this hidden fleet represents a well needed tactical and strategic victory against the Arachnid's attempts to frustrate shipping, as well as civil and military space travel. The Admiralty wishes to confer it's congratulations on the captain and crew of the Laura R. Secord. SPECIAL COMMENDATIONS: CREWMAN JESSICA LAWSON - FOR TACTICALLY SOUND DECISIONS IN A STRESSFUL SCENARIO - CONTRIBUTING TO THE SUCCESSFUL OPERATION AGAINST ARACHNID FLEET. _____________________________ ADMIRAL ARAMIS A. HUX COMMANDING OFFICER- 6TH FLEET
  5. I literally can’t even read the writing in the top post. It might as well be another language. XD
  6. You know I had to do it to 'em.
  7. Timeline (Originally compiled by El Excelente) Pre-SSTRP 2041 Russo-Anglo-American Alliance and the Chinese Hegemony go to war, touching off The Disorders. 2052 Treaty of New Delhi is signed ending the war between the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance and the Chinese Hegemony, its afterthought approach to the problem of prisoners of war enrages veterans worldwide. 2064 October 19 - A group of veterans band together and reclaim Aberdeen, Scotland from gang violence and succeed, celebrated as Federation Day December 26 - The European Alliance declares the Aberdeen Militia a dangerous and unlawful force, and begins military action against the city. 2065 April 19 - The EA's plan backfires, and it falls under assault by its own enraged population, sympathetic to the Aberdeen Militia. After several months of fighting, the European Alliance ceases to exist. May 4 - The Federation is born on the ashes of the European Alliance. 2066 The Russo-Anglo-American Alliance becomes a part of the Federation. The Chinese Hegemony refuses to join. 2067 The Pu Yi Massacre in Beijing spurs the oppressed Chinese population to revolt. After a year of fighting, the Chinese successfully overthrew the government of the Hegemony, and consolidated with the Federation, finally uniting the entire world under a single banner. 2069 In order to better communicate and disperse information throughout the Federation, the Federal Network is launched. 2071 With the introduction of sovereign franchise, the Federation is renamed to the Citizens' Federation 2072 As a result of the Disorders, global population had dropped to 2 billion. The Earth was ravaged by disease, poverty, and lack of employment and healthcare. The Federation launches the most ambitious social program to rehabilitate the planet, Project Schweitzer, with the goal to provide healthcare, housing, and education to every human being. Within a few years, the earth is back to pre-Disorders conditions. 2074 The Federation reconstitutes the space programs of the pre-Disorders super powers under the Federal Stellar Authority 2075 Luna Base, the first Federation installation off-planet, goes online. 2076 Olympus Base, the first Federation colony on Mars goes online. 2077 Scientists discover primitive extraterrestrial plant life on Europa 2078 January 1 - Jon Forrest is the first human proven to have psychic abilities. April 21 - Io Incident causes the death of over 17000 colonists, Federation extends nationhood to all off-world colonies. 2080 Pavel Cherenkov invents the Cherenkov Drive at the Kazakhstan Space Facility. 2082 May 7 - Magellan is launched with the destination of the Alpha Centauri system using the newly developed Cherenkov Drive. August 20 - Arrival of the Magellan in the Alpha Centauri system 2100 May 14 - Humanity's first contact with intelligent extraterrestrials after an unknown alien race - UAR-01 - enters Alpha Centuari space and destroys the FSA deadnought Sun Tzu, and boards the FSA vessel Reynolds. The crew repel the alien boarders, and their space vessel is destroyed. (Hesperus Incident) April 4 - The Strategic Integrated Coalition of Nations (SICON) is formed as a result of merging the army, Military Intelligence and the FSA into a single entity. 2101 The first stellar colony of the UCF, Hesperus, receives its first colonists. 2108 The second stellar colony of the UCF, Hod, receives its first colonists. 2112 SICON military installation Kodiak Station goes online. 2114 The stellar colony of Iskander receives its first colonists. 2115 The mining rights to the gas giants of Castus and Pollor are sold to civilian corporations. 2122 October 28, The stellar colony of Shoreridge III receives its first colonists. 2131 December 3, the UCF stellar colony at Epsilon Prime receives its first colonists. 2137 June 11 - The stellar colony of Faraway receives its first colonists. October 7 - The UCF stellar colonies at the Trio receive their first colonists. 2146 The UCF stellar colony at Cassandra receives its first colonists. 2147 The UCF stellar colony at Karrus receives its first colonists. 2148 The Ozymandius survey mission to the Beta Cygni system discovers evidence of intelligent life on a planet dubbed Scylla, however on closer inspection all traces of alien inhabitants appeared to have been swept away in one of the planet’s numerous and violent storms. 2150 The UCF stellar colony at Zegama Beach receives its first colonists. 2152 The stellar colony of Rhohan receives its first colonists. 2156 The SICON post at Wolf Run goes online. 2157 The SICON post at Fomalhaut goes online. 2159 Humanity's first contact with Skinnies. Several attacks on Trio are attributed to their raiding parties. 2160 Roku San receives its first colonists. 2164 The newly formed colony on Brisch receives its first colonists. 2169 The stellar colony of Qetesh receives its first colonists. 2171 The newly formed colony on Pallas receives its first colonists. 2189 The stellar colony of Castillo receives its first colonists. 2199 Arachnids are first observed, and are thought to be on the same level as extraterrestrial animals. 2208 Salk is colonized. 2210 Elixaeberna is colonized. 2217 Leda is colonized. 2223 Tannen's Drift receives its first colonists. 2253 Strelitzia is discovered and colonized. 2268 A 1km wide meteor strikes into Buenos Aires, killing over 10,000,000. The meteor was discovered to have been redirected by the Arachnids, starting the First Bug War. (Start of the events of the first Starship Troopers Movie) 2269 June 9 - The Arachnid homeworld Klendathu is invaded. The invasion is a catastrophic failure, resulting in 308,615 KIA and 205,791 MIA. 100,000 were killed in the first hour alone. June 15 - Sky Marshall Dienes resigns. He is succeeded by Tehat Meru. June 22 - Research on the Arachnids' organization begins. Brain bugs discovered. August 25 - Raid on Tango Urilla. September 1 - First invasion of Planet P September 15 - Ambush at Whiskey Outpost September 27 - Second invasion of Planet P, first Brain Bug captured, AFC-CT176 "Rodger Young" destroyed. 2274 Events of Starship Troopers 2 take place 2275 End of the First Bug War 2276 Federal Fleet Headquarters is constructed in orbit of Sanctuary. Early SSTRP 2276 Events of SSTRP (2008), Omar Anoke succeeds Tehat Meru 2277 Events of SSTRP (2009), Development on the Q-Bomb begins. Operation Firestorm is launched with the goal of a surgical strike into the Skinnie homeworld, Tophet. The operation is deemed a failure, with 155k dead. 2278 Events of Starship Troopers 3 and the first half of SSTRP (2010) February 8 - Battle of Roku San, April 11 - The Marauder program begins. May 2 - Battle of OM-1, first succesful use of Q-bomb. Sky Marshall Anoke is killed and succeeded by Enolo Phid. 2279 Events of the second half of SSTRP (2010) August 6 - Siege of Brisch, Arachnids and Skinnies assault Brio System leaving millions dead. August 19 - Operation Blue Eagle launched with the goal of liberating Brisch. October 20 - Reconstruction of Brisch begins. Repairs are continuing up to present day. 2280 Events of SSTRP (2011) April 17 - Operation Desert Flames begins. April 20-August 30 - Separatist incursions on Seraph B and New Andorra are put down. Arachnid presence discovered on New Andorra and eliminated. 2281 Events of SSTRP (2012) August 14 - Mobile Infantry deployed to mining colony Ruhr to handle riots and to keep the peace. Riots and anti-Federation sentiment are stamped out. October 1 - Operation Desert Flames comes to an end. 2281-2295 - SSTRP on hiatus (2013-2015) Late SSTRP 2296 Events of SSTRP (2016) June - Edenwell Incident July - Operation Golden Spire ('Epsilon Eridani') Nov 12 - Operation Holland Road December 27 - Operation Adrestia commences after a bombing in Gothenburg, Sweden is traced to radicalized mormon leader Joseph De Serte on the predominately Mormon colony of Pangaea. De Serte is killed, and a new government is put in power. 2297 Events of SSTRP (2017) February 14 - Operation Breadbasket results in the destruction of the valuable food producing colony Centennia, and starts a refugee crisis. April 21 - Operation Moros June 15 - Operation Restoring Hope August 31 - The battle at Terra Neue ('Operation Omega') September 1 - Destruction of the Audie Murphy December 2 - Operation λambda December 27 - Operation μegiddo 2298 Events of SSTRP (2018) Federal Civil War January 29 - Formation of the Coalition by the 6th Fleet and Centaurian Empire February 26 - Draconian Hegemony surrenders to the Coalition July 8- Unified Federal armies defeat Sanctuary in battle. Admiral O'Brien executed for treason. Admiral Cortez is elected Sky Marshall 2298 Events of SSTRP (2019) Unified Federal forces join into ceasefire with Arachnid Empire and Skinnie Hegemony. First encounter with the Suborior caste of Arachnids August - First Battle for Perxies November - Reconquest of Sol begins. December 1 - Federal forces decisively defeat progenitors on Terra. Progenitor Ark is destroyed by the 112th. March- Earth is secured from Progenitor remnants. 2299 Events of SSTRP (2019) April 19- Ulysses S. Grant destroyed during operation in the AQZ. April 19- Bugs launch massive attack, beginning the Third Bug War. April 22- Admiral Cortez declares the 112th traitors to cover her own role in the war. April-May- 112th and associated Fleet and Intel escape custody as fugitives. June 29-30- With the assistance of General Larsen and Colonel Roger Espinoza, the 112th secure enough evidence to vindicate themselves. Evidence presented during Federal Session. Cortez is removed from office and the 112th is vindicated. July 1- 112th is subsumed by the 47th Mobile Infantry. July 1-11- Battle of Scarvis takes place July 11th- Arachnid Queen on Scarvis killed. Planet liberated. END OF SSTRP.NET
  8. Name: Anton VolkerAlias: Antwon, VolkyBiological Gender: MalePhysical Age: 24Place of Birth: Hanover, Germany,TerraDate of Birth: March 4thDisposition: Kind and agreeableAlignment: Neutral GoodMental State: StablePreferred Musical Genre: Likes all musicPreferred Type of Writing: FictionPreferred Sleeping Position: On his left side, facing the wallCriminal Record: N/AKnown Languages:English (primary), Some German (Secondary)Sexual Orientation: HeterosexualCurrent Unit: 112th Mobile Infantry DivisionPrior Units: NoneRelationship Status: SingleMotto: “No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.” -Booker T. WashingtonReligious Views: Lutheran Physical Traits: Height: 5'11"Weight: 200 lbs Build: MesomorphBlood Type:A-Eye Colour: BrownHair Colour: BrownKnown Injuries: N/APast Injuries: N/A Family: Mother [Anya Volker] - AliveFather [Anton Volker Sr.] - Alive Service Record: Federation Armed Services Archive;S-A#13506#3B <<: Username: S-A#17340 Password: ******** :>> <<: Forwarding Login, Standby.. :>> <<: Authenticating Access, Standby...:>> <<: Success! :>> <<: Loading Database, Please Standby.... :>> <<: Opening File: S-A-488#4B ...... :>> <: Viewing File S-A-488#4B :>> General Information First Name:AntonMiddle Name: JakobLast Name: VolkerAge (YO):24Race:CaucasianNationality:German/AmericanPlace of Birth:Hanover, GermanyRank: CorporalStatus:Alive Physical Information Height:5'11"Weight: 200 lbsEye Colour: BrownHair Colour: BrownEthnicity: American East Coast (Pennsylvania)Build Type: MesomorphMedical History: Shoulder Reconstruction Mental Information IQ:UnknownPreferred Learning Method: VisualAcademic Interests: History, politicsArtistic Interests: Creative writing, musicAthletic Interests: Football, hockeyKey Personality Traits: Kind and friendly, although with a snarky side. Always looking out for new friendships. He tends to become sentimental.Notes: Young and enthusiastic. Pre-enlistment Background High School Education:Northwestern Senior HighHigh School GPA:2.5College Education (if applicable):N/ACollege Majors (if applicable):N/ACriminal Record:N/A Armed Services Career Current Unit: 112th Mobile Infantry Division Branches Served In: Federal Merchant Marines, Mobile InfantryPrevious Units:N/ADemotions: Staff Sergeant to Sergeant. Sergeant to CorporalCriminal Record:N/AAge of Enlistment:23Total Deployments:2Combat Deployments:1Wounds Received in Action:Spear wound to right shoulder, 2nd degree electrical burns, multiple lacerations of unknown origin, broken ribs, Gunshot wounds to the arm, leg and abdomen.Awards Received(In This unit) (Purple Heart x3)Promotion Record: Rct.->Pvt.->Pfc.->Lcpl.->Cpl.->Sgt.->SSgt.->Sgt.->Cpl. Spoiler: Passages of Interest from the journal of Anton Volker Spoiler: On enlisting in the Mobile Infantry I finally did it! I decided to take that big leap and join the Infantry! It took me a while to find my way... There's just so much danger in the universe and I didn't know if I was ready to take that leap into the way of danger. I didn't know if i was ready for that kind of responsibility. The Merchant Marines showed me otherwise. I made a lot of good friends, lost a lot of good ones to. Kind of ironic, we always relied on the Mobile infantry to come and save our asses... Now I'll be on the other side, looking in... It still...troubles me... About what Annie would think? What would Alois? It...doesn't matter. I'm not them. I hope I'll do mom and dad and the Federation proud! Spoiler: On Graduating from Basic Basic is finally over! What a test it was... There were a few times I didn't think I was going to make it, honestly. But I didn't want to let Mom and Dad down. It was my shot and I took it! Now I'm a Mobile Infantry recruit! They say I'll be shipping out next month to the FSS Sephton. My nerves are a wreck! [/SPOILER <<: Saving File As : >> Saving File... Saving File... Saving File... <<: File Saved : >> <<: Encrypting File : >> Encrypting... Encrypting... Encrypting... ENCRYPTED DISCONNECTING USER CONSOLE SHUTTING DOWN... CONNECTION LOST Personal Relations:Crimson - LovedPurple-Attracted ToAqua - Family-Like Friend Skyblue - Close Friend Teal - Friend Seagreen - AcquaintanceBlack- Neutral Orange - DislikedRed - Very DislikedSvetlana Roloshalt (Deceased): Dammit... I can't believe she's gone. My old man served with her father...her real father, back when he was in the service. Consequently, the Volker family maintained a close relationship with the Roloshalts... Well until that bastard stepfather of hers came into the scene. Bastard forced Svets mother out of contact with us for a long time. When I heard Svet joined the MI, I was shocked. She was still so young. Probably had something to do with that bastard running her off... I was still serving in the merchant marines when I got the news that she died. It still bothers me to this day... Aiden O'Farrell (Deceased): Ah, my good ole' buddy O'Farrell. He's a real reliable guy with a steady hand, sharp sense of humor and an Irish accent. What more could you ask for in a friend!? I trust him unconditionally... If I have to choose someone to watch my back, and he's around, you better believe it's gonna be him. Also, I keep forgetting that I still owe him that Irish coffee. I'll have to get on that. Addendum: My God... I can't believe it....He's gone. O... Why you? He died right there, not even a football field away from me and there was nothing I could do... I never did get you that Irish Coffee... Words can't define how much I'll miss you... You were always sleeping in the weirdest places... Now you're in for the long nap. Sleep tight big guy.Addendum: Oh shit. He's alive!Lucy Alastor- This girl is really sweet. She was on my squad during my first mission as an acting Corporal. Despite the mess that mission became, she seems to have taken a liking to my leadership. Can't say I understand why, but hey, I'm not complaining. She's a lot of fun to talk to and her siblings are double trouble for any poor bug or sep that comes their way! Whatever it is about her...I seem to trust her...Hell, I damn well spilled my guts about what happened to my sister...Even almost told her about my brother... First person I ever really told about them. Garret Swift: 'Ole Swifty boy. He's a real....real....He's something. The first mission I went on with him, I wanted to choke him to death. I still want to choke him to death, but in a loving way. He's pretty reliable, and I know I can count on him for backup.Addendum: Swift is my closest friend aboard the ship. Ever since that first mission with him, O'Farrell and I, we've been kicking ass and taking names as the three amigos... Now we're down to two. I'll always have his back and he'll always have mine. Dallas Edwards: Good 'ole Dallas. I can respect a woman with a kick ass gumption, cowboy hat and southern Drawl! I've been assigned to her squad more than once and I've never been disappointed. She's proven to be a real natural in a position of leadership. It's crazy to think that not very long ago we all thought that she was dead... I guess it just goes to show, Texans don't die easy! Alice Vickers: She was a sergeant back when I first joined the 112th. She took me under her wing a bit and taught me a lot of the skills I have today. Hell if I know why she got bumped back to a Corporal, but I'm sure it had something to do with all of those intel officers that were sulking around the ship after Holland Road. Those suits are never up to any good. Whatever. It's their loss. I have a lot of respect for this woman, if she ever needs a helping hand, she'll find it in me. Seok Park: No! My battle buddy! What have they done to you!? Who's going to watch spooky doors with me now!? Who am I going to whisper stupid bullshit too while Simon is briefing us on important shit!? Damn you Thansol! And damn you whoever thought it was a good idea to cut off my battle buddies leg! Now I'm going to have to wheel-chair him around spooky bases! Damn it!Graham Maclagan: Mac! My trusted squad leader and DMR mentor! He seems to have put a lot of trust in me and O'Farrell and I appreciate it. Hell, he even made me his second once. He started training me in DMR earlier this month to replace one of his men who died in Operation Holland Road, but he lost his legs to a damn seppie mine before we could finish. I tried cheering him up in the medbay, but he was pretty devastated. If the Federation knows what's good for it, they'll give that man legs. He's too valuable to be stuck as some recruiter. Poppy James: Something about this girl just draws me in. She's so sweet, yet so dedicated. My first encounter with her was giving her a cigarette in the trenches in Holland Road, right before the big push that ended the battle. She is typically in Dallas's squad, so we've been on quite a few missions together. Ever since the forest, I've been pretty numb to what happens around me...but when that thing stepped on her, I felt panic. For the first time in a long time. Hopefully she stays safe... I look forward to seeing her around the ship and on missions. Gabriel Logan: This is a really solid dude right here. He's Lucy's boyfriend and she seems to care very deeply about him. He has a certain aura about him...One that exudes experience and even a certain level of cool intent. He also can't feel pain, which I can't figure out if that is a blessing, or a curse...Franco Sorrentino: A trusted sergeant with some swole-ass arms whom I consider a friend. He was pretty close to O'Farrell and was as devastated, if not more than I was when he died. The fact that Franco is a dad also gives me great respect for him as I feel it contributes to an almost paternal care for the troopers under his command. Despite that, he isn't afraid to make those hard life and death decisions that I dread having to make.Abbigail Vitison: Good 'ole Vits. She's one of the most trusted troopers I have under my command. We knew each other back since we were corporals, hell, we almost died together down on Salk. We got ourselves blasted in an ambush during the mission to capture Landon. Spent the next few days stuck in medbay, getting healed up. I trust her with my life. Samuel Conk: This is a dude I can really trust. Cronk's an Aussie who I talk to from time to time and have dropped with plenty. He's solid, reliable and just a generally nice guy. He has a knack for falling foul of Royals though, so I better be careful around him... Lord knows I have bad enough luck on my own, if our mutual bad luck were to somehow combine, the whole platoon would be fucked. (Into pulling levers?) Addendum: Another friend, fallen in the line of duty. Cronk was a damned good man and a trusted soldier. To die the way he did... Immolated by a flamethrower.... He didn't deserve that. Goddamn this war. The cruelty of all of it is starting to get to me.William Carter (Deceased): Damn... Carter was always good to me. I had the utmost trust in him as a leader and I don't regret that. He always had my back. I wish I could have been there to stop him from killing himself. He didn't deserve to go out like that. Nobody does. Fleet-MI rivalry be damned, I'll do my best to make sure his brother has the same level of support William always gave to me.Dominica Aphelion: Domino is a real character. I've only been on one mission with her, but she followed orders pretty well and seemed to be a capable soldier. She has...a certain....way of saying things... It can be a bit...excessive. Regardless, she's proven herself to me and is always welcome on my team!Noemi "Tidbit" Rosangela: "Tidbit" is an excitable young girl who has seemingly limitless energy. She reminds me of another trooper I met on my first deployment... She's got a lot of spirit, but she gets rattled by things too easily. She seems almost too innocent to be here. It's only a matter of time before she gets broken by the visceralness of all of this. I hope it doesn't damage her beyond repair. Valentina Pacheco: Pach is a great trooper who took over the position of Master Sergeant when Nasser fell in battle. She's an excellent leader and trooper who's been serving in the military since I was in grade school. She began back in the 112th's sister unit, the 77th way back when...From what I overheard her and Vullen talking about, they may be the only two left. I have massive respect for her and hope to serve her well. She's well on her way to a position as a CO. Natalie Yung: Yung is an interesting trooper. At first I was wary of her... The way she seemed to always be running errands for higher ups, I kinda had her figured to be an ass-kisser....However, after observing her in the field, I realize I couldn't have been more wrong. She genuinely cares about her fellow troopers and is interested in their health and happiness, not her own personal gain. The way she helped Rai when he was down and out during that riot proved to me what kind of person she is. I'll have her in my squad any day. Ji Song: A marauder whom I've been on a few missions with. With the exception of O'Farrell, I typically don't have much interaction with the Marauders. Perhaps I will have to change that, for O'Farrell's sake. I'd like to get to know Song better, perhaps it would give me insight into how best to use him in the field. Victor Von Klauster: A solid corporal whom I can trust to get the job done. Whenever he is available, I put him as a team leader because I know he will get me good results and bring my troopers home safe. It seems he was having a little bit of a difficult of a time getting Zeploza to respect his authority back on the ship. He just needs to work on his balance. Not too firm, yet not too lenient. He'll develop nicely in time and when he does, I can foresee the rank of sergeant coming with it. Tharman Rai: This Psychic was attached to me for a few drops. He seemed to have some issues... Half of the time he wasn't much of a help, on account of being rendered helpless by horrible migraines and being set to panic by psychic interference. However, I have respect for the man and what he puts up with... When he is not down and out, he is a great trooper... It's a damn shame what happened to him. Thank God I was there to help him. If he needs anything from me, he need only ask. Addendum: Poor kid...He was not even 80 yards away from me when he tripped that mine... Poor Tidbit was devastated. He had heart, I'll give him that. Nobody would have blamed him for taking an honorable discharge and escaping this hell....But he stayed. I guess it was a testament to the love he held for us... I'm sitting here writing this as I look at his tags and his Reaper in front of me... They are still covered in his blood. I'm going to clean them off and take them to the Intel Bay as soon as I'm finished here.Mikayla Kowalski: Koala is a bright young engineer who's been making some waves. She seems to almost relish her job with a light heartedness not common to one embroiled in war... Hell, one might even venture to say she's enthusiastic about it. I like to joke around with her, Lord knows how she feels about that... I'm not the best "people's person". Swift seems to be really fond of her as well. I'll make sure to watch her back.Julia Smith: She's an ex-MIPOD who has since become an NCO in the Mobile Infantry. She's a blast to hang around and to chat with, although she has a habit of mentally assaulting me with images of Dominica nude. Baader: A newbie that's coming up in this world. I made her my 2IC a few drops ago and she ran the squad pretty well after I took that bug talon to the knee and arm. I'll be keeping my eye on her.Mormons: It seems like we're supposed to hate these people for wanting to not be stifled by the Federation. Yes, they may have separatist tendencies, but it's not like the Federation gives them much of a choice. Oh well, I do my job and my job is to keep them compliant. That's about all I have to say about that. Frogs: On my first deployment I got stationed in a swamp for nearly half a year. So many frogs! Frogs outside the base, Frogs inside the base, frogs in the shower, frogs in the damn pipes! And what's more, as the resident FNG, I got the esteemed duty of unclogging the damn toilets every time one of these ribbity fucks got caught in them. Jesus! Please, no more frogs! Swamps: Frogs. Frogs. Frogs. Request to be added.
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