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  1. we used to have a club/forum specifically to apply for roll bonuses maybe you should have a centralized one where people can apply for additional skill posts so that everything is standardized? so admin A doesn't give out +10 dexterity for /me sucks own dick and admin B gives +2 dex for /me bends over and graciously sucks off the admin team while the knees crack in protest
  2. there is no conscription in the sst universe and you sure as hell don't start yourself out with a silver star and a distinguished service medal, especially not when you claim to have been a lance corporal before..
  3. just set mp_falldamage to 0 no need for further lua addons to clog the server performance
  4. people are literally too retarded to understand that they have been through bootcamp already and should not behave the way they currently behave on the ship. that's literally a standard non-judicial punishment as legitimized by UCF laws. Hahahahahha. Hell no.
  5. it baffles me how people have the audacity to complain about things they have no insight on.
  6. should've stayed true to the actual thing tbf https://sectorswithoutnumber.com/sector/TqX3ydEAwJU5luywvWuM
  7. It baffles me how many people play officers, sit cluelessly at court martials and yet still have the confidence to comfortably judge over the fate of another player's character. If you're one of those people who have no fucking clue what you're looking for but somehow still end up as head of the panel and usually just listen to what people have to say and give thumbs up or thumbs down just like ole' caesar, read this. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mXvam_EMg6quI09u4iylG5WUC84iEz8XcMCGOq68DAQ
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