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  1. Bragg LOA from 11/01/2020 until 17/04/2020 (Got to go server in the ol' grinder)
  2. Update Bragg after the confusing situation last night XD
  3. Gutsy

    T U B E S

    That one unsufferable Marauder... Bragg
  4. Got @Seamus EDF 4.1 It's not stupid, just thought he'd like a game that's playable and of course.... Thematically relevent BOOOOOOOOOOOGS
  5. If we have an existing skill bonus from another division, in my case, Sergeant in the infantry. It still counts out of suit yes?
  6. Gutsy


    Shit didn't expect to be thanked, cheers Lit and hey, good health to you.
  7. Pvt. Adrian Agustus says "I'm gonna' go make signs and I'm gonna' grab umbrellas and I'm gonna' start a riot." Pvt. Adrian Agustus says "*Anarchy*." 2Spc. Elija Bragg says "And you're going to get shot." [LOOC] Pvt. Adrian Agustus: anarchie* idk how to spell it lmao [LOOC] LCpl. Orson Tate: You got it right bro [LOOC] 2Spc. Elija Bragg: You got it right first time. [LOOC] Pvt. Adrian Agustus: fuck yeah, english is har [LOOC] LCpl. Orson Tate: d
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/id/0264/ Alia#2907
  9. Hes been on one mission with Jack, he doesnt have an opinion
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