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  1. Hes been on one mission with Jack, he doesnt have an opinion
  2. Cpl. Chloe Carter says "I was going to see Krauss."Cpl. Chloe Carter says "Wanna come? Cool."Cpl. Chloe Carter says "Hey you don't have a pussy."Cpl. Chloe Carter says "Fuck off."2Spc. Elija Bragg says "Didn't you say..."2Spc. Elija Bragg says "Come w... nevermind..."Cpl. Chloe Carter says "Shoo you little batty boy."** 2Spc. Elija Bragg sighs as he steps away.
  3. Dont really know Sterling, rest i'll work on in a bit. Processed - Transfer
  4. Gutsy


    Why was this even linked to me XD
  5. Not sure if disappointment or concern.
  6. Passed the day he got promoted to Corporal XD
  7. LCpl. Killian Northstar - @Satoru Yoshida Removed for lack of contribution.
  8. //: Drop Lead: Elija Bragg //: Second In Command: None Selected //: Squad Leaders: If not applicable, N/A or delete. Blue Team: Corporal Davis Red Team: Corporal Ryan //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Sgt. Elija Bragg, LCpl. Macro, Spc. O'Connor, Cpl. Ryan //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): MSpc. Alison Nutaraq, Pfc. Kovac //: Notable Acts: Platoon operated well under stress, with very little response from mob-comm and across the board equipment failures in the prototype systems we had to adapt and improvise. I authorized Carter to bring the Morita X down because I just knew we would be facing royal after royal, turns out I was right and she was out of ammo for the damn thing within ten minutes of dropping due to how many royals there were. We retreated from the original drop-point on the bounce with the mobility assistance of our powered armor.. //: Mission Summary: A brief or protracted explanation of mission outlines and subsequent outcomes Mission Objectives were as Follows : 1. Drop using atmospheric entry pods to the drop point and protect the civilians for extraction. 2. Regroup with Major Sigrun 'Iron Giant' and provide assistance to her 3. Guard the Bastion until relieved. Something about a Fusion bomb being detonated somewhere that only targets organics.... A fusion bomb that only targets organics? Reality Check. 1. Archers droped to location, dead on target. They deployed and checked the drop-zone, no Civilians, Charlie confirmed KIA by MOBCOMM. Archers were overrun by Juvenile and Adult royals as well as tankers and elites. After multiple requests to MOBCOMM for a way-point to objective two and the refusal for proper communication by MOBCOMM we ended up just running west from the location. LUCKILY we caught sight of the Major's Megababar and traveled towards the city. 2. There's no way we could provide assistance to Major Sigrun, what the hell were we suppressed to do she's like twenty stories tall? If anything we had to keep moving and and keep an eye out just not to get stepped on by the adult royals attacking the position. Speaking of which, I thought Adult royals only guarded hives? There's just so many of them at the moment. Once again no directions were provided to the Bastion after this even after requisition so we just guessed where to go and took the right route in the end. 3. The Bastion was infested before we arrived, infiltrators, tigers, blasters you name it. It was about the only damn solid thing we had to go on. Nutaraq was killed by a Tiger after engaging an Imposter that had ambushed Sergeant Bragg from behind. This proved Davis combat ineffective due to his emotional attachment to Nutaraq. The building was swept and cleared after Second Platoon's arrival and the arrival of Archer Actual...... Thank god, I thought i'd never see our command chain again. In short, MOBCOMM needs a kick up the ass for not communicating properly, and I need to update myself with FFRL on Arachnids. Because clearly my information needs updating. (Event Runner: Cipher)
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