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  1. MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IN CHARACTER Name: Ratmir Van Zan Age: 28 Gender: Male Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Black Height: 6’0” Weight: 173lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Master Specialist; Lance Corporal Educational History: Primary, Secondary and further levels. || Bachelors in Sound Design from Pyotr Federov Technical Academy (2292-2295) Employment History: Rowdy Records as Producer (2292-2294), Arclight Industry of Film as Sound Editor (2297-2298) Service Record: Joint Fires Controller and eventual Communications Systems Chief with extensive experience amongst strategic control parties having gone on to become an Combined Arms Coordinator -- or simply “MOBCOMM liaison”. Service in two blocks 2290 to 2292 and 2298 to present. Pvt. > Pfc [3Spc.] > Pfc [2Spc.] > Pfc [Spc.] > Pfc [SSpc.] > LCpl [MSpc.] OUT OF CHARACTER Steam name: Shaxx Steam ID: Shaxx Length of time on Server: 1 year~ Time zone: GMT +00 Current characters on server: Sting killed them all yesterday Roleplay History: Yes Pre-existing character: No
  2. Things were changed but I don't remember what I did but I know I did stuff
  3. Tankijin because neither dead nor disappeared.
  4. INFORMATION Arkady Netanyahu 👺 Sergeant (Demoted) -- Second Specialist Psychic Operations Division Overall circumstances of their departure are just and justifiable. They were sent to a penal unit for the summary execution of a soon to be dishonourably discharged Infantryman as a direct result of them expressing a willingness to harm their former peers and simply being negligent. In character the shooting was both justified and unjustified as a psychic can determine, roughly, whether or not someone is being genuine especially when in physical contact which they were, however the setting was difficult as it wasn't in a military environment and that the person, despite having both stated and displayed their desire/willingness to kill MI troopers on active duty, was technically a civilian at the time of the shooting. They didn't protest detention and were very quickly reassigned but ultimately their intentions were to avoid letting an unhinged individual into the civilian populace and let anti-Federation sentiment grow. The character (Arkady Netanyahu) wasn't killed or maimed in the altercation, however, they have been serving extensively in a penal battalion with a high deployment frequency. - Reason for return. To strike fear and terror into the Pseudo-Arachnid Menace! and finish this fight. Indifferent to approval or disapproval of return.
  5. (Now Marine Gembo! circa 2300) Name: Rigg Morpheus Gembo! Homeworld: RTX-2080 | Sanctuary Affiliation: Federal Marine Corps (Specialist) Age (DOB): 28 Years Old (20th of March, 2272) Languages: Federal Standard, Pidgin Ethnicity: Space Australian / Mixed A hyper motivated Federal Marine evidently in their mid-to-late twenties with a seasoned visage and strong gaze. Sporting dirty blond hair in a modest length crop and a clean shaven face slapped with a pair of hyper motivated brown eyes. Stood at six foot two, weighing in between 180 to 195 pounds, boasting a leaner physique and biotech right calf. ====================================================== (Young Security Guard Gembo! circa 2290) (Young Marine Gembo! circa 2291) (Disavowed Trooper Gembo! circa 2299) ======================================================
  6. Is that an Awoken? I fuck with that to be honest.
  7. Added Sim @F A D E D. Thorntin @Shazzy Jaxon @Flawed Hero
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