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  1. Is that an Awoken? I fuck with that to be honest.
  2. Added Sim @F A D E D. Thorntin @Shazzy Jaxon @Flawed Hero
  3. Tumas Tankijin 👿 You've a typo under 'Oh my god, the suspense is killing me' 2999 instead of 2299.
  4. Tumas Tankijin 👿 I appreciate reading the growth and progression of a character. +1 but -1 support for bold.
  5. //: Drop Lead: MERCY 5-4 || Officer Cadet Wooly Vaz (As most able individual) //: Second In Command: Recruit Hyun-Ae Sim (As most able individual) //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Third Specialist Alice Evergreen. Recruit Hyun-Ae Sim. Officer Cadet Wooly Vaz. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Private Cooper Jaxon (Killed in Transit once received by Combat Search and Rescue). //: Mission Summary: MERCY 5-4 committed to casualty extraction in contested airspace on the planet of Hod in a thickly wooded region. The contested state obvious as Blaze 1-4 (Ensign Thorntin) fought to clear a path for MERCY, initial bound to retrieve occured without incident however our attempt to return saw us struck by a flight of Ripplers too numerous for Blaze to successfully intercept. As a result MERCY 5-4 struck the deck heavily, my co-pilot, crew chief and most of the pararescue staff aboard were killed either in the initial impact or during the eventual swarming, they shall be addressed in a separate report to my superiors. Those that were not were among myself, 3Spc. Evergreen, Pvt. Jaxon and Rct. Sim. Recovery by nearby ARCHER assets was denied, understandably they had time sensitive and more strategically important mission parameters to attend. After holding out for a period a dash was made from cover towards an adjacent dam entrance, and due to the quick thinking of the Recruit we achieved entry to a more tenable fighting position which was held until we provided ourselves an opening to break for an elevated position to wait for Fleet Rescue. Unfortunately Private Jaxon lost their life whilst covering our break, having already sustained life threatening wounds it was unavoidable but no less disheartening when we returned him to the shuttle. //: Notable Acts: The survivors, despite their ranks and presumed inexperience in such a dire situation, all held their own exceptionally well and displayed a high level of combat competence as well as the ability to efficiently compartmentalise, improvise and adapt during a highly stressful, critically volatile situation. I'd recommend them all for a Valorous Unit Medal. 3Spc. Evergreen showed good resolve in combat, that said, please remind her to not blow up explosives next to my leaking aircraft in the future. However I can attribute and accept this as an oversight by an injured person during a highly stressful moment. I'd recommend Evergreen for a Combat Action Medal. Rct. Sim showed a level headedness and competency far above her rating and experience, efficiently coordinating with myself and her peers to organise a successful holdout. I'd recommend Sim for a Citation for Meritorious Service Pvt. Jaxon went above and beyond the call of duty, paying the ultimate price, having consistently gone out of his way to ensure his fellow troopers had the support they needed to survive even at the cost of his own life. I'd recommend Jaxon for a posthumous Medal of Valour. (Event Runner: Cipher)
  6. Voice Pilot Officer Cadet Vaz upon losing control of his DR-8 Rescue Shuttle mere moments after collecting combat casualties "Yeah!- Deadstick. We're hit. MERCY 5-4's hit. Say again; MERCY 5-4 is going down. We're going down!" Other FAMILY | INTERESTED | RESPECTED | BEST FRIENDS | FRIENDS | LIKED | DISLIKED | HATED Hyun-Ae Sim "BET, LMAO." (Best Friend, Respected) "Easily my number two out here. She gives me jokes, we have similar as fuck interests and tastes but not only that she knew how hold her fucking own on the deck, no lie. I genuinely fuck with that. Nice having a buddy on the other side that ain't afraid of the Fleet-Infantry bounds. Seeing Nean's a motive, just pray he don't get clapped on stage." Rose Thorntin (Liked) "First pilot I met on reassignment, first one I flew with too. Can she fly, no doubt. Did I get shot down, fuck yeah I did, I won't let her forget it because it's funny as fuck but yeah. Thorntin seems to be pretty easy, I mean shit, she helped outta crewman. Didn't even have to. That's good to me." Cooper Jaxon "A real hero." (Respected) "One of the troopers I went to recover. Unfortunately he didn't make it... but not only did he push through mortal wounds, he did his part to the end. Motherfucker went out like a genuine badass. At least he died knowing his actions saved the lives of Sim and me. I feel bad for the guy, he almost made it out too."
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