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  1. The event runner is king. If they say a fifty or below is a number worthy of a permanent death then that is the staple for deaths. It's also up to event runner discretion. If they don't feel like that roll warranted a death then they don't have to issue a PK. By the injury scale a 5 is typically a PK, unless, again the event runner does not think it's warranted. Unless @LickmeIhaveLeprosy wants to retract the issued PK, it'll stay in place.
  2. [Another note is posted over Wilson's] No. Don't do that.
  3. //: NCO in charge: LCpl. Arkady Netanyahu //: Date of session: 18/08/2300 //: Type of Training Session: Introduction to Radio Telephone Operation for LCpl. Tychon, SSpc. Kelly Sands, Spc. Angelika Gjallahad and Pvt. Mason Preswood. //: Notable Acts: Theory, Communications procedures covered, types of casualty extraction, call-signs. Next to cover; Ordnance at an RTO's disposal - a look at Fleet assets and the proper guidance of them.
  4. Love. Productive member of society syndrome. Honestly couldn't have picked a worse song for a resignation though. That it with you.
  5. You about to start a revolution in Thailand?
  6. DatBoiTankiepoo2110 Subscribers: 94,194 Genre: Learning & Education Audience: Terran Males Aged 18-21 Creation Date: 13/08/2299 ========== Tumas Zeah de Tankijin 20, Citizen, Mobile Infantry; Retired Single and ready to mingle ========== "What in the fuck is up!" "RIP to my nigga Goose." "Incels unite!- Not really, losers!" "Cooke for Sky Marshall." ---------------------------------------------- Tank's guide to the galaxy "What in the fuck is up guys! Tank here and this is my guide to the galaxy." "Numero uno!- The big one! Shotgun diplomacy. Shoot the fuck outta everything you come across. Prog? Bug? Human- Human? Can I say that? Fuck 'em all probably. Specially those fuckin' cannibals and space algae shit. I think that's classified, probably, but oh well." "Number two- Don't go to the AQZ unless the whole ass Fleet is there because Ortiz is a bitch?. Okay? Fuck Ortiz. She can suck my nuts." "No-three. Get you a psychic. Weird shit aside, poddies are kinda hot. Least everyone I've ever seen was a ten outta ten lesbian. I'd fuck and so should you." ---------------------------------------------- A day in the life of a Tank "What in the fuck is up guys! Tank here and today we're going to town." "Fuck- look, that's my train- I gotta dip. Get the fuck outta the way lady!" ----------------------------------------------
  7. pussy say it with conviction Netanyahu 🤡
  8. What the fuck. Why is nobody commenting on this hero 😠 Netanyahu 🤡
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