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  1. //: Drop Lead: SSgt Ryan //: Second In Command: Cpl Ngata Blue Team: LCpl Ashtree Red Team: Cpl Hyland //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.)- Zientek //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): //: Notable Acts: MI took multiple holes and plasma bugs with Aclarity. MI rescued multiple groups of Charlie Company. //: Mission Summary: MI were dropped in to first clear out a plasma battery that shot down and was shelling Charlie company. MI Cleared their LZ and moved swiftly up through the ridgelines up to a firing position, where we TON'd the plasma bugs as well as sealing multiple holes, before ultimately GEONAV TON striking a hole cluster as we held position for our airlift to the island Charlie was shot down on. Once we took out the holes, we resupplied on the dropship enroute to Charlie. Once at Charlie's island, we landed and pushed to a bunker guarding an old airstrip, clearing and holding the position while awaiting a retrieval boat for Charlie. During this, Zientek took a stab from a warrior and was evac'd with Charlie's first group. After they were retrieved, we pushed across to an empty village before recieving the location of the last cluster of survivors, who we rushed and reinforced in the nick of time due to a large cluster of warriors on their position. After holding for evac for a minute, we were extracted with the remainder of Charlie Company.
  2. So, you've just enlisted in the Mobile Infantry. Well, this is one of six basic guides to help give you a basic understanding of what's what. In this guide, we will cover awards and medals, and when to issue them to troopers and what for. FAQs will be at the bottom of the page. Citations and Ribbons Citations The most basic award, a Citation for Meritorious Service is a mark of good conduct. This can be issued out by Corporals and above freely to those under them. While not as high ranking as say, an MI Cross, it is a mark showing the Trooper is worthy of recognition now and in the future, and often the more Citations one gets, the more likely they are to be promoted. Ribbons Ribbons issued out to the MI come in a few forms. The first ribbon is the campaign ribbon. It may not seem like much, but for a trooper to wear one, it signifies they have survived that campaign. Those meeting long-serving veterans will often find their Dress Uniforms marked with countless ribbons, showing their experience in one long rainbow of colors. The next ribbon is the Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon, issued out to Corporals and above who have served for two months consecutively on active combat duty. This ribbon recognizes the trooper's leadership potential and their growing capabilities. General Specialization Ribbons are issued out to troopers who have mastered a Weapons Specialization, and often those who have bronze or silver star clusters are NCOs or Weapons Specialists who have mastered every weapons system in the Federal Arsenal. Division specific ribbons are issued out for troopers of branches such as Medical and Engineering who have performed their duties in that division to an outstanding degree, and thus are to be recommended to a superior. Medals Purple Hearts are issued out to troopers wounded in the line of duty to a serious or critical level. Veterans often have large quantities of Silver and Gold star clusters on their Purple Heart ribbons, signifying their commitment to the Mobile Infantry and the Federation as a whole. Combat Action Medals are issued out to troopers who have completed five combative drops, often around or near the time they make PFC. These medals are to signify the trooper in question has passed the gauntlet of fire and made themselves a truly dedicated trooper. Veteran Combat Medals are issued out to troopers who complete twenty to thirty missions, often with distinction. These medals show the trooper in question is a dedicated, motivated and above all courageous trooper, who has what it takes to serve and often lead the infantry into the crucible of war. Good Conduct Medals are awarded to troopers who show diligence to duty and maintain an excellent service record. These medals show the trooper frequently puts themselves in the thick of the action to safeguard their peers, and is rarely awarded for a single action as a result. Troopers performing duties such as maintaining rearguard or risking their life for an injured comrade with a good record often gain this medal. Distinguished Service Medals are issued to troopers who have excelled in their duty to an outstanding degree. For instance, if a trooper was tasked to destroy a bridge, but to do so had to fight off a swarm of arachnids in order to do so, and succeeded, the trooper would likely earn the DSM. Troopers wearing the ribbon of the DSM have proven that they will not quit in the face of adversity. Meritorious Service Medals are issued to troopers who maintain constant and consistent dedication to their unit and service, often gaining other awards in the process. MSMs are issued to troopers who perform heroic acts that are not quite worthy of higher medals, and is often the highest award issued on non-campaign or deployment operations. A trooper may earn several MSMs over their career for performing their duty to the highest degree. Federal Humanitarian Medals are issued out for troopers who perform humanitarian services to a high degree, going out of their way to aid those in need during missions such as hearts-and-minds, and helping spread the Federation's message of peace amongst its citizens. This medal can be issued to Citizens as well as Federal Service Members. Federal Silver Stars are awarded for significant contributions on a Company-level iteration to any Mobile Infantry trooper or a trooper of a specific division. It is primarily awarded to troopers who have provided on a regular basis a recognizable service to any Company or subdivision (Combat Medical, Engineering, Internal Security, etc.) Libertas Bellator Medals are issued to leaders who perform their duties of leadership and care for their unit in the field during repeated missions, campaigns and deployments to an outstanding degree throughout unprecedented dangers and succeeded. NCOs who have earned the LBM are often looked to by officers for higher leadership positions. Unit Medals Meritorious Unit Medals are issued to squad sized elements, sometimes platoon sized, who have maintained outstanding service and high-objective completion rates during a deployment or campaign, and signify the recipients are an outstanding team dedicated to their service and to the federation as a whole. Valorous Unit Medals are issued to squads and platoons who complete and exceed all tasks set to them to such a degree that it is a shining beacon of how a dedicated unit can perform under pressure and how they are a credit to the Mobile Infantry and the Federation as a whole. Higher Medals Mobile Infantry Crosses are awarded for extraordinary heroism in the field, at great risk to themselves under fire. Examples would include throwing yourself in the path of an Elite Tiger to save the wounded infantry, or charging a machine gun nest to protect your drop lead while fully expecting to die as a result. Troopers who earn the MI Cross or higher also gain citizenship, especially considering the medals are often issued after the death of the trooper. Legion of Merit Medals are issued for outstanding gallantry, dedication and esprit de corps to troopers who have completed often suicidal tasks or duties to the highest degree, such as taking on an entire plasma battery alone to save their unit. Troopers who have earned this medal are often the stars of Fednet documentaries, and looked up to as role models of what it takes to be an Infantryman. Medal of Valours are awarded in much the same way the long antiquated Medals of Honor and Victoria Crosses were awarded, for outstanding gallantry in the face of danger above and beyond the call of duty. For a trooper to earn such a medal, they must have performed a service that makes them shine above the rest of the infantry, and it is almost always awarded posthumously. Very few are awarded during even the toughest campaign, for duties such as charging an adult royal with DOTON warheads and killing it, often sacrificing their own lives in the process. FAQs Who can award medals? Citations of Meritorious Service may be awarded by Sergeants and above. Everything beyond that level is to be awarded by the Platoon Commander or Military Intelligence, however all medals be recommended for awarding. Who can I Recommend? Anyone from Private and above can recommend ANY Other trooper for a medal. A PFC could recommend to their CO that a Sergeant is worthy of a DSM much the same as a Sergeant could recommend a PFC for a Meritorious Service Medal. How do I recommend someone for an Award? To recommend someone for an award, both log it in an after action report if you are the drop lead and report it to the Platoon Commander or Military Intelligence, with the individual, the medal recommended and your reasoning as to why they have earned this medal. Do not be surprised if they are awarded a lower medal. You have ensured they have been noticed for their service regardless. The ARO can be found here. Can I recommend someone in another division? Yes. You can Recommend anyone for an award, though Division Specific awards are for that Division alone. If you wish to recommend Fleet personnel, pass the recommendation up the chain to Military Intelligence via the ARO format. What about Hero of the Federation? Hero of the Federation is the single most prestigious and rare award granted to anyone in the federation, almost entirely awarded for such an act of self sacrifice and bravery that it has saved mankind from a terrible disaster. The latest awarded Hero of the Federation was awarded to Captain Vaylin Qov of FFRL, who sacrificed her life to detonate an experimental virus bomb that destroyed 13 Bug Fleets which saved Hesperus from being overrun and destroyed. These are not recommended to anyone, and are only awarded by the Federal Council and the Sky Marshall themselves.
  3. So, you've just enlisted in the Mobile Infantry. Well, this is one of six basic guides to help give you a basic understanding of what's what. In this guide, we will cover the standard threats you're likely to encounter at this current time. No FAQ is really needed for this one. Bugs and their Weaknesses The first and foremost threat you will encounter is the Arachnid menace, the ever-numerous hordes of bugs across the galaxy. While pretty much everyone knows what a Warrior bug and a Tanker are, many of the other castes are quite rare, so we'll go over all of the bugs commonly encountered in combat. Brain bugs and the like are not mentioned here, due to their relative rarity to find in the field and their weaknesses. One common thing found in arachnids is the ability to survive in vacuum and space. Chariots Chariot bugs are in essence large red beetles. As a whole, they pose no physical threat to an infantryman, and can commonly be seen either moving a Brain Bug, scouting, foraging or on occasion being used as Mine Clearance. The main danger they pose, is when in danger or when shot, the chariot bugs lets out pheromones that attract every bug in the AO, turning a small bug hunt into a full on bug party, with you as the all-you-can-eat buffet. However, they are safely killed and exterminated with flamethrowers, so let them burn. Control Bug A hand-sized spider-like bug, the purpose of the Control Bug is to take control of a human host and use them for deception and intelligence gathering, as well as combat if needs be. The method of infection is for the Control Bug to enter the host's mouth and burrow up from the back of the mouth and throat up into the hosts' spinal column and brain, thereby taking control. Once infected, the only way to reliably tell if someone is infected is to either examine the person's mouth for the tell-tale scratching and clawing inside someone's mouth up to the brain, or for a Psychic to touch the individual. Other possible ways rely on using Sugar to bait out CB hosts, as CBs are very attracted to sugar. Hosts that have been infected for long periods of time start to decompose, and as a result stand out quite a lot. To protect yourself from a CB, don a gas mask or a face mask and keep your face covered at all times if there's a risk of CBs. If one gets into your mouth, it is highly unlikely it can be removed as they have surprising strength and are very hard to grip. To kill a CB outside of a host, shoot it with any federal weapon, just be careful as they are agile targets. To kill one inside of a host, target the lower brain area where the CB resides, and put a good burst in there. However due to them looking human, it is best to do so out-of-view of Civilians that they hide amongst. Be careful, as the CB inside may abandon the host and try to infect you instead. Flamethrowers work well too. Sentinel Sentinel bugs are non-combative, and serve as sensor beacons. If an Infantryman gets too close to one, it lets out pheromones to signal for aid as well as essentially turning into a living flashbang, repeatedly flashing light receptors on its body to stun and blind the infantry while the nearby bugs attack. To kill it, simply shoot it from a distance, or throw a grenade at it. While you can kill it at close range, due to you being blinded, that is a very risky venture. Warrior Your standard warrior bug. Not very intelligent, but very large, they make up the key component of any Bug Force. Usually deployed en-masse, they will not only charge the infantry but also tunnel up into fortifications and behind the infantry. They are not to be underestimated, capable of taking multiple bullets due to their armoured carapace and easily capable of ripping infantry to shreds in close quarters using their twin crushing mandibles and more likely their claws either side of their head. To kill them, use every means imaginable. Sniper rifles, however, are highly ineffective due to their slow rate of fire. Individual Warriors are used for scouting. As tempting as it is, do not engage scout Warriors, as they act in a similar capacity to a Chariot bug, unleashing a swarm of bugs when killed Tiger Bug (and Water Tigers) Tiger bugs are essentially heavily armoured Warriors, primarily coming out to play later in an Arachnid infestation or used in arachnid assaults. Fairly similar to Warriors in attack methods, using their much larger claws and mandibles, their lethality is aided by their armour, which requires large quantities of even purpose-designed 6.5mm ammunition to kill. To best kill them, focus your fire on them as soon as possible. They're tough, but they're not invincible. Flamethrowers and explosives help greatly against them. Elite Tiger Even stronger than the Tiger, the Elite Tiger, also sometimes referred to as the Tiger Shard due to its shard-like protrusions emerging from its back. They possess even more armour than a Tiger, and are often used to help break lines alongside their standard tiger bretheren due to their high damage resistance. Much the same as the Tiger, focus fire and drop them with volume of fire, or use a Minotaur MBT to snipe them from range. Rhinos A lesser seen bug, the Rhino is essentially a living battering ram, used to bash through formations of infantry, vehicles and fortifications alike. Their sole attack method is to barrel at something with high speed and smash it aside or apart with its front prongs. While slow and lumbering normally, they can get up to ferocious speeds, even at times out-pacing Minotaur MBTs. To kill, focus fire on its sides and rear more than its front, as that's where its armour is strongest. Explosive weapons like HEDP 40mm grenades are also equally effective against the bugs. Hoppers Essentially a flying warrior with less armour, Hoppers are a frequently seen, and highly lethal, arachnid air unit. Highly manoeuvrable, and capable of high speeds, they are used as both aerial scouts and as air assault assets, used to rip apart infantry with their claws and razor sharp wings or take out aircraft like dropships by taking out the pilots or if needs be slamming into the engines. In small numbers they're little more than a distraction, but un-noticed or in large groups they can eliminate large groups of Infantry in moments. Kill them by just opening fire with rifles. They're not well armoured to increase manoeuvrability, so they drop pretty fast. A lesser-seen variant of the Hopper is called the Suicide Hopper. Instead of melee, it is essentially a living bomb, flying into clusters of infantry like a kamikaze strike. Easy to kill, but dangerous if not taken out. Fireflies Basically a Hopper combined with a flamethrower. Highly manoeuvrable, and capable of spraying aircraft and infantry alike with high-intensity napalm, which will melt flesh and bone in seconds. Seen far less than a Hopper, they die the same way due to their low armour, but they have the trait of being fire resistant. Cliffmite A small little bug, the cliffmite forgoes any major melee damage to instead perch up on cliffs and eat rocks and armour plating, turning them into armour-piercing darts which it shoots at the infantry at the rate of a semi automatic rifle. Individually they can cause damage in a sneak attack format, or in clusters they can rain hell down upon an unsuspecting MI unit. Due to their range and high accuracy, scoped weapons are the most effective option at engaging them, alternatively explosives if you can get close enough to hit them. Firefrys Junior Scorpion bugs, Firefrys are small bugs, with light but fireproof armour. While they have small claws, their main method of attack is using their flamethrower on their rear to burn out fixed positions and foxholes in static assaults or on starship assaults. Sustained gunfire can easily kill them, but their size enables them to sneak through fields of bodies and under small obstacles to burn out positions. Blasters Blasters are small bugs able to shoot plasma balls short distances like a pistol. Individually they're a painful annoyance, hard to hit but not highly effective at taking out infantry. In clusters, however, they are a horrid foe to fight, bouncing about and focusing down infantry in seconds, and even capable of taking out marauders quite quickly. Seen usually in assaults on positions or in close quarters such as tunnels, Blasters are primarily an ambush foe. To best kill them, shotguns, explosives and flamethrowers are recommended due to their likelihood to hit the hopper even if it starts jumping and bouncing about. Tanker Bugs Essentially a Bug Tank, Tankers are large armoured walking flamethrowers, capable of spitting fire long ranges and melting apart fortifications, vehicles and infantry alike due to its napalm like qualities of bug plasma. While large and intimidating, Tanker bugs are not the fastest bugs, leaving them as vulnerable targets at range, however their rapid tunnelling speed means they can emerge out of anywhere at a moments notice. Their heavy armour renders them immune to small arms, necessitating HEAT M55 rounds, HEDP 40mms, Y-Racks or a Tank to take them out with a headshot. Plasma Bugs Plasma bugs come in two kinds. The lesser seen plasma bug is the juvenile, a small, infant plasma bug. Unable to spit plasma, it is essentially a faster, lesser armoured tanker bug, still bulletproof but killed with relative ease by explosives. However, its speed makes it deadly, as that with its size means it can walk right over walls and spray the infantry behind. The full sized plasma bug is well armoured, requiring HEAT munitions or a HEDP to its vulnerable plasma sack when it moves its carapace to fire. Used as Anti Air, Anti Orbital and Artillery support, Plasma bugs are often a High Value target, especially considering they can destroy a fleet and shoot down dropships, trapping the infantry on the ground to be vaporised by indirect artillery fire and its smaller bug bretheren. If assaulted in close quarters, it becomes more like a tanker, projecting its plasma from a nozzle on its head for self defence. To kill, as said, use Tanks or Armour Piercing munitions. Its bulletproof. Alternatively, due to their static emplaced like state when firing, a TON to their position will effortlessly clear the AO. Royals Royal Bugs are rarely seen, but large bugs, capable of easily ripping apart tanks and fortifications. Juveniles stand at about Seven to Fifteen meters tall, and are capable of taking out entire companies with ease. Their armour is so thick that HEAT does very little if it doesn't hit the mouth or eyes, requiring the use of focused Minotaur MBT fire, TON fire or Orbital Bombardments. Adult Royals are often over Fifty meters tall, and are capable of shrugging off TON fire with only minor damage. Running is often the only chance you have after stunning it with a TON, as Orbital Bombardment is the only way to stand a chance at killing one. Seps and their Weaknesses Separatists, on the other hand, are humans as much as you or I, however they have sided against the federation for often foolish reasons, believing in some notion of independence, or freedom to pillage and raid supply ships as Pirates. Since the Civil War (as well as multiple smaller scale Civil Wars of Kredia, Solovie, and Nitala), Separatists are almost ubiquitously small bands of terrorists and space-faring pirates rather than a standing military. The main threat with these terrorists is the sniper, the IED, and the ambush. They will blend in as Federal Civillians and then strike when the time is right for them, slaughtering loyal members of the federation for their misguided aims. However, due to their small size, they most often lack body armour, making them vulnerable targets to return fire. Pirates are a more insidious threat, as if their ship is disabled for boarding by Fleet, you are going into a probable deathtrap filled with potential ambushes by people who know the terrain better. However, again, they will be easy prey for well-disciplined and CQC trained infantry.
  4. //: Drop Lead: SSgt Ryan //: Second In Command: LCpl Peggett //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.)- Ngata //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Yota //: Notable Acts: LCpl Peggett performed admirably under pressure. He is to be commended. //: Mission Summary: MI were deployed to find and rescue civillians and PDF. MI Landed and pushed out through dense snowfall through several holes and a lot of bugs, including a tanker. Once we pushed up a hill, Yota fired a HEAT at an IFV in need of assistance due to it firing at us and everything around in a panic against my orders to fire smoke at it. MI then started to push on the PDF FOB, where Ngata took friendly fire to the back. After warning the PDF of our approach angle, I sent Yota and several infantrymen to save the PDF from a tanker and defend them while Peggett attended the wounded and got Ngata mobile. During this, I stayed with Peggett with two infantrymen, and we held off bugs for the medic, before Yota and I engaged a plasma bug, which hit the PDF FOB. Ammunition cookoffs and fire killed most occupants, with few surviving via lucky escapes or being saved. After this, MI held off multiple attacks where Yota perished, before TAC and Orbital Bombardment went in, managing to awaken a juvenile royal which caused the MI to fall back onto their dropship and leave. All in all it was a close run thing, and the Infantry need more training in Low visibility and CQC enviroments.
  5. //: Drop Lead: MSgt Ryan //: Second In Command: Sgt. Irving //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: LCpl Ngata Red Team: LCpl Moran //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.)- Irving, Kreslina, Reacher //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Speers, Decker //: Notable Acts: Ngata and a member of blue pushed through water, despite the danger of water tigers, to save the last Civillian in the AO. For his cool under pressure and outstanding command, Ngata is recommended for the GCM and has been promoted to corporal //: Mission Summary: MI were sent to secure a mine system on a mostly water planet. MI inserted and cleared the initial area at the elevator, before fortifying it. After that, Red team started down the north tunnel, clearing through holes and bugs to eventually find and destroy a Juvenile plasma bug, which caused a detonation collapsing the Northern tunnel, with the MI managing to escape just in time from its collapse. During this time Ngata and a member of blue pushed through water, despite the danger of water tigers, to save the last remaining miner present. During this, the wounded were injured and rushed topside where they were MEDIVAC'd and replaced with fresh reinforcements. Irving was sent out as well due to over-exerting himself with his psychic powers. With the reinforcements, Red pushed down and secured the last remaining tunnel, losing a medic to being a retard by charging firefrys with a crowbar, and a recruit who fell into lava. Again once the hole was sealed Red fell back as the tunnel collapsed itself. The MI then pulled back due to there being no more holes present except through lots of water, which we had no breathing gear for.
  6. //: Drop Lead: MSgt Ryan //: Second In Command: LCpl Nakatami //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: LCpl Ngata Red Team: Pfc Hayes //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.)- Okazaki, Dawson, Morrison and the German Marauder (I can't spell his fucking name) //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: PFC Hayes did excellent as a squad leader, and has earned Lance Corporal. He maintained great squad cohesion through ought Ngata had excellent situational awareness, and kept his unit working well. //: Mission Summary: MI were sent to secure a Dam as a staging point to reclaim a planet. Infantry moved out from the tunnels and immediately halted while Red team with a marauder took out the first hole we encountered. The Infantry then sealed behind us and we pushed out to the valley before the dam. While there, we were hemmed in for about ten minutes while we took out multiple holes, several tankers and a junior royal. During this we took all our casualties, one from friendly fire, and the maruader got smacked by the royal. After we medivac'd our wounded following TAC sorties, and cleared out the ripplers above, the Infantry recieved Minotaur support and charged the dam, clearing it out with armour before 2PLT relieved us. All in all the infantry did outstanding, with their squad leads on the ball and Nakatami maintaining good radios.
  7. Adennum from MSGT Ryan to Prior AAR- TONs were not utilised due to the potentiality of PDF Troops in the AO in areas such as the airfield. Just because our gunship could not see any PDF does not mean there could've been some inside a building or in a basement taking cover.
  8. //: Drop Lead: MSgt Ryan //: Second In Command: Cpl. Beckett //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team (Base of Fire): Cpl Rennes Red Team (Assault): L/Cpl Aspern //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.)- Varks, Aspern, others I don't remember at the time of writing. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: MI excellently cleared a place and had minimal friendly fire in tight quarters with CB jumping One times civilian was rescued from the site after a failure of communications and inability to properly secure and CB check the civilian due to everyone beating her. //: Mission Summary: MI were sent to restore the command center to a MAC battery on an asteroid defence platform as a staging ground for outer-rim offensives. MI landed and egressed to the facility, moving inside on backup power to the generator room. CB's assailed us, and with mild friendly fire due to the incessantly close quarters we burnt out the CB nest in the turbine and restored power, before moving topside to fend off the bugs as the other units got the MACs online. One ship was lost to plasma fire during this time before the Plasma was TON'd. After all MAC's were brought online, an adult royal erupted from the asteroid, resulting in us getting low and taking shelter from an orbital MAC to kill it. After this we progressed to the hangar, where after a time we found a single civilian. Due to a Marauder body-slamming her into a wall, followed by what could be termed an all on one moshpit, we had to CB check the female individual on the dropship back as it was untenable for us to do so on-site, especially with such a clusterfuck of communications breakdown. I had to rib the infantry for that and their sudden lack of humanity. I doubt I'll have friends left, but the moment we shoot anyone for a hint of CB infection is the moment we break the oath we swore. (Event Runner- Kris w/chargrilled, tridon and Nyx )
  9. SSGT Parsin, Resigned. A/Cpl Kelton, Resigned.
  10. Master Sarn't Ryan, the one you took a chance on back 4 months ago
  11. Master Sarn't Ryan? Survivor of your hour and a half talk?
  12. //: Drop Lead: MSgt Ryan //: Second In Command: Sgt. Parsin //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team (Base of Fire): L/Cpl Irving Red Team (Assault): L/Cpl Rennes Gold Team (Engineers): Spc. Medvedsky //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.)- L/Cpl. Rennes, Pfc. Kreslina, 3Spc. S'Jet, L/Cpl. Irving //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: 3Spc Rye risked his life to save S'Jet from plasma flames from a juvenile plasma, narrowly saving her life. MSpc. Garrett risked himself to save an Engineer from drowning in an icy river. //: Mission Summary: MI were deployed to an outer colony mining world to respond to the signal of an armoury having been breached. Accordingly, we advanced to the town, whereupon we found signs of battle and eventually the surviving inhabitants of the town. While talking and tending to them as best we could, L/Cpl Irving detected Snipers observing us. After talking to the town mayor or so, we discovered it was a Fenrir group, who's ship was derelict above due to bug damage. Once 3PLT arrived to take charge of the civilians, we advanced to the armoury. As we advanced, Snipers kept eyes on us, and we finally encountered the Fenrir task force, who had broken into the armoury to aid the local civilians after a distress call. Bug tremors were felt, and upon talking to MOBCOM, we were instructed by command to clear the hive, with Fenrir helping us. We advanced to the position, suffering our wounded, before engaging the hive with a TON, killing it. Accordingly, we MEDIVAC'd our wounded and after losing one of the tanks from the armoury (Given by Fenrir to us once again) to breaking ice, we rallied back at the armoury. There we detained and arrested the Fenrir force, before handing that off to Third Platoon and returning to the ship. MI are doing good now, keeping excellent spacing and formation movement. Real improvement from when I first got here. I'm proud. (Event Runner- Kris & Jun inc. )
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