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  1. //: Drop Lead: SGT Jessica Ryan //: Second In Command: LCpl. Orson Tate //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.)- PFC. Godkim (RTO), CPL Carter, Pvt. Varks //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: MI were diverted to new AO. MI proceeded through moderate contact and sealed multiple holes. Advise more gun time for the Marauders on their new miniguns, caused my RTO to get shot. //: Mission Summary: MI were diverted from civilian Evac to wipe out a bug Hive. We landed in unfavourable terrain for the Chickenhawk, which struggled but kept pace with the infantry as we advanced over hills and took out multiple bug holes. Tanker Ambushes appeared infrequently until we got within visual line of sight of the Spires, where PFC Godkim, the RTO, called in TAC. Right after, 2SPEC Angelika clipped her with a burst from her new minigun, due to being unfamiliar with the new recoil on it. As a result, SPC Nyx took over as RTO and finished the run. While the TAC run blew out the hive spires, a tanker ambush hit our advance team covering our flank after the Chickenhawk was disabled, causing light wounds to Carter and Varks before being killed. All in all good drop, however Marauders dropped the ball a little, with Angelika's unfamiliarity with the new weapons system taking out my RTO and Nyx firing a Y-RACKs at a tanker close to infantry. SGT Jessica Ryan
  2. //: NCO in charge: SGT Jessica Ryan //: Time and Date of session: 02:00 GMT, 12th December 2300 //: Type of Training Session: Mk4 Only training [Authorised and Ordered by Colonel Bently] for Pvt Carter Beckett //: Notable Acts: Trooper easily learned how to use the Mk4 during killhouse time trial. As a result, he readily followed the rest on how to use the weapon. Trooper earned his Private stripes during this and especially the killhouse.
  3. //: NCO in charge: SGT Jessica Ryan //: Time and Date of session: 19:00 GMT, 11th December 2300 //: Type of Training Session: T2 Pointman, Nakatami //: Notable Acts: Trooper reacted well in training, already showed competence with pointman and used the belcher and breaching charges well
  4. //: NCO in charge: SGT Jessica Ryan //: Time and Date of session: 04:00 GMT, Monday 9th 2300 //: Type of Training Session: Flamethrower- L/CPL Olivia Hensley //: Notable Acts: Training conducted by 2SPEC Bragg with my permission. Trooper already seemed to have a grip of the Mark IV since they were already armed with it, asked questions including what targets are valid and also asked about uses for the Extinguishing Foam.
  5. //: Drop Lead: SGT Jessica Ryan //: Second In Command: L/CPL Dina Christianssen //: Squad Leads: Red Team: LCPL Renfro (KIA) Blue Team: LCPL Tate //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.)- L/CPL Dina Christianssen, T/SGT Cross, SPC Egypt Finnic, 2SPEC Angelika, RCT Varks, RCT Barboro //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): L/CPL Bryce Renfro, SPC Kayth 'Hera' Harrows //: Notable Acts: MI Landed and cleared LZ, only to lose psychics to bug Psychic activity MI evacuated MIPOD personnel and continued inwards, suffering casualties Upon being told of the Arachnid trap, MI Fought hard for the Weapons control, suffering heavier casualties MI reactivated weapons and had a hot EVAC //: Mission Summary: MI in Zero G suits landed and encountered heavy resistance fighting to clear an LZ, taking out several holes and securing the LZ. However, a Very Large Arachnid Spider Matriarch psychically assaulted the MIPOD personnel, resulting in their MEDEVAC. (At the time the arachnid was unknown). After evacuating our psychics, we pushed inwards, securing space inside before receiving a fierce counter attack, including a Junior Royal. During this, Red Team leader, L/CPL Renfro was killed by a cliffmite, and finished by A-Six. Upon being told by MOBCOM of the trap in the area, Archer proceeded forwards through multiple spider bugs in an attempt to reach weapons control to activate the station's weapons. During this, we encountered the Spider Matriarch, which proceeded to chase us to the Weapons Controls. During the chase to the controls, Specialist Harrows was killed, though in her death she fired her Y-RACKs, killing several tankers and saving the Infantry. After being aided by heavy TAC sorties, Archer made it to the platform, clearing it and taking control. During our attempt to power on the weapons, we were assaulted by the Matriarch, which was fended off with heavy firepower. However, a full Adult Royal appeared, in a final attempt to destroy us and the platform, however we were evacuated just in time to avoid being killed by it, as well as the weapons powering on. Due to her fighting sacrifice, which saved the unit in the process, I hereby recommend Specialist Harrows for the Mobile Infantry Cross. Due to the tankers being within severe danger close, and TAC too far out anyways, her final act of vengeance before her demise ultimately saved the entire unit, allowing us to complete the mission. SGT Jessica Ryan.
  6. //: Drop Lead: SGT Jessica Ryan //: Second In Command: CPL Heize //: Squad Leads: Red Team: LCPL Macro Blue Team: LCPL Renfro //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.)- 3SPC O'Connor, PVT Hensley, ENS. Reinhart //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: MI Geckos provided excellent Anti Aircraft support MI held the line against amphibious and air assault well, responding to multiple threats TAC provided stellar support //: Mission Summary: MI were deployed alongside TAC with 2x Geckos and 1x Chickenhawk to defend a beach front and MAC Gun from Fenrir assaults. MI deployed troops to both locations with the command element acting as QRF with a Gecko. MI held the line superbly, falling back to hold the beach from heavy amphibious assault after dealing with several waves and helicopters coming in dropping troops behind the infantry. During the severe assaults, a Fenrir Valkyrie assaulted our position, causing the wounded infantry. Ensign Reinheart went down on the beach by 2SPEC Bragg and the command Gecko, and was recovered without incident. Geckos combined accounted for over 60 enemy Fighter aircraft and most enemy helicopters I recommend Lance Corporals Macro and Renfro for the good Conduct Medal for outstanding leadership, as well as 3SPEC Gjhallahad for the Good Conduct Medal for rescuing civillians in the face of mortar fire SGT Jessica Ryan
  7. Addenum from SGT Ryan- One wounded is missing- Rct Eshen(?) In regards to the knocking on the door attempts, the first one went well apart from one recruit trying to talk down the Fenrir soldier at the base of the stairs instead of opening fire. The target who opened the door was killed without incident and had the trooper at the base of the stairs fired instead of speaking, there would've been no injuries. For the second attempt, the targets inside had not heard, and so I decided to try and maintain stealth. However after failing to get the enemy to open the door, the order I gave to open the door was misconstrued and turned into 'Flash and breach' resulting in the situation escalating. I did place an order to get up top and clear the area above the bridge and returned to see if the wounded were able to be moved, which they were as they were ultimately Medevac'd.
  8. //: NCO in charge: SGT Jessica Ryan //: Time and Date of session: 04:00 GMT, Thursday 5th 2300 //: Type of Training Session: Grenadier Tier One- L/CPL Dina Christiansen //: Notable Acts: Trooper responded well to training, already familiar with the concept of how a grenade launcher works. Understood the different grenade types and their uses as well as the action of the 3GL.
  9. If you're gonna put me on there at least get my character's name right >.> Jessica Ryan, not Jessica Miller. I shot Miller
  10. To further my IC perspective, there was not exactly a way to handle the man and keep him secure for a courts proceedings at a later date. We were performing door to door sweeps for a HVT in a high risk environment. We already had several men down being treated, and I had no manpower to guard him in addition to the wounded without compromising teams further. On the OOC side, I ignored him firing a few shots before, predominantly while we were in an RP pause waiting for other stuff. However ROE had been covered in the briefing, and again before we landed. ROE from both times referred to civilians only to be engaged *if they presented a clear and present danger to the troopers life* which in this instance they did not. Effectively as a result, due to the circumstances of having multiple men down, and down to myself, a single PFC, Dina and the marauders being the only assault team left to clear 4+ buildings, with everyone else either wounded, helping the wounded or covering the wounded, I could not spare any men to cover a detained trooper. Let alone the fact we were in a hostile city environment suffering RPG fire, small arms, ambushes and sniper fire while on a time sensitive mission to secure a HVT before he escaped.
  11. Right, Drop Lead's perspective of this. As per the new idea from Optic, Drop leads generally now sit in VC with the Event Runner to make sure its fun for everyone rather than play to win. So not only was I five paces behind you to your 5 o'clock position, and saw the roles, I was also in VC with the Event Runner and those supporting him. Shazzy informed Cipher that you were shooting around the civillians, which you were doing from the get-go really, to see their reactions. Shazzy then asked Cipher if he should have you roll, and it was decided you did. Accordingly you rolled and shot the civilian, which I then dealt with in character, as you violated ROE and you shot a civilian who was unarmed and not a direct threat to your life. I announced my intention to do so to the staff running the event and my Two-I-Cee, Dina, who was also in the channel, and then shot you with my Mark 4 carbine. Overall, the theme of this is that actions are IC when it comes to things like that when you do it repeatedly. You did it a few times at the start and no one was massively concerned as it was one of those 'Oh, cool! New AI shit!' moments. However as you persisted, it thus became an IC manner that a Federal Mobile Infantry Medic was shooting rounds about the civilians for no reason, culminating in you hitting a civilian and resulting in immediate A-11.
  12. ryan_update2.exe tit for tat buddy
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