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  1. I'm no tech whizz by any means but there could be any number of reasons that your game could crash to rendering issues, most likely of which is probably PAC. So if you wanted my personal help you can try doing these, not in any particular order. Put these commands in console (they help with fps) gmod_mcore_test 1;mat_queue_mode 2;cl_interp 0.5;cl_cmdrate 100;cl_updaterate 100;r_3dsky 0 q menu -> tool bar, click either utilities or settings -> PAC3 -> Uncheck the box that says enable (you can always re-activate PAC once you find the issue) Lower your graphics settings as maybe your pc just can't handle it when on the server.
  2. //: NCO in charge: Sgt. Luka Krauss/ Cpl. Chloe Carter //: Time and Date of session: 14/12/2300 9PM GMT //: Type of Training Session: Tier One Marksmanship - Private Vova //: Notable Acts: Private was attentive and paid close attention during the duration of the training.
  3. Event runners: @Cipher @Shazzy Time: Roughly 5:27 PM PST Alright, so it is the final phase oh Cipher's event and we all began pushing over a hill into a massive horde of arachnids, everything's all fine and dandy, I take some damage to about half of my health. At this point we start making our way towards more of a downhill slope and while fighting of a wave of arachnids I was friendlyfired 5 times for roughly a total amount of 125 health or so (don't got the logs from what I copy n pasted but someone else can check). When I respawned, I rolled con and got 3. Sure, I got a bad roll and I died for it, but my death wasn't even remotely related to how I actually died. [SERVER] Pfc. Novah Ensley has killed Spc. Kayth 'Hera' Harrows with sst_moritamk3. ** Spc. Kayth 'Hera' Harrows rolled 2 with a CON [15%] bonus for 3. Harrows faught on along side the Marauders, downing bug after bug after bug. However a Warrior rushed, it clamped around her minigun and tanked it free from her hands. The horde continued. Two bugs penetrated her at the same time. One through the shoulder, tearing the suit and her right arm off with ease. A second tore off the frontal plate of her armor. The bugs continued, soon enough Harrows was on the ground, multiple bug talons impaling the woman over and over and over, relentlessly before one finally went through her skull, leaving the woman motionless on the floor Now, I'm free to the eventmaker creativity and I awknowledge sometimes people just get really unlucky though I don't think that a death by friendly fire that was unintentionally caused should lead to me getting a PK of getting mauled by warriors. It just gives a PK what would no actual precedence since Mark 3 rounds wouldn't have actually pierced the armor. But that's just my two cents.
  4. //: Drop Lead: A/Sgt. Luka Krauss //: Second In Command: LCpl. Bryce Renfro //: Squad Leaders: If not applicable, N/A or delete. Blue Team: LCpl. Lucius Macro Red Team: Sgt. Jessica Ryan //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Pfc. Theo Kuusimaki, Spc. Egypt Finnic, Cpl. Emily Heize, //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: 2Spc. Patton needlessly endangered himself by seperating and going alone into a computer lab and getting attacked by CB's. Renfro did excellent as a SiC and RTO Pfc. Kuusimaki got injured because he didn't notice a wet floor sign and slipped, breaking his ankle //: Mission Summary: 47th Infantry were deployed to an FFRL CB Research Facility that had gone dark, our primary objective was to search for the facility's captain and extract him, secondary was to collect any information or data onsite that we could. Upon arrival, it was clear that the facility had a CB outbreak, presumed to be during one of the experiments that had occured, Marines had killed the scientists who had been infected in an attempt to control the situation but failed. We began clearing the facility room by room but as we arrived into the bottom floor, something blinded our psychics... Psychically. So Red team gave them lithium and they were escorted back to the dropship as they were combat ineffective. There are no further incidents of psychic interference and no explanation was ever reported for the phenomena. We continued to move through the facility and accessing the computers, taking hard drives and files as we went through. Red Team pushed into the containment area and began collecting video tapes of the experiments as well as checking all of the bodies for identification. Eventually we arrived at the final containment room where we found the dead captain along with his wife. The last of the information was then pulled and extracted whatever we could from the computers before calling for a full extract. Partial Mission Success. (Event Runner: Shazzy)
  5. //: Drop Lead: A/Sgt. Luka Krauss //: Second In Command: LCpl. Orson Tate //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: LCpl. Bryce Renfro Red Team: Pfc. Novah Ensley //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): TSgt. Miller //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: 2Spc. Patton and TSgt. Miller destroyed multiple vehicles, including 2 APC's, 2 tanks, and 4 helicopters. Both recommended for Citation of Meritorious Service. More dossiers and files were recovered from the hostile command center Pvt (now Pfc) Nakatami did a wonderful job as pointman and leading the team out //: Mission Summary: 47th were deployed to capture an HVT who had been revealed to hire the Fenrir PMC as a means to get political support against the local Layton government. We were deployed into a blind spot during a blizzard to make an attempt to capture the HVT at a plantation that he had taken for his homestead. After making a long way around and taking a bridge across the river, we managed to make our way to the outskirts of the estate where we then gave the order to go loud, the Marauders being deployed via drop pod to assist us. As we pushed into the compound, the HVT managed to get to their helo, which Tech Sarge Miller was able to down and causing it to crash closeby within the AO. After taking whatever we could from the estate including dossiers and files that we found within their command center while the assault was going on. Afterwards, we had to push back out of the base as Fenrir launched a counter-offensive with several tanks and helicopters. When we finally moved to the crash site, we found a blood trail leading to an abandoned house, where we found a tunnel in the basement leading to an underground Fenrir military complex and prison. We followed the elevator down and began clearing room by room until we arrived in a cell area with the HVT. After breaking open the door, we managed to disarm the HVT and pacify him. Afterwards, the infantry pushed back out of the building as the remaining Fenrir personnel made a push to get the HVT back. Upon resurfacing, we held the ground for five minutes so a dropship could come and pick us up with the HVT. Mission Success. (Event Runner: Kris)
  6. //: Drop Lead: Sgt. Jessica Ryan -> Cpl. Luka Krauss //: Second In Command: Cpl. Luka Krauss //: Squad Leaders: N/A //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Sgt. Jessica Ryan, Pvt. Shoji Nakatami , Boehme, LCpl. Mordred //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Recruit Lionel Eberhart - A6'd - Took several bullets to save Lance Macro and Nakatami. Was found at a point where it was far too late to attempt to stabilize him and we had no medics onsite. //: Notable Acts: Recommend Recruit Eberhart for posthomous Good Conduct Medal Private Nakatami jumped on top of a grenade to save several lives, recommended for Good Conduct Medal. 2Spc. Bragg SAR'd for Lance Corporal Macro when he got swept out to sea and ensured his return, recommended for Good Conduct Medal 3Spc. Angelika Gjallahad exited her suit and manned AA guns to shoot down hostile gunships. Several dossiers and maps were recovered by the Fenrir Command Centre regarding their employers Two Fenrir POW's were taken. There are reports of POW's taken by Fenrir on a ship callsign Njord, presumed to be their aircraft carrier. Patton was able disable a MAC Cannon before it was able to fire at the Nyman in orbit, recommended for Good Conduct Medal. //: Mission Summary: Layton's planetary MAC cannon went dark and was later found to have been captured by Fenrir who also had a large aircraft carrier onsite. The 47th were deployed to re-take the MAC cannon though we had to begin our deployment on an island that connected to the one with a MAC Cannon. Due to AA weaponry as well as the MAC cannon itself, support was not available so we took it upon ourselves to try and sneak as close as we can to the base before we were discovered. It all went relatively well until we reached the bridge that connected the two islands. Sergeant Ryan gave the order to knock in an attempt to lure out the Fenrir soldiers inside, which resulted in avoidable injury and confusion. Though it had turned out to be barely successful nonetheless. However, Sergeant Ryan tried this tactic AGAIN when we had knowledge of there being a armored presence within the room, which resulted in them suspecting us and seeing us out which caused critical injuries and gave away our element of surprise, making our position known. At this time Sergeant Ryan had also stopped giving orders while she was trying to tend to the wounded, so I temporarily gave orders to push out of the bridge as we had intel that Fenrir was going to blow up the bridge to try and stop us. At this point we also started to encounter hostile enemy armor, when told to hold by Ryan, the infantry continued to push inside of the tunnel despite our waiting for a CASEVAC to get the wounded out. This resulted in Lance Mordred's avoidable critical injuries, for whom we needed to call a second CASEVAC and slowed us down even more. After fighting through the entire tunnel, we finally arrived at the MAC Cannon base, where we pushed hard under heavy mortar and small arms fire. We sweeped and took control of the base, also gathering several dossiers of intel from the Fenrir Command Centre while the other half of the team began clearing out the MAC Cannon tower. Several gunships were dispatched by AA guns that we commandeered thanks to Specialist Gjallahad. At this point, there were multiple avoidable incidents, Lance Macro had gone on his own and had fallen into water, nearly drowning as he had to abandon his gear to be able to swim. He was found thanks to Specialist Bragg who reported it. There was a hostage situation that Private Nakashimi had gotten into, Fenrir soldier was pacified by Sergeant Ryan and Specialist Finnic, a second was also taken by Patton. Patton was able to disarm the MAC Cannon that had been aimed towards the Nyman, potentially saving the entire dreadnought and all those on board. (Event Runner: Kris)
  7. It's the Federation Mobile Infantry average, not the average of the attendees.
  8. 9.35 seconds to shoot 5 spread out targets with a pistol at roughly 30-40 meters. Yes.
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