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  1. IC: Name: Orson Tate Age: 26 Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Height: 6'2 Weight: 85.2kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Private First Class Educational History: Graduated Nationals Employment History: Forklift Operator Service Record: Pte - PFC - LCpl - Cpl - PFC via self-demotion T3 Grenadier - T1 Marksman - T1 Pointman OOC: Steam name: penile assimilation Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:64662528 Length of time on Server: 6 months Time zone: BST Current characters on server: Spc. Max Goose, PFC. Orson Tate, FLt. Atticus Branton Roleplay History: HL2RP in 2013ish, WW3RP afterwards, SSTRP, mix of rp servers and back to SSTRP Pre-existing character: Yes
  2. //: Trooper in charge: PFC. Orson Tate//: Time & date of session: 14/04/2301, 10pm GMT //: Type of training: T3 Grenadier Certification //: Attending troopers: PFC. Dalton Kane //: Notable acts: N/A. Trooper showed prior knowledge, and despite not pursuing the grenadier path was allowed the certification by Lt. Farrion.
  3. //: NCO in charge: PFC. Orson Tate, overseen by Corporal Rennes //: Attending Trooper(s): LCpl. Aspern //: Time and Date of session: 22:10 - 22:25 //: Type of Training Session: Grenadier Tier 1 //: Notable Acts: Lance Corporal Aspern showed previous experience from how he handled his weapon, and so the training went swimmingly.
  4. //: NCO in charge: Specialist Max Goose //: Time and Date of session: ~23:00 - 23:30 //: Type of Training Session: Grenadier Tier Three //: Notable Acts: Corporal Toubia knew how to handle the M55, unsurprising given his experience.
  5. Personal Relationships Battle Buddy | Trooper | Neutral | Rookie | Phillip PFC. Major B. Hyland: Hyland is someone whom I barely knew during our time in the 103rd, aside from the occasional talk and arachnid gunpowder diplomacy. Despite this, Hyland seems like the only man I can lay my life down for and trust enough to expect the same. This is all exaggerated ten-fold when we've both been thrust into our rocky start in the 47th, Hyland being the standard bearer and essentially leading a squad with his boot title, just using the power of his stroke-y Samsonite accent, and if that isn't enough to respect a man - I don't know what is. Hyland has a wager for which one of us falls first, and as someone who'd rather give up his life than have to fight alongside any of the other brainlets in this company, my price is high.
  6. Sarge L. Beckenhauer GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Sarge Leon Beckenhauer Alias(es): Sarge Rank: Private Age: 37 Hometown: Harengal Affiliation: United Citizens Federation Specialization: Infantryman (11B) Awards Granted: Morale: Awful ███████ | ████████ Good PHYSICAL INFORMATION  Gender: Male Height: 5'10 (177.8cm) Weight: 161 LBS (73kg) Build: Mesomorph Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Hazel Cybernetics: None PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Alignment: Renegade ███████ | ███████ Paragon Personality Type: ESTJ-INTJ Strengths: Critical Thinker, Spearhead, Experienced, Adamant Weaknesses: Selfish, Pessimistic, Obstinate, Xenophobic
  7. Go ahead and take all the credit then Add engineer man Goose
  8. Tier 3 Grenadier bruv Big up for the response time my man
  9. OOC Section: OOC Name: f (https://steamcommunity.com/id/minecraftlord69 for ease of access) Time on Server: September 6th was when I started on ucfrp Timezone: GMT +0 RP Experience: sstrp.net since 103rd, then various other roleplay servers, spanning the course of five years maybe. IC Section: Name: Zebulun Sternberg Rank: Third Specialist Age: 18 Gender: Male Psychic Classification(No Lucky Men or Sensors): Telepath How did your character find out about their Psychic abilities?: Born with gonadal dysgenesis, it was quite clear that Zebulun had already met his match with the genetic lottery. Despite this, he managed to pass the psychic test without positive confirmation of his capabilities. During his secondary school years however, his inherent smarts and frequent nosebleeds were just a few of the factors of the discovery of his psychic prowess. His family none the wiser about his predicament, despite it most likely being hereditary courtesy of his grandparents. During his finals exam however, Zebulun tried extremely hard to procure an answer to a surprisingly difficult question, to which he got the idea of reaching into someone elses mind to do so. As he tried, he was met with a nose bleed and a very odd paleness. Exhausted from his constant nose periods, he decided to ask his parents the important question. His parents, not very acknowledging of his psychic abilities, decided eitherway to send him off after a lot of quarreling. And lo and behold, it came out positive. His rather late join knocked him off-course, but he pressed on to learn and become a serviceman of the federation anyway!
  10. hi I was in a drop lead by sting an hour and a half ago I usually dedicate anywhere between 4 to 7 hours a day to the server, mainly to do an event then rp a bit, though sometimes I take a one day break
  11. //: NCO in charge: LCpl. Orson Tate //: Time and Date of session: 23:00 GMT, 19th December 2300 //: Type of Training Session: Grenadier Tier One -> Pfc. Joe Morelli //: Notable Acts: Private First Class showed aptitude in handling the weapon and an intense craving of more knowledge.
  12. //: NCO in charge: LCpl. Orson Tate //: Time and Date of session: 22:00 GMT, 15th December 2300 //: Type of Training Session: Grenadier Tier One -> Spc. Frederick Irving //: Notable Acts: Specialist followed through enthusiastically and had an attitude for learning more.
  13. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Lionel Eberhart Federal Service Number: 108439 Physical Age: 24 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Black Height: 6"3' Weight: 186lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: Recruit Educational History: Passed highschool to earn his diploma and then dipped Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Seraph A, Electrical Engineering Service Record: N/A OOC: Character's College Explanation: N/A Server Time: 5 years over SSTRP-UCFRP. Most of that time I didn't play though, so realistically it's about a year. Roleplay History: It's pretty much all I do, so roughly 7700 hours of it over 7 years.
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