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  1. Updated minor thing (Rank, Service Record, and even a mention for Packard)
  2. NOW ACCESSING Federal-Network DATABASE. . . Secure Login Required. PLEASE WAIT...... NMPMID ********* PASSWORD ************* • • • LOGGING IN • • • Login Confirmed! Welcome LRM. 22JHG46YI281 MI54 *OPENING FILE - "*Mordred, Laurene*"* <:...:> <:.....:> <:.......:> UCFMI PERSONNEL FILE CSR#568311 S.I. 246F-7391 J.A. Mordred, Laurene. THIS RECORD IS PROTECTED BY SECTION 10, TITLE-G, SUBSECTION-ARF, CHAPTER 332, CODE NUMBER 2174 OF THE UCF CODE. THIS RECORD IS TO BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL, AND IS TO ONLY BE SEEN BY RELEVANT COMMAND PERSONNEL. ANY DISTRIBUTION OF THIS FILE WILL RESULT IN RESTRAINT UNDER CODE CODE 807 OF MILITARY JUSTICE. SECTION A-01 - Document Information ⪤FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY⪤ (Mordred preparing for Hand to Hand Combat Training during her time in Boot Camp) "Go ahead, make my day." -'Dirty' Harry Callahan, Sudden Impact (1983) LAST-FIRST-MIDDLE NAME: Mordred, Laurene-Richard SERIAL NUMBER: 246F-7391 U.C.F. GRADE: Lance Corporal ARM COMPONENT: 47th Mobile Infantry CURRENT M.O.S.: Riflemen ACTIVE SICON BRANCH: Mobile Infantry ACE(ACTIVE COMBAT ENGAGEMENTS): 15 PERMANENT ADDRESS: 42 Camelot Way DATE OF BIRTH: October 7th 2282 PLACE OF BIRTH: New Avalon, Iskandar EYES: Green HAIR STYLE: Short Pony Tail HAIR COLOR: Blonde COMPLEXION: Fair HEIGHT: 5 Feet 6'Inches WEIGHT: 89 Kilograms BUILD: Standard NO. OF DEPENDENTS: None RACE: Caucasian (English Descent) MARITAL STATUS: Single UCF. CITIZEN: No CIVILIAN OCCUPATION: Fry Cook RELATIVES: Samuel Kay - Foster Father: Alive Morgan Kay - Foster Mother: Alive Anne Marie Gareth - Foster Sister: Alive Arthur Kay - Foster Brother: Alive Medical Record MEDICAL RECORD: November 8th 2300 -Majority of Right Arm is replaced with a Biotech November 15th 2300 -Ricochet GSW to Left Shin (Healed) December 5th 2300 - 3x Shrapnel Wounds and a minor laceration (Biotech Servo damaged): Healed and reparied Service Record Service Record: September 20th 2300: Date of Enlistment October 15th 2300: Graduation from Camp Sparta October 20th: Date of Transfer to the 47th Mobile Infantry Battalion November 27th 2300: Promotion to Private First Class 11/29-12/1 2300: Involvement in Operation Wildfire December 3rd 2300: Promotion to Lance Corporal Awards and Merits Personnel Notes: Letters to home: Letter #1: Addressed to Foster Sister Anne Marie Gareth (Sent 12/7/2300)
  3. OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: redneckrOadkill STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:50918262 SERVER TIME: More than a Year on .Net, about a week on the new Server ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I'd say about 5 Years now MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Very outdated, most I remember is treating a GSW with Celox Powder and applying a Tourniquet AVAILABILITY: All the time (Will Notify of changes to availibility CHARACTER COUNT: Two as of now, including the one I am using to apply IC SECTION NAME: Hudson, Marie K AGE: 18 RACE: Cauacasian SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5 Feet 8 Inches WEIGHT: 122 Pounds BLOOD TYPE: AB- RANK: Private LEVEL OF EDUCATION: High School CRIMINAL RECORD: N/A MEDICAL RECORD: N/A DATE OF ENLISTMENT: 8/6/2300
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