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  1. Yeah, I mean that its awarded to the 112th Company, if you wish for me to edit it to symbolize it or remove it entirely, I can.
  2. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Ryan ==> Lance Corporal Helena Clenmore //: Second In Command: Private First Class Dembele ==> Corporal Okazaki //: Squad Leaders: If not applicable, N/A or delete. Blue Team: Clenmore Red Team: Stukov //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Sergeant Ryan, Specialist Jet, 3rd Specialist Reinnmann //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): PFC. Dembele //: Notable Acts: PFC Dembele died to hold back an enemy firefly, taking the brunt of the creature's acid, Jet was instrumental in unlocking a door required to advance //: Mission Summary: The mission was to reclaim a Civil War Base on an Asteroid as a staging area for a future operation. Alpha Company was the first wave to secure the base with Bravo and Charlie Companies following suit. The squads split off to investigate separate areas of the ship but we're met by Elites, Tigers, and Fireflies nesting inside, Specialist Jet was splashed by Elite Acid and Sergeant Ryan took a talon to her chest when she pushed me out of the way of incoming Tigers. PFC Dembele died while fighting a Firefly in close quarters to allow for Red Team and we all regrouped in the Hangar, holding it until Bravo arrived sometime later with ammo, Flamers, and Corporal Okazaki tagging along to join us. Ryan appointed me as Droplead before being Medevaced and Command tasked us with eliminating a Bug Hole inside the Base. Exploring routes in the base lead us to discover that an Imposter was also onsite, incapacitating Reinnmann before we wounded it enough to flee, during which we also pulled out to put Reinnmann in the hands of Bravo and continuing on. A path to the Bug Nest was finally discovered and while we did make progress, their numbers proved too great and I chose to pull out, where we held with Bravo until Evac came. (Event Runner: Cipher)
  3. //: Drop Lead: Corporal Okazaki -> Lance Corporal Clenmore //: Second In Command: Lance Corporal Clenmore -> Lance Corporal Ashtree //: Squad Leaders: If not applicable, N/A or delete. Blue Team: Ashtree Red Team: Tankjin //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Ashtree, Tankjin, Myself (LCpl. Clenmore), and Okazaki //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Several Troopers from Bravo Company //: Notable Acts: LCpl. Irezton fired two TON missiles in defense of the FOB during the final Bug Assault, Specialist Jet operated a IFV in defense of the FOB and the securing the lost teams. I had to take over as Squad Lead for Okazaki and lead the team until final EVAC while also coordinating with Mobcomm the entire drop. //: Mission Summary: We got sent to hold a FOB while Marines scuttled a downed stealth ship and periodically leave in search of survivors from said Ship. We got to the FOB and quickly used the Prefabs delivered there to fortify the position further more. First wave of Arachnids we called in TAC to help thin the herds before they reached us but the defenses held. Mobcomm sent us the location of the first group of survivors and gave us reinforcements from Bravo Company and two APCs per request, Okazaki, I, and Red Team reached the group and covered them as they loaded into the first APC, the second APC was then destroyed by a Tanker and we had to leave it behind. By the time we got back the second wave of bugs was already there with additional tankers and our defenses we're breached, we held until Additional TAC support came an the bugs we're repelled. Shortly after a EVAC Shuttle came for the first group of Survivors and afterwards was spent treating wounds that became apparent to several (Including myself) before we received an IFV and word of the second group, their retrieval was successful and we held off another wave with more TAC support. It was after the second group and our wounded we're evacuated that I took over from Okazaki, from that moment I merged both squads into one and appointed Ashtree as my SIC and we got word of the third group after Mobcomm used a MAC Gun to destroy several Bug Spires. Crash site of the third group was abandoned and we almost returned to base when they contacted us over radio and marked their location with Smoke that we followed and loaded them in before yet another wave we held off before they we're rescued by another Dropship. The rest of the drop was spent defending against Bugs while the marines finished scuttling the ship, Irezton fired two TONs to subdue waves from the west and south before Mobcomm alerted us of Royals in the area and told them to conserve the rest in favor killing the Royals, more TAC support helped us and the walls held before we we're finally Evacced to the Austin Brown. In the end, everyone did great considering the circumstances and our numbers and with TAC assistance. (Event Runner: Kira)
  4. NOW ACCESSING Federal-Network DATABASE. . . Secure Login Required. PLEASE WAIT...... NMPMID ********* PASSWORD ************* • • • LOGGING IN • • • Login Confirmed! Welcome LRM. 22JHG46YI281 MI54 *OPENING FILE - "*Clenmore, Helena*"* <:...:> <:.....:> <:.......:> UCFMI PERSONNEL FILE CSR#496217 S.I. 137F-8726 J.A. Clenmore, Helena. THIS RECORD IS PROTECTED BY SECTION 10, TITLE-G, SUBSECTION-ARF, CHAPTER 332, CODE NUMBER 2174 OF THE UCF CODE. THIS RECORD IS TO BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL, AND IS TO ONLY BE SEEN BY RELEVANT COMMAND PERSONNEL. ANY DISTRIBUTION OF THIS FILE WILL RESULT IN RESTRAINT UNDER CODE CODE 807 OF MILITARY JUSTICE. SECTION A-01 - Document Information ⪤FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY⪤ "Death? What you all know about Death?" -Sgt.Barnes, Platoon (1986) LAST-MIDDLE-FIRST NAME: Clenmore, Helena-Violet SERIAL NUMBER: 137F-8726 U.C.F. GRADE: Lance Corporal ARM COMPONENT: 47th Mobile Infantry CURRENT M.O.S.: Riflemen ACTIVE SICON BRANCH: Mobile Infantry ACE(ACTIVE COMBAT ENGAGEMENTS): 247 PERMANENT ADDRESS: 559 Peacemaker Way (North Harbor City, Pallas) DATE OF BIRTH: May 6th 2273 PLACE OF BIRTH: Manchester England EYES: Green HAIR STYLE: Neck Length HAIR COLOR: Red COMPLEXION: Fine HEIGHT: 6 Feet 2 Inches WEIGHT: 150 Pounds (68 Kgs) BUILD: Hiker's Physique NO. OF DEPENDENTS: 0 RACE: Caucasian MARITAL STATUS: Single UCF. CITIZEN: Yes CIVILIAN OCCUPATION: Security Officer RELATIVES: Parents: Father: Kolby Seymour-Unknown Mother: Goldie Ellen Clenmore-Alive Siblings: Half Brother: Quincy Clenmore-Alive Half Sister: Moira Clenmore-Alive Items and Keepsakes Medical Record MEDICAL RECORD: Head Injury rendered subject Comatose prior to enlistment for a duration of several months (Recovered and was declared Fit for Duty - 2298) Partial Damage to Left Ear (2298) Grenade severed subject's right leg but was able to be re-attached (2298) 2x Shrapnel Injuries to subject's lower body (Sanctuary Grenade/Progenitor Grenade on separate occasions, healed but minor shrapnel remains - 2298) Enemy Sniper shattered the Subject's right knee (Knee was declared to be too damaged and required an Artifical Replacement - 2298) Right Leg amputated in the field to prevent the spread of Arachnid Acids to what remained (Below Knee Biotech Replacement (2298) GSW to the Liver (2298) Multiple Cracked and Fractured Ribs (March 14th 2301 - Healed) Two Deep Lacerations to Subjects left arm and leg (March 18th 2301 - Healed) 2nd Degree Burns to the left arm (April 4th 2301 - Healed) 3 GSW Wounds to the Left Shoulder, Left Thigh, and Lower Abdomen (April 12th 2301 - Healed) Service Record Service Record: Enlisted in April 2298 Transferred to the 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion in Same Month Participated in both the Siege of Sanctuary and the Destruction of the Progenitor Ark (Awarded Hero of the Federation for Latter Operation) Rose to the Rank of Corporal but was later demoted at their own request to Private First Class Declared a Fugitive with the rest of the 112th for entering the AQZ and starting the Third Bug War from April to Late June of 2299 (Charges we're dropped when evidence came to light that the 112th entered the AQZ on Orders from the now Disgraced Sky Marshall Cortez) Was granted an Early Release from Service as compensation for time spent on the run with full Citizen Rights (June 2299) Re-enlisted in the October of 2300 Transferred to the 47th Mobile Infantry Battalion at previous rank of Private First Class Promoted to Lance Corporal Received Citation for Meritorious Service (3/18/2301) AWARDS AND MEDALS Relationships
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