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  1. Character Information: Basic Information: Name: Adrian J. Perot Gender: Male Age & Birthday: 20 -- (08/11/2280) Nationality & Birthplace: Federal Citizen / Iskander, Irving Residence: Iskander, Irving / AFC-CC-251 Joseph A. Glowin Education: Primary & Secondary Levels / Tier 1 & 2 Marksman Certifications Religious Affilation: Agnostic Physical Details: Height: 5'11 Weight: 161lb Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Black Body Type: Ectomorphic Bodily Modifications: N/A Physical Description: Standing at a rather average height of five feet and eleven inches, Perot seems like an relatively ordinary trooper. He has an ectomorphic build associated with runners, dancers and swashbucklers. His limbs are long and gangly, his entire frame made up of lean, wiry muscle. His skin pallour is light, albeit not exceptionally pale nor tanned. A pair of thick-framed GI glasses are sat onto his face. Affixed onto his face is a pair of faded, unremarkable blue eyes and black hair. A fresh fade sits upon his head, with a slight tuff of black hair sat upon his face, shooting outwards in combed out spikes. His eyebrows are preened, his teeth white and his nails trimmed perfectly, suggesting the young trooper takes care of his appearance. His body lacks any noticeable scars, suggesting he is relatively "green behind the ears". Military Details: Service Number: 2041P-91488 Military Branch: 47th Mobile Infantry Battalion Rank: Private Military Occupation: Military Marksman Date of Enlistment: 06/09/2298 Standard Equipment: Yiniminia Z-01 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle Brunham XW-103-S7 Shotgun Poly-Carbide Combat Knife Military Medical Record: N/A Awards Earned: Federal Defense Ribbon Good Conduct Medal Citizenship Ribbon General Specialization Medal (Marksman) Veteran Combat Medal Relationships Loved / Familial / Respected / Good Friend / Friend / Acceptable Co-Worker / Neutral / Disliked / Hated The homies still kicking: Yoooo! RIP!
  2. god FUCK thats a powerful reference
  3. we had our philosophy talk, throw philemon in here also update kovac hes fucking DEAD thanks CIPHER
  4. MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION: editing this because pre-existing characters kinda stinky now i think about it Character Information: Name: Tonibler Hoxha Age: 26 Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Height: 6'3 Weight: 197lb Employment & Background: Current Rank: Tech Sergeant. Educational History: Primary and Secondary Levels of standardized public education / Mobile Infantry Basic / CLS Certification / Further Leadership Courses / Engineering Certifications. Employment History: Roughly three years of employment in the Federal Merchant Navy as an ship-side Engineer, before enlisting for a further 5 years of military service. Service Record: Selected for Engineering in Federal Service standard Aptitude testing. Graduted basic at Fort Rifter, located in Samson. He would be assigned to the 221th Engineering Detachment. Promoted from Recruit-Private to Third Specialist. He would later complete another 11 combat deployments, before reaching the rank of Specialist in Engineering. He would, at this time, recieve certifications in the Belcher and all standardized Engineering certifications. Wounded in action. Awarded the purple heart for the first time - later earning three copper stars on this heart. During this time, he would also earn his Veteran Combat Medal and a Good Conduct Medal. Following another 19 combat deployments, he was promoted to Technical Sergeant and awarded with the Distinguished Service Medal. He would also become certified to use Legionnaire MBT, and then the Minotaur, when the 2nd tank was rolled in. Served another 11 combat deployments as a Technical Sergeant. Eventually, he would apply for the Marauder Program. Which is now! OOC: Steam name: Sting Steam ID: Numbers and words. Length of time on Server: 2 years, about. Time zone: GMT. Current characters on server: Spc. Finnic & SSpc. Philemon. Roleplay History: SSTRP, 40k, Halo RP, Discord RP, WWC. About six years in total. Very cursed, I know. Pre-existing character: Nawh. thanks to cole for letting me steal his format without permission
  5. fernsby so i can get some cool e-validation by being on a gamer girl's character bio 😎
  6. ,//: Drop Lead: Cpl. Isaac Conniff //: Second In Command: LCpl. Farah Zadija //: Blue Squad: Pfc. Elijah Bragg --> Cpl. Mark Davis //: Engineering Squad: LCpl. Alexandria Layland //: Wounded in Action: Spc. Atichat Saiphan, Pfc. Elijah Bragg, Pvt. Natalia Conternino //: Killed in Action: 2Spc. Martin Brewer //: Mission Summary: We were deployed in to operate against Fenrir forces in the AO. Our objective was to plant charges on a generator in an underground base and destroy, before then destroying the radio outpost next to the runway. Immediately, we ran into conflict with massive numbers of enemy jets, well-armed Air-to-Ground Attack Helicopters and numerous tanks and infantry. They were all defeated. We were able to destroy the underground base, the radio outpost and then seriously damage the runway proper. During this operation, Saiphan was injured seriously, whilst Bragg and Conterino suffered mild injuries. Brewer gave the ultimate sacrifice for the Federation. //: Notable Acts: Spc. Saiphan operated the SWORD Infantry Fighting Vehicle with extreme talent, destroying numerous enemy vehicles. Whence forced into close quarters with a mechanically-superior tank, he proceeded to ram the enemy vehicle, destroying both at the risk of his own life. Recommended a Distinguished Service Medal for his actions. LCpl. Layland proved extremely talented across the entire operation. He destroyed the enemy's initial forward outpost with a HEDP, neutralized several enemy vehicles and even a helicopter with his HEAT, then planted the charges to destroy the base and then finally - nuked the radio outpost! LCpl. Zadija was an extremely competent SiC. She gave good orders, took command when required without ever trampling over my command. Further more, she was able to neutralize two enemy jets with a sniper rifle. Recommended a Good Conduit Medal. TSgt. Cross operated on the injured, keeping them all alive and stable for later MEDEVAC, despite horrendous wounds suffered to both Bragg and Saiphan. 2Spc. Brewer was critically, fatally wounded in battle. His leg was destroyed and he was impaled through the chest, pinned to the snow below. As I went to A-6 the trooper, he showed fight in him. He understood his own death, and thus - willingly offered up the chance to self-destruct himself. I gave him my Troglodyte grenade launcher, and on my command, he proceeded to open fire and draw enemy attention, before self-destructing his fusion core. The resulting destruction proceeded to eliminate several enemy squads and vehicles, as well as inflict cripplingly damage to the run way proper. For that, I am recommending him the Legion of Merit medal. Event Runner: Kris.
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