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  1. Apologies for being late to the topic! I am unfortunately not on as much as I would like to be, though I have a little more controversal suggestion; A smaller map? Often I have seen the map change inbetween periods of activity, and I have noted that on Roleplay servers bigger maps with fewer 'communal spots' tend to feel more 'dead'. This current one, for example, is far too big for the meagre playercount the server currently has. The bar, technical areas, galley and hangar are all seperated, with many nooks, crannies and rooms to hide away in. This naturally disperses roleplayers and makes for single avatars standing in rooms by their lonesome. A smaller map would encourage congregation and increase potential for passive roleplay, as you can actually find each other and bump into conversations! The other suggestions are good to help nudge people togther if things are not sparking, but I feel are more like bandaids to tide it over.
  2. For those who are not aware of this wonderful Youtube channel, its fan-made Warhammer animations of very, very high quality! The story focuses around the Astartes who board a traitor vessel. I enjoy the sound design a great deal and how they portray them, all without a single word being uttered aloud. The final part 5 is out now!
  3. Hello all! Just wanted to say thank you for all of your time and roleplay! Unfortunately I am going on leave now (on a break) as some have probably noticed by the increasing lack of times I've been on, because I have started a new job! There's moving and many, many things to figure out! So thank you for your stories! And your missions! And for playing games with me over discord! I'll maybe be back spring? Hopefully! And can get to know all of the amazing new characters. Please make sure you all take care of yourselves and one another. This is one of the few communities where, yes, there has been trouble and hardship, but underneath it people have been very nice and taking care of one another! I love you all and I want you to return that to each other! I would have a drawing for you but unfortunately I've lost my sketchbook somewhere in all the boxes! 😧 But have my love and thanks again ❤️ ~ MortifiedPenguin!
  4. (Hopefully Xiao lasts a little longer... Yipes! Log book and planet informaiton soon!) ... ... ...
  5. A shame! You were one of those who were such a great help to me when I first arrived, so do take the same such care of yourself! As many have and will always say, life comes first before any of this, and at such a young age this is indeed a pivotal moment where you decide what to do with your life. Go and get yourself sorted out and think hard on the future and I am sure many here will welcome you back whenever you decide to do so!
  6. Oh dear! I hope you are quite alright and will make it through whatever is pulling you away! Muse can be a fickle beast at times. Do enjoy and be sure to visit people, I am sure many would like to keep interacting with you. Love! x
  7. [KIA: 15/JUNE/2299 - 16/SEPT/2299] Thank you for the love! ❤️ I'm excited to roll another character!
  8. Oh I see now, I was not aware requesting "relationships" was a thing until I re-read the other biographies! Sure! I am certain Gully would keep a little page in her notebook about who she meets. Apologies if you're expecting more than what there is, we will have to roleplay longer for her to get into personal opinions about people! I added a third picture of her notebook for you both!
  9. 'Could had Kent'? Sorry, I'm afraid I do not know what it is you mean!
  10. [KIA: 15/JUNE/2299 - 16/SEPT/2299] ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  11. I am not sure what the expected outcome was.
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