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  1. Addressing what Jimbow said. -Whenever I made changes, they were to fix issues with the server that needed to be fixed. Bug fixes are done either for server integrity or player experience, and once Cole told me to stop with the bug fixes I didn't make a single change until I had approval. -When I read out what happened in console, it was either because someone did something shitty, or I was asking people what something meant or to fix something. I've seen admins read console and laugh at it before, so atleast the moral high ground is level. -When I "pestered" you for admin, it was to go on the server and fix an issue and then when it was done I would disconnect. Yes, I should've waited for someone to take it away, but usually it was because I wanted to either go to bed, or do something else. -If I did a message in console, it was either to let people know something was coming or to message admins directly with lua_run ix.util.AdminNotify. -When I realized that making changes to the box caused issues on the server apart from a 2-3 second bout of lag (configs resetting), I immediately ceased and no further edits were made. -The "power" I had was very limited, because all the XAs were instructed to strip it away once I had exhausted my usefulness in that situation. -Yes, I acted like hot shit. I was banned, and you lot had an issue that I fixed in 5 minutes. Nothing is funnier to me than that. Don't worry, next time you try and edit the SQL config and the server stops working, you can try and fix it yourself Jimbow.
  2. None taken, you're completely right. Just wish it wouldn't boil over to the staff team, let alone the XAs.
  3. NyxToday at 05:16 LMAO I didn’t even ban you, buddy. I’d recommend growing up at some point. Stop claiming you’ve changed, and do it already. Or, just stop, and take your antics elsewhere. Spongebob Breaks And EntersToday at 05:17 Oh I know you didnt ban me. Jimbow did Anyway, I made the complaint against you because I cant exactly complain about Jimbow NyxToday at 05:18 Doesn’t look like it from your post. Regardless, my point still stands. You begged and pleaded to be let back in, yet here you are. Spongebob Breaks And EntersToday at 05:18 Last time I knew I was in the wrong This time, I was pissed off with the way I was being treated. Infact, why was I banned from the Discord initially? Cause I said Im pissed off with what happened? NyxToday at 05:19 I’m not having another one of these conversations with you. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Spongebob Breaks And EntersToday at 05:19 Dont worry This gave me a good chuckle. Just don't question the regime guys, it'll end badly.
  4. Don't worry, I have this saved incase I'm hardbanned from the forums or this post gets deleted. So I'd like to start off with the events of tonight, mostly because this is what spurred this on. During a waiting period for me to fix ServerGuard, I was just staring at Console because I had nothing better to do and was watching for any potential errors. This is usually how I spend my time since it's easier to pick up errors if you just stare at console. I was greeted with this message: [Wed Mar 4 03:29:29 2020] <STEAM_0:0:58922008> SSgt. Mira V. Oberlin: /plyexec garret say "Can I suck on your Tarkovian tits, Specialist?" No, I don't care if this is "leaking console", it's valid evidence in a complaint. I sent Coleision a joking PM saying "use lua_run ix.chat.Send like a real man", which he didn't seem to like. He pulled me into a channel and started berating me: "Why are you looking at Console, you're not an admin, you're not an admin." No, I'm not an admin, I'm a developer. As a developer I watch for errors and document them for when I do bug fixes. He then took my box access, which I don't really mind considering it was part of an agreement we had. However the events that followed I do not agree with. During this, I went back into the general channel, Jimbow and Cole went down to the staff channel. After a short while I was moved in and Cole starts going off on one, when I begin to retort with my own side of the argument, Cole decides to say "Oh Jimbow why did we unban Seamus?" and proceeded to chuckle. When I'm then moved back up to general voice, he starts to berate me infront of everyone, something which many have agreed is a shitty thing to do. Once he's gone I just sigh, ask Tridon to take my developer role and then say "I'm just fucked off with it." The last thing I heard was "Bye" before I was staring at my friends list (banned). Secondly, I just find the way Cole speaks to everyone he doesn't seem to like as abhorrent, consistently talking down to people like Cipher, Sting (yes, even another XA. This was because I pointed out what Sting had said, and Cole starts saying "Oh leaking XA leaking XA hnnggh" rather than actually commenting on what he said). I don't really find this as a good model for the staff team. Thirdly, this does slightly irk me because I know that now I'll be continually shit talked in the general chat by people like Cole who want to cash in on the fact I can't fight my own battle. But it's good to know that despite banning me, I can post this here so people can read it. I know this post will probably get locked or deleted, incase it does I'll screenshot its existence and copy everything that is here. EDIT: Another point, claiming I have a superiority complex when you need to shit talk me infront of other people in a public channel and then banning me when I do the same thing regarding you doesn't really add up.
  5. @Sting permitted me to post this. Right, I was there and helping with the event, as well as asking you to roll Perception, so I'll post my side. You decided it would be a good idea to fire a TON into the sandstorm, mistake one. (If a Sergeant does that, you can easily say "Bad idea.") You were asked to roll perception since you literally did a pseudo-blindfire with your M55 TON, and it hit a cliff, you also aimed in the wrong direction. Northeast, when you should've shot Southeast. Cole was completely within his right to A11 you for that since you caused many troopers to be injured and you put mission integrity at risk. You then tried to raise your rifle at him in what was going to be an A11, so he psychically stopped you and forced you to lower your gun. Instead of shooting you, he hit you with the gun. You were given a second chance, and instead you decided to walk up to them and directly insult them afterwards, so you were A11'd. The PK is valid in my eyes. You then decided to post this: Threatening the server with a rival server over a PK isn't exactly a smart idea, and it caused you to be banned until what is assumed to be 30 million times the expected lifespan of the universe. I understand we all say stupid things when you're angry, and trust me I know this from experience, however there are consequences that follow stupid actions. Although I believe a community wide ban in this scenario, especially with how you've admitted your wrongdoings and owned up to it, you also need to see it from the XA's perspective. Server threats are taken extremely seriously.
  6. I never really wanted to bring what happened here because I knew what would happen would just be a shitstorm. I'd appreciate if only the person replying is Cole, and this is my specific message to him. I fucked up, in the 4 years I've played this game, I've only had two of these moments, this being one of them. I've never seen anything like this happen before, except for a situation regarding a close friend, but it's one of those moments that hurts. I made some big fucking mistakes and I wish for God that I could overturn them, but I know I won't be able to. I never really wanted anything like this to happen, but I knew when I started getting involved in the community in early 2019 that it would happen eventually, and I wish to God that on that night I just accepted what Cole said and moved on. I decided to be a self-absorbed cunt and drag it out as long as I could with Cole, which was wrong of me to do with what had happened. In the proceeding days, I had quite a shocker to my life, and it gave me an epiphany to what I did, and what exactly it meant. What I did was fucked up, wrong, and immoral on many levels. I would do anything to change what I said that night, because knowing that I used to find that shit funny disgusts me on so many levels when I know my family member had to endure something like that. @N y x I'm sorry for the way I acted, it was beyond foul, and with the recent events in my life it genuinely made me sick that I knew I used to find this shit funny. I knew with how you sounded that you were pissed with the way I was describing those videos, and I promise to God that I won't even bother seeking out those videos anymore. I'm not a child predator, I'm not someone who enjoys gore, I was just an edgyboi on the internet. I made some mistakes, and I promise that in respect to my ban reason, that nothing of this magnitude will happen again, not just because I was banned, but because I knew it angered you in this way. I didn't post child porn, I didn't post gore, all I did was post a video of someone fucking up with a firework (no gore). I know now that the way I described having these videos was beyond morally destructive, and I promise to God that I won't bring them up/post anything of the sorts in the Discord/forums/server ever in my life. I'm sorry for the way I acted, I just hope that you can allow me to pay recompense for that.
  7. Oh I know the messages I sent to Cole were gonna fuck up my chances of admin, I knew that before I sent them. I did actually regret that after and try to deletr them since I saw I was being unfair, but honestly, I think Cole shouldnt really care. After all, he was the one who told me I should have thicker skin.
  8. Again, the whole situation was spurred on by a re-roll of an already >100 roll, two posts getting posted at the same time, and other shit going on. Had Troy known that there was already a 100 con roll, there probably wouldn't even be a situation like this right now, since me and Banjo both agreed to keep it from going to a court martial.
  9. So yesterday I was given a discharge from Marauders to Mobile Infantry due to a fight between me and Morelli which ended with Morelli getting concussed. In a bit more context, after a spar was over, he stepped back up and raised his fists, then after I swung and he swung a few times: I just headbutted him. In this situation, self-defence would constitute, but due to the previous interactions between me and Hawthorne, somehow it got bumped up to a discharge from Marauders due to "bloodlust" and being "rage-filled" which was apparently found on CCTV. This situation was literally started by me and Banjo as we wanted something to do, so we sparred, and then @Troy got involved, and then @Aurora, then I believe @Jimbow, and then finally @N y x. In my honest opinion, this situation was completely retarded since me and Banjo both agreed that we weren't gonna take it beyond the ring. We even had Morelli roll after the headbutt, and he rolled a 102 con, which we agreed he was fine, but at the same time he was told to reroll (afaik). One of the main reasons I feel this should be accepted is that: if situations like this become the norm, where two people decide to do something and then the entire server starts getting involved for no reason, then all it's gonna do is kill any confidence people have in creating their own RP. I'm more than happy to void it, because that situation went from something small me and Banjo did for fun, to an absolute shitshow with Hawthorne spending most of the SCM rambling on about how: "You're elites, you should never ever ever do things like this." despite the fact that O'Connor acted in self-defence. If Troy, Cole, Kris and Banjo are happy to void it, so am I.
  10. Last update was only a bit ago, bit update O'Connor due to event
  11. O'Connor LOA 17th January 2020 to 24th January 2020 Maximum, family & legal issues.
  12. Seamus

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    Name: Logan O'Connor Rank: Second Specialist Item(s) Requested: Marauder action figure Peter Henderson PH02A Bagpipes
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