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  1. Uh... 2292. That means he's 8.
  2. So I thought I'd write this comprehensive guide on how to use the squad system for drops. All the squad system does is acts as a peripheral change to allow entire squads to find each other on drops and plan accordingly. It also serves as a way of troops governing their respective squads (I will explain later.) Commands /createsquad (name) (r) (g) (b) - Allows you to make a squad, which can then be joined by people with /joinsquad. An example of a successful use of this command would be: /createsquad "Command" 100 100 100 which would then give you a squad with a grey distinction of colour. Upon leaving the server or switching characters, it will force you to leave/disband your squad depending on your position. This command can only be run by people with the "b" flag. /joinsquad (name) - Allows you to join a squad that has been created, which will let you see a small triangle above people's heads (Smaller triangles are the squad leader). /kicksquaddie - Allows a squad leader to kick someone from their squad, the same as forcing a player to type /leavesquad. /leavesquad - Makes you leave your squad, self-explanatory. The Triangle The triangle above people's heads is split into two parts, the top being the player's faction colour (e.g: red being medical), and the bottom being their squad colour. This allows NCO's to identify what type of squad member they're looking at without needing to even be near them, allowing for far superior coordination in the field. I hope you find this useful, and please contact me on Discord (Spongebob Breaks And Enters#5576) if you have anything that can be added to it.
  3. Reaction time 9.35 seconds elite military fighting force
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