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  1. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Lance Corporal Elijah Bragg //: Squad Leaders: Lance Corporal Bragg, Lance Corporal (im sorry i forgot) Blue Team: Lance Corporal Bragg Red Team: Lance Corporal (im sorry i forgot) //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): None //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: Both Lance Corporals lead extremely well, showing a large amount of small unit tactics and executing them with some success on their own volition. //: Mission Summary: The 47th are sent to find 'outcast' civilians lost behind arachnid lines. (Event Runner: Jun)
  2. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Corporal Davis //: Squad Leaders: Corporal Davis Blue Team: Corporal Davis Red Team: N/A //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Corporal Davis, Sergeant Redbrick, Private Price //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: Master Specialist Nutarak, assisted Sergeant Redbrick with moving to EVAC after suffering extreme burns to their face and eyes after a fire fight with the Red Front exploded a steam pressure pipe. - Recommended for GCM or any applicable awards. Private First Class Navieve, showed initiative and leadership skills on the drop. Often issuing orders himself but, he needs some improvement and is willing to learn. - Promoted to Lance Corporal. //: Mission Summary: The 47th are tasked by Captain Baker to secure an illegal research outpost from a Red Front splinter faction. Once we disembarked from the APC onto the island after a few hours of travel we encountered several dead bodies of what looked to be a mix of PDF, and some civilians. -- We moved to enter the facility per the request of COMMAND and came across more bodies strewn about the entrance along with some makeshift barricades, there seemed to be a fight at the outpost prior to our arrival. It wasn't long before we came into contact with the splinter faction and were immediately fired upon. Resulting in the elimination of the splinter group in almost its entirety. Those that did not die in the fight were instructed to flee the facility by myself after we captured one of the commanding individuals of the Red Front, he agreed and instructed the surviving members to flee in exchange of his life. I made this decision so that we may eliminate a greater threat deeper in the facility. COMMAND gave orders to move inside and locate what the researchers were well, researching. We found nothing of value. Only more dead civilians. -- It seemed as though we were duped by the Red Front so that they could attempt to escape. -- They were then subsequently captured or destroyed by Fleet. (Event Runner: Optic)
  3. ye yr vcbn x dcvukgc eshgjdz Updated, Added, Done. :)))))))))))))))))))))))
  4. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Lance Corporal Netanyahu //: Squad Leaders: Corporal Sanderson, Corporal Stokes Blue Team: Corporal Sanderson Red Team: Corporal Stokes //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): N/A //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): MSpc. Spitznogle, Pvt. Savachenko //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: The 47th are tasked by General Shaw to protect a train for three days in total as it makes transit to an Intelligence outpost to deliver its cargo. After three days of defending the train and taking minimal losses, communication broke down and discipline within the platoon collapsed after a Private Savachenko shot a chariot bug, resulting in an all out assault from the arachnid hive nearby. Spitznogle was killed, and Savachenko was Article 11'd. The mission was a success however. General Shaw then expressed in the briefing that the enlisted are in need of discipline for their actions and their conduct displayed on the drop. (Event Runner: Deckers, Leprosy.)
  5. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: none //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): PFC. Hegg //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: Gjallahad sank several bug holes. //: Mission Summary: The MI are requested to eliminate an arachnid infestation near a FFRL outpost on an unnamed world. (Event Runner: sting)
  6. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Sergeant Jonsson //: Squad Leaders: Sergeant Donham, Corporal Sanderson, Sergeant Redbrick, Sergeant Jonsson Blue Team: Sergeant Donham, Sergeant Redbrick Red Team: Corporal Sanderson, Sergeant Jonsson //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): N/A //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: Blue team captured the Seperatist Doctor. Red Team Cleared all enemy combatants and assisted the Pathfinders throughout. //: Mission Summary: Operation Darkfall. Assist the Pathfinders in their mission to eliminate a separatist element. Operation was a success. (tbh i dont know if i can actually say the result cus like confidential n shit) (Event Runner: Xalphox.) 08/14/2019
  7. 🥢 🕸️ 👳‍♂️ 🚜 ✏️💊🥦🤳 All added, some updates to a few. Thanks.
  8. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Corporal Donham //: Squad Leaders: If not applicable, N/A or delete. Blue Team: Red Team: //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): If not applicable, N/A //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Private First Class Hyde. //: Notable Acts: Private First Class Faust and Second-Specialist Law used their M55 expertise to kill 6 tankers, Law fired a TON and successfully gained power back to the Base. Private First Class Faust Promoted to Lance-Corporal. Second-Specialist Law promoted to Lance-Corporal Private First Class NorthStar demoted to Private. //: Mission Summary: 47th were sent by Lt.Col Blois to relieve a garrison under heavy assault by Arachnid forces. The 47th arrived and were met every step of the way with large swarms of Arachnid warriors and Tanker castes, MOBCOMM ordered the 47th after they informed that the garrison was wiped out to regain power to the base and repair the communications array. 47th succeeded, Pfc. Hyde was killed by a tankers plasma in an apparent and unneeded suicidal attack. His body was unable to be recovered. (Event Runner: Jimbow)
  9. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Colonel Sebastien Bently //: Squad Leaders: None Blue Team: n/a Red Team: n/a //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Col. Sebastien Bently, Private Myers //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): If not applicable, N/A //: Notable Acts: The Colonel pulled two wounded PDF into the dropship whilst being wounded himself prior. //: Mission Summary: After the second close call with the Arachnid Leviathan, the 47th were placed on a short leave while the Glowin was repaired in dry dock. It was not long before the seemingly close encounter was not the last time they would encounter the creature as it began to devour the station. The 47th began a mad dash through the station clearing the way for the crew of the station and many civilians to board their ships and flee. The 47th managed to do this, only suffering few injuries and losses to the unending assault from the arachnid forces. Control-Bugs were confirmed along with all other arachnid castes. The 47th extracted to the Glowin and watched helplessly as the Leviathan destroyed many fleeing ships and destroyed the station. (Event Runner: Litcoins) (5 Days ago.)
  10. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Sergeant Westfield //: Squad Leaders: Corporal Okazaki, Lance-Corporal Lawson Blue Team: Corporal Okazaki Red Team: Lance-Corporal Lawson //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): N/A //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): If not applicable, N/A //: Notable Acts: Okazaki performed admirably as Squad lead, recommended for promotion. //: Mission Summary: The 47th are tasked with extracting a mechanised unit of garrisoned troopers on a popular RnR planet that is now swarming with Arachnids after multiple meteor strikes. 47th succeeded with no injuries and no losses to either themselves or the Garrison they were tasked to extract. (Event Runner: Stung) (2 days ago.)
  11. //: Drop Lead: Sergeant Redbrick //: Second In Command: Corporal Donham //: Squad Leaders: Corporal Donham, Sergeant Redbrick Blue Team: N/A Red Team: N/A //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Third-Specialist Wilson, Second-Specialist Gjalahad, Specialist Smith. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: Senior-Specialist Torres stepped in between Redbrick and a Progenitor Baron. //: Mission Summary: Intel has lost a deep-space FFRL Station serving as a science outpost to unknown human assailants. The MI are to assault the station and remove the confidential Intel from the stations computers, if unable. The MI are cleared to DOTON the station. The MI succeeded in wiping out the pirates and securing the stations intel as well as keeping the station intact, all crew aboard were lost. DL called for extract, leaving the station behind. (Event Runner: Stung)
  12. Face Claim: General Information Name: Sarah Myla Redbrick Nicknames: "Red" Sex: Female Age: 23 Date of Birth: 12/28/2276 Weight: 162 Height: 6 ft 0.1 in Hair Color: Red/Ginger Eye Color: Dull Blue Place of Birth: South Boston, Massachusetts - Terra Nationality: North American/Terran Accent: Thick Boston Accent Orientation: Heterosexual Economic Status : Middle Class Marital Status: Single and ready to mingle! (Jimbow wuz here) Known Languages: Terran Standard (English) Quotes:" Next of Kin Listed Below : (Mother) Myla M. Reid: 41, - Unknown (Step-Mother) 'Biddy' Bree Catherine : Twenty-Nine, Dead, -12/20/2298 (Father) Kenneth J. Redbrick: Forty-Six, Serving Life in a Federal-Prison. - 8/4/2298 ALIVE (Twin-Sister) Mary M. Redbrick : Twenty-Two, Serving Seven years in a Penile Legion. - 7/1/2298 ALIVE Various Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. - Perished on Terra during the Progenitor Assault and subsequent occupation. Personality (On-ship) Easy Going, Comedic, Ideological. Personality (On-Drop): Focused, Ideological. Reputation/Known Facts: Occupations Before Enlistment : Shop Mechanic - Diner Waitress - Bartender Keepsakes: The Lost Keepsakes. 4/19/2299 The Gained/Saved Keepsakes. 4/24/2299 Remembrances: Cpl. Kaelem Sentoniels Farewell Recording from Terra. Jennifer's Letter. France, 11/11/2298. Right Biotech Arm stamp (Top of right hand) : Professional Information: Faction: Mobile Infantry Weapon Specializations: M55 'Longbow' Rocket Launcher SW-226-F ‘Hel’ Infantry Flamer SW-093 3GL 20mm Grenade launcher TW-202 Morita MK2/MK3 LMG Squad Automatic Weapon TW-201 Morita Mk1 Designated Marksman Rifle TW-99-S ‘Belcher’ Auto-Shotgun TW-201 Morita Mk1 - Grenade Launcher TW-201 Morita Mk1 - Carbine TW-202 Mk3 - Sub machine gun TW-300 Morita Mk4 - Sub machine gun E-Pulse 44 DMR E-Pulse 44 SMG E-Pulse 88 HEMMG TW-300 MS 'Spitfire' 50 Heavy-Machine gun TW-100 EVA-8 000/.36 Semi-Auto Shotgun TW-900S 'Vulcan' Handheld Minigun SW-300-FSL ‘Hel’ Flamer SW-099GL 'Sidewinder' Automatic 20mm Grenade Launcher Mobile Infantry Certifications/Training: Marauder Basic Marauder Weapons/Suit Repair. Marauder Advanced Piloting. 112th Basic Trooper Competency Advanced SUT Advanced Hand to Hand. Mobile Infantry Combat Life Saver. (C.L.S.) Engineering Munitions. Engineering Sapper. Engineering Systems. Engineering M.E.C. Judicial Record Highest Rank achieved (18th Artillery ) Cpl. 18th CMO : Lieutenant King 18th XO : Master-Sergeant Robbins Highest Rank achieved (13th Marauder Division): MSpc. 13th Marauder's CMO : Lieutenant Edwards. 13th Marauder's XO : Technical Sergeant Sigrun. Highest Rank achieved (112th Combat Engineering): MSpc. Combat Engineering Current CMO. : Lieutenant York. Combat Engineering Current XO. : Technical Sergeant Hviteulven. Highest Rank achieved (112th Morita Rifle's): Sgt. 112th Morita Rifle's CO : Captain Davidson 112th Morita Rifle's XO : Lieutenant Tuuli Current Rank: 47th 1st Platoon, Mobile Infantry Sergeant. Alpha Company. (Aspers Archers) Combat/Service Awards: Awarded Ribbons: Theater Ribbon's: Unit Citations: Role: NCO Off-Duty OUTFIT: M.I. BDU Beret and Standard infantry greys with accompanying rank slides/patches Health & Status Status: Active Mental Status: Stable Alignment: Lawful Neutral Relationships (In wack as fuck order) Loved / Respected / Trust with my life / Close Friend / Friendly / Known-Acquainted / Who? / Distrusted / Hated / ✟ = Dead ? = Unknown ✭ = Discharged/Transferred ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Living ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Dead ------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Disappeared and Transferred or Retired ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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