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  1. Will be done later today 👍🏽
  2. Some Guy


    I’m in the field then going to clinicals so now is a good time as ever to dip anyways, already feel like my character would have lost rapport and all that. Besides don’t really feel like starting over a new character.
  3. Some Guy


    I’m in the banned boys club 😴
  4. Some Guy


    Well, boys, it’s been real; but due to my ban and my already tight schedule I don’t really want to be bothered waiting a week, then just thinking about all the things I’ll have to catch up on while I’m in the field, and then work on making a new character. But it at least it was some nice, fun clean RP while it lasted minus the past two weeks... good luck boys 🤘🏽
  5. U p d a t e, as of recent events I took the liberty of updating most of you, enjoy!
  6. @Megabnark Accepted, lets hope you can go farther than specialist this time 'round.
  7. Name: Tyvus Ackler Weiss Rank: Master Specialist Item(s) Requested: Star Wars Collector’s series of books Federation approved ballistic aviators 4x Bright pink polka dot boxers 1x bouquet of flowers 1x box of chocolates
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