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    Attention, I'm going to be on LOA from Tuesday 13/08 to Thursday 22/08 on holiday, therefore I wont be on server as I will not have a computer, however if you need to contact me I will still have my phone and wi-fi, as I stated before for MIPOD if you need a training and I am not available to get on gmod then I am happy to do it over steam or discord messaging.
  2. Face Claim: Theme Playlist: Physical Information: Name: Victoria Rose Alias(es): Rosey Gender: Female Age: 18 Birthday: 10th March Birthplace: Hucknall, United Kingdom Ethnicity: White-Asian Height: 5ft 4 inches Weight: ~120lbs Hair Colour: Light Brown with grey strands Eye colour: Greenish Grey Skin: Pale Military Information: Faction: Mobile Infantry - MIPOD Rank: Private First Class - Master Specialist Psychic Role: Pointman - Psychic Specialisations: Telepath - 1st Grade Pointman Psychic Level: Tier III Telepath Medals and Ribbons: Service Record: 2294/03/15 - Confirmed Psychic by Federal Intelligence - Psychic Training Ensues for 5 Years - Classified as a Tier I Telepath 2298/06/01 - Rose signed up for training for the Mobile Infantry - Also admitted into the MIPOD Soldier Program - Basic Infantry training continues for 8 Months - More rigorous Psychic training alongside infantry training 2299/02/01 - Rose enlisted into the 112th Morita Battalion - Entered at the rank of PFC. - Inducted into MIPOD under Lieutenant Hawthorne - Still classified as Tier 1 - Psychic training continues under WO. Verbeck and Lt. Hawthorne 2299/02/24 - Rose was asked to and took involvement in Operation ###### - Rose was granted an MI Cross by LtCol. Bently - Rose promoted to 2Spc. for psychic aptitude in the field 2299/03/25 - Rose promoted to Spc. by showing a strong psychic aptitude in an enclosed environment - Rose now classified as a Tier II Telepath 2299/04/29 - Promoted to Senior Specialist during the Insurrection of the 112th 2299/05/19 - Took part in Operation ##### ###### - Promoted to MSpc. by Captain Hawthorne Personal Belongings: Photos Nerf Or Nothin Relationships - Thought Edition: "I miss my interviews..." Loved/Close Friend/Friend/Admiration/Acquaintance/Knowledge of Existence/Eh.../Bit of a prick/Go Jump off a bridge/Fuck you and everything about you =Mobile Infantry= Rodrick Oakwood "Ah, the knife throw weakling, alright lad and I got no problems. Haven't spoken to him that much though." "We don't talk too often but we're good friends I say, and I like to look out for my friends so it often ends up in me nagging him." ✟ Oliver Stanley ✟ "Big guy." "Must be a big corpse now" Elliot Cooke "Haha Loser" Some piped up Private First Class (? Kent) "This retard hopped up while I was shitting on people, what a weirdo." =Engineers= James Reacher "You exist, you're not a bitch and ain't a prick so we good." Hecle Phan "Uh... I know his name, and I think I said hi to him a few times or something, I can't remember much more than that though." Naomi Reel "Seen her around a little, she seems alright and friendly, haven't had much one on one interaction with her though." =Medical= That one medical dude (Seamus Leeds) "Can't remember his name but I challenged him to an arm wrestle and then I got my ass handed to me in that form." Alessandro Noviello "This medic dude that seems to hang with Oak a lot, seems like a nice dude. Cracks good banter and joins me in making fun of the cripple." =Marauders= =Fleet= =MIPOD= ? Mira Oberlin ? "Kind of like my psychic Mister Miyagi, except it didn't last that long and she's gone now. Which... Sucks... To be honest." Naomi Hawthorne "My big psychic mentor and a person I look up to a lot, she's really nice even though she tries to act tough." "I just want to make you proud." =Intel=
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