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  1. After reviewing the incident placed before and with some other input from XA's I have decided to deny this appeal for the following reason(s): Your character was apart of the MIPOD faction, a unit and detachment within the Federal ranks to house weaker psychics to aid in combat scenarios of the mobile infantry for quick tasks, these men and women are sought to be more obedient and command following troopers than your average (though most would still abide command regardless) these acts displayed not only by a specialist but a MIPOD operative are in them self a risk towards structure. Your character as well has had previous encounters similar to this scenario, inflicting some minor disruptions with deployment leads which in the end can cause a building stack against you for further repeats of the same situation. The path you took with your MIPOD operative to generate roleplay for the server was a path that led you on a trickly line when placed into perspective of a intergalatic military force trained and raised to be obedient and follow command unless those commands directly conflict with the oath taken to enlist for service. This placed your character in a position of risk or reward in terms of roleplay which that in itself isn't a bad manner but is a chance game. The only flaw I could find with this manner was with the IED, which if this PK had stemmed from your lack of returning to the unit while placed in a hold scenario by the event runner, in this case randy then the basis against your death could be a void, though with previous mentions of joking behaviour in the wake of your deployment lead shows this had been a lead up process.
  2. I will be taking the reigns of this appeal for the time being. For the moment I would like to hear from both @Randy and @TheLynch on their perspectives on the events that transpired to lead to this PK.
  3. Current listed game schedule - To be announced Capture the flag Hello 47th, For some time I have contemplated running this game series for you all but without the proper experience I've left it on the back lines. Now I can proudly present and offer a new avenue to quench your ship-side boredom along with earning a few extra brownie points in that mix. Capture the flag. The objective of this mode is fairly simply and a basic concept experienced within boot camp for those lucky to endure. Two teams battle over control over the map and secure one objective that once held shall generate time held points or deliver an automatic win for that team (depending on the hosts rules). The team with the most round wins under their belt will become the overall victor of the competition. This ideal is what I seek to produce with some following changes to ensure maximum enjoyment yet friendly competitive spirit throughout the course of the trials. The changes I seek to implement will be the following few ideas: -The game will be run every week (if possible) during the weekends to maximise attendance. -Teams will be generated through the week and will be listed upon the sheet below, the winning team of that week will remain the same for the next competition. -The winning team will take their benefits earned through the entire weeks course to enjoy -The game modes rules may be altered some weeks to keep variety up Teams As put above, the teams will be generated by you during the week, once the competition for that weekend ends the teams are dissolved saved for the winning teams selection which will remain the same throughout until they are finally beat and thus replaced. Teams will be compromised of four people, this can be friends or strangers you have yet to familiarise yourself with a great way to learn someone new and get them a place in the unit. Winners It wouldn't be a competition without prizes to be had for those who best the competition and complete the tasks at hand. Those who find themselves in the winner circle will receive the following benefits added to their weekly schedule: -A statue/plaque set within the bar area with each name of the winning team placed upon it for all to see -An additional drink added to their limit raising the cap to three, if further limits are raised your additional drink will be added (Drink limit raised to four, the winners would have five) -Once created and built, winners will have the opportunity to relax in a small recreational room which will list previous winners in order of their victories within the arena -Promotion ease, this one is more based on possible insight from NCO's to observe those who partake and gauge on the winning teams performance. A leader can be found anywhere and no better place could be seen within a combat arena -Consecutive wins within the tournament will find those in the winning team with a recommendation to join the marauder programme if or once their two years of service has been complete, this is optional of course for those who seek to continue service in a new path of work. Format For those interested in trying this arena out for the glory of winning or just to find a new way of bonding with your fellow infantry men then please follow the format below and send it to the marauder bay for myself to check through and clear, once that is done you will be added to the roster of teams that will be partaking in the next competition once it has been announced Lt. K. Sigrun -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team name: Member1: Member2: Member3: Member4: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Registered Teams for (Date to be announced) game
  4. Updated information upon the application sheet. Detachment is open for applicants
  5. Denied due to reasons sent in DM
  6. Application has been denied
  7. Evening, this notification/change is more important to the following people: @banjo @Graffy @Gutsy @Aurora It's my decision to issue a wipe of your characters from the detachment and start anew to reform and rework the detachment as a whole. Sorry but you will be able to re-apply in the future if you so wish to chose to do so
  8. I can handle this complaint from this point. So far from what I have taken from this situation was two things. The first is that you attempted to be helpful towards Sting during the course of his investigation into who was messing with NPC's though worded the phrase in a manner that to them, seemed to place yourself in a spotlight of suspicion on the one behind the act going on resulting in the loss of your PET flags on that given character you were playing, more than likely a temporary emplacement due to the circumstances at hand The second note to take, and from speaking with others who were present at the time was you were being disruptive and a hindrance to his work, you claimed in messages you had no clue at that time who was behind the spawning but when asked on voice chat, after your flags were removed you believed that "Ashtree" was the one behind this, which upon sting confirming so was indeed the case. Though the main point for me on this note was that when questioned if it was you, your response result, towards a staff member actively solving a situation was to simply reply "check the logs" rather than opt that you were not the one doing so. An act that to me comes off as extremely dickish Finally with the resulting ban, from speaking with those in Voice chat and those in question, once you had your flags removed and questioned on why and when you would gain them back from Sting (with the answer being you would get them tomorrow) you tried to over-do this by going to Aurora, someone who was sitting in the channel with you during this time that heard most of what was going on, I believe the punishment evasion attempt is able to stick as the reason of your ban. To take away from this, although you may have tried to be helpful at least once during Stings investigation, you had other multiple moments in which you displayed unhelpful and outright cuntish answers to his task, I suggest you pick your words carefully as something you consider friendly may not be to others when said/typed towards them. The ban remains in state considering the length of time. If you have any further questions on this, you are free to seek me out on Discord DM's to discuss further, this threads closed.
  9. Faction max limit has been reduced to 10
  10. PAC Changes have been made to the Aegis suit, make sure to update your own with the version on the pac thread within the club.
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