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  1. Reason: Family matter LOA: 21st - 24th. Feel free to message me with any marauder issues during this time, il still handle them as I go on
  2. List all LOA's here to keep myself update: Reason: LOA Start/End:
  3. [A note is placed above the previous, trumping all notes] You can't promote marauders, however I highly recommend any and all recommendations be sent to both myself and Technical sergeant belson if you feel a marauder is just for a rank increase.
  4. We will be starting off by organising a training programme both closed and inter-divisional training's to help better you all in scenarios that could come up and the best course of actions to take when handling them. The first training will occur on Friday 23rd at 5pm EST time. 9pm GMT. I expect most of you there. If anyone can not make any attendance due to situational matters, please inform me before hand.
  5. As it has been brought to my attention that this was made a slight topic of debate within the NCO's. I'd like to clarify my standing on this fact. I'm moving it back to the state than if you see a marauder do well enough on field that they should be bumped up rank. You simply need to send myself @Kris or @Lesbian Overlord a message over Steam, Discord or in server when we get on, that way we have control over it and won't get any confusion by a marauder bumped a rank up with no prior warning/knowledge of it occurring.
  6. Accepted. Make two characters on server
  7. Due to the nature of this character existing currently, I'm going to decline this application. You are free to make another for a non-exsistant character on server
  8. Profile: Milas ,Kassandra Facial Profile: Name: Kassandra Milas Sex: Female Age: 25 DOB: 27th August 2275 Place of birth: Thermopylae, Greece Height: 5,10 Weight: 160lbs Marital Status: Single Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Mental/Physical Illness: N/A Family Father: Richard Milas Mother: Myrrine Milas Siblings: Brother - Michael Milas Sister - Kara Milas Military Record Awards: Personal Relations: (I will consider doing this later)
  9. As this is an existing character. I will need you to PM me on why I should consider making this character a marauder
  10. You have been placed on HOLD for the moment as I wish to see how active you tend to be for the mean time. A response should be provided by Wednesday
  11. You both have been accepted. Make two characters of the same name on server and ask an admin to set up
  12. For now, these are going to be the set guidelines for Admins who own and use Intelligence officers for event purposes only: 1 - Your officer will never be above the rank of 2Lt. Progression will never occur (The only ever objection of this rule must be approved by myself, @Jimbow or @Lit 2 - The character can do OCS but the same will apply to the above rule 3 - Your character can still be punished for dumb shit. Present the faction in good taste 4 - Any admin caught sparking major issues with their event intelligence officer will have them removed, furthermore no longer able to make further officers to perform their briefings. 5 - Intelligence officers are the ONLY officers to handle briefing tasks, not divisional leads.
  13. Profile: Axyl, Billy Facial Profile: Name: Billy Axyl Sex: Male Age: 26 DOB: 27th October 2272 Place of birth: London, England Height: 6'3 Weight: 210lbs Marital Status: Single Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Mental/Physical Illness: N/A Family Father: Jerry Evans - Citizen (Alive) Mother: Laura Evans - Citizen (Alive) Siblings: Brother - Thomas Evans, 24- Marauders (Alive) Brother - Calvin Evans, 30 - Fleet (Alive) Sister - Carrie Evans, 18 - Infantry (Alive) Military Record Date of enlistment: 18th October 2292 Current service: Eight Rank Progression: Recruit -> 20th October 2292 Private -> 30th October 2292 First Class -> 5th November 2292 Lance Corporal -> 15th November 2292 Corporal -> 1st December 2292 Sergeant -> 20th December 2292 Staff Sergeant -> 3rd January 2293 Master Sergeant -> January 1st 2293 Enlistment to Marauder Programme: 30th July 2294 Assignment To 15th Marauder Detachment, 3Spc -> 10th October 2294 2Spc -> 1st November 2294 Spc -> 25th November 2294 SSpc -> 25th December 2294 MSpc -> 18th January 2295 Awards: Purple Heart(x5): Combat Action Medal: Veteran Combat Medal: Distinguished Service Medal(x5):
  14. ACCEPTED. Make two characters of the same name
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