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  1. Sending you both questions.
  2. Kris

    TAC Application - [OPEN]

    Sending you both questions, sorry for the delay on response!
  3. OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: Eris Morn - Moon Cop / Kris STEAM ID: SERVER TIME: (ESTIMATE) 4-5 years ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: This server, starwars rp, some text based discord rp's MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I previously held a medic at third spec, thats the extent of my knowledge AVAILABILITY: (ESTIMATE) I have no life, so any CHARACTER COUNT: 5 IC SECTION NAME: (LAST, FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL) Laura Shilage AGE: 22 RACE: Caucasian SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5,9 WEIGHT: 150 BLOOD TYPE: A+ RANK: Private First Class LEVEL OF EDUCATION: High School CRIMINAL RECORD: None MEDICAL RECORD: None DATE OF ENLISTMENT: 29/10/2300
  4. Kris

    TAC Application - [OPEN]

    Questions have been sent
  5. ** TSgt. Rachel Cross took off Akakios' pants.
  6. Patch recovered of the PMC Unit Fenrir Fenrir Private Military Company Fenrir has been discovered in the outer most colonies, evading federal space and law while using events current undergoing within the federal armed forces to conduct their operations. Fenrir was discovered in full operation on the fourth of November by the 47th moritas, first platoon alpha company, while responding to a distress signal on the outer mining planet of Abernathy, their discovery was met with a mass killing upon both civilian and citizen targets. The company has since been wiped from Abernathy thanks to the efforts of Alpha company but their current stretch is only starting unveil to us. The unit itself had a base upon NordHagen, yet another planet located on the outer rim consisting of nothing but snow. It was here the 47th gathered intelligence that proved invaluable to discovering more about the unit along with documents to suggest ongoing secret projects. So far their main operating base/home planet and current higher ranks are still left unknown. Units Trooper: So far this has been the most basic of combatants faced by the 47th, they wear a standard combat shirt with trousers to match, with simply kevlar/harness combination. Most if not all of the Fenrir ground forces will be seen wearing some variant of headgear or camouflage Image of Fenrir ground forces with one of few possible variants. EVA Trooper: Similar to their normal ground counterpart. The EVA trooper is able to operate within zero-g enviroments, mainly used for boarding parties. Armor Units Armadillo Transport: The Armadillo troop transport appears to be a modified piece of mining equipment used for deep delving workers to reach their work space with effective ease. This modified unit consists of three mounted turrets placed on the left, right and back of the transport allowing for a 180 degree swivel to engage targets. The cabin inside has been reinforced, along with the additional turrets it has lowered the intentional body count of ten to only six. Goliath Tank: The second known ground Vehicle within the PMC's arsenal appears to be the Goliath Tank, another modified mining vehicle, sporting more armour than the Armadillo, the Goliath was built to handle any manner of terrain with ease with it's larger wheels and upgraded engine. The cabin consists space for a crew of three, a driver, loader and gun operator. The cannon itself fires a mixture of HEAT and HEDP allowing the enemy to be adaptable to their situations, the Goliath however lacks a dampener, upon firing the tank will suffer the recoil, meaning the PMC forces tend to fire the weapon to the side to minimise movement Air Units Project Valkyrie: Little is known about the named unit known as Valkyrie, only discovered upon NordHagen within documents. The details found within seem to relate this air unit to a heavy air support capable of devastating ground attacks, sporting three weapons mounted to the side (105mm, 40mm and 25mm) along with counter measures and anti air machine guns upon the top, The only drawback concluded from these documents is that Valkyrie is unable to breach atmospheres meaning the "gunship" must be deployed to the ground before being operable. Valkyrie has yet to be seen or documented on field. Eagle Air Transport: The Eagle Troop transport is the air variant of the Armadillo, lacking the armour their ground counterpart does, they make up for higher body count and heavier co-pilot gunner. Able to hold up to twenty bodies at one given time, The eagle is a quick in and out for QRF forces of Fenrir. This ship is able to operate in zero-G environments Talon Close Air: Talon is Fenrirs close air unit, only able to operate within atmosphere, this small vessel is able to unleash bursts of heavy cannon fire upon ground units, the biggest flaw and easiest point of target would be the two propellers left exposed at each wing of the Talon. This small craft spots seats within the back which can hold up to five bodies at a time to move and act as QRF, Though less effectively than the Eagle (This document will be updated when more details/new troops are discovered)
  7. Update: Marauders can now pack a Mark 4 instead of the mark 3 in their storage units, it's more recommended for this rifle to be used Suit stats sheet updated with M11 Hp and armor stats provided.
  8. Application placed on Hold until further
  9. Application is denied for this character
  10. Questions will be sent shortly
  11. Applications are now opened up
  12. Kris

    TAC Application - [OPEN]

    Sent questions through forum pm
  13. Kris

    TAC Application - [OPEN]

    Questions will be sent shortly.
  14. Kris

    TAC Application - [OPEN]

    TAC applications are open. Fill one out and I will get to them within 1-2 days of them being posted. Be aware that you will need to answer a few questions in PM before a full acceptance is given
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