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  1. Ok, Boomer. Yes. YE CAN HAVE EM u r a nerd
  2. Well yeah. This is my official LOA. I'm going LOA for 3 months. FREAKING 3 MONTHS!? because I have to go to do my internship south of Thailand. I'll be missing y'all so.. TRY NOT TO GET YOUR CHAR KILLED OR I'LL FREAKING SEND YOU FEMBOIS. Well.. I'll be again missing you all.. ; ;
  3. done hopefully see one of me char there 😄 *Atichat Saiphan btw*
  4. Sooooooo... Atichat Saiphan? Your local engie boii.
  5. Atichat Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiphan?
  6. wtf why all your char have to make me turned into gay om gahsh looks cuuuuute argasgawf
  7. FUCK.... I'll be missing you Ymot ;( keep in touch plez
  8. @Celinnia @Shaxx done! sorry to keep ya waiting. I was sooo dayum busy.
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