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  1. This has been handled, Seamus has been given specific instructions. Locked.
  2. To: 26th Brigade - 48th / 47th/ 46th BattalionsFrom: Brigadier General Robert Shaw Good afternoon all, Due to recent events it has dictated the necessity to prohibit any and all relationships within this brigade till further notice. Until all Troopers can realize how to conduct themselves properly and within the rules and regulations of form 2-R which all are to sign when in a relationship. But clearly, due to the recent events, Troopers are not capable to be trusted of such a thing and therefore again, all relationships are prohibited till further notice. Regards, BGen. Robert Shaw
  3. Sorry for the delayed response to this by the XA team but we've been discussing the whole situation in our chat to gather a bit of a more understanding to the whole situation. I'll handle this appeal due to the lack of response by other XA's and Jimbow is directly involved in this. @Pasta @Jimbow please post your cases to this as you're mentioned. Poptart has already registered and will be posting later.
  4. You attempted to recruit numerous admins of UCFRP.NET Appeal denied.
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