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  1. //: NCO in charge: LCpl. Richard Barnes //: Time and Date of session: 26 Oct 2300 //: Type of Training Session: RTO Training, Pvt. Joseph Blackburn //: Notable Acts: Trooper showed immense promise in radio operations, even asking questions that would be considered advanced. Eagerly waiting to see how the trooper preforms under pressure.
  2. //: Drop Lead: Private Richard Barnes //: Second In Command: Lance Corporal Killian Northstar //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Recruit Mitchell and Specialist Saiphan //: Mission Summary: The unit was tasked with the investigation and routing of Control Bugs in a neighboring planet. Objective parameters changed once a larger Arachnid presence was made known. Unit focused on the dismantling the tunnel system through means of hole destruction, once parameters changed. Unit cohesion suffered slightly as the unforeseen began to unfold. Though, most troopers kept a good head on their shoulders and handled the situation with upmost MI standard. Though lacking at first, Drop lead and Air communications became a very effective combination and tactic resulting in majority of hole closures. The wounded only sustained minor and survivable wounds, Saiphan a broken arm, and Mitchell suffering an extremely battered limb. (Event Runner: Shazzy)
  3. IC: Name: Ricardo Braidwood Age: 25 Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Height: 5'11 Weight: 180 pounds Employment & Background Current Rank: Third Specialist in the Marauders Educational History: Standard Faraway High school Education Employment History: Several menial labor jobs within the industrial Sigma City Service Record: Seven years of service, in which he obtained the rank of Corporal, becoming a skilled breacher and pointman within his unit. Soon transferring out and spending a few years within training installations, he assisted in the training of several generations of troopers and conducted competency reminders for people sent back through the ringer. With the kick off of the Third Arachnid war, Braidwood was filled with an urge for resuming his front line post, his transfer back into the folds of the Mobile Infantry was denied as he was instead pushed up and recommended to join the ranks of the Marauders. OOC: Steam name: Scoutis Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:68232734 Length of time on Server: Seven Months Time zone: Eastern Standard Time Current characters on server: None Roleplay History: Several years of Warhammer roleplay, a few years of misc and niche roleplays, and around two years of text roleplay.
  4. -Most likely to blue-on-blue: @Tridon-Most likely to jump on a grenade: @Everyone but Engineers-Most likely to disobey orders: @Engineers-Most likely to overdose: @Seamus-Most likely to commit suicide: @Seamus-Most likely to get arrested by marines: @Seamus-Most likely to get A-11'd on a drop: @Seamus-Most likely to become Sky Marshal: @OpTiCFaZeSoCkz-Most likely to reach MSgt: @Jimbow-Most likely to shoot a civilian: @Scoutis-Most likely to be permanently AFK: @Kris
  5. It was a massive generalization, not meant towards anyone in particular, my wording was bit too on the nose you'll have to forgive me. It really just sounds like you are using morale to attempt to justify someone throwing down the hammer. Did one of your characters get targeted or something? Same, but that doesn't mean NCOs like this can't exist or aren't benifical. You can't tell what a good NCO is until you've had a bad one, not to say that this character is bad. Regardless, my favorite example of a bad yet brilliant NCO is Sergeant Major John Sixta which I wouldn't even be surprised if Jimbow was eminating him. He brought absurd standards towards the unit and forced them to follow it, sure he was hated, but he was hated so the rest of the unit could thrive. This discussion wouldn't be happening if we were. My point still stands, it's beyond irrational to try and poke violent holes into the inner workings of the server because you see a single character that doesn't fit your idea of an ideal NCO.
  6. Thought I'd throw my hat into the ring on this since I'm a fan of open discussions. Background to this post being that I've been around for a couple months now, worked up the ranks with Floofy and the boys, been an NCO and all that. From an outside perspective of an inactive player with little experience into the field of being an NCO or any form of leadership position, it's quite easy to sit there and say that this new character is a problem. Morale is a joke, especially in this specific sense. Morale on the ship is just an excuse to stick your OOC burnout incharacter. That's just my opinion though. I also don't think you can objectively state this as the character has literally been around for less than a day. This is objectively false. The ship lacks discipline to any fucking extend, if you can't see that; then you are blind, ignorant, or apart of the problem. There is a very distinct lack of respect towards anyone who is trying to take up the mantle of a leader. Look at the interactions with dropleads during drops, like Cho trying to fistfight one during a drop or the fact an existing character had to be A11'd. People are treating this like a high school, which has been a complaint from everywhere in the community. The backlash for relationships being banned was a prime example of people's true intent here. This is a Military Roleplay at the heart of it, not a haha sexy fun time where you get to live out your missed highschool opportunities. Literally less than a day If you think this, it really shows you don't have the slightest clue about the NCO roster or really anything that goes on in the leadership aspect. Characters that are brought in to complete a task, or assist in some for of ship duties do not, in anyway, affect the average daily player. Jimbow has gone through several sergeant characters, this is no exception. To sum up my opinion on that post, it really just seems out of place. There is a lot being said with not a lot of genuine evidence or really any form of insight. It's blow out of porpotion and offers little for a fix. It's super easy to say "just promote people who deserve it" but it's exponentially harder to actually find those people. Just because you've been around a long time doesn't inherently qualify you for a promotion. The point of ranks on this server, is to be filled by someone who can do the job when they need it. There is a reason the Staff Sergeant spot wasn't filled for a month or two after Argon quit. There is no need for ranks above a certain point when people are able to follow the rules like they are meant to. The only reason these newer and higher ranks are being added is simply because people need to see a higher rank setting an example since the current group isn't doing that. Which leads me into my next topic. This is a skewed perspective. Both what you are referencing and what you yourself think. This is the cancerous mentality the NCOs are trying to force out of people by doing the NJPS. You are being punished because you are not following what you are supposed to be doing, and that same mentality seeps into the rest of the people you hang around with. This happens in an OOC aspect as well, as seen by this entire fucking discussion. Punishments happen for a reason, the more lax you become the less of a real trooper you become and thus problems on drops happen. It's a cycle, which is stemming from the fact people are forgetting this is a Military roleplay. You are not meant to be buddy buddy with the guy three ranks above you, you are not meant to know what he calls his dog at home, and you are sure as fuck not meant to be on a first name basis with the guy who could demote you back down to Retard. Discipline exists for a reason, tactfulness exists for a reason, and Non Judaical punishments exist to teach the player something in character and out of character. Of course it looks like Oakwood would make a great Master Sergeant, the only Staff Sergeant will always look like the best choice for the next rank. But that doesn't mean he is ready for it, nor does it mean he is the best candidate based on his character. Jimbow even said it earlier, he is being looked at for it but there are things that have to change before he gets it. Morale is a joke part 2, and is even confirmed by the way you bring up OOC right after it. This is some Restorative Justice shit, dawg. No, that literally would not work in any sense. The punishments are already fair as could be, this is the Mobile Infantry not Summer Camp. You talk shit, you get hit, literally and figuratively. This is embodied in the NJPs, they are non judicial for a reason. It's a minor crime that needs to be fixed, a quirk that needs to be taken out of a character. Once people realize the NCOs aren't just beating you for fun, shit will be a lot smoother. My character was NJP'd a bunch, to which he learned to not be fucking retarded, resulting in less beatings and less problems. All in all, this is a Military roleplay server and if you can't handle the fact that you are going to be yelled at, why are you even here?
  7. Music Claim: Face Claim: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Information: Name: Kelly Sands Age: 19 Date of Birth: January 13th, 2281 Birth Place: Portigan, Arclight Relatives: Harris Martin, Half-Brother __________________________________________________________________________________________ Physical Description: Height: 5'10 Weight: 160lb Physical Build: Mesomorphic Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Blood Type: B+ The medic that stands before you, is around five feet and ten inches tall, his backpack is full of medical supplies and plastered with crosses and white tape. His grey soulless cargo pants house several silhouettes as the press against his legs. His Kevlar is painted cherry red, ready for his shouts. He dons the famed Senior Specialist patches.Walks with a limb, favoring his right leg over his left. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Military Service: Unit: 47th Mobile Infantry Regiment Rank: Senior Specialist of the Medical variety Years of Service: 0 Certifications: Morita TW-203-a Assault Rifle Morita TW-204-a Carbine TW-102-S 'Peacemaker' Pistol Long Range Radio __________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationships: Fuck that lame ass color shit, yo. Finna be from the heart real quick. Killian "Ride or Die" Northstar- Ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, but that don't mean shit in this fucked up unit, cuz I sure as hell ain't even close either. Love this man like my fuckin' kin, bro. Got me fucked up when he hit me with some really wack shit 'bout his chick and stuff. He's squarin' away, back like when he slugged King for chattin' that shit in the Volcano. Hopin' he is gunna be as solid as he is on the field, 'round the ship. Sophie "Fuckin'" Jonsson- Robot Actual is such a fuckin' trip, dude. One second she's throwin' drunk punches and callin' me a Peabrain, the next she warps into a fuckin' problem solvin' NCO. Got me messed up a few times, but I can't say I'm not liking the time we spend together. I've rubbed my shitty fuckin' vocab on her and she rubbed off some actual meaningful shit. Wild right? Jaxon "Chessie" Chesnick- My fuckin' homie, beyond a reasonable doubt I love this small hero. Fuckin' first ever drop with this unit, the legend took a fuckin' Tiger Elite's talon for me. We've grown together through all the fuckin' hellscape drops, and I can tell he's a fuckin' solid brother. I fuckin' kill to talk to him more, he's basically jus' a cooler me. Frederick "Screamin'" Stokes- Some old fuckin' soul who's been 'round longer than I can imagine, couldn't even cut sarn't. But I love 'em, he's a fuckin' champ when it comes to dropship banter and chewin' the fat. He's wired to be a killin' machine NCO, but he's totally a fuckin' bro under it all. I outta try gettin' 'em to drink with us sometime, bet he's totally a dude. Logan "Wack Ass" Kent- Wild ass fuckin' encounters. If he ain't bleedin' on me, he's got some other wild stuff goin' on. Can't say I don't like 'em, he's pretty fuckin' solid on the field. Sadly tha's more than I can say for like most'a lame fuckin' engineers. You know...He outta jus' become an engineer, he's already got quiet the life experiences for it. Marie "Coin Toss" Arquette- A total trip, but like the kinda trip you can stumble and make a joke out of...Wait... Tha' didn't work too well. Regardless, dude, she's fuckin' solid as hell on the field. Like I remember when she was a fuckin' Boot and shit, had to baby the fuck outta 'er, but now? Dude I'd kill to 'ave her as my fuckin' squad lead. Full fuckin' turn 'round, I'm kinda jealous. Charlie "Born to kill, forced to heal" Pinkerton- Brother fuckin' medic, he's technically my fuckin' subordinate, but in all honesty? I've learned more fuckin' Groundpounder buzz statements than I ever coulda taught him. He's a fuckin' brilliant man who is doin' his fuckin' part for the Federation. His part jus' happens to be puttin' other peoples parts back together and takin' Bugs parts from their body. Lotta fuckin' parts movin'. Quinn "Born to feel, forced to kill" Murphy- My fuckin' brother, my honest to fuckin' Bently brother. Ain't 'ave it nearly as bad as he did growin' up, but I sure as fuck know where he's comin' from. I've had more talks with him than I've had with fuckin' anyone, yo. The wildest part 'bout that is I remember nearly all of them. He can click his fuckin' tongue in a weird way too, but that's totally gunna win people over. I can't wait to see him become who he wants, and I'm really hopin' I can get him there. William "Day One" Saint-Claire- First person I ever fuckin' fistbumped in this fuckin' unit, an' that means more than fuckin' anything. He and I get 'long like fuckin' Peanut butter an' Onions on flatbread, so pretty damn well. We think way too fuckin' similarly to 'ave the cool and deep conversations like all the other bros do, but tha' don't mean shit. He's basically a fuckin' smarter me, and I'm a dumber him. Clifton "Life Raft" Styles- Jus' like fuckin' Pinkerton, he's way smarter than I am, regardless of my fuckin' rank. He saved me from my first fuckin' medical mistake, almost killed a medic from second platoon since I couldn't tell wha' the fuck it was. He's a Deso, so he's got a thing for feelin' targeted an' shit, but I don't fuckin' care 'bout what and who he says shit to. His opinions are wild and I fuck with 'em. Smart ass man. Henry "Product of the machine" Westfield- Can't hol' shit 'gainst someone like he did to fuckin' Fuente. I'll never forget the way he was on Shoreridge, out of it. But I still kicked the shit with 'em for a hot minute, he's jus' stressed the fuck out. He ain't a bad guy, jus' doin' what he knows, which I can respect. Had to lose some shit to gain those patches, and I feel that. He's welcome in the bay any fuckin' time though, funny ass way of sayin' he likes people. Ivan "Presser of Buttons, killer of men" Raikov- Man, he's wacky as fuck. Young as me no doubt, fuckin' kid stuff. First ever time I talked to 'em, he went 'round pressin' buttons in the bay like a moron--I let him though, it was funny. But I'm so fuckin' proud of the little hero, turnin' into what a real fuckin' solider is. He puts rounds down range like a fuckin' legend. Even follows the third rule of the Mobile Infantry, "If you don't know what it is, and it's commin' at you. Shoot it till it stops." I fuckin' love 'em, bro. Dec "Muh fuckin" Lawson- My fuckin' Banter Brother, ain't ever 'ave much time after a drop to grab a beer, I'm usually fucked up. But on drops? Man, I'd go fuckin' crazy if I didn't have this homie with me on garrison duty, chewin' the fat 'bout Apex Predator Snappin' Turtles. Even helped me think of wha' I'ma rename the 'Rauders to when I run for Sky Marshal. Fuckin' killed a giant ass space worm with him while he hopped 'round in powersuits, we're basically fuckin' super heroes.
  8. I love you homie, exist within the realm of mortals once more.
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