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  1. I'm not exactly a member of the community nowadays, but I think it wouldn't harm to be completely open rather than to go to DM's.
  2. So, I'm an idiot, and I think we can all agree on that. So it's probably stupid of me to throw my own thoughts into this, but there probably does have to be a point where player happiness is taken into account. I'm sure you can be an NCO and be a hard-ass but not come off-the-bat as someone who's going to freak. Granted yes, its only been a day-But at least from my perspective, he started right off by targetting my own character specifically for stuff I have already been punished for. I think that's a bit silly, but i'm also me and in my position i'm bias'd.
  3. Event: It's left hand grabbed the man by his neck, hauling him up into the air as it drove the blade of the machete into his gut, pulling down as his intestines and other such internal organs began to spool out and around the ground by his now hung feet. ** WO. Mira 'Squid' Oberlin glances around. "-- Just because it isn't 'real', doesn't mean it's not going to hurt you. Keep that in mind."
  4. //: NCO in charge: SSGT. Oakwood //: Time and date of session: 22/08/2300 1:22 AM EST //: Type of training Session: Long Rifle training for LCpl. Quinn Murphy, demonstration by 2Spc. Hwang Bae-Cho, authorized by SSGT. Oakwood. //: Notable Acts: N/A
  5. //: NCO in Charge: SGT. Tom Donham //: Time and date of session: 16/08/2300 - approximately 1919 (EST) //: Type of training session: Weapon certification of the Z01 Anti-Material rifle for PFC. Gully, and the Mark Four SMG for Gully and LCPL. Sanderson. Demonstrated by Cho, authorized by Donham. //: Notable Acts: Gully's previous experience with hunting weaponry has lead to an innate talent for the Z01, and both her and Sanderson have grown quickly accustomed to the Mark Four.
  6. //: NCO in Charge: SGT. Sophie Jonsson //: Time and date of session: 6/08/2300 - approximately 2020 //: Type of training session: Weapon certification of the Z01 Anti-Material rifle and the Mark Four Submachine gun for PFC. Pirozzi, demonstrated by Current PFC. Bae-Cho. Authorized to do so by SGT. Jonsson. //: Notable Acts: Trainee showed a quick adjustment to Z01 from the E-Pulse 44, and listened attentively.
  7. Name: Hwang Bae Cho Federal Service Number: 162374 Physical Age: 19 Race: Korean Gender: Male Eye Color: Grey Hair Color: Black Height: 5 foot, five inches Weight: 152 pounds Employment & Background Current Rank: Pfc. Educational History: Highschool Criminal Record: None Employment History: None Service Record: Obtained CLS training in medical. OOC: Server Time: Over a year to a year Roleplay History: First started RPing on BYOND and a few forums, then moved to gmod for .net and now UCFRP.
  8. Col. Sebastian Bently raised his free hand, making a gesture of height, like someone showing how tall Pasta was, about hip high.
  9. OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: STEAM ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198334391872/ SERVER TIME: Well over a year by now, maybe going on two years ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: Been doing pure text RP since I was nine or ten-SST was my first gmod RP experience. MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I've had to perform medical work on the fly as infantry on multiple occasions with the IFAK-Including GSW's, which I know to pack with Celox rather than regular Gauze. AVAILABILITY: Pretty much almost always. CHARACTER COUNT: Two(?) IC SECTION NAME: Bae-Cho, Hwang. AGE: 19 RACE: Korean SEX: Male HEIGHT: Five feet, Five inches WEIGHT: 132 lbs BLOOD TYPE: O- RANK: Private First Class LEVEL OF EDUCATION: Base line highschool. CRIMINAL RECORD: None MEDICAL RECORD: Multiple broken bones over the course of his first year, one gash across his left leg in the past-His right leg, a biotech. DATE OF ENLISTMENT: Approximately a year and a half ago-Or, however much you add seeing as he's been at it for a year and one month.
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