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  1. Beauregard Dufresne. I should be back this week.
  2. Why am I removed from this during a surgical LOA. I talked to Luna about it before my operation.
  3. brad


    pls god reconsider
  4. Achievability doesn't matter if the character is going to be replaced by a character who ACHIEVES enough merit to fill the position. I think the entire premise is to put someone in place besides Lit and Holtz (who are unavailable most of the time) to instill discipline within the platoon. A DI can't promote/demote you. Moss doesn't touch anybody outside of mostly harmless fun, or unless it's a colossal fuck up. Jimbow can be hands-on where other characters may not be. If anyone was currently able to fill the shoes, you would think maybe our Sergeants or our Staff Sergeant would have been promoted. They haven't, and this speaks volumes about the quality of leadership that is made available to the people running this server right now.
  5. You realize when someone worthy of the slot comes up, Jim is probably going to self PK or retire the char and give it to them, right? The idea is to unfuck the server's awful NCO cabinet. If doing that means one of you can't play as Top, then so be it. 99% of the server will never be considered for the position anyways, so it's not like you're losing out.
  6. @Tridon @Greeme Updated with a new entry and some new relationships.
  7. No that was my throwaway private for deckers missions
  8. Beauregard J. Dufresne Character Summary Lawful Good Renegade<████████ | ████████>Paragon Morale Awful<███████|██████|██████>Not Awful Name: Beauregard Jean Dufresne (Bo-regard Dew-frayne) Aliases: Beau Age: 24 Birthday: October 20 Ethnicity: Caucasian Birth Planet: Earth Heritage American Cajun Hometown: New Orleans Gender: Male Specialization: Medic (Current), Para-rescue (Former) Height: 5.7 Forearms Weight: 11.07 Stone (155 Lbs) Build: Ectomorph Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown Skin Tone: White Tarot Card / A Quick Consensus The Emperor The figure of the Emperor says much about the essential qualities of this card. We see a stern, commanding figure seated on a stone-slab throne. His back is straight, and his eyes meet ours directly. He is confident of his complete authority to rule. The Emperor represents structure, order and regulation - forces to balance the free-flowing, lavish abundance of the Empress. He advocates a four-square world where trains are on time, games are played by rules, and commanding officers are respected. In chaotic situations, the Emperor can indicate the need for organization. Loose ends should be tied up, and wayward elements, harnessed. In situations that are already over-controlled, he suggests the confining effect of those constraints. The Emperor can represent an encounter with authority or the assumption of power and control. As the regulator, he is often associated with legal matters, disciplinary actions, and officialdom in all its forms. He can also stand for an individual father or archetypal Father in his role as guide, protector and provider. Maintained, stoic, vigilant. These words are associated with the former parachute jumper and medic. Up-backed and straight-laced, respectful of authority and adherent to the chain of command, Dufresne is a trooper who holds his fellows to their highest standard and utmost effectiveness. A man who believes that a team is only as strong as the weakest link, he will without a doubt make an effort to carry as men and women as he can before collapsing beneath the pressure of necessity. Strong of mind and of will, Beau is both patient and kind to subordinate, superior and equal alike. He is sympathetic to his patients and carries with him a good bedside manner. Standing at roughly five-seven, Beau is on the shorter side for most men enlisted in the Mobile Infantry. His skin is smooth and carries a couple of blemishes in the forms of moles or old scars, but appears otherwise as perhaps someone who should be on the cover of a poster or in the Federation Fleet. Though his eyes carry with them the weight of an experienced infantryman, the rest of his physique implores him to resemble a poster-child or someone one might see in a commercial. His shoulders are slim and his weight is distributed equally, favoring neither the upper nor the lower body, save for an upper-body strength that betrays the way that he looks as a result of his position poised among infantry medical personnel. Sat in their sockets are two dark brown eyes, observing both ship-side on-goings and operational surroundings with equal vigilance with a small degree of scrutiny. Full eyebrows and white teeth, Beau cares meticulously for his appearance, but will not draw attention to it despite this. His voice carries a Cajun-American accent to it that might be reminiscent of an old movie or a stereotypical bayou-dweller. His pitch is not particularly hoarse, leaving him with a soft-spoken middle-ground between baritone and acute that might leave one with the impression that they 'figured that would be what he would sound like'. Psychology Well-Meaning * Patient * Kind * Stoic * Professional * Introvert Marital Status: Unmarried Habits: Smoking Drinking Pacing Hobbies: Cleaning Equipment Cooking Working Out Reading Wax Sculpting Painting Fears: Progenitors Likes: Cajun People Medical Personnel Cosmopolitan Ideology Emotional Intelligence Cognitive Intelligence Professionalism Hygiene Front-Leading Leaders Charisma Low-Born People Trying One's Best Spicy Food Alcohol Privacy Humility Dislikes: Progenitors Arachnids Lack of Hygiene Back-Leading Leaders Deliberate Non-Inclusivity Non-Charismatic Leaders Foolhardy Optimism Recklessness Being In The Spotlight Prima Donna Behavior Brash Rebukes History & Misc General Skills: Combat Life Saver Certification Basic Medical Certification Intermediate Medical Certification Advanced Medical Certification Combat Diver Certification Medical Combat Diver Certification Parachutist Certification Criminal Record: N/A Anything Else: Beau stems from Cajun-American heritage, and has the accent to accompany. Beau is bilingual, speaking both French and Federal Standard English. Beau has been serving since just before the Progenitor invasion of Terra. Beau admires psychics, but will not say so. Awards & Commendations: Mobile Infantry Specialization Ribbon Combat Parachutist Ribbon Diving Medical Technician Insignia Freefall Parachutist Badge Relations Stole from McMann - Friend - Liked - Approval - Acquaintance - Neutral - Mixed - Disliked - Hated - █████ (#'d Left-to-Right) 1. Thoughts of you professionally 2. Thoughts of you in general 3. Relationship Status 4. Interest in you (Amiable/Friendly, None, Curiosity, Professional, Secretive) 5. Do you have a personal use to Beau (Yes, No) / † = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred
  9. @Shaxx Added. Will tell you when I do my next entry for elaboration. B)
  10. @Bishop @Silent As always, the updates are in the psych reports.
  11. Updated. Relation details are going to be done via my psych reports. @OpTiCFaZeSoCkz @F A D E D @Deck @jtfang6
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