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  1. //: NCO in charge: LCpl. Adriana Valentine //: Time and Date of session: 18/04/2301 //: Type of Training Session: T1 Pointman //: Notable Acts: N/A
  2. Adriana Valentine, the big brain you abused.
  3. ** 2Spc. Meinard Galehaut scoffs, settling his gaze on Asahi. "You must learn to embrace zhe suck! Find zhe joy in everyzhing, eh?"
  4. Adriana Valentine
  5. OOC Section: OOC Name: Tridon Time on Server: Awhile Timezone: Est RP Experience: Few years of Gmod and Forum roleplays IC Section: Name: Adriana Valentine Rank: Third Specialist Age: 19 Gender: Female Psychic Classification(No Lucky Men or Sensors): Telepath How did your character find out about their Psychic abilities?: Adriana was born on Terra in 2281 to a civilian mother and father in a higher class wealthy family. She essentially grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth being raised in a spoiled environment. She was pampered by her parents getting whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. She was sent to one of the best academic schools money could afford and had little trouble making friends thanks to her rich status. Her mistakes were often overlooked, her achievements exaggerated. It seemed life was all too perfect for Adriana, and eventually, it all came to change when she turned twelve. Her discovery of her psychic abilities was rather typical, and no doubt the norm for a majority of Psychics. She underwent a genetic test cleverly disguised as a health check up, and identified as a positive psychic. A one in a million human being capable of tapping into rare abilities. Adriana was shocked by the revelation, having her whole life upside down. Her parents became distant as they couldn't view their little girl the same anymore. Her friends at school broke off from her, leaving her alone and isolated. She found it difficult to cope with her new unfamiliar life, finding herself unused to being ignored and distrusted by everyone around her making her emotionally closed off as she grew. She was designated Class A, otherwise known as 'Telepath', and put through a special Psychic training course to better understand her powers. Eventually she reached of age to enlistment and, being offered a tempting reward, underwent basic training, alongside her formal Psychic military induction training. Boot camp was especially miserable for Adriana. She had to deal with a much lower standard of living than she had grown up with her whole life forcing her to adapt to being self-sufficient. Worse she was singled out for being a Psychic by her peers and superiors, many times playing cruel jokes or pushing her harder purely based on her mutant genetics. On more than one occasion she had been brought to tears by her instructor, or nearly walked out the door to her old life as a Civilian. Yet despite the struggles she preserved just enough to keep her sanity and mind intact and, with great difficulty, managed to complete her basic training alongside her Psychic training before being assigned to the 7th MIPOD detachment.
  6. Add William Garret before I get the commissar to execute you for treason.
  7. William Garret cause like, yes.
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