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  1. Re-Admitted You know the drill. You'll return at the rank in which you left.
  2. So Having taken in some facts here (and the recent reminder of this) I'm going to say that this character can come back as a Second Specialist of MIPOD, and a Private in the Infantry. You'll still hold the Penal Battalion backstory. Locking the thread, as this appeal is handled.
  3. So, after garnering all of the present info, I've come to a conclusion. The PK was administered because you had ran off on your own, separating even for just a brief time from the unit to go hunt a bug hole. That, in itself, is a high risk of injury or death. Whether or not you believe your rolls to have been 'ignored' doesn't quite matter, as the actual context of your actions don't exactly even NEED a roll to justify a PK. With this being said, this PK has been sustained.
  4. //: Drop Lead: SSgt. Mira Oberlin //: Second In Command: Spc. Tankijin //: Squad Leaders: Blue Squad: Pfc. Kane Red Squad: Pfc. Asahi //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Yes, at least 4 fingers. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: Spc. Stukov volunteered to enter a burning, CB'd building with myself to save additional civilians at the risk of his own life. The entire unit chose to stay with myself after being offered CASEVAC in order to save more civilians and complete our objective. //: Mission Summary: Unit was deployed with the task of evacuating any remaining civilians in a CB-infested area. Upon landing, a small hive within a single-story building was completely burned to the ground. From this point, we had made our way into a city-area, where a large group of survivors had been located and extracted on the roof of the highest building. Inside, I had detected there to be two more unconscious people; a mother and child; on the second-highest floor. At this point, I had asked for a volunteer to go with myself down through the burning building in order to grab the civilians, whilst the rest of red squad rappelled down the side of the building. Stukov was the first to volunteer, and we promptly rappelled down the defunct elevator shaft in order to make our way to the correct floor. Whilst the original plan was to take the stairs after grabbing the civilians, we had found ourselves surrounded by CB's, and soon after secured and sent the two civilians out of the window. After a brief skirmish with a large number of CB's, we had made a rather hasty escape from the building, the civilians all now safely out of harms way. We soon after made our way to a CASEVAC, and loaded the civilians on board after being once more surrounded by late-stage CB'd humanoids. CAS was called by Spc. Tankijin, saving the unit from the threat at hand. At this point, I offered anyone who wished to go home the opportunity to do so, and whoever stayed would finish the mission with myself. All uninjured troopers stayed with me. Soon after we had resupplied, the unit made our way to Bravo's last known position. On the way there, we had made contact with a holdout of civilians, and promptly cleared them of CBs. Two out of the roughly forty civilians were CB'd, and no collateral damage was done. We soon after came under assault again by the CB hoard, and promptly got picked up by a CASEVAC in the nearby field. No civilians were ever lost that we had under our protection. Signed, Staff Sergeant Mira V. Oberlin - MI
  5. I’ll handle this appeal from this point forward. I’ll take a look into the AAR’s and mission logs to see who ran it when I get home.
  6. N y x


    she's not even the JEWISH one
  7. add strange pale woman with no face mask aira saari
  8. Right. After reading this glorious story (in based comic sans), as well as all of the sides still present on the server, I'll reverse this PK. As much as I am not a fan of reversing PK's from AGES ago (see coke-sniffing fleet lieutenant), I see this as a rather harsh miscommunication from an OOC standpoint on the side of the admins running the event. Therefore, you can bring your character back on the pretense of a regular transfer to another regular unit to explain the time between now, and then. Discussion is now closed.
  9. For future reference to yourself and others- if you get pk’d, simply shoot me a message. 9 times out of ten, you won’t have to reapply. Of course, you’ll HAVE to speak with me. Please don’t just reappear.
  10. Aloha. I'll be handling this PK appeal from this point onwards. In the meantime, I'd like @TheLynch to comment with his side before I make up my mind, as he was involved.
  11. Hi, hello. I had work immediately after the drop, so here I am. I waited to post until after my AAR was complete, as to reference towards that. Now, as listed in there, you are all free to read the IC happenings of the situation. As well, this may be useful for reference. As stated, Oberlin had ordered a TON to be launched South-East, and not North East. What occurred OOCly, was this-- At the point in which my character had fired two rounds into Donovan due to the constant snarking and such, Ymot had gone into LOOC to start stating that he 'knows what's going on', and that I was out to get him. Similar to the time before he stepped/was removed from admin from SSTRP, he showed this extreme paranoia to everyone in the room, some of which had completely LEFT the situation, due to how uncomfortable they were from this 'politics'. He then threatened to: [SERVER] [LOOC] WO. Cait 'Donny' Donovan: And if you kill me right now- Over something very petty, not only will I probably make sure RS's relaunch is completely hostile to UCF, I will also probably leave, taking a few people with me. I think we should step back, and comprimise, make it a wound, and I won't learn to offend you again. By this point, multiple people questioned why this was being brought into LOOC, and not kept IC. After a brief discussion with admins, a decision was made to ban you from the event, with the PK not being voided. Personally, I don't care if the ban is to be voided. The PK, on the other hand, was drawn from completely IC circumstances, in which a character with a higher rank than the droplead snarked and undermined. Thus, the Article 11 was issued. I stand firm in that action, and do not believe it should be voided.
  12. //: Drop Lead: Sgt. Mira Oberlin //: Second In Command: Cpl. James Rennes (RTO) //: Squad Leaders: Blue Squad: Pvt. Tate Red Squad: Someone whomst I cannot remember. //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Pvt. Nelson, Pfc. Hayes quite literally EVERYONE on the drop in some form or fashion. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): WO. Donovan (A11) //: Notable Acts: WO. Cait Donovan of Engineering displayed consistent insubordination on the field, leading to an Article Eleven. Cpl. James Rennes was proficient at handling micro-managerial tasks as a SIC of the droplead, and rather fluidly filling the gaps whenever I had to slip in and out of command to handle issues. Pvt. Tate handled his squad well in lue of the Warrant Officer's insubordination, acting well without hand-holding from DL and SIC. Spc. Nohara drove well. They didn't run me over, nor anyone else, whilst also holding the entrance of the FOB for quite some time. I'd pass them on their driving exam. //: Mission Summary: MI were sent to help evacuate an FOB from a bug-infested planet. After an extended period of holding the line for the dropships to ferry people from the planet, the infantry had learned what explosive 40mm grenades do to people. Whilst not certain for the friendly fire incident of Hayes, I was ass-blasted off of the wall by Vark's 40mm. He learned his lesson quickly. Soon after, a sandstorm had set in, making visuals difficult. We were promptly ordered to retreat inside of the base, and I had ordered a TON to be launched far to the South East of the facility to help quell the arachnid approach as we retreated. WO. Cait Donovan failed to hail the radio request for their M55 to lob a TON over, so I had repeated myself. Soon after this, a TON was launched North East, clipping into the hill beside the FOB, and detonating quite close. This sent nearly all of the present troopers on their ass, and scratched up beyond all hell. Once inside, I had ordered Corporal Rennes to handle squad management as I 'dealt' with WO. Donovan. Initially, I had planned to simply inform them of their mistake, and to reprimand them for it in the form of a pistol whip. But, the woman drew her rifle, and I had subdued her accordingly. After this slap of a pistol across the face, and a few inspiring words, I left the woman to recollect herself, and returned myself to the infantry, who had been facing an arachnid within the facility. As this fight came to a close, WO. Donovan proceeded to snark and speak out of turn not only in earshot of a good portion of the unit, but from directly behind me as well. Due to the risk she provided through her seemingly 'ready stance' with her rifle at hand (And my own personal premonition sounding off), I had chosen that she had taken her second chance, and wished it away. I proceeded to Article 11 the Warrant Officer for insubordination on the field. Once this had been dealt with, Fleet kindly bombarded the surface above as to provide for a safe passage to the EVAC zone.
  13. Face Claim: [Tallie, pictured in her senior picture of the Sacretello Valley High School Yearbook.] Theme: Personal Information Name: Tallie S. Vega Age: 22 DoB: June 5th, 2278 Sex: Female Origin: Sacretello, Hod Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Brown Height: 5’7” Build: Mesomorphic Family: Father - Sgt. George Vega | Marines (RET) (Alive) Mother - Dr. Maria Vega | Medical (RET) (Deceased) Sister (Younger) - Alexia Vega (Alive) Brother (Younger) - Josep Vega (Alive) ---------------------------------------------------------- Military Information Branch of Service: Medical Unit: 182nd Medical Detachment Known Previous Units: 112th 'Sorrentino's Spartans', 112th 'Bently's Bandicoots' Rank: Lieutenant Length Of Service: 3 Years Service Record: Mobile Infantry: Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. > TRANSFER Medical: 3Spc. > 2Spc. > Spc. > TRANSFER > Spc. > SSpc. > MSpc. > TSgt. > Lt. Training: [DATA_EXCURSION_A012253312: ERROR CODE 'BASSOON'. SEEK ADMINISTRATOR FOR ASSISTANCE] Judicial Record: UCF v. Vega - Charged for the murder via premeditated-OD of Pfc. Liam Boland [APPEALED - NOT GUILTY] Awards/Achievements Personal Relationships Interested | Like Family | Trusted | Close Friend | Friend | Noticed | Neutral | Mixed | Hated † = Sanity | † = Deceased | † = Retired/Transferred
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