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  1. He'll need to interact a bit more with Reyes before they get an add, hombre
  2. Updated: Service record, rank, and fixed mistakes regarding the dates in people’s relationships
  3. //: NCO in charge: WO. Mira Oberlin //: Time and Date of session: 22:00 -- 1/06/2301 //: Type of Training Session: Tier I Training for: Marksman, Flamer, Grenadier, SAW //: Notable Acts: Cpl. O'Neill requested he be trained at Tier I for all certifications of weaponry. Not a retard.
  4. Updated: Redbrick @TheLynch Davis @Warlord Added: Ryan @maxrevolver1 Morelli @banjo
  5. add the one and only bt-tazing progenitor-explaining kredian bastard child wo. mira oberlin
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