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  1. In regards to the IED incident that led to Kovacs demise. I rp'd on an event character digging the package into the ground in front of the MI as they were conducting overwatch, they went a different route and I followed their path of approach. A good one and a half hours later into the event once the camp was secured and the drug bust was concluded. I received a slash report from Arrow that he was digging up the hole, which I completely forgot about as I was focused on getting the MI to attack and capture the HVT, so I was in the midsts of writing up a response to Arrows roleplay. I then saw an OOC message posted by a player, I unfortunately forgot who. It read'Inb4 it turns out to be an IED', I had a small chuckle and decided to add to the comedic effect that Kovacs has indeed dug out an IED with a short fuse. I was not intending to PK or Injure that character with that action. As for the article 11, I was surprised myself that it was Issued and it was caught off-guard, unfortunately I was aware of Kovacs and Redbrick falling out with one another during the bulk of the drop as I was playing event characters interacting with the Mobile Infantry, almost the entire event and did not focus on catching up with chat logs.
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