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  1. Sergeant Tatsuo Okazaki (prompted by Oakwood)
  2. Thanks I think? ­čśé
  3. WORK IN PROGRESS. (Just like your activity) Basic Information: Name: Tatsuo Okazaki Age: 23 D.O.B: May 4, 2278 Gender: Male Kin: Kakeda Okazaki Dad- Alive Suki Okazaki Mom- Dead Homeworld: Scarvis Alignment: Neutral Good Hair color: Black Eye color: Brown Build: Mesomorphic Rank: Corporal Medals: Mi cross, Purple heart Backstory: Born in 2278 on Scarvis to a farming Family. Okazaki had a simple life on the farm, Doing most of the chores for the day as he was the only Sibling. He enjoyed his life for the most part until he saw an advertisement for the Mobile Infantry which arose in him, A desire to do more with his life and serve the greater good rather than just farm. He enlisted in 2298 Going through basic training with ease, the farm life preparing him physically along with getting him good leadership skills ordering the farm hands around and getting people to work together. He was with the 112th. Now with the 47th. Wealth: Enough money to live. Other Information: Character Description: A 5'7 man who looks to be of an Asian descent. He is around 200Lbs with a Muscular build. He speaks with a slightly country accent and has Short black buzz cut hair, Brown Eyes, ..And defined features. He has a scar going down the middle of his bottom lip. Characteristics: Kind, Empathic, Courageous, Caring, Humble, Short-tempered, Active, Self-assured. Memories and pictures- "Okazaki hanging out with the 112th on a RnR" "Jonsson, Okazaki, Phan, Donovan on the dance floor during a RnR" Achivements - Sergeant Neutral - Regrets - Not Saving Morello and Hal. Trusting the federation. Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- Ssgt Rodrick Oakwood - The man I made Lance back on the Zion now outranks me as a Staff NCO, How Times change Right? He is a great man and one of the very few friends I have left here. We've been through a lot together and I wouldn't want anyone else leading me on drops. I trust him with my life and I don't say that for many NCOs anymore. Sebastian Bently- Oh the man, the myth, the legend himself. Bently is biggest idol. I hold that man on a pedestal. He has given me all of my opportunities at leadership and treats me well. I've had multiple private conversations with him and his advice has helped me to better myself and the troopers I lead on a daily basis. He actually gave me my Sergeant Stripes! I've taken his qualities as a leader to heart in a attempt to better myself. I hope to be in his position one day, Not many people become a leader like him starting from the bottom, but he did! That is a testament to his abilities. Bently don't you retire on my ass anytime soon! Frederick Stokes- Ah Good ol' Stokes. I remember him before I was a sergeant. He is a good enough trooper when I see him on the field, He gets the job done to the letter. I can't say much about him off of it I haven't mingled much be seems to be a good guy. I should connect and check up on him more. Jackie Knoxx - Jackie Knoxx. She is showing a lot of leadership promise. Connects with the troopers well and definitely knows how to handle pressure. I'd like to see her given more leadership opportunities and work with her. Solomon Murphy - I enjoy Murphys company for the most part. He makes a great addition to our team of Sergeants and is a great peer. We may not see eye to eye on every issue but I respect his view on things and it's nice to have someone like that as he respects mine too. Sometimes he gets on my ass though, not really sure why. Leana Wells Oh man Wells,. I can't believe you're gone. You were a great person to me. I still remember one of my first encounters I tested you and you beat the shit out of me with stun baton! I respected you a lot after that because it showed you didn't take any shit but made the punishment have a meaning to it. Though you did hit Hoover, Which I didn't appreciate. I still remember that drop, Just like it happend. We we\re charging up together and then that bug came out of fucking nowhere and got you! I should have killed that bug before it got to you, that still hangs heavy on my mind. It tore me up seeing you in that hospital bed but i'm glad I got spend some time with you before you went home. I remember your last statement over the radio as well, I hope i'm doing you proud as a Sergeant, Wells. Tidbit Rosangela - Tidbit Rosangela. What a interesting trooper to be friends with. I've taken her under my wing unofficially to teach her how to lead as a Corporal. She is a pretty funny and bubbly Gal' But her size definitely takes a toll on her. I hope to teach her how to be respected and pass my leadership traits onto her. I enjoy my conversations with her and she is hoot to hang out with. - Oh, Tidbit. You amaze sometimes with how innocent you are. You got a great head on your shoulders, use it more. I'm glad to have you has a friend and to mentor you. I'm sorry you look up to me, sometimes i'm not the best role model but i'm glad you're on the boat, one of the people I can let my guard down to and be safe. Wyatt Hal - Hal, I'm so sorry. I know its been a while but I still replay the scene everyday in my head Dude. We have been friends since day one, I could always talk to you and shoot the shit with you and not be worried about anything in the world. That day in the corrider will always and forever haunt me, I keep telling myself I wasn't the one to shoot you. But the truth is I don't know! It was just dark, We breached from both sides without knowing and bullets just started flying. I miss you everyday my friend and I hope to see you on the other side. I'm just glad it was quick and I could be the one carrying you back home. Grzegorz Brz─Öczyszczykiewicz Greg is not a smart trooper. But he does his job extremely well and is as tough as nails. I like having in my squad and watching rip shit in half like a training dummy, that was pretty interesting. - - - --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- Bradley Tanner- Tanner is a great Engineer. I've known him for a bit now and I can say he is one of the better engineers I've talked with. Definitely gets the job done quick with no questions ask. I always trust him in my squad and will give him free reigns. I should really talk with him more too, I want to know more about his personal life. Tziporia Bronson- I don't really know much about her. I've seen her around the ship a bit and she's the badass who defended the ship from a wheelchair which is a plus in my book. I also remember when she punched Crews lights out in two hits, that was pretty damn cool. Good enough engineer who definitely knows her business and I would trust on a drop with my life. You don't get to Tech Sergeant by being incompetent. Amanda Winters- Amanda Winters is a dynamite Gal'. I've known her since I was a private but only recently got to see her true colors when I became sergeant and oh man am I lucky. She is the type of woman to hold you down and just tell you everything will be okay and somehow it is! The 112th is lucky to have her and i'm glad to call her a friend and comrade. She was there for me when Morello sacrificed himself and helped me more than I can ever express in words. I got know more about her too that day and I want to spend some more time with her. Cait "Irish" Donovan A pretty good friend of mine. We always hang out in the bar together and shoot the shit. Very fun to talk to and we get along well and I'm comfortable talking with her about most things. She's a hell of a engineer and recently made Master Specialist I believe! I remember the first time I met her we were sparring and she busted open my gunshot wound with her BT. I hope she stays alive, It would suck to lose another friend like her. Maxine Valentine- A good enough trooper. I've seen her around a bit and let her lead a drop one as she was a Corporal and I wanted to see what she could do. She pleasantly surprised me and i'm glad she's made sergeant. Wasps always need people like her. Hecle phan - My fellow asian brother. We aren't actually brothers just very close. I've known him since my days of a lance or corporal I think. He is my brothers in arms and we've done everything to do. I would follow him until my last breathe and give it for him as well. Stay alive you dumb bastard. Cinder Linh - The new engineering tech sergeant. I fell her hard the first couple of conversations she had. She's a very interesting person who I enjoy talking with immensely and I can let my guard down around already, knowing everything about her. I'm glad we ended up together and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I don't think i've ever felt this way about a person ever, which is great and also bad because I don't know what I would do if she left or died. Well, now I know what to do if she died because she did. Right in front of me and in my arms. She dove in front a gun to save Winters and it cost her life. Why would you leave me cinder? We we're supposed to get innocent together and retire away on a farm and live a happy life where we could be free from conflict. What do I do without you now? I hate that you left me in this shit hole by myself, But I love you and would have done the same thing for winters. I hope she doesn't waste her extra chance at life, I hold some resentment because she gets to marry her love and I Get to stare at a fucking picture instead of you and only see you in my dreams. Maybe i'll see you soon Cinder i'm not cut out for this world much longer. - - - --[[Psi-Ops]]-- - - - --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- SSpc. Grace Corbin Ah Corbin. She was on the drop where Morello You know, Sacrified himself. She made sure he was remembered which was a nice thought. She also prescribed Ambien to help me cope and wished me well, She is a nice enough Medic. I've seen her around for awhile and at first I thought she was just a robot! But getting to know her more I see she is a pretty good person overall and i'm glad she is shaping up the Medics. I hope her head is okay, she took a nasty brick to the head on that school drop. We've become like family to me now. Her new name is forest-fire after an incident. We've bonded a lot and definitely understand each other. I hope she doesn't die on me, that can't happen. I can't lose another family member. - - - --[[Federation Marauders]]-- - - - --[[Federation Fleet]]-- Ens. Carson "Fox" Sawyer Fox is good person. I've talked to her in the bar a few times, she is alright for a TAC pilot. I remember when she got shot down and we had to rescue her ass. She killed a sniper when she got shot down and took their weapon and wooped ass! That's some credit in my book. I hope to see her around and get to know her more as a friend. Po. Sierra Blackburn Hm, Blackburn. What a interesting person I didn't think I would end up with at all. We started talking and I was a bit a flirt by accident honestly. I hurt her pretty bad and we were on bad terms for a bit there before she got revenge on me by getting with the girl I was after so I guess that is even. We ended up together after that and i'm starting to think the third girl played us both to get us together, personally. Blackburn is great girl though and I hope we last. Absolute unit of a cunt. - - - --[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]-- - - - --[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - - -
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