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  1. //: Drop Lead: Lance Corporal Quinn Murphy //: Second In Command: Sergeant Tatsuo Okazaki //: Squad Leaders: N/A //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): 95% of deployed unit. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Third Specialist Jacob Angelus //: Notable Acts: Private First Class Jessica Hunter performed admirably on the field utilizing the laser designator three times to direct TAC to perform accurate strikes. Third Specialist Jacob Angelus put himself in the front of danger on multiple accounts; saving the lives of many of his Mobile Infantry comrades when faced with a Royal. It is my belief that Private First Class Hunter should recieve the DSM and Third Specialist Angelus should be awarded for his selfless acts upon the battlefield. //: Mission Summary: Archers deployed to the planet, tasked with clearing Arachnid presences in preperation for the 103rd to deploy an FOB in the region. Intel reported seven holes and approximately one hundred Arachnids on the surface. Archers moved across the island, taking out holes via GEO-NAV ordinance. Engineer Kent failed to follow proper procedure utilizing his M55; Master Specialist Nutaraq assures me action will be taken to ensure such incidents do not happen again. Archers laser designated the third hole, Arachnid hordes very strong in number; multiple wounded are gained. In lieu of calling for evac; I made the decision to keep everyone moving forward to complete the mission at the cost of some minor strain physically to the team. Archers plug the fourth, fifth and sixth hole. Royal responds with counter-attack. Third Specialist Angelus put himself in harms way in a bid to slow the Royal down so that TAC could get a clear shot. He was not successful-- However the combined efforts of the Archers ensured that the Royal took significant damage and sought to escape; TAC was guided in by Private First Class Hunter's laser designator. Kill was unconfirmed. After heavy Arachnid assault, the seventh hole was plugged by laser designated TAC. MEDEVAC turned into general Evac; Sergeant Tatsuo was critically injured moments before we could dust. (Event Runner: Optic)
  2. //: Drop Lead: Lance Corporal Quinn Murphy //: Second In Command: Private Salvador José Ángel Loyola //: Squad Leaders: N/A //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Private Talon J. Price //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Private Pierre LePenn //: Notable Acts: Corporal Frederick Stokes led a temporary second team to loop around track. Third Specialist Logan Kent operated the motion tracker to the best of his ability. //: Mission Summary: Archers were deployed on a reconnaissance mission to locate and investigate a planet that according to intelligence had no prior Federal personnel planetside. Despite this, an emergency transmission was picked up on the planet's surface and was mobile on the surface. Archers were deployed to track this signal and report back to intelligence with findings. Archers deployed to the planet, immediately assaulted by unknown native lifeform; humanoid in nature. Private Pierre LePenn was KIA-- Cause of death face eaten by creature. Upon encounter with hostile wildlife, ROE was adapted to fire at will at any and all contacts of encountered nature. Archers withheld several creature assaults before moving to first marker. Upon reaching objective marker alpha, no signs of the objective were present. Tracks were percieved heading North-East; humanoid in nature. MOBCOM presented another marker to investigate; Archers did so and again turned up with no contact with signal source. Reconnaissance team was split to attempt to pincer the the mobile signal. Both teams failed to locate the source. MOBCOM offered another marker inside a deep cavern and ordered Archers to evacuate to avoid losses or complete loss of team persuing objective. Archers relocated to the first marker location to set up a solid defensive position and set down IR strobe. Archers then held off waves of incoming hostiles until extraction arrived. (Event Runner: Optic)
  3. //: NCO in charge: Lance Corporal Quinn Murphy //: Time and Date of session: 06/09/2019 - 12:00AM - 12:31AM //: Type of Training Session: Marksmanship Certification; level I -- E-44 Pulse. Private First Class Jessica Hunter attending. //: Notable Acts: Hunter showed eagerness to obtain the certification; reported spending a lengthy period in the simulation room to grow familiar with the weapon in question. No other comments.
  4. As much as I can see where you're coming from, allow me to explain where I am coming from in this instance. At the start of the event, I was asked what the goalposts were when it came to PKs. I believe 1-5 was an acceptable parameter in this instance; low enough to be rare. The admin HP was set higher by Lit for one event in the past and whilst I would like to comment as to why this is, I am unsure myself; even if I personally enjoy player OPFOR characters having more health to add some difficulty to the drop as opposed to unfair NPC spawns and other underhanded tricks, everyone will have their own opinion on that matter however. Do keep in mind that Stokes and Okazaki, two notable characters who have been here longer and thus have had much more character development, were only kept alive because they rolled perhaps 1-3 more than the PK zone; if they had rolled a number similar to yours, I would have not hesitated to PK them similar as I did to you. I do not alter my judgement on character development or how much I like them; these goalposts are there for a reason. Hell, if Bently rolled the same as you I would have no qualms brutalizing him. I'm inclined to deny this PK appeal. I apologize if you feel cheated on your death but I feel if I accept this appeal, it would only give people the impression that they are able to appeal PKs that are by all rights justified. Should you feel this was handled incorrectly, do feel free to message me on discord regarding the matter. Thank you.
  5. o7 chief, best of luck with that life thing
  6. <:: cmd_open_relations ::> <:: Opening Relations ::> <:: ... ::> <:: !Reminder! Ensure you update these, Murphy. It's important ::> <:: Displaying Relations ::> <:: ... ::> Thumahra, Ashjay :: Engineer "My feelings for Ashjay are strewed, to no fault of his own. Part of me wishes that I could spend more time with him, even if his time is spent perusing his own agendas. Ashjay has become something of a catalyst, I believe, for crawling from my shell and shaping into something beyond what Solitude shaped me to be. Be it a foolish notion to assume that the events of that night were nothing more than a temporary fix to sate his desires but alas, I am grateful. If nothing else, his connection as a friend is valued-- His insight and company will be useful in the times to come." Delilah Blaise :: Medic, Psychic "I have not known Blaise for very long. Truth be told, the first time I saw them was prior to the ceremony regarding the destruction of the Leviathan, sat at the bar with Ashjay. My feelings were solidified by the time I arrived at her counselling session and... I would be lying if I said it didn't help. Something has changed, the guilt and trauma of the collective events of my life have now been given a chance to slip themselves free and gain the acknowledgement they deserved. In truth? I knew that my time sat with a medical professional to root through my mental state was a situation that was only inevitable and I feel something equal to conviction that what I did was right, even if the majority of my senses try to sway me otherwise. Thank you, Delilah." Ivan Raikov :: Infantry "I recall meeting Raikov for the first time, walking into the bar and ordering a drink as most people do and like most people, we struck up a conversation. As it turns out I was pleasantly surprised by Raikov's talent to speculate and ponder when the conversation turned to philosophical discussion. Since, I have found him to be pleasant company when time permits and find support in his words; even if my mind adamantly dissuades such foolish notions of life after war. I am still trying to understand what makes a 'good trooper' by the standards of the Federation but I believe Raikov sits within that category." Jaxon Chesnick :: Medic "Chesnick. A medic, I believe one of the first people that I had a proper conversation in when I first arrived into the 47th. Chesnick is friendly, incredibly so and I would be lying if I said that I did not comfort in his company. Would I consider Chesnick my friend? Yes-- Despite the fact that I find myself at a barrier when it comes to conversing with him. Why? Could it be the same way that I felt in regards to Ashjay? I don't know. Sands and I spoke on the matter and I believe I know what I need to do; perhaps I can find something to care about, given time. I suppose we'll have to see." Arkady Netanyahu :: Infantry "Before I wrote this log, I would have told you that Netanyahu was a capable leader and someone I wished to converse with more. Whilst these points both still stand, he finds himself setting at the same rank as me at the time of writing. Whilst I believe I understand the regulations and the reasons as to why he was demoted-- I believe the man was right to do what he did. Regardless, I suppose it is not my place to comment or pass judgement for what's passed is past. I do hope he can regain what he lost, for the skills the man possessed in his role would be wasted back within the realms of the enlisted. Hopefully we can talk more like we said back before the ceremony; I believe it would be beneficial." Kelly Sands :: Medic [†] "Sands is the one man I would likely call one of my closest friends, if not my best friend. Teaches me things, listens and spends a lot of time with myself and Jonsson. I have a feeling that with him and his guidance, becoming that new person that I wish for seems to grow easier and closer with each lesson and interaction that I spend in his company. His medical skills, from what I have seen at least, have saved plenty of people on the field. I am pleased for both him and Jonsson; even if I doubt my own capabilities in regards to establishing and maintaining a relationship, I hope they find peace with one another. They seem... good together, for what my opinion is worth." Sophie Jonsson :: Infantry "Much akin to Sands, Jonsson is someone that I would call one of my closest friends. Whilst we haven't spoken all too much nor do we know every single detail about each other; we tend to spend a lot of time in one another's presence thanks to one circumstance or another. The banter between her and Sands is entertaining to watch, even if I don't understand half of the things they say or the meaning thereof but alas, I enjoy her company; I simply hope we can grow closer as time goes on. All one can do in situations such as these is hope."
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