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  1. Personal Relations Interested | Admired | Respected | Close Friend | Friend | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated Mobile Infantry: ---------------------------------- Medical: ------------------ Engineering: ---------------------------- Marauders: -------------------------- Psychics: ---------------------- Fleet: ----------------- Other: ------------------ Transferred, Missing or Retired ---------------------------------------------------------
  2. During his trial, Joseph Foster was found guilty of two charges of ABH (Actual Bodily Harm). However, due to acting in Self Defence, his punishments were far less severe. Although, he was found to not act with 'Reasonable Force' due to the severity of the injuries of Mr. Parker and Ms. Breningway. Foster was to serve 10 months in Prison in the Pale Rock Federal Prison. Once his sentence was over, Foster was enrolled into a Rehabilitation Program to help him find work. However, his options were limited and his best option seemed to be the Mobile Infantry. So, on the 26th of September, 2300, Joseph Foster Enlisted into the Mobile Infantry. [Joseph during his fight with Malcolm Parker, just before the arrival of Officer Miller and Officer Caldwell.] Military Information Rank: Recruit Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: 28/09/2300 Years of Service: 0 Service Record: 28/09/2300: Arrived at Fort Claxon to begin Basic Training for the Mobile Infantry. 14/01/2301: Finished Basic Training, joining the Infantry as a Private. 16/01/2301: Arrived with the 47th Battalion, Alpha Company, First Platoon, Kelly's Kings.
  3. ARCADIA DEPARTMENT OF POLICE, Pale Rock Record of Arrest NAME Joseph Foster ALIASES N/A CLASS Lower NUMBER 035-937-81674 CRIME Actual Bodily Harm (ABH), Breaking and Entering DATE OF ARREST 12/14/2299 PLACE OF ARREST Pale City COUNTY Ashon ARRESTING OFFICER Scott Miller PRECINCT 09 SEX Male AGE 27 BIRTHDATE 07/23/2274 BIRTHPLACE Unknown HEIGHT 6'0" WEIGHT 160lbs EYE COLOR Brown HAIR COLOR Blonde BUILD Mesomorph SCARS AND MARKS Multiple scars and marks across the body. NATIONALITY Arcadian CITIZEN NO KNOWN GANG AFFIL. N/A DATE OF REGISTRATION 12/14/2299 RESIDENCE N/A OCCUPATION N/A MUTATION N/A PREVIOUS CRIMINAL HISTORY DATE CITY CHARGE AND DISPOSITION N/A N/A N/A Detail of Event: At approximately 1346 hours on December 14th, 2299, the PRPD received a call reporting what sounded like screaming inside 227 Westway Boulevard. Officers were dispatched to the scene. At approximately 1352, I, Officer Miller and Officer Caldwell arrived on the scene. Building 227 was reportedly derelict at the time of the incident, but upon our entry into the building we found three suspects inside. Suspect one, Alysha Breningway, was found unconscious with severe trauma to the chest and head in the kitchen of the house. Suspect two and three, Malcolm Parker and Joseph Foster were found in the Living Room of the house still fighting one another. In their conflict, both parties had sustained multiple injuries and broken or sprained bones. Paramedics were called to the scene along with back up and the altercation was broken up by myself and Officer Caldwell. Officer Dale, Officer Baker and Sgt. Tucker arrived at 1359 and Paramedics arrived at 1401. Both conscious Suspects were questioned on the scene while being treated. Story provided is as follows; Suspects Parker and Breningway attacked Mr. Foster and attempted to steal money and food from his person. Mr. Foster broke into 227 Westway Boulevard attempting to hide from the attackers but was soon found and acted in what he deemed as 'Self defence'. Once questioning was complete, all parties were placed under intensive care at the Brokerhill Hospital under Police Custody.
  4. @Detective British: "We can just train all the NCOs in Tier one and two so we don't need all the Warrant Officers... Until all the Sergeants get lost to rape, murder or plunder.." >Long silence. @Detective British: "Optic?" @OpTiCFaZeSoCkz: "Huh? What? Sorry, I was thinking about Jonsson getting raped."
  5. //: Drop Lead: SSgt. S. Jonsson //: Second In Command: Cpl. Beckett //: Squad Leaders: If not applicable, N/A or delete. Blue Team: Cpl. Morelli Red Team: LCpl. Toubia //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Too many to count. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Pfc. Adam Pearce, Pvt. Knut Ahlstrom, Rct. Springson //: Notable Acts: Pfc. A. Pearce died distracting a Tanker so it would not kill two other Troopers. For this, he should be awarded a Mobile Infantry Cross posthumously, as well as a promotion to LCpl. //: Mission Summary: A brief or protracted explanation of mission outlines and subsequent outcomes KING 1-2 were deployed to Roku-San to fortify an old FOB, they were then sent out to destroy several bug holes in the AO. (Event Runner: Kristopher)
  6. After five long days, SICON have officially declared the planet Rhohan safe! In an official statement, General Jacob Davies, a leading Officer of The Strategically Integrated Coalition of Nations Intelligence Division, had the following to say: "The Arachnids, as hard as they may have tried, never had a chance of taking Rhohan. While yes, their surprise attack on our orbiting Fleet was unexpected, it also provided us the perfect opportunity to show off our newest weapon. I can now confirm that the Tinconderoga Gunbase's deployment was not only a major success, but also a critical turning point of the battle. SICON can say, with confidence, that this is the first of many advancements to our great species that will not only bring an end to this war, but a greater stability than we've ever had. 32 years ago, it was said that this Galaxy would be dominated by Human Civilisation, not Insects and we can now say, with growing confidence, that in the near future that will be the true." We here at the Federal Network can now give an official report on the new weapon, the Tinconderoga Gunbase, and what happened once it reached Rhohan. At 18:43 Federal Standard Time, the Gunbase exited Slipspace with an escort of eight Starships from the Fourth Fleet. Waiting for them was nineteen Arachnid 'Transport Ships' and a 'Leviathan' class battleship. The Federal Fleet pushed forward and engaged the Arachnid menace, obliterating three of the enemy ships with in the first five minutes. During this time, the Gunbase got into position and powered up its weapon systems. Its primary target being the Leviathan. At 18:45 the Tinconderoga Gunbase was officially online. Its engagement began with firing off both MAC Cannons, destroying a Transport Vessel in a matter of seconds. Once destroyed, it shifted its focus onto three more ships, which it would quickly destroy with a large volley of missiles and torpedoes from its many rows of FedCom Firestorm Missile Systems. Reports from the station say that in a single volley, the Gunbase launched over 100 missiles. These were primarily made up of 'Sunburst' Thermonuclear Warhead Missiles, which are capable of creating an explosive yield of 475 kilotons each. As well as this, the volley also held thirty three 'Wildfire' High Explosive Cluster Warhead Missiles. Each missile capable of splitting off into 108 smaller missiles with explosive yields ranging from 1.4 kg to 5.52 kg of TNT. The Gunbase, however, took heavy damage when it was engaged by a Plasma battery cowering with in the Arachnid's main Battleship. With several cannons now knocked offline, the Station switched its focus to the primary target; The Leviathan. We spoke to Crewman Denis Ackwood, a member of the Fleet that was on the Bridge of the Gunbase when the order to fire the Promethean Cannon was ordered. He had this to say: "The Admiral gave the order to power up the main cannon. There was this moment of silence on the Bridge. Just dozens of people coming to a halt. I don't know if everyone felt as I did, but my only feeling was excitement. Before I had been scared, but after seeing the damage we'd already done, I was confident. We flicked the switch and started to power up the Promethean. I remember one of the Corvettes with us moving between us and the Leviathan to act as a sort of shield. It took some heavy hits and dealt some back, but the call to abandon ship was eventually given. As it burned and broke apart in front of our eyes we noticed the lights on the bridge flickering. Power consumption of the Promethean is still a little shaky so it was to be expected. Then, all the lights cut out. We were looking out the window as a red glow started to form along the prongs of the station. It started under out feet, slowly trailing along the rails towards the tip in slow flashes. Then, everything shook as it finally fired. This gigantic beam, brighter than the sun erupted from the Station. At first, it punched straight through the wreckage of the Corvette and left nothing behind. But once it hit the main target, the Leviathan? It cut the beast in half." While we do not currently have any images of this, reports have indeed confirmed that with a single shot of the Promethean Cannon, the Leviathan, a beast that had caused the Federal Fleet so much trouble for so long, had been ripped in half. Once it had been destroyed, the call to retreat was given. The Gunbase was then pulled back to Iskander, where it now sits in orbit under extensive repairs from the damage it had taken. The remaining ships in orbit of Rhohan were able to finish off the last few ships, some of which were even trying to retreat. But, they were all wiped out. From there, the Mobile Infantry were able to call for reinforcements onto Rhohan and air support was available to them again. Then, over the next four days, Rhohan was slowly cleaned of any Arachnid presence. We will have a second report on the Mobile Infantry and their brave fight to safe Rhohan soon. WITH YET ANOTHER ADVANCEMENT FOR THE FEDERAL FLEET, SICON NEEDS PILOTS. PILOTS LIKE YOU. SIGN UP TODAY TO FIGHT. SIGN UP TODAY TO WIN. SERVICE GUARANTEES CITIZENSHIP. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?
  7. After looking this over and giving it consideration, there were some faults in communication here. There was also the issue of IC intentions and OOC actions. With a recent PK Appeal also hindering on IC intentions and OOC choices is something that was taken into account. I will also say that from watching how you were running around and acting, it was easy to tell you were not IC at that moment in time. The injuries I gave you were not intended to kill. You were Article Six'd based on incorrect information. While the Medic who killed you could claim they would have killed you with the correct information, there's no way to confirm nor deny that. Due to the severity of the injury, however, I will instead be issuing you a one week TK. You will spend the first four days in the main bacta-tank in the Medical Bay, the next two days limping and moving around weakly in the Medical Bay, then being able to fully walk on the last day before dropping the day after that day. This is, of course, your OOC punishment for your actions. You'll have your character for a limited sense for the next 7 days, then have them back fully afterwards. Apologies for any distress or inconveniences caused on your behalf over this. It was a large drop with 30ish players, it got hectic. But do understand if you make an OOC mistake like this again, you'll be PK'd. Next time, feel free to /report you're being afk or just say brb and disconnect and reconnect later. It helps avoid this type of confusion. Happy New Year. ❤️
  8. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzToday at 1:16 AM was supposed to say power gaming, not meta gaming, fixed it EchelonToday at 1:16 AM *What powergaming** OpTiCFaZeSoCkzToday at 1:16 AM when you were told you went into shock and continued to try to do things and take actions, leaning on stuff and moving about EchelonToday at 1:16 AM ??? Literally what happened was, she did the act and was leant on the pillar as she did it. I instantly put her into shock in that very same emote. Then the event came in and I began to RP it more. The wooziness that comes with shock, her desperate attempt to keep her breathing stable (Which was failing but I never got to emote that). Foxy saw that as me "powergaming" my shock and PK'd me OpTiCFaZeSoCkzToday at 1:19 AM Well, I told him to kill you anyway, putting heat 5x hotter than the sun to your body would boil all the blood in your body and kill you regardless, I'm saying nothing more on this, it's up to Jimbox EchelonToday at 1:21 AM Can you at least unlock it so this conversation can be put there for reference.
  9. It should also be noted that I told Foxy to PK you AFTER you put a plasma cutter (which is 5 times hotter than the SUN) to your body to cauterise. Not because of the injury itself. Your PK was caused by your own actions. As well as your power gaming.
  10. In regards to this segment of your argument. Do understand that if an admin wants you to roll, that is optional. But up until that point, other admins making people roll for certain scenarios were me and @Sting. You were the first person Foxy got into RP Combat with, and he chose not to do rolls. If one admin wants you to roll, does not mean all admins want you to. I specifically told all my helpers I did not want a reliance on rolls, only if needed. For example, making Kris roll perception at a corpse because he was staring straight AT said corpse. Moment after you were attacked, I came up behind Kris, who was NOT looking at me, and proceeded to spew bile all over his suit to badly wound him and his suit. He was not given a chance to roll. The main point here was that I wanted Marauders to be picked off and injured one by one, as they were powering through the CQC area and ripping through the Meta-Bugs with no issues at all. The injuries of you and Kris were to slow the MI down and knock out two Marauders, as there were THREE of you, making the threat of the NPCs none existent.
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