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  1. o7 This is exactly the attitude people should go about when they lose a character
  2. Any opinions about Azam, the man who promoted you to Private First Class way back?
  3. Still looks fucking weird ngl lmfao Update Azam too because he back
  4. //: Trainer In Charge: LCpl. Augustus Azam //: Permission Granted By: Cpl. Ryan O'Neill //: Time and Date of session: 5/1/2301 (2020) - 0:00 GMT //: Type of Training Session: Support Gunner - Marksman Tier 1 //: Trainees: Pvt. Ramona Wright //: Notable Acts: Trainee passed the training just fine. Was eager to learn how to provide supporting fire. Had no questions.
  5. Mellone Senior Specialist (?) (Never said anything about a change of rank, so I figure it's the same.) All
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