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  1. An Open Resignation to 2300 / UCFRP.net Howdy everyone, Cipher here with an open letter towards you all with the upcomming changes and the future but i'll be honest with all and tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. o with that said i'll break down my leaving reasons and i'll express this simply, This is my honest view on everything, how I see things May not be how you see things but that is the point of a case. Some time in the future someone will ask what made UCF close? 'It was never the players, the drama, the ERP, the OOC', the events...' 'It was the XA's that failed the most above all else' It soon became apparent the XA's did not want me here I wish we could sit down and discuss our problems like adults but as always the XA's believe my agenda to be my own instead of the community, im not going to stay if it means I cause tension in the staff team but clearly if all my effort and time can be attributed towards "Furthering my own agenda" Then clearly there has been a miscommunication at the highest level. This is one of many that have been caused in recent time and I cannot find a solution to work this out peacefully. I wish all the best towards the future and the progression of 2300 as a Server but aslong as some people from the original crew hang around I cannot in good consciousness be an admin on a team where I despise some two faced people. It would detract and it goes against what an Admin team is. A team that trusts eachother. Now with the reasons done, im gonna be honest and give special mentions to everyone who worked towards UCF in a long list of credits, I didn't make UCF great, these people did. @Pasta @Kamikazekidz @NorseTheNomad @Randy @Godot @Warlord @foxy @Floofy @MortifiedPenguin @EternalLight @Latias @Aurora @Wewai @Arrow @Rook @Deckers @el excellente @Shaxx @Sting @Scoutis @Bailey @LickmeIhaveLeprosy @LoFiSuicide @Phan And many many more who I cannot find on the forums, All of you made UCF what it is and if you all go into 2300 with the same passion and fire I know I wont have to run events just to sustain the server, I know the community will become something decent if all of you do your parts and truly perform everything you all did on UCF then 2300 will become a staple of fun and actually make something great about SST. With that said, i'd like to say this is not a farewell but more of a new begining. I understand where I stand with alot of people now and im ever thankful for the homies who helpped when the Admin team didnt'. Thank you all for everything you've done. - Cipher Signing off.
  2. Arachnid Empire' Turn 3 Bug Fleet movements confirmed due to Federations Scanners being in range. Arachnid Fleet Moved from Saeunnh to Hyreydis Arachnids move towards Federal 3rd Fleet, Arachnids begin Moving other fleets Arachnids Finish Turn.
  3. Turn 3: Federation Federation Task Force engages FTL entering the Sarns System and making initial contact with the Sarns Government lead by the head of Sarns Industries. Federation Engage in Sarns talks with CEO', after discovery of OSW Operative SIGMA The Task Remnants Now works to improve their relations with the Colony. - Task Force has now gained PF-TEAM 64th VIPERS Task Force Strength: 253.000/400000 Total Fleet Defence: 25 (NO ATTRITION TAKEN) Supply from Loyalty: 0 Supply runs from Federation: 0 Supply runs from Event: +1 Supplies Used: - MEDEVAC: x2: -4 SP Total Fleet Supply Points: 9
  4. Turn 2: Federal Task Force engages the colony of The Task Remnants found the area to be torched and burned but raided a local armoury, providing +1 Supply from Ammo and Weapons. Task Force Strength: 253.000/400000 Total Fleet Defence: 25 (NO ATTRITION TAKEN) Supply from Loyalty: 0 Supply runs from Federation: 0 Supply runs from Event: +1 Total Fleet Supply Points: 13 Task Force hold to prepare to disembark from the system onto SARNS.
  5. (Arachnid Scale) Arachnids performed Turn ARCLIGHT > Infested (Level Increased from level 5 > 6) ARCLIGHT Government takes 4 Damage with the resulting reinforcements -6 DEFENCE FLEET MOVEMENTS: Hidden
  6. // TURN 1: Infantry Proceed to evacuate from Arclight To Sarns (2 Jump Points) - Expected supply point cost -3 Total Fleet Defence: 25 (NO ATTRITION TAKEN) Total Fleet Supply Points: 12 Supply from Loyalty: 0 Supply runs from Federation: 0
  7. Day 2: From the Ashes An Open Transmission echoes across the network's of Arclight
  8. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18L9bfNt1fcXzhHghq9i5i5WqvgOlD8BFuYVSyZEv7mg/edit?usp=sharing Briefing Day 1: Landing at Point Kilo
  9. Campaign Teaser With the supply now secure, the 47th Battalion will embark to Sanctuary to re-arm and mobilize. The Federations charge into the Outer-Colonies begins.
  10. Hey everybody, So everybody I’ve recently been writing and planning for the upcoming campaign and beyond as we enter the new season. With that I found myself asking how we could improve passive ship side throughout the upcoming events with the campaign and I’d like to pose this in a constructive forum for everyone to express their thoughts about what can be done shipside for passive between admins to players. some ideas I’ve had were - supply shipments and having the Infantry loading the armoury. - fleet and infantry patrols and escorts of FEDNET personnel around the ship as tour guides these are my suggestions and I’d like to hear more from everyone below, please be open minded to this. thank you for reading Cipher
  11. Effective and upcoming, I will be performing a wipe of the fleet roster, this will not wipe the memorial nor the discharged. If you wish to keep your character contact me via steam or discord, I am free most days now.
  12. "To all crew of the boat, due to the transfer of Commander Bilodeau to another ship following her exemplary leadership during the battles throughout the war she has been reassigned to a new vessel and with her departure we enter a new chapter." "I am taking up command of the vessel in her absence, we will ensure that the vessel will be operational and on station to assist all asset's in the sector." "I can assure you that I will manage and control the vessel as best as we can manage, with this you have my promise that my service aboard this vessel is quite something, I have survived the grinder with infantry through the progenitor wars and the civil war." "These are trying times and I expect all to do their duty to the Federation as we have done in the past." "Effective immediatly ALL Fleet Personel are to report for duty and reasignment with sweeping changes being performed from top to bottom of this vessel's structure and operations, these changes come with the transition now in progress to allow us to operate the vessel much more effectively." "If any crew or officers should require any assistance in these new changes do not hesitate to contact me going forward." Signed: Lieutenant Commander Johnathon C. Lynch
  13. NOW ACCESSING Federal-Network DATABASE. . . Secure Login Required. PLEASE WAIT...... NMPMID ********* PASSWORD ************* • • • LOGGING IN • • • Login Confirmed! Welcome XXX. XXXXXXX XXXX *OPENING FILE - "*Lynch, Johnathon*"* <:...:> <:.....:> <:.......:> UCFMI PERSONNEL FILE CSR#20583252 S.I. BMG#FIKS J.A. Lynch, Johnathon THIS RECORD IS PROTECTED BY SECTION 10, TITLE-G, SUBSECTION-ARF, CHAPTER 332, CODE NUMBER 2174 OF THE UCF CODE. THIS RECORD IS TO BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL, AND IS TO ONLY BE SEEN BY RELEVANT COMMAND PERSONNEL. ANY DISTRIBUTION OF THIS FILE WILL RESULT IN RESTRAINT UNDER CODE CODE 807 OF MILITARY JUSTICE. SECTION A-01 - Document Information ⪤FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY⪤ "I've seen enough of this Galaxy for a life-time and I know the bugs wont stop till we put them down." -Cmdr. A. Hux, Audie Murphy, 2298 Character Theme Lynch-Charlie-John SERIAL NUMBER:#24057232 U.C.F. GRADE: OF-7 CURRENT M.O.S.: Bridge Commander ACTIVE SICON BRANCH: FLEET ACE(ACTIVE COMBAT ENGAGEMENTS): 152 Progeni Wars 2298-2299 Federal Civil War 2298-2298 Third Arachnid War 2299-Present DATE OF BIRTH: 15/12/2276 PLACE OF BIRTH: Arizona, America's region, Terra EYES: Hazel HAIR STYLE: Frizzled HAIR COLOR: Brown HEIGHT: 5 ft 10 BUILD: Muscular NO. OF DEPENDENTS: 1 x Registered Partner 1 x Registered Child RACE: Caucasian MARITAL STATUS: Married UCF. CITIZEN: Achieved CIVILIAN OCCUPATION: None RELATIVES: 'Misty' Lynch - Active 'Bitchface' Lynch - Active Medical Record MEDICAL RECORD: One times Talon strike to the left arm Super-Heated Progenitor Plasma shard to left thigh Personnel Notes: Voice Claim:
  14. The Third bug war continues to rage across Federal Space, admidst the carnage and chaos one planet found itself besieged on all sides Arclight was attacked and caught completely unaware by the Arachnids speed and pace, their defences broke and the planet continued to fight tooth and nail for every block and street the arachnids charged Arclight now holds by the skin of its teeth as the Arachnids continue to tighten their grip on the besieged world The battle for the Outer Rim begins... April 3 - April 5 16:00 EST / 21:00 GMT
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