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  1. Given I was elsewhere at the time, I defered to @Shazzy Judgement who told me that Miller was shooting into the walls randomly, so I gave Shazzy the go ahead to deal with it IC as he had done it repeatedly. Shazzy had made him roll twice, his first being an 93, The second being 12 I believe it was the 12 that got the Civie shot because of it. I wasn't there in person I just gave Shazzy the go ahead. The civie died and then lead @Kirkuma to perform an A-11 for shooting a Civilian in the field. That I authorised Kira to perform as the Mission runner and the proceeding admin.
  2. APPLICATION: ACCEPTED Lt. Amanda Winters Commanding Officer
  3. APPLICATION: ACCEPTED // Please be aware conscription doesn't exist because they perform recruitment drives everyday, its believed to be the higest honour to serve in the Military against the bugs. But since you're new im inclined to help you adjust to the job so I will accept this application on a probationary process of 2 weeks, once complete we will review your abilities. Lt. Amanda Winters Commanding Officer
  4. The Shadow Organisation An organisation formed out of the Federations Abandonment of Scarvis which made them who they are today, survivors and extremists of the highest regard, Ex-Intelligence and Operative staff' from Scarvis all disappeared after the first battle, leading some to suspect this organisations origins.
  5. Cipher

    whats up gamers

    @Cronk I see how it is BB...
  6. As I have been dealing with the previous incident, @Lit Has given me permission to respond to this. From what I see it appears the pair of you are not compactible with one another as people within the server. Your showcase with the comment and the post earlier this week is testement to that. You two need to understand you may not like one another but we all want the server to suceed and we all want to have fun. You have your disagreements, accept that and move on. @Luckish? Ban is De-Escalated to a week, to be 3rd of November for your unban. I will privately speak to you about your actions and how you conduct yourself around the server to best adjust this disagreement that has gotten out of hand. APPEAL CLOSED! ONE WEEK BAN
  7. Cipher

    SSTRP Timeline

    UCF Timeline (Originally compiled by El Excelente) UCFRP 2300 Events of UCFRP (2019) June 25 - Second outbreak on Perxies begins August 17 - 47th Battalion sent into the AQZ into the Jungle Planet Thermopylae. August 23 - Progenitor Teleporter Destroyed in a raid. August 28 - Federal Forces are routed from the planet by the Leviathan Bug. September 1 - Perxies is lost to the Suborior caste. September 6 - Planet LV-242 is discovered, a snowball planet with evidence of Suborior presence frozen in place.
  8. -- 47th Mobile Infantry Command -- -- Non Commissioned Officers Corps -- -- 1/A/47/26-- -- Message to the NCO's -- "To the NCO's" "After running the baseline assessment in the Urban combat simulation, I noticed a lack of basic principles which could save their lives in combat, so i'll be covering the items I think we need to focus on to get the basics down with the platoon, this will be updated Bi-Weekly as the need for a certain type of training maybe needed for a missions achievement." "The following are the key factors I see missing" IC: - Lack of communication when moving. - Formational movements with one covering the other. - Moving within an Urban environment - Fire and move OOC: - Basic RP interaction with props within an event / lack of imagination within the basic trooper - A fear of speaking out, people believe they are gonna get court-martialed if they think for themselves - A certain lack of creativity in combat situations "ALL of these will be addressed but I cannot do it alone, so i'll try and equal the load between us all, anybody who has legitmate complaints about the current state of the Platoon" "DO NOT HESISTATE TO Contact me" "I am here to ensure we are doing our jobs and I will perform my duty as needed by the Federation" Lance Corporal Alex Layland 1st Platoon, Alpha 'Archer' Company 47th Infantry Battalion 26th Infantry Regiment
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