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  1. So, you’re all wondering a few things right now like for instance where I am and such, recently the main reason I stuck around was engaging in cool events and running the Division with Aurora but those times have clearly changed. im taking an LOA for the time being till either things change around or I can get over the current problems I’m having to deal with IRL. but here’s the coolio bit @Aurorahas full authority to do whatever he wants from Relationship papers to a new fucking manual @Aurora will be the ONLY, I SAY AGAIN, ONLY motherfucker allowed to message me from either engineering or the STAFF team ALL YOUR ISSUES GO TO HIM!!! ANYBODY WHO DARES TRY TO COME TO ME FOR A FUCKING RELATIONSHIP PAPER WHILE IM ON LOA WILL BE HAPPILY SHOWN THE DOOR AND MY SIZE 11 TO GIVE THEM A HAND TLDR: Aurora is running things, he will deal with it. I will tell you five different ways you can fuck yourself
  2. APPLICATION: ACCEPTED Report to SSPC+ for Training. Lt. Amanda Winters Commanding Officer
  3. APPLICATION: ACCEPTED Report to SSPC+ for Training. Lt. Amanda Winters Commanding Officer
  4. //: NCO in charge: LCpl. Layland //: Time and Date of session: 23:00 GMT, 28/12/19 //: Type of Training Session: Introductionary breaching course, taking through Stonewall, Blevin, Beckett and O'Neill. I will follow up with another run of the kill house due to Blevin being quite mute around around the entire training. //: Notable Acts: O'Neill showed extended personal knoweldge on the subject with the class of the course, allowing them an alternative view in their progression.
  5. APPLICATION: ACCEPTED Report to SSPC+ for Training. Lt. Amanda Winter Commanding Officer
  6. Cipher


    Lit, you've been the best XA i've ever worked for.
  7. Cipher


    yOuR cAr iS wAiTiNg
  8. Given I was elsewhere at the time, I defered to @Shazzy Judgement who told me that Miller was shooting into the walls randomly, so I gave Shazzy the go ahead to deal with it IC as he had done it repeatedly. Shazzy had made him roll twice, his first being an 93, The second being 12 I believe it was the 12 that got the Civie shot because of it. I wasn't there in person I just gave Shazzy the go ahead. The civie died and then lead @Kirkuma to perform an A-11 for shooting a Civilian in the field. That I authorised Kira to perform as the Mission runner and the proceeding admin.
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