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  1. Type: Ship engagementBridge elements: SCPO. Paul Schmidt(Helms & Command), 2PO. Maria Gondelario(Weapons & Warfare) TAC elements: N/aWIA: N/aKIA: N/aNotable acts: N/aMaintenance & repairs: HEAVY DAMAGES ALL OVER, COURSE SET TO NEXT REPAIR STATION Mission summary: The Nyman was send to asault a heavy combat vessel of Fenrir. The goal was to disable engines, disrupt their comms, blow open the Hangar for the 47th and let them board, while hoalding around the ship. They are send to capture the enemy Captain, set charges onto the enemies engines & extract any data that can be found. Infantry sabotaged ship from within, enemy vessel destroyed, no data was gatherd. (Event Runner: Kris)
  2. //: Drop Lead: Pfc. Rosamond Godkim //: Second In Command: Pfc. Shoji Nakatami //: Squad Leaders: Blue Team: LCpl. Bryce Renfro Red Team: Pfc. Theo Kuusimäki //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): N/A //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: Marauders did extremely well, keeping the infantry at a steady speed, choosing good movement as Pointmen and general keeping the rest safe Pvt. Joe Marezo was accused of shooting a chariot by Pvt. Magnus Kole. No further investigation into the matter was being done by the time of this report. //: Mission Summary: 47th was deployed to check for a missing Infantry Unit, which was tasked with destroying Plasma bugs. The whole unit was dead by the time the 47th arrived, one CB still present. The 47th was quickly attacked via Warriors, Tigers & Tankers, likely a trap set by the bugs. While pushing towards an abandoned base, Elites joined the ranks of our foes, as well as Chariots. The accusation was made here, shortly after a Royal Junior assaulted & was quickly dealt with. After reaching & holding the base, the 47th moved to finish the job the other Unit started. On our way Climates also joined the enemy forces & lastly the plasma bugs, which were dealt with via TON. Objectives were archived, but Radio Discipline & a delay in the acceptance of orders were serious issues that will need to be worked at. (Event Runner: Sting)
  3. Type: Ship engagementBridge elements: SCPO. Paul Schmidt(Helms & Command), 2PO. Maria Gondelario(Weapons & Warfare) TAC elements: FLt. Rose Thortin(Boarding pilot)WIA: N/aKIA: N/aNotable acts: N/aMaintenance & repairs: Multiple hits above the bridge & hangar, low quality explosives, no damage seen so far Mission summary: The Nyman & escort were send to follow a distress signal from a unkown source. Upon arival, it has been coming out of a nebula. The ship enterd & was soon atacked by pirate ship. We were able to manuver behind it and ensure it to be a sitting duck. A boarding party of Eme-Eye secured the ship & hostages on it. Crew of Nyman were able to secure Intel & a map of the Nebula. Afterwards, the pirate ship was blown up to ensure no pirate would be any danger any more & the Nyman left the nebula. (Event Runner: Shazzy)
  4. Type: Ship engagementBridge elements: SCPO. Paul Schmidt(Warfare & Command), 2PO.(3PO. at time) Maria Gondelario(Weapons), Cm.(Cdt. at time) Annabelle Hensick(Helms) TAC elements: FLt. Rose ThortinWIA: N/aKIA: N/aNotable acts: Both Weapons & Helms showed extreme skill & independence, while executing teamwork right awayMaintenance & repairs: Hangar was breached, maintenance of all elements should be done soon, 2 Vikings, 3 Thunderbolts & 1 Sentinel confirmed damages, small bug cuts awell gun holes & scratches. Mission summary: The Nyman was send to save a resupply station under attack of a small arachnid raiding party & asteroid. Two other ships were send along us, one of them not making it out alive. The station was saved & sustained mayor damages. (Event Runner: Cipher)
  5. As you walked onto the bridge and maned a station, you would see on your console the option to read the After Action Reports. Once you clicked it, you're able to see this: Loading... Loading... Loading... Reports accessed. After Action Reports of the AFC-DN-219-Gareth Nyman. Upon Action of Fleet elements of the ship, a report should be made. Failure to do so could lead to administrative punishment. Formats are provided beneath and should be used appropriately. Goal of the report is to ensure a flow of information between all members of the fleet branch aboard. Ship engagements format: Air support mission format: Beneath you are finding reports uploaded so far.
  6. Reason: School Seminar taking lots of time. LOA: 21-27.10.2019
  7. [People got drunk and rolled for their situation] ** Pfc. Lucius Macro rolled 7 with a CON [8%] bonus for 8. ** Pfc. Lucius Macro slowly gets off the bar stool almost falling over the man manages to get about two or three steps befor collapsing sidways 2Spc. Martin Brewer yells "Woah!" 3Spc. Frank Holsten yells "Hey, that floor is married!"
  8. [A simple paper is taped next to the other posts on the wall, everything is writen on PC & printed out, even the link at the end] Due to the fact that some NCOs are unaware, this is a reminder that you're able to promote any marauder you find deserving up to the rank of Specialist. Kind Regards, Wilson! Would you like to know more?
  9. ** LCpl. Tom Donham crosses his legs after being lifted "Watch me no no spot."
  10. ** Cpt. Clarice King chois foxy hard af ^Not even 24 hours in^
  11. While I love marines, I see zero reason to get them at the moment. NCOs & officer have their people under control from what I see.
  12. Wewai


    Do you have CSS, Half Life Episode 1 & 2 mounted onto your Gmod? I could be props or textures out of these aswell.
  13. Date of training: 05.08.19 Instructor: CPO. Paul Schmidt Trainee: CmA. Emma Staunton Topic: Flight simulation with docking exercises
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