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  1. Paul Schmidt, promoted to SCPO. by Lt. Johnathon Lynch
  2. [A simple paper is taped next to the other posts on the wall, everything is writen on PC & printed out, even the link at the end] Due to the fact that some NCOs are unaware, this is a reminder that you're able to promote any marauder you find deserving up to the rank of Specialist. Kind Regards, Wilson! Would you like to know more?
  3. ** LCpl. Tom Donham crosses his legs after being lifted "Watch me no no spot."
  4. ** Cpt. Clarice King chois foxy hard af ^Not even 24 hours in^
  5. While I love marines, I see zero reason to get them at the moment. NCOs & officer have their people under control from what I see.
  6. Wewai


    Do you have CSS, Half Life Episode 1 & 2 mounted onto your Gmod? I could be props or textures out of these aswell.
  7. MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Natalie Wilson Age: 23 Gender: Female Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blond Height: 172 cm, 5'7'' Weight: 73 kg, 161 lbss Employment & Background Current Rank: LCpl. Educational History: Highschool with an GPA of 2.6 Employment History: MI right after school Service Record: Former Corporal & trained pointman OOC: Steam name: Wewai Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wewai/ Length of time on Server: Would need to asume atleast 6 months, since the Grant Time zone: UTC+1/+2 <- Depending on winter or summer Current characters on server: CPO. Paul Schmidt, Pvt. Jason Smiles Roleplay History: Over 10 years, starting with WC3, some DarkRP, Military ones, some Arma roleplays & some GTA RP
  8. Date of training: 05.08.19 Instructor: CPO. Paul Schmidt Trainee: CmA. Emma Staunton Topic: Flight simulation with docking exercises
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