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  1. NOW ACCESSING Federal-Network DATABASE. . . Secure Login Required. PLEASE WAIT...... NMPMID ********* PASSWORD ************* • • • LOGGING IN • • • Login Confirmed! Welcome LRM. 22JHG46YI281 MI54 *OPENING FILE - "*Mordred, Laurene*"* <:...:> <:.....:> <:.......:> UCFMI PERSONNEL FILE CSR#568311 S.I. 246F-7391 J.A. Mordred, Laurene. THIS RECORD IS PROTECTED BY SECTION 10, TITLE-G, SUBSECTION-ARF, CHAPTER 332, CODE NUMBER 2174 OF THE UCF CODE. THIS RECORD IS TO BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL, AND IS TO ONLY BE SEEN BY RELEVANT COMMAND PERSONNEL. ANY DISTRIBUTION OF THIS FILE WILL RESULT IN RESTRAINT UNDER CODE CODE 807 OF MILITARY JUSTICE. SECTION A-01 - Document Information ⪤FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY⪤ (Mordred preparing for Hand to Hand Combat Training during her time in Boot Camp) "Go ahead, make my day." -'Dirty' Harry Callahan, Sudden Impact (1983) LAST-FIRST-MIDDLE NAME: Mordred, Laurene-Richard SERIAL NUMBER: 246F-7391 U.C.F. GRADE: Lance Corporal ARM COMPONENT: 47th Mobile Infantry CURRENT M.O.S.: Riflemen ACTIVE SICON BRANCH: Mobile Infantry ACE(ACTIVE COMBAT ENGAGEMENTS): 15 PERMANENT ADDRESS: 42 Camelot Way DATE OF BIRTH: October 7th 2282 PLACE OF BIRTH: New Avalon, Iskandar EYES: Green HAIR STYLE: Short Pony Tail HAIR COLOR: Blonde COMPLEXION: Fair HEIGHT: 5 Feet 6'Inches WEIGHT: 89 Kilograms BUILD: Standard NO. OF DEPENDENTS: None RACE: Caucasian (English Descent) MARITAL STATUS: Single UCF. CITIZEN: No CIVILIAN OCCUPATION: Fry Cook RELATIVES: Samuel Kay - Foster Father: Alive Morgan Kay - Foster Mother: Alive Anne Marie Gareth - Foster Sister: Alive Arthur Kay - Foster Brother: Alive Medical Record MEDICAL RECORD: November 8th 2300 -Majority of Right Arm is replaced with a Biotech November 15th 2300 -Ricochet GSW to Left Shin (Healed) December 5th 2300 - 3x Shrapnel Wounds and a minor laceration (Biotech Servo damaged): Healed and repaired December 17th 2300 - Impostor severed her Biotech during a Boarding Defense of the Medbay December 18th 2300 - 2x Impalement Wounds to the Abdomen (Arachnid Talon and Tree Branch) December 19th 2300 - Minor Laceration to the Left Shoulder January 10th 2301 -Minor Laceration to leg, Moderate one to chest, and Severe 3rd Burns engulfing the entirety of her left arm (Healed, Burns will leave some moderate scarring) January 12th 2301 - Severe Stomach Laceration January 16th 2301 - Acid injuries to left shin, 2nd Degree Burns to hands, arms, and face, Ruptured Eardrum, and temporary blindness (Healed) January 19th 2301 - Suicide Hopper Acid rendered her left arm unable to be saved, requiring amputation and the surgical grafting of a full-limb Biotech (Increased Bleeding risk) Service Record Service Record: September 20th 2300: Date of Enlistment October 15th 2300: Graduation from Camp Sparta October 20th: Date of Transfer to the 47th Mobile Infantry Battalion November 27th 2300: Promotion to Private First Class 11/29-12/1 2300: Involvement in Operation Wildfire December 3rd 2300: Promotion to Lance Corporal Awards and Merits Personnel Notes: Letters to home: Letter #1: Addressed to Foster Sister Anne Marie Gareth (Sent 12/7/2300) Letter #2: Addressed to lifelong friend and fellow Camp Sparta Trainee, Specialist 2nd Class. Jeanne Giles with the 35th Medical Corps (Sent 1/3/2301)
  2. "I am pale Death come to bear you to Perdition" Face Claim Theme General Information Name: Sofia P. Holloway Sex: Female Age: 21 Date of Birth: 19/02/2279 Weight: 183 lbs Height: 6 ft 0 in Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue Place of Birth: Malcolm, Nebraska, USA, Terra Nationality: North American Ancestry: Afrikaner, Swiss, German Accent: Mid-West American Known Languages: Terran Standard (English), Japanese Sexual Orientation: Homosexual Economic Status: Lower Class Marital Status: Unmarried (In Relationship) Religion: Eastern Orthodox Christianity Political Affiliation: Federal Ultranationalist Party (FUP) Citizenship: Civilian (In Service) Family: (Mother) Mary Holloway (née Danielson) ALIVE (Father) Michael Holloway ALIVE Professional Information: Faction: Mobile Infantry Corps of Engineering Current Assignment: 52nd Engineering Corps, 3rd Assault Grenadier Division Current Rank: Lance Corporal (Master Specialist) Total Drops: >70 Service Time: 1 yr 11 mos Date Enlisted: 25/1/2299 Awards: Medical History: Possessions: Her Knife: "The only melee weapon to ever draw my blood. Thought its old owner wouldn't mind if I made it mine. And boy am I glad I did." Some Pirate's Wallet: "What? It's a nice wallet. He isn't going to be needing it any time soon. Fifty pounds in there, too. Lucky me." Her Reaper (That she's not allowed to use): "Nicked it off of some Black Cross General. Major Bently let me keep it, but not use it in the field. A big shame. Maybe one day." Her Cross Necklace: "Nadya gave it to me... it's all I've got left of her. My god..." Health and Status: Status: Active Mental Status: Stable Alignment: Lawful Neutral Achievements: Neutral: Regrets: Personal Relationships: Relations: Loves | Admires | Like Family, Brethren | Good friends | Friends | Acquaintance | Neutral/Mixed | Dislikes | Hates | Fears ✟ = Dead ? = Unknown ✭ = Discharged/Transferred (B) = Link to their bio Samantha Weathers --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- Elaine Asper Arryn Falco Sophie Jonsson --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- Amanda Winters Haley Miller --[[MIPOD]]-- --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- --[[Federation Marauders]]-- Kristina Sigrun --[[Federation Fleet]]-- --[[Other]]-- --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- ✟ Nadya Savchenko ✟ Alex Layland
  3. Alexandros 'Alex' Layland GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Alexandros 'Alex' Layland Alias(es): Alex Rank: Lance Corporal, Master Specialist Age: 18 Hometown: Athens, Greece Affiliation: United Citizens Federation Specialization: Engineering Awards Granted: NONE Morale: Awful ███████ | ███████ Good Tatoo's: Right Upper Arm FAMILIAL CONNECTIONS Father: Kyril 'Old-man' Layland Mother: Victoria Galloway (Deceased) Spouse: PHYSICAL INFORMATION  Gender: Male Height: 5'9 Weight: 140 lbs Build: Mesomorph Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Hazel Cybernetics: None PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Alignment: Renegade ███████ | ███████ Paragon Personality Type: The Rogue Strengths: Determined, swift, dexteterous Weaknesses: Reckless, Inexperienced, Living up to expectations
  4. WORK IN PROGRESS. (Just like your activity) Basic Information: Name: Tatsuo Okazaki Age: 22 D.O.B: May 4, 2278 Gender: Male Kin: Kakeda Okazaki Dad- Alive Suki Okazaki Mom- Dead Homeworld: Scarvis Alignment: Neutral Good Hair color: Black Eye color: Brown Build: Mesomorphic Rank: Corporal Medals: Mi cross, Purple heart Backstory: Born in 2278 on Scarvis to a farming Family. Okazaki had a simple life on the farm, Doing most of the chores for the day as he was the only Sibling. He enjoyed his life for the most part until he saw an advertisement for the Mobile Infantry which arose in him, A desire to do more with his life and serve the greater good rather than just farm. He enlisted in 2298 Going through basic training with ease, the farm life preparing him physically along with getting him good leadership skills ordering the farm hands around and getting people to work together. He was with the 112th. Now with the 47th. Wealth: Enough money to live. Other Information: Character Description: A 5'7 man who looks to be of an Asian descent. He is around 200Lbs with a Muscular build. He speaks with a slightly country accent and has Short black buzz cut hair, Brown Eyes, ..And defined features. He has a scar going down the middle of his bottom lip. Characteristics: Kind, Empathic, Courageous, Caring, Humble, Short-tempered, Active, Self-assured. Memories and pictures- "Okazaki hanging out with the 112th on a RnR" "Jonsson, Okazaki, Phan, Donovan on the dance floor during a RnR" Achivements - Sergeant Neutral - Regrets - Not Saving Morello and Hal. Trusting the federation. Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- Ssgt Rodrick Oakwood - The man I made Lance back on the Zion now outranks me as a Staff NCO, How Times change Right? He is a great man and one of the very few friends I have left here. We've been through a lot together and I wouldn't want anyone else leading me on drops. I trust him with my life and I don't say that for many NCOs anymore. Sebastian Bently- Oh the man, the myth, the legend himself. Bently is biggest idol. I hold that man on a pedestal. He has given me all of my opportunities at leadership and treats me well. I've had multiple private conversations with him and his advice has helped me to better myself and the troopers I lead on a daily basis. He actually gave me my Sergeant Stripes! I've taken his qualities as a leader to heart in a attempt to better myself. I hope to be in his position one day, Not many people become a leader like him starting from the bottom, but he did! That is a testament to his abilities. Bently don't you retire on my ass anytime soon! Frederick Stokes- Ah Good ol' Stokes. I remember him before I was a sergeant. He is a good enough trooper when I see him on the field, He gets the job done to the letter. I can't say much about him off of it I haven't mingled much be seems to be a good guy. I should connect and check up on him more. Jackie Knoxx - Jackie Knoxx. She is showing a lot of leadership promise. Connects with the troopers well and definitely knows how to handle pressure. I'd like to see her given more leadership opportunities and work with her. Another one of the people I knew coming up, gone. Sad how they are dropping like flies, rest easy Knoxx. You were a real one. Solomon Murphy - I enjoy Murphys company for the most part. He makes a great addition to our team of Sergeants and is a great peer. We may not see eye to eye on every issue but I respect his view on things and it's nice to have someone like that as he respects mine too. Sometimes he gets on my ass though, not really sure why. Gone Too. A damn fuckign shame. Leana Wells Oh man Wells,. I can't believe you're gone. You were a great person to me. I still remember one of my first encounters I tested you and you beat the shit out of me with stun baton! I respected you a lot after that because it showed you didn't take any shit but made the punishment have a meaning to it. Though you did hit Hoover, Which I didn't appreciate. I still remember that drop, Just like it happend. We we\re charging up together and then that bug came out of fucking nowhere and got you! I should have killed that bug before it got to you, that still hangs heavy on my mind. It tore me up seeing you in that hospital bed but i'm glad I got spend some time with you before you went home. I remember your last statement over the radio as well, I hope i'm doing you proud as a Sergeant, Wells. Tidbit Rosangela - Tidbit Rosangela. What a interesting trooper to be friends with. I've taken her under my wing unofficially to teach her how to lead as a Corporal. She is a pretty funny and bubbly Gal' But her size definitely takes a toll on her. I hope to teach her how to be respected and pass my leadership traits onto her. I enjoy my conversations with her and she is hoot to hang out with. - Oh, Tidbit. You amaze sometimes with how innocent you are. You got a great head on your shoulders, use it more. I'm glad to have you has a friend and to mentor you. I'm sorry you look up to me, sometimes i'm not the best role model but i'm glad you're on the boat, one of the people I can let my guard down to and be safe. Retired and married my best friend Phan. Hope they are having a great life being innocent and citizens. I need to go visit them sometime soon, remember what it's like to be human for a bit. Wyatt Hal - Hal, I'm so sorry. I know its been a while but I still replay the scene everyday in my head Dude. We have been friends since day one, I could always talk to you and shoot the shit with you and not be worried about anything in the world. That day in the corrider will always and forever haunt me, I keep telling myself I wasn't the one to shoot you. But the truth is I don't know! It was just dark, We breached from both sides without knowing and bullets just started flying. I miss you everyday my friend and I hope to see you on the other side. I'm just glad it was quick and I could be the one carrying you back home. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz Greg is not a smart trooper. But he does his job extremely well and is as tough as nails. I like having in my squad and watching rip shit in half like a training dummy, that was pretty interesting. Netanyahu A respectable NCO. One of the stricter ones for sure, but he does his job right and doesn't overstep his boundaries. Had a hiccup when he kneecapped someone, but deserved none the less. Look foward to seeing how he develops in the future. Should probably get to know him better, just been busy. Tumas Tankijin A warrior, for sure. He has some issues up in the brain, but who wouldn't in this fucked up time? He always gets the objective done and doesn't put up with any bullshit, we need more people like him. - - - --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- Bradley Tanner- Tanner is a great Engineer. I've known him for a bit now and I can say he is one of the better engineers I've talked with. Definitely gets the job done quick with no questions ask. I always trust him in my squad and will give him free reigns. I should really talk with him more too, I want to know more about his personal life. Tziporia Bronson- I don't really know much about her. I've seen her around the ship a bit and she's the badass who defended the ship from a wheelchair which is a plus in my book. I also remember when she punched Crews lights out in two hits, that was pretty damn cool. Good enough engineer who definitely knows her business and I would trust on a drop with my life. You don't get to Tech Sergeant by being incompetent. Gone as well, retired. I can't blame her when shes eighty percent robot. Amanda Winters- Amanda Winters is a dynamite Gal'. I've known her since I was a private but only recently got to see her true colors when I became sergeant and oh man am I lucky. She is the type of woman to hold you down and just tell you everything will be okay and somehow it is! The 112th is lucky to have her and i'm glad to call her a friend and comrade. She was there for me when Morello sacrificed himself and helped me more than I can ever express in words. I got know more about her too that day and I want to spend some more time with her. I think I have finally coped enough with Linhs death to forgive Winters. What happend wasn't her fault. We've been through a lot and she's definitely someone I can rely on. Cait "Irish" Donovan A pretty good friend of mine. We always hang out in the bar together and shoot the shit. Very fun to talk to and we get along well and I'm comfortable talking with her about most things. She's a hell of a engineer and recently made Master Specialist I believe! I remember the first time I met her we were sparring and she busted open my gunshot wound with her BT. I hope she stays alive, It would suck to lose another friend like her. Her and Oakwood are a great professional couple. Donovans' gotten a bit comfortable in her job I feel though, still the best damn wasp. Maxine Valentine- A good enough trooper. I've seen her around a bit and let her lead a drop one as she was a Corporal and I wanted to see what she could do. She pleasantly surprised me and i'm glad she's made sergeant. Wasps always need people like her. No idea where she went. Hecle phan - My fellow asian brother. We aren't actually brothers just very close. I've known him since my days of a lance or corporal I think. He is my brothers in arms and we've done everything to do. I would follow him until my last breathe and give it for him as well. Stay alive you dumb bastard. Phanny Pack. My best friend in the service, hope he is having fun in retirement with his wife Tidbit. Need to visit sometime soon and catch up. Cinder Linh - The new engineering tech sergeant. I fell her hard the first couple of conversations she had. She's a very interesting person who I enjoy talking with immensely and I can let my guard down around already, knowing everything about her. I'm glad we ended up together and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I don't think i've ever felt this way about a person ever, which is great and also bad because I don't know what I would do if she left or died. Well, now I know what to do if she died because she did. Right in front of me and in my arms. She dove in front a gun to save Winters and it cost her life. Why would you leave me cinder? We we're supposed to get innocent together and retire away on a farm and live a happy life where we could be free from conflict. What do I do without you now? I hate that you left me in this shit hole by myself, But I love you and would have done the same thing for winters. I hope she doesn't waste her extra chance at life, I hold some resentment because she gets to marry her love and I Get to stare at a fucking picture instead of you and only see you in my dreams. Maybe i'll see you soon Cinder i'm not cut out for this world much longer. - - - --[[Psi-Ops]]-- - - - --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- SSpc. Grace Corbin Ah Corbin. She was on the drop where Morello You know, Sacrified himself. She made sure he was remembered which was a nice thought. She also prescribed Ambien to help me cope and wished me well, She is a nice enough Medic. I've seen her around for awhile and at first I thought she was just a robot! But getting to know her more I see she is a pretty good person overall and i'm glad she is shaping up the Medics. I hope her head is okay, she took a nasty brick to the head on that school drop. We've become like family to me now. Her new name is forest-fire after an incident. We've bonded a lot and definitely understand each other. I hope she doesn't die on me, that can't happen. I can't lose another family member. Shes back and not a moment too soon, we're at war and need all the docs' we can get our hands on. - - - --[[Federation Marauders]]-- - - - --[[Federation Fleet]]-- Ens. Carson "Fox" Sawyer Fox is good person. I've talked to her in the bar a few times, she is alright for a TAC pilot. I remember when she got shot down and we had to rescue her ass. She killed a sniper when she got shot down and took their weapon and wooped ass! That's some credit in my book. I hope to see her around and get to know her more as a friend. Retired with Lupi, I believe? Pretty cool, hope they enjoy that sweet retirement life in luxury. Po. Sierra Blackburn Hm, Blackburn. What a interesting person I didn't think I would end up with at all. We started talking and I was a bit a flirt by accident honestly. I hurt her pretty bad and we were on bad terms for a bit there before she got revenge on me by getting with the girl I was after so I guess that is even. We ended up together after that and i'm starting to think the third girl played us both to get us together, personally. Blackburn is great girl though and I hope we last. Absolute unit of a cunt. - - - --[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]-- - - - --[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - - -
  5. [Mira, pictured above in her family's home in Valrinth, Kredia. Taken May 2nd, 2290] Theme: Combat Theme: Basic Information Name: Mira V. Oberlin Place of Birth: Tillamook, Oregon - Terra Date of Birth: May 15th, 2272 Age: 28 Gender: Female Height: 5'8" Physical Description: Weight: 157.5 lbs. Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green-Brown Bio-Techs: None Physical Deformities: Scar Tissue: Complete Left Arm [SEE MPW//SIR-3 FILE] Reconstructed Right Femur: Bio-Bonding Utilized Psychic-Induced Paralysis - L3 Vertebrae Inactive: Physical/Psychic Therapy Complete [Pfc. Mira Oberlin pictured above, being 'chewed out' by Sgt. Miles Gillette. 08/21/2294] "Look, I swear, I wasn't one of the.. C'mon, seriously? I don't even fuckin' KNOW the guy!" Military Information Rank: Warrant Officer Branch: Mobile Infantry - MIPOD/MI Date of Enlistment: 06/21/2292 Date of Re-Enlistment: 12/02/2297 Years of Service: 6 Service Record: Under orders of both OSW and MPW Command, all records will be restricted to Gamma-1, PROVECTUS and SPECTRE clearances only. Only by direct request to MPW Command will records be obtained outside of these clearances. 07/04/2292: Arrived at Camp Gallagher to begin her Infantry Training. 08/29/2292: Graduated at Camp Gallagher, Corrvika. 09/03/2292: Arrived at the 87th Mobile Infantry Battalion. 10/08/2292: Promoted to Private First Class following her first deployment. 12/01/2292: Awarded the Combat Action Medal. 01/26/2293: Promoted to Lance Corporal. 02/18/2293: Awarded the Veteran Combat Medal. 05/21/2293: Promoted to Corporal. 07/01/2293: Awarded the Good Conduct Medal. 09/12/2293: Partook in Operation Foxhole. 11/11/2293: Awarded the Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon. 01/21/2294: Promoted to Sergeant. 03/04/2294: Demoted to Corporal. 04/13/2294: Promoted to Sergeant. 06/21/2294: Entered retirement with her citizenship. ... <SEE POST-MILITARY EMPLOYMENTS BELOW> ... 12/26/2297: Placed into OCULUS Training Program under MPW and OSW viewing. Passed at 97.2%. 01/17/2298: OSW clearances acquired. Placed into service with the 333rd 'Pathfinder' Division. 02/04/2298: [REDACTED] 04/14/2298: [REDACTED] 06/21/2298: Transferred to service under the 112th's Mobile Infantry OSW Detachment. 01/04/2299: Re-Introduced into MI, directed to MIPOD at the rank of Master Specialist. 01/26/2299: M.I.P.O.D. Handler Program completed. 02/11/2299: Enlistment into the 3rd PsiOps Detachment, ranked Technical Sergeant. 03/19/2299: Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for actions in the field. Awarded by Maj. Sebastian Bently. 03/26/2299: Promoted to Warrant Officer. 04/23/2299: DISAVOWED 05/10/2299: DECRYPTION FAILED!: 06/30/2299: Officially returned to the 112th, 3rd MIPOD after SSI involvement. Placed at Corporal. 09/12/2299: Transferred to [REDACTED]. 01/19/2300: [REDACTED]. 07/20/2300: [REDACTED]. 08/23/2300: Returned to the 7th MIPOD, under pretense of [DATA SECURED: PROVECTUS CLEARANCES REQUIRED TO VIEW]. 09/23/2300: Awarded the Good Conduct Medal. 09/23/2300: Awarded the Outstanding Services to MIPOD Ribbon. Displayed valiant actions in the field by utilization of psychic capabilities against Meta-Arachnid forces. Discovery of Meta-Arachnid Purebreed Psychic form achieved from this incident. 10/10/2300: Suffered severe psychic trauma during Hesperus Campaign. Status: COMATOSE 10/30/2300: Recovery deemed partial success, lower bodily functions unable to recovered. Transferred into CFI, Special Services. 12/08/2300: Physical Therapy complete, ability to walk and motor functions restored. CFI-SS contract extended until Meta-Physical Therapy is marked complete. 12/10/2300: Recovery deemed complete success. 12/12/2300: Transferred out to OCULUS Reassessment. Passed at 94.1%. 12/31/2300: Transferred back into 47th Alpha Platoon at the rank of Warrant Officer. Post-Military Employments 09/05/2294: Joined the local police force in Valrinth, Kredia. 09/21/2295: Shattered right femur via 12-Gauge Slug. 10/12/2295: Honorable Discharge from the Police Force due to injuries. [SSgt. Mira Oberlin pictured above during her time with the SSI, 02/09/2298] "We've got five minutes to pack our shit, and stop this fucker from getting down to Chevvorik. Move it!" All Awards and Commendations Personal Information Family: Elania Oberlin, Mother, 49. [DECEASED] Arthur Oberlin, Father, 51. [DECEASED] Serra Oberlin, Sister, 23. [UNKNOWN] Ens. Jacob Oberlin, Brother, 23. [KIA - 04/20/2299] Backstory: Mira was born during a family vacation to Terra. Specifically, Tillamook, Oregon of North America. Her family was relatively well to do, as both parents worked for the Mining Company 'Zalgot'. Both held corporate jobs, with the largest facility based on Kredia. Oberlin worked minor jobs, be it bar-tending, or working at the nearby diner. Once she turned 18, she enlisted into the Mobile Infantry, followed by her sister two years later. [DATA EXPUNGED] Mira found herself almost five years later back in the spot she left in the MI, only this time, with a strange set of skills at her disposal. She worked with OSW for some time after the required training was put in place, due to both her ex-MI status, CQC expertise from her time in SSI, and her aggressive Psychic prowess. After participating in a number of operations, she found herself transferred into the 3rd PsiOps Detachment aboard the Ulysses S. Grant. After the Grant's destruction in the AQZ, Mira was left with nothing. With her brother dead, and her few friends gone, she looked to previous employers for more comfort, than for reason. Whilst on the 'Zion', Oberlin took her leave, taking the bare minimum with her. [DATA EXPUNGED] Now, back with the 112th Mobile Infantry again, Mira had brought a few members of SSI with her, most of which being ex-112th as well. With these assets in toe, and seemingly having appeared from nowhere, Oberlin's motives would be indecipherable to most. And, once the unit's innocence was proven, Oberlin would be transferred countless times, and submitted for countless evaluations before coming back to the very unit she started back in. After months of work within the infantry, Oberlin finally met her maker. Or, the second closest thing at least. Psychically scarred, and in no shape to continue after the Psychic Slaughter of Hesperus, Oberlin was whisked away from the field to be tended to on Iskander, for months of tedious therapy of both the physical and psychic types. [Sgt. Oberlin, pictured above during the Baer Uprising. Circa 2297. Unit Designation: MONOLITH] "Remember. We're just a bunch of fruit-cups interested in joining. Questions?" Personal Items Personal Relationships [DATA EXPUNGED] GAMMA-1 /=/ 'PROVECTUS' / 'SPECTRE' CLEARANCES REQUIRED.... Data Requisition in progress.... <GRANTED> <Welcome, Major Shocke!> Interested | Respected | Trusted | Close Friend | Friend | Noticed | Neutral | Mixed | Hated † = Sanity | † = Deceased | † = Retired/Transferred [Ask to be added] OLD FILES LOCATED BELOW NEW FILES LOCATED BELOW TRANSFERRED/DECEASED RELATION FILES LOCATED BELOW ~ ~
  6. Awards Basic Information:Name: Jessica Adam Ryan Age: 18 D.O.B: 06/06/2282 Gender: Female Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Role(s): Designated Markswoman Kin: Sergeant Major John Ryan (Retired), Doctor Lauren Ryan. Homeworld: Iskander Hair color: Dark Brown Eye color: Ice Blue Build: Mesmorphic Rank: SergeantBackstory: Personal Relationships Relations: Those you Raise|Admired|Those you Raise Hell with|Good friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Unsure|Dislikes|Hates|Fears Luka Krauss: A good, promising young trooper. Strong, held on after eating some friendly fire. Quite the good attitude to me, though I'll never fully trust a SAW Gunner after Bragg took a burst to the back. She's good though. Not wrong with what I thought. She's a good Corporal now, though needs to be a bit more assertive and authoritative at times. But god she's learning well. Good friend too. Well, she's getting BT legs, tanker plasma fried them on Komora. Kept her alive though, and got her out of there. She'll be right as rain soon I wager. I also put in for her to make acting sarn't, since she shows promise. Bitch just up and left after Carter got a minor lashing after the medal recco she put in for Carter got turned into a courts martial. Didn't even think to warn me and just upped and did it. Cheers, you put me in a helluva spot and that got good men killed. Hope your retirement's worth it. Mark Davis: Damn good man, I see him as a friend and I believe he sees me the same way. Great Chef and a good man to confide in. Helped me through some of the hard times I've had. Damn fine Chap. I do hope he and Nutaraq make it through this. Two of them are real close. Nevermind…. God I'm sorry Davis..... He's a Sergeant like me now. He's good, but, I can see him blaming himself for everything going wrong on his drops. He needs to push through it and react faster, which he'll learn. Otherwise, he's a good man. Seems like he's found a few more friends than myself and Cross and the like too. Good on him. Well... its been a long time I've had around Davis. He's a good man, got badly hurt for the last time and rotated into fleet auxiliary as a chef. I know it hurts him a bit watching more and more new faces turn up to eat instead of the old hands though.... But he won't admit it. Just wish he was still fighting with us. I miss our talks too. Haley Miller: Hm. Don't know a lot of her, but, she seems pretty nice, hell, all the Engineers seem like one big happy family. Do feel sorry after she got her legs blown off alongside O'Connor by the damn mines. I hope she pulls through ok. Well, she's doing good, made tech sergeant. I just wish we talked more. From what we have talked, she's a good friend, just a distant one. Its a shame. Logan O'Connor: One of the Marauders I know. Good man like the rest, though a bit cocky at times. Nice man, all in all, when he's focused and on-track. Do feel sorry for him losing his legs like Miller, poor sod. Man saved my life on Hesperus.... holy shit.... That slash almost took my head off. Still ain't gotten over that..... Sebastian Bentley: I admire the man, not just because of who he is as an officer but more because of who he is as a man. Leading because he has to, not because he wants the power. And leading well, letting others lead drops and watching their performance before acting. If anyone'll get us through Hesperus it's him, but yet, I don't think he'll want me to say that to him. Some days I think the man just needs a good hug and a pint or equivalent to relax. Fuckin threw us into a VR Halloween nightmare. Motherfucker. Fuckin' making me lead through that shit too. Bastard. Talked with him some more, on Komora and after. Man's more of a maverick NCO as an officer. I like that. He has us at heart. Apparently I owe him some scotch. I can gladly pay that one off. Joshua Walsh: Good First Class, probably a good candidate for Lance Corporal. Ain't seen him around since my own Lance days though, so.... I wouldn't know much about him anymore. Was a good man when I saw him, though. Tumas Tankijin: Eh, don't know much about Tank, aint talked to him much outside of Drops. Seems like a good man, but, I've had a few slight problems on the field. Nothing major but, well, it just adds to the mix of not knowing the man Naomi Hawthorne: Hawthorne?.... Well, I know of her, is really how I can phrase it. Intel Light Colonel at the moment..... Canned Bragg for something I dont even really know, Seems like a decent and I guess somewhat caring Intel officer.... I'd have to really talk to her but, well, she's an Intel Colonel. Like hell I'll actually talk to her. Eric Shepard: Seems to be a good trooper. Haven't really talked with him lately so I wouldn't know a lot about him. Seems alright. Loud, still much the same, runs about like he's back in that Vietnam war with a machine gun. Still don't know a lot about him Sophie Jonsson: Well, She's the platoon's only Sergeant now. Naturally I look up to her, but, she seems to be taking me under her wing. Makes me feel better about making Corporal in a month to have a mentor like her. I'm sad she shot Hunter, but I understand why. Felt bad taking her to the brig too. Otherwise, well, she's nice to talk to, when we can. Overall, I like her. Rodrick Oakwood: Oakwood? Seemed like a good man, was a good Staff too. Old history man, 112th, sat with me for an hour and a half talking over his past to provide some insight to how being a Noncom worked. Then he was gone, transferred or retired somewhere, I don't know. Michael Baxton(KIA): A good trooper, and a pretty good SAW Gunner. Hit Bragg in the back a long while ago but, well, he's gotten the SAW Under control and is shaping well. Solid man to fall back on. Typical. One of the troops I liked is the first one to die under my command. Seppie rifleman. Put one through his heart. He dropped and died without even a gasp. First day as an engineer too. What a waste. Farah Zadjía: Farah is an interesting one. First full day as a Sergeant and she pops up after a horrid drop apparently, dropping a load of the MI face first into the deck. Warned her not to do it again post drop, mainly because of people dropping to the deck, and apart from that? She's been a solid Lance from what I've heard. Seems experienced like Carter, a re-enlistee or something. Makes me feel better about my life when I've got solid people like her to lean on if I don't know something. Emily Heize: A peculiar Poddie. Bit of a rough-and-tumble upbringing from what I know, and seems to have a slight chip on her shoulder regarding the MI leadership. Also often comes across as a bit brutal and straight to the point. But otherwise, she's good at her Job, so that's what counts. Rachel Cross: Rachel? I like her. Consider her a friend really. Good medic, helped the lads a lot. Good at her job, like Tillie. Two of them in medical keeps us in a good state. Helped me out too. Just wish she got more chances to relax. Laurene Mordred: A good Private. I like her. Ain't talked much or anything but she's capable. One of the good people. She keeps it up, and I'll be a happy Sergeant. Dina Krieger: Dina? Dina... Well, hell I like her. A lot. She's a good friend. Funny that she's also a Psychic but that helps when she practices her abilities on me to make me happy after a lot of bad shit. I just wish I actually knew her, more than what she drinks and that she tries to help everyone..... And uhm, thanks for the bunny memory of yours..... It's cute. I like her even more. She's a good moral anchor point, and caring. Its nice to have someone like that as a medic. One of the few, and well, she's someone who makes you feel better from talking to her alone. Its a rarity these days. Bryce Renfro(KIA): Don't know a lot about him, but seems prospective. He looks like a good man. Certainly a good trooper, works his way up all that fast and all the rest. Nevemind…. poor bastard got a cliffmite barb to the throat. Shit.... serves me right. I fucked up on that drop something fierce... Isaac Conniff: I dont know a lot about him. Apparently an old hand, re-enlisted like Carter, was a corporal for a bit before going back down and just, disappeared again. Good man but, wish he was here. Chloe Carter: Oh boy. I remember her back when I was only a Corporal back at Hesperus. She was around for a while, did some good and then retired again. Add a month and she's back, first as a lance and then I put her back to Corp. Ex-Captain by her own words. She's probably one of the few straight arrows I have, in that sense. I wish I had more like her I could lean on for advice. Good trooper. Great shot too, just can be a little cocky and think its still her heyday. But hey, we all make mistakes. Told you to buck up and take your mistakes on the chin, then you get court martial'd for that power core. I wish it didn't happen but the fact you just decided 'no more I'm done' fucked me right off. Third time you've left the MI. Stay gone, and stay the fuck away from this unit. Jack Varks: Dunno a lot about the man, other than he's a good trooper and is also probably the luckiest SOB I know. Sprayed by a tanker and only mild burns. Jesus, the luck on that man, I'd swear he was a psychic. Well he's doing good. Tried and failed as a lance but still rocks as a good trooper. Good man, really. Hasn't changed a lot. Good trooper, trying to work his way back up to Lance. Might be able to do it now. Still about the same. He's a good trooper, just don't know him a lot. Martin Patton(KIA): New Engi replacing Baxton. He's fucked up a few times, but he's new. He's a good lad when he puts himself to it and now he's gotten the hang of it, he's a dab hand with the Mike-55. Don't really know him other than he smokes cigars. Shit... Man wish he didn't go out like that. Tried to save a turret, bug came up and ate him in half. Nakatami almost saved his life. Put one in his heart myself. Rest easy. Carter Beckett: Good lad. Saw potential in him testing him as a Lance under me, moved him to Corporal, and he's doing fine. I don't know him a lot personally but he's a good trooper, and that's something we need more than ever. Ryan O'Neill: Well he's confusing for a start, thanks to his first name. Also platoon flag bearer. He's a good man, currently acting corporal. Helped me out on Rohan.... just wonder what's next after what I got told... Man's doing good, on track for Sergeant even. Certainly giving me less work to do. About time I got some good sergeants with me. Makayla Knight: Oh god, uh, Well. From a professional standpoint? She's a great, bubbling replacement for Cross, almost like she's her daughter in that aspect, doing a world of good as a medic and keeping people alive. Straightforwards and polite too. Personally? Well, she hit on me, and we've had a few dates. 2R got sent off too. Nice to have someone to just cuddle with and let the worries fade away with. Joseph Morelli: Wrench monkey Corporal. Did good on Cassandra and well, he's an effective leader. Fuck me is it nice to actually have competent NCOs I can leave to handle shit. World of wonders it is. Seems like a nice guy, though I don't know him an awful lot... Really need to talk to people more...
  7. Theme Face Claim Voice Reference (First Sergeant Lipton BOB) Basic Information:Name: Ryan Patrick O'Neill Age: 25 Gender: Male Affiliation: United Citizens Federation Role(s): Platoon Flag Bearer - 'Kelly's Kings' Kin: None Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Lawful Neutral Hair color: Brown Eye color: Brown Rank: Sergeant Attributes:Misc. Attributes:Combat Rating: 0/10Pain/Health: 0/10Wealth: Upper ClassOther Information:Characteristics: Die-hard Patriot | Friendly | Naive | Dedicated Achievements Serving the MI with all he had, giving all he had.NeutralRegrets None Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good Friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- LCpl. Jack Varks Seems like a wholesome young man who cares for his friends and significant other genuinely. I wish him all the best for his advancement back up the ranks. We are good buddies now, I got his back hope he has mine! We aren't privates anymore, he didn't seem happy when I told him he was gonna be mentored. I hope he doesn't grow arrogant and foolish. You're gonna have to grow up quick, and fast. LCpl. Carter Beckett Corporal of the 47th, he's a pretty chill guy. I don't really know him all that well though even if we've interacted a bunch. You lost my respect, I hope to god you get your shit sorted out, for the mens sake. Sgt. Sophie Jonsson Our Staff Sergeant, I've had the pleasure of following under her command twice now, she cares for the troops. I watched her console Kruger after the loss of Akerman and how she leads in the field. This trooper will follow her, without question. Sergeant now, goodbye Jonsson. Cpl. Augustus Azam Used to be a Corporal, resigned, full time grunt who got lashed a couple of days ago, he seems pretty chill and down to earth, I like him. A Corporal now, he seems on the level. I heard about his past issues hopefully he works his way past them. I'll be there for him though. Good luck. Pvt. Eric Shepard Private Shepard is a high-speed grunt although he shot a civilian a while back, it doesn't reflect on his personality, seems good for morale if not getting carried away a little bit. Also gonna help me de-populate hell when we get there, Rah Shepard, fucking Rah. He's a pretty solid trooper, looking out for others, we had a spar and a good fight and he seems to care underneath his rough and tough exterior, he's better at raising morale from the ground up. He's doing us all a service really, and he's pretty well disciplined. I'll clear out Hell for you, oorah. Sgt. Jessica Ryan Leads us in combat, keeps her cool, she ain't my friend though. You're not friends with your bosses, and she's more like a boss. Finally got Staff Sergeant, don't fuck this opportunity up, I helped you as much as I can, it's on you now. Gunny Zadjía A loud and proud Gunnery Sergeant took a lot of shit in Epsilon Prime and is now back, I look forward to working with her! WO. Oberlin A high speed highly motivated veteran of the Progenitor wars. I take her advice and experience to heart. I hope I do nothing to make her pissed off, she seems like she really knows her shit. She's gonna be looking out for me as a mentor, I appreciate it, it's hard to find my own way when I've had no real mentors. Pfc. Kreslina Very low speed trooper, seems sapped on morale and personality, I don't know about her. LCpl. Laurene Mordred A shy Lance Corporal who is trying to find the balance between her authority and knowing how to use it, that alone makes her step out from the rest, I'll be personally mentoring her. . Nathan Daly My best friend, my brother from a Samson whore'd out mother. I love this morale raising, funny man. We're gonna go fishing on RNR and catch a biggun! My brother, catch a big fish for me, live a life that you can do lots with, I believe in you, I've always believed in you. Cpl. Sarah Redbrick A trooper who although had less optimism than a sack of fucking potatos, had competence and every grace of my faith on their ability. I go with my death proudly knowing that someone like them would be able to take my place. If they need to. I'll see you on the eternal battlefield Redbrick, rah. --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- TSgt. Miller Technical Sergeant of the Engineers. Backup singer for Irving in our band, and pretty fantastic singer at that too. She's pretty damn cool. Cpl. Joe Morelli Mans man, we've risen up in the ranks together and both lead effectively in the field. I wouldn't and couldn't want anyone else to be leading with. Even if he's a bit of a puss hound. MSpc. Gabriella Fernsby Ol' Fernsby, one of my favorite wasps to talk to, we're space neighbours, she came from the boring moon and I came from Terra. We speak a bit and I enjoy her company. She's very chilled out and relaxed. Looking forward to more conversations. --[[Psi-Ops]]-- Hayden 'TUBES' Toubia Seems like a cool guy, I saved his life and we seem to get along just well. Haven't seen him in a little while. There he is, a damn good man now a Lance Corporal bass player psychic. Sergeant Frederick Irving My role model for the NCO corps. Very proud he made Sergeant and very eager to work with him. What you did was not okay in the slightest. I'll still be there for you as a friend, but you really dropped the ball. I don't see you in the same light. Heard you transferred out, i'm sorry for what ails you. I hope you're not too worried when news of my death reaches you. --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--Spc. Dina Krieger A psychic medic, I have respect for anyone who volunteers to keep us alive. And she taught me a few things, but I wouldn't say we're friends yet. Keep saving people Medic. - - ---[[Federation Marauders]]--- - ---[[Federation Fleet]]-- Ensign Isaac Reyes Both of our fathers served in Fleet, he seems pretty cool for a flyboy. Glad to see him having a good time, I enjoyed his company. --[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--- - ---[[Other]]-- Po. Tzipora Bronson Engineer chick, seems pretty chill. I appreciate their bluntness, hope they didn't mind me talking their head off. Petty Officer in FFRL now which I will say F-For Real!? shit, she seems pretty big brain now. Hope she doesn't forget about us. - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - - - Relationships.
  8. ____________________________________ Link: Theme ( Mr. Capone-E - I Did You Wrong ) Link: Voice Claim ( Mr. Capone-E / Fahd Azam ) ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Information Name: Augustus Azam Gender: Male Age: 29 Date of Birth: April 27th, 2272 Place of Birth: Tango Urilla Affiliation: United Citizen Federation Eye Color: Hazelnut Brown Hair Color: N/A Facial Hair Color: Black Height: 6'0'' Weight: 179 lbs Zodiac Sign: Taurus Alignment: Lawful Neutral Spoken Languages: English, Spanish Current Rank: Corporal (Cpl.) Rank History (47th Battalion): Rct. - Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl. - Cpl. - LCpl. - Cpl. (Resigned) Pfc. - LCpl. - Cpl. Branch: Infantry Citizenship Status: Maintained ID Number: 777-156 Years of Service: Unknown ____________________________________ Awards ____________________________________ Opinions Mark Davis "It's a darn shame what happened to Davis. He was a good trooper. He still is, he's just incapable to do much anymore." Elija Bragg "Bragg is somebody who I've been through hell and back with, yet he refuses to call me a friend, but I have no idea what he really thinks about me. I'm glad he had my side with the whole meta-arachnid business." Hayden Toubia "Toubia is a very new poddie. He seems like a good guy. He was just recently injured in the meta-arachnid incident. I really hope he is okay, he has potential. I also paired up with him on a training not long ago and we aced it." Update #1: "It appears that he has been promoted to Lance Corporal the same time as me. I hope me and him can work together some day on trainings." Jack Varks "A Private no different than the others. He's been a Lance Corporal before, but it was taken from him because he didn't perform so well. I do know that he is trying, though. And that's all that matters." Ryan O'Neill "A Sergeant who rose up the ranks pretty quickly in my opinion. He seems to be doing a much better job than everyone, which is good. He seems to like me as a trooper and NCO, but I feel like I'm getting too much praise. Looking forward to work with him." Jessica Ryan "Yet another Sergeant who I've met a long time ago. Me and her go a way back since I remember when I promoted her to Private First Class. I saw potential in her and I still do. I would like to get closer to a personal level with my fellow NCOs, her included." ( Ask to be added. ) ____________________________________
  9. Face Claim: General Information Name: Sarah Myla Redbrick Nicknames: "Red" Sex: Female Age: 24 Date of Birth: 12/28/2276 Weight: 162 Height: 6 ft 0. Hair Color: Red/Ginger Eye Color: Dull Blue Place of Birth: South Boston, Massachusetts - Terra Nationality: North American/Terran Accent: Thick Boston Accent Orientation: Heterosexual Economic Status : Middle Class Marital Status: Single and ready to mingle! (Jimbow wuz here) Known Languages: Terran Standard (English) Quotes:" Next of Kin Listed Below : (Mother) Myla M. Reid: 41, - Unknown (Step-Mother) 'Biddy' Bree Catherine : Twenty-Nine, Dead, -12/20/2298 (Father) Kenneth J. Redbrick: Forty-Six, Serving Life in a Federal-Prison. - 8/4/2298 ALIVE (Twin-Sister) Mary M. Redbrick : Twenty-Two, Serving Seven years in a Penile Legion. - 7/1/2298 ALIVE Various Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. - Perished on Terra during the Progenitor Assault and subsequent occupation or otherwise unknown to herself. Personality (On-ship) Easy Going, Comedic, Ideological. Personality (On-Drop): Focused, Ideological. Reputation/Known Facts: Occupations Before Enlistment : Shop Mechanic - Diner Waitress - Bartender Keepsakes: The Lost Keepsakes. 4/19/2299 The Gained/Saved Keepsakes. 4/24/2299 Remembrances: Cpl. Kaelem Sentoniel's Farewell Recording from Terra. Jennifer's Letter. France, 11/11/2298. Right Biotech Arm stamp (Top of right hand) : Professional Information: Faction: Mobile Infantry Weapon Specializations: M55 'Longbow' Rocket Launcher SW-226-F ‘Hel’ Infantry Flamer SW-093 3GL 20mm Grenade launcher TW-202 Morita MK2/MK3 LMG Squad Automatic Weapon TW-201 Morita Mk1 Designated Marksman Rifle TW-99-S ‘Belcher’ Auto-Shotgun TW-201 Morita Mk1 - Grenade Launcher TW-201 Morita Mk1 - Carbine TW-202 Mk3 - Sub machine gun TW-300 Morita Mk4 - Sub machine gun E-Pulse 44 DMR E-Pulse 44 SMG E-Pulse 88 HEMMG M Class Weaponry TW-300 MS 'Spitfire' 50 Heavy-Machine gun TW-100 EVA-8 000/.36 Semi-Auto Shotgun TW-900S 'Vulcan' Handheld Minigun SW-300-FSL ‘Hel’ Flamer SW-099GL 'Sidewinder' Automatic 20mm Grenade Launcher Mobile Infantry Certifications/Training: Marauder Basic Marauder Weapons/Suit Repair. Marauder Advanced Piloting. 112th Basic Trooper Competency Advanced SUT Advanced Hand to Hand. Mobile Infantry Combat Life Saver. (C.L.S.) Engineering Munitions. Engineering Sapper. Engineering Systems. Engineering M.E.C. Judicial Record Highest Rank achieved (18th Artillery ) Cpl. 18th CMO : Lieutenant King 18th XO : Master-Sergeant Robbins Highest Rank achieved (13th Marauder Division): MSpc. 13th Marauder's CMO : Lieutenant Edwards. 13th Marauder's XO : Technical Sergeant Sigrun. Highest Rank achieved (112th Combat Engineering): MSpc. Combat Engineering Current CMO. : Lieutenant York. Combat Engineering Current XO. : Technical Sergeant Hviteulven. Highest Rank achieved (112th Morita Rifle's): Sgt. 112th Morita Rifle's CO : Captain Davidson 112th Morita Rifle's XO : Lieutenant Kowalski - Lieutenant Tuuli Current Rank: 47th 1st Platoon, Mobile Infantry Corporal. Alpha Company. (Kelly's Kings) Combat/Service Awards: Awarded Ribbons: Theater Ribbon's: Unit Citations: Role: NCO Off-Duty OUTFIT: M.I. BDU Beret and Standard infantry greys with accompanying rank slides/patches Health & Status Status: Active Mental Status: Stable Alignment: Lawful Neutral Relationships: (In wack as fuck order) Loved / Respected / Trust with my life / Close Friend / Friendly / Known-Acquainted / Who? / Distrusted / Hated / ✟ = Dead ? = Unknown ✭ = Discharged/Transferred ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Living ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Dead ------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Disappeared and Transferred or Retired ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Farah 'Junius' Zadjía THEME & CLAIM GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Farah Mirla Zadjía Alias(es): 'Junius' Age: 25 Hometown: Corrvika, Kredia Affiliation: United Citizens Federation Specialization: All Specializations Rank: Gunnery Sergeant Highest Rank Achieved: Gunnery Sergeant Morale: Awful ███████ | ███████ Good Awards: "-- I still got him.” FAMILIAL CONNECTIONS Father: Lt. Hassan F. Zadjía - (INTEL) - KIA Mother: SSgt. Alesa R. Zadjía - (MI) - KIA Brother: LCpl. Amir L. Zadjía - (MI) - ACTIVE Sister: Cpl. Kara P. Zadjía - (MI) - RETIRED Spouse: None “Let the rifle work with you, not against you. Make it an extension of your body when you pull that trigger.” PHYSICAL INFORMATION  Gender: Female Height: 5'8 Weight: 139.1 lbs Build: Mesomorph Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown Cybernetics: None  "It's all good, Brecker, we've got it a--" "Shut up and just walk, Amir." PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Alignment: Renegade ███████ | ███████ Paragon Personality Type: The Visionary Strengths: Determined, Nimble, Dexterous, Patient Weaknesses: Strength, Psychic Affliction, 'Fluff' Prized Items: ---------------------------------------------------------- Personal Relationships Interested | Respected | Trusted | Close Friend | Friend | Noticed | Neutral | Mixed | Hated † = Sanity | † = Deceased | † = Retired/Transferred Isaac Conniff Jacob Duvall Jessica Ryan
  11. 'Hooah boys, get some!' Passive Theme Drop Theme First Name: Eric Aliases:Ears Mother: Lucy Shepard , Citizen Status: Deceased Pre Enlistment life Born and Raised on Iskander, Eric Shepard was the son of Randal Shepard, a Landscaper after retiring from the Federal Fleet after his two years of Service and Lucy Shepard, a Re Enlisted Sergeant in the Mobile Infantry. Eric's life growing up was a rather simplistic, spending all of his child hood and teenage years in the small Town of Riverdale falls, which is a three hour drive from the Capital. At a young age Eric became the classes Clown and Trouble maker, always finding himself in detention as well as getting the usual visit to the Principles office with his Father and Mother after school. As he grew older and high school war right around the Corner, Eric still maintained his rebellious personality with only two new traits coming along with it.....Girls and the Military, due to his excessive binge watching of War movies and....adult Videos after school. As High School life drifted on, Eric became the typical jock/bully. Being in the starting team of the Schools jumpball team, as a Linebacker and finding enjoyment in picking on Geeks, Rich kids and sometimes, other Bullies who threatened his Mojo. At the Age of 17, his mother returned home for Christmas but unfortunately lost her life in a car crash. If it wasn't for a certain individual by the name of William beans he met after a post school brawl he was involved in, he would've never moved on with the Guilt of losing his mother that day. Eric and William became best of friends, despite the later not being active in sports as Eric, he still found his time to hang out with his bud and pull of any kinds of pranks on the ladies. Once High School was over, instead of working in the Landscaping business alongside his father, Eric joined the Mobile Infantry for one to receive Citizenship but also to fulfill his dream of becoming a Soldier at a young age. William and Eric found themselves transferred to the 82nd Morita rifles after Basic, an Iskander based unit. Throughout the years, Eric and William were engaged in multiple Operations, including the Fall of Terra. As the Civil War occurred, the 82nd fell under mutiny, half the battalion swore allegiance to Sanctuary, the other half fled the onslaught to join the Sixth fleet, Shepard and Beans were one of the few that just managed to escape. The duo eventually found themselves a shuttle to their new Home, the 112th Battalion aboard the Grant as transfer Weapon Specialists. (Eric Shepard age 8, fighting a Midget after school) (Eric encountering Lesbians during his last summer before joining the MI) Physical Information Armed Services Career Branches Served In: Mobile Infantry Current Unit: 47th Mechanized Morita Rifles Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st. Platoon Role: Mark 3 SAW Gunner Rank: Private Promotion Record: Rct - Pvt - Pfc Spc- Pfc-Pvt-Pfc-Pvt Criminal Record: Article 99 Article 15 Age of Enlistment: 18 Wounds Received in Duty: - Multiple Rounds to the Torso and Right Shoulder -Arachnid Talon to left thigh Status: Alive (Spc.Eric Shepard using a human shield to charge a Sanctuary foxhole during the Civil War) Awards Received: Personal Relationships Relations: Strange Wool|Bro| Dude|Pal| Meh| What a fucking baby|Die Bitch| ✝️ Bought the Farm Sofia Holloway Aria Miller Elliot Cooke Hermaður Karlossson Roadrick Oakwood Novah Ensley Adrian Perot Joseph Morreli Adrian Augustus Chloe Carter Rachel Cross Jack Varks Jessica Ryan Angelika Gjallahad Martin Patton Haley Miller Frederick Irving Tzipora Bronson Jonah O'Malley William Garret Gabriella Fernsby Hayden Toubia Ryan O'Neill Sarah Redbrick Amelia Six Farah Zadija
  12. Q PERSONNEL DOSSIER: BLACKBURN. JOSEPH. A UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS OF THIS FILE IS PUNISHABLE BY IMPRISONMENT UNDER SECTION 12, SUBSECTION C, CODE NUMBER 1522 OF THE UCF CODE. Biographical Information Full Name: Joseph Alexander Blackburn Service Number: 56347-23456JB Alias(es): Jose, Joe, Joey, Blacky, Black. Sex: Male Age: 22 Date of Birth: October 29th, 2278 Place of Birth: Fall River, Massachusetts, Earth Nationality: American Spoken Languages: English Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Religious Beliefs: Roman Catholic Alignment: Neutral Good Service Information Rank: Pvt Date of Enlistment: September 7th, 2297 Years of Service: 4 Previous Unit: 101REG/ECOY/2PLAT101st “Baker’s Dozen” Current Unit: 47REG/ACOY/1PLAT “Asper’s Archers” Specializations: SAW Gunner, Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) Promotions / Demotions: 101st MI: Rct < Pvt < Pfc< LCpl 47th MI: Rct< Pvt Decorations: General Specialization Ribbon Operation Meggido Ribbon Operation Dawn Ribbon Combat Action Medal Purple Heart Military History: (Blackburn is caught by Sergeant Morgan Salter after a hull breach nearly sucks him into space. Lunar Gateway port.) -Subject enlists on September 7th and passes bootcamp as an RTO. Subject is assigned to 101st Mobile Infantry's Second Platoon, posted on Luna. The 101st was one of the first units engaged with Progenitor forces as the invasion of Sol began. The 101st is first directed to defend the 4th Fleet docked at Armstrong Fleet Shipyards from Progenitor attacked until they could escape their moorings. Mission was successful at the cost of the Corvette Kilimanjaro and the Destroyers Eclipse, Vengeance, and Tunguska. -101st MI repels the main Progenitor thrust on Luna, and conduct a hot drop into Geneva to assist evacuation efforts at the space tether and protecting the Federal building. -101st MI is left behind as the Federal Fleet is decimated, and is forced to abandon Geneva. They flee into the Ardennes forest in Belgium and fortify their position in Bastogne. -101st MI conduct supply raids on Federation stockpiles, ambush Progenitor forces, and help rescue other stranded units. Later linking up with the 76th Mobile Infantry in Paris. -Federal forces liberate Sol as the 101st and 76th make their final stand at the Eiffel Tower. The 101st are finally relieved after months of heavy fighting. -101st MI disbanded due to high casualties, subject is first transferred to the 67th MI, then the 56th, then finally the 47th, assigned to Alpha Company's First Platoon. Physical Information Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Skin Tone: White Height: 5’7 Weight: 145 lbs Build: Athletic Voice: VOICE SYNTHESIS: 86% MATCH Tattoos, Piercings and Body Alterations: N/A Other: Medical Information Current Mental State: Healthy. Current Physical State: Tip-Top shape, Tickety Boo. One Hundred percent. Previous Injuries: Shrapnel injury from Separatist IED on January 12th, 2300 Character Relationships ‘I see trees of green…’ | | ‘Partner in crime’ | | ‘Best Bud’ | | ‘Battle Buddy’ |'Acquainted'| ‘I dunno’ | | “Dick” | | “Leave a grenade in this one’s pillow” 3Spc. Logan Kent: An engineer, seems like the alright sort. I first met him on a drop to clear some bug holes, and is definitely good at what he does. Definitely has an affinity for Davis’ Crack Brownies as well. In any case, he’s an alright dude. Cpl. Alyssa Law: Attorney at Law, heh. I first really got to know her during this past RnR, served her drinks when I accidentally volunteered myself for bartender duty, traded some banter and shit like that. On the record, she seems like a capable leader and a good battle buddy. Hopefully I can get to know her better.
  13. New Theme: Based Battle Theme: UNOFFICIAL COMBAT ENGINEERS THEME SONG: Grandparents: Captain Geno Savatore Morelli Alive (Retired UCF Fleet, Captain of Corvett Transport UCF Star Gazer) 86 yrs old, & Marina Amelia Morelli (nee Vanelli) Alive 89 yrs old. Carter Sabatta Vadici Alive 92 yrs old, & Corinne Anucci Vadici (nee Gallardo) Deceased 80 yrs old. Parents: Sgt. Giuseppe Anatoli Morelli Alive (Mobile Infantry Retired, Second Platoon, G Company, Third Regiment, First Division, Rasczak's Roughnecks) 63 yrs old, & MSpc. Cecilia Fernanda Morelli (nee Vadici) Alive (Mobile Infantry Medical Corps Retired, 15th Battalion, B Company, 1st Platoon) 60 yrs old Brother(s): James Fabbro Morelli Alive 22 yrs old, CMO. Jeffrey Cavallo Morelli Alive (Mobile Infantry Medical Corps, 23rd Battalion, C Company, 3rd Platoon.) 32 yrs old. Sister(s): Fernanda Claudia Vespucci (nee Morelli) Alive 24 yrs old. Children: John Paolo Morelli Alive 9 yrs old. Homeworld: Hesperus Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Hair color: Black Eye color: Brown Build: Mesomorph Athletic Rank: CorporalWealth: Middle-Class. Cybernetics: Bio-Tech Left Leg (Kneecap and down) Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Dislikes|Hates|Fears--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--- Eric Shepherd: "This motherfucker is hilarious, we've been in the shit together. We hit it off when I first got on the Nyman. I ain't known for that long, but I feel I can trust him. UPDAT: "Aw Jesus, Shep. I didn't think I'd have to tie you up for your licks, I'm sorry buddy." UPDATE: "Good ol' Shepard, just keep chuggin' my man. Just keep rollin, you fucking horn dog." - Jack Varks: "Jesus, this kid...he ain't a bad kid at all, man. Stutters a bunch, and it's annoying as fuck. But, he ain't a bad kid, too young to be in the Mobile Infantry if you ask me. Should've went out and lived a little. I like him though." UPDATE: "Damn it, kid. You lost your foot, and I wasn't there to help you out. Better keep that cocky attitude in check before I slap you to Jupiter, butt boy." UPDATE: "Poor boy, way too possessive and so naive. Just don't get your heart broken buddy, and STOP JUMPING INTO RELATIONSHIPS. They don't always end up with happy endings." UPDATE: "Yeah, so I was right about the relationship, Varks. Anyways, poor kid...I feel bad for ya man, you went through a lot of shit and my heart goes out you." - Adrian Perot: "Another one of the fucking Boot Gang, another funny, loud mouth motherfucker like Shepherd. If there's all three of us in a room, we're causing a racket definitely. - Lumi Saari: "Not gonna' lie, I don't know much about this broad. I just know she's strong as fuck, she saved my life so you got my respect." -Adrian Augustus: "This kid's a trip, he's part of the Boot Gang. We seem to be growing stronger everyday on the Nymen, but for a grunt, he ain't no fuckin' retard that's for sure. Keep goin' kid, you're gonna go places." -Jonah O'Malley: "Average run of the mill, Irish super-grunt. Absolute chad, and Boot Gang member. A+, kid, A+." -Joe Hayes: "Kid seems like an outcast of the Platoon, not a super loud individual, but he's also pretty funny. I like em." - Mira Oberlin: "Not gonna lie, she scares me a little bit." UPDATE: "Really fucking scary..I just found out some really, really, spooky fucking shit about her...I'm definitely going to try to keep on her good side." - Carter Beckett: "A pretty funny guy to be around, laid back, a little tight, but that's okay. Enforcing a little more on the regulations, but it's better than being a bunch of slobs. I'm hoping to learn more from you in the future." - Jessica Ryan: "The Sergeant...she's really damn young looking, but I have faith in her leadership and I haven't died yet because of it. So I'm confident that she'll keep leading us to victory." - Anastasia Kreslina: "She's sharp, and cold. Always guts me out real quick, she got cold eyes that make me shiver. I like the sharp comebacks, and you seem smarter than you look. I can admire that." UPDATE: "Well, to be fair. She's honestly just another boot, nothing really that special about her other than her boring humor and lack of social cues like sarcasm. Still pretty sharp on the tongue though." UPDATE: "To be honest, you're basically a robot, you really don't have any sort of basic emotion in your voice. I don't even know why you talk half the time." --[[Federation Engineering Division]]--- Tzipora Bronson: "She's a tough broad, never smiled one time I think. Makes some bomb fucking grub though, I'd still bang her prosthetic ass." UPDATE: "We had a pretty good heart to heart conversation and I probably shouldn't have said some things, I guess she ain't as tough as she makes herself out to be, but don't go around showing people my FedTube account when I was a kid, that's just utterly embarrassing. Glad to know I got a shoulder to cry on though, wait did I just say that?" UPDATE: "Got into FFRL! I'm so happy for you, Bronson. You've been one of the most solid people I've ever met, and I wish you didn't have to leave! Stay up, Queen." - Haley Miller: "Oh boy, Sarge. You're fuckin' badass, I had second thoughts about you at first, but you got faith in me, you see I can be remotely intelligent AND useful. Thanks for believing in me, Sarge." - Chance Mellone: "Guy I never met before, he spies on everybody with his visor. Makes spicy FedBook memes, and he taught me EMEC, in your face, Holloway." - Sophie Holloway: "In your FACE, I got my EMEC within two days and you said it would take me two weeks! Now I'm in the process of doing my Demolitions and I'll finally have all my certifications!" UPDATE: "Sorry about losing your legs, and I'm also sorry about wanting to just A6 you and leave you behind back in the hive; I honestly hope you didn't hear that, but you probably did and I want forgiveness."--[[Psi-Ops]]--- Frederic Irving: "Fucking Grape Head, he fucks with the Boot Gang sometimes. Pretty alright for a faggot." UPDATE: "What a mad lad, making Corporal, literally a chad." UPDATE: "WHAT A FUCKING UNIT, HE'S A SERGEANT!" - Hayden Toubia: "Tubes, what a fucking chuckle head. We seen some shit together, compadre. Keep that head clean, because you scare me sometimes, I should claim your ass on my taxes, because you're like my fucking kid." UPDATE: "Tubes, this fucking kid. I believe he'll do good as a squad leader, he's got the heart and brain for it, I'm happy to let him lead me anyday." ---[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--- Heidi Von Krieger: "German Medic, she's pretty cool to talk to. I'd smash, personally. My buddy Varks is dating her, even though he was with Kennedy. So yeah, I guess she's alright people. I really like how she talks, she can barely speak standard and I appreciate that aesthetic." UPDATE: "Well, I admitted that I got the hots for her, and she did the same thing...so now we're together. I just gotta fill out that 2R form and get it signed off so I don't get shipped out to a new battalion. We just got to talking, and she's a shoulder to cry on. She can confide in me and I can in her. Gotta' say I'm a lucky motherfucker for meeting you." -Makayla Knight: "Asked her out on a date once, found out she likes chicks. Still pretty cool, still kinda' cute. Eh, I'd still smash, probably." ---[[Federation Marauders]]--- Elija Bragg: "Roundhoused me into the Emergency Room, what did I expect from an edgy Smurf? At least he apologized. UPDATE: "He's actually a pretty cool cat to talk to, I can forgive him for the roundhouse kick and everything. We fuck with eachother every so once in a while, but he honestly seems like a go to guy. I respect and admire that." UPDATE: "One helluva' dancer, I felt like butter in his hands on the dance floor!" - - William Garret: "A pretty cool Marauder, we talked for a little bit, but we got the same deal with the whole relationship and crushes thing. I can relate to him and he can I. Not a bad guy to chat with, and he's pretty fucking funny. A+." - Logan O'Connor: "Okay, I don't even know why I'm writing you in here. I comforted you twice, listened to your problems and gave you a shoulder to cry on regardless of the death threats you made to me before. Then we're in the field during an engagement, you fucking shoot MY OFF ARM while I'M STANDING STILL trying to communicate with my squad. That's a big fuck you to me, then you try to blame ME for your incompetence! Fuck you."--[[Federation Fleet]]--- - ---[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]--- - ---[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- -Alex Layland: "A fellow Engineer and Brother in Arms...another good guy lost to this war, when will the slaughter end? When will these bugs give up and realize that we as Humans are top of the food chain!" -Ryan O'Neil: "Seems like a pretty good kid all around, good trooper. He'll do fine." UPDATE: "Pretty cool fella' so far, I feel like we got a little bit closer and we communicate effectively. Stay up, King." UPDATE: "He's really good at doing his job, I think he'll defenitley do better than me and go up, and up. I'm proud he got so far to be on par with me, this kid's a gold standard of what all Non-Comms and troopers should be. Stay up, King." UPDATE: "Dude had the balls to carry me a whole kilometer out of a bug infested, combat zone. I think I'm in love, you're fucking awesome and I owe my life to you, if want something done, consider it done when you ask me." UPDATE: "I wish I was there to prevent your death, you were the Spirit de Corps, you were the big morale booster. I'm sorry, Ryan, I'm so sorry." - Angelika Gjallahad: "You suck at Beer Pong, your trick shots are pathetic, step away Plebian." UPDATE: "I'm sorry about your death, I know that you and Miller were very close and she's taking your death hard. God rest your soul, trooper." - Elizabeth Sledge: "A good trooper and a beast SAW Gunner, I'd share a foxhole with her anyday. God rest your soul, Trooper. - Martin Patton: "Another good buddy of mine, we're like the trio, you, Shepard, and me. Tighter than a nun's thighs, and inseperable. You silver tongued your way into making me decide my career. So far, I don't see a mistake in the road at all, thanks buddy. But, you're still a massive faggot." UPDATE: "Oh my God..I'm so sorry, Patton...I'm sorry I couldn't save you in time...fly high buddy, I'm missing you already. MEDALS AND AWARDS!:
  14. Enter User Credentials: ****************** Pass: ******* ..... .... Access Granted. Displaying: Dina L. Kriger, 47th Mobile Infantry, 7th MIPOD, 182nd Medical Detachment, E-4 Dina Kriger, age 18. General Information: Name: Dina Laila Kriger Birthplace: New Lillehammer, Samson Birth date: September 22nd, 2282 Age: 18 Height: 71" Weight: 135 lbs Position: 7th MIPOD, 47th Mobile Infantry, 182nd Medical Detachment Heritage: Norwegian Gender: Female Build: Ectomorph Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown Skin: White Ethnicity: Non-Latino White Quote: “When you become the master of your mind, you are master of everything.” —Swami Satchidananda Astrological Sign: Virgo Awards History: Meritorious Unit Award; for service in the battle of Hesperus as apart of the 7th MIPOD 10/20/2300 Distinguished Service Medal; for rescuing nine wounded, and leading a rescue team to save the Drop Lead 12/13/2300 Relationships(Request to be added): Loved - Trusted - Good Friends - Friends - Neutral - Disliked - Feared - Hated Egypt Finnic: Egypt is a fellow telepath. He suffered some pretty extreme injuries down on Hesperus. I was lucky to not have been there after the initial psychic fry from that arachnid that pushed those attacks on us. Without him, I think I might have been attacked. So, even if he didn't, I owe him my life, since I'm sure he would protect like he would protect his own. William Garret: Thanks for helping me practice. I appreciate the help whenever someone is willing to do it, and it really helps me get better at what I do. Maybe we can be friends. Hyun-Ae Sim: So you're a criminal. A piece of advice, Hyun-Ae. Stay away from me. I want nothing to do with you anymore. I'm ashamed I ever even took interest. Eljia Bragg: One of my only actual friends, I think. Most just stay on my good side just so I don't mind-rape them... I guess. Everyone thinks I'm much more powerful than I am. However, Eljia's changed quite a bit. Mostly for the worse... I just hope I can fix him before it gets too bad. Mark Davis: Still not grown on me. Cares too much. As much as I appreciate how caring he is... I get tired of the fatherly act really fast. Rachel Cross: I think I'm ready to finally forgive you... Anastasia Praedyth: You're right. There is no progress without pain. And I would be lying if I said I wasn't afraid of you. Please don't hurt me. When it comes down to kill or be killed... people really do turn on you. Maybe you've got a point, Praedyth. Nyaki Imaki: A young medic, I think. Thanks for treating me, honestly, but... please don't touch my reaper. Ever. It's for your safety, not mine. Haley Miller: She's a nice girl. I want to help her. And maybe, instead of waiting for my power to catch up, I can just be close to her the best I can and care for her. Emily Heize - Well, as aloof as she was, she's changed. I think she's more just a spiteful person by nature... which... I can't blame her. People are jerks. Jessica Ryan: Ryan, I'm glad you found someone. But I really do still wish you would go around kicking some ass. You're not resilient enough for the world of non-commissioned officers. It's about time you started putting your foot down and built the assertiveness expected of a senior enlisted. Because heaven knows, we need one. Chloe Carter: You're okay, but here's the deal - I don't dislike you. Just because I'm friends with your man doesn't mean you have to hate me. Remember, we're comrades. Luka Krauss: I'm not much of a fan of Krauss. She's like everyone else; to her, I'm a monster. So be it. I'll be your boogeyman. Jack Varks: He's kind of stupid. Says stupid stuff. Only thing he's useful for is his flamer, in my opinion. I don't believe he's nearly as competent as he wants you to believe. And, good GOD, shut up for once. Ryan O'Neill: O'Neill's... all right, I guess. He really has a way of thinking - at least, being considerate. Reminds me of someone. Though I can't place a finger on who. Seems to be OK with who I am. All I can really ask for from an NCO. Joe Morelli: Oh, yeah. The engineer that is, for some reason, afraid of the medical lieutenant. And of me, it seems? I can't necessarily tell because he's usually busy doing monkey stuff with engineering. Godspeed, I guess.
  15. "So, you nervous?" - Sophie's Boyfriend, days before she shipped off to Basic. Voice Claim: Theme: Mental State Broken<███████|██████|██████>Good Basic Information Name: Sophie Jonsson Place of Birth: New Madrid, Karrus Date of Birth: 19/05/2277 Age: 23 Gender: Female Height: 5'9" Physical Description: Weight: 145lbs Hair Colour: Blonde Eye Colour: Blue An 8 inch Gaming Tablet that Jonsson is often seen playing on. Military Information Rank: Warrant Officer Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: 01/06/2295 Years of Service: 5 Service Record: 01/06/2295: Arrived at Fort Kandre Boot Camp on Karrus. 12/09/2295: Graduated as a Private, joining the 97th Mobile Infantry Battalion, Bravo Company, Third Platoon. 'Sanders Serpents'. 15/09/2295: Awarded a General Specialization Ribbon. 20/09/2295: Promoted to Private First Class 24/09/2295: Awarded the Combat Action Medal and a Citation for Meritorious Service Ribbon. 29/09/2295: Promoted to Lance Corporal 04/09/2295: Awarded a Citation for Meritorious Service 08/09/2295: Awarded a Purple Heart 15/10/2295: Promoted to Corporal 22/10/2295: Awarded the Veteran Combat Medal 04/11/2295: Demoted after the failure of Operation Claymore, six KIAs in her squad. Also awarded a Purple Heart. 20/12/2295: Awarded a Citation for Meritorious Service 11/01/2296: Promoted to Corporal 12/03/2296: Awarded a Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon 20/03/2296: Awarded a Purple Heart 18/04/2297: Awarded a Good Conduct Medal 19/04/2297: Promoted to Sergeant 20/05/2297: Captured by a Separatist Faction. 22/05/2297: Rescued by a sister Platoon, awarded the Prisoner of War ribbon. 02/06/2297: Awarded a Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon 23/06/2297: Awarded a Distinguished Service Medal 15/01/2298: Sanders 'Serpants' announced MIA. Later confirmed to have fled to the Outer Colonies to fight Arachnids during the Civil War, opting not to choose a side. 05/07/2298: Awarded a Citation For Meritorious Service 06/07/2298: Promoted to Staff Sergeant 15/08/2298: Awarded a Purple Heart 20/11/2298: Awarded a Meritorious Service Medal 26/03/2299: Transferred to the 112th Mobile Infantry Division 21/04/2299: Branded a Traitor of the Federation with the rest of the 112th Moritas, Alpha Company. 03/06/2299: Found 'Not-Guilty' of all charges pinned upon her by the Federation, with the rest of the 'Bandits' 11/06/2299: Awarded Meritorious Unit Medal for Operation Dawn's Grace, the destruction of the Scarvis Queen Bug. 11/08/2300: Awarded a Valorous Unit Medal and Distinguished Service Medal for her efforts in destroying the Arachnid Leviathan. 23/08/2300: Lost her left hand in combat in a Separatist Outpost raid. 25/08/2300: Promoted to Staff Sergeant. 02/09/2300: Partook in and Survived the Perxies Campaign. 23/09/2300: Partook and Survived the Dexford Campagin. 24/09/2300: Awarded the Spiritus Medal. 24/09/2300: Awarded the Operation Knifehand Ribbon for partaking in the retaking of Dexford. 07/10/2300: Charged with Article 91 (Insubordination) Article 92 (Failure to follow a direct order) and Article 119 (Manslaughter of Cpl. Jessica Hunter.) 07/10/2300: Found Guilty of Article 91 and 92. Not guilty of 119. Punishment: Five lashings, demotion to Sergeant. 09/10/2300: Lost both legs below the knees from an Arachnid. Replaced by Biotechs. 15/10/2300: Critically wounded during the Battle for Hod. Laceration, tearing of the Intestines. 21/10/2300: Released from Hospital and sent back to the 47th. 11/11/2300: Promoted to Staff Sergeant 30/12/2300: Awarded a Meritorious Unit Medal for the defensive and Civilian Extraction on Epsilon Prime. 12/01/2301: Awarded a Purple Heart. 21/01/2301: Reallocated to Advisory Staff as a Warrant Officer. Major reported injuries: Shrapnel scarring along both thighs and lower abdomen from IED explosion. Heavy scarring along right forearm from limb dismemberment. (Arm reattached in surgery) Biotech Left Hand. (Hand amputated after taking a shotgun blast.) Biotech left and right Shin. Large scar along the stomach from left hip to bottom right rib. Several broken ribs, a broken hipbone, a fractured skull and broken arm. (Long Term damage: Minor Respiratory damage, permanent damage to the left right hip. Physical Exams passed.) Medals and Awards: "How you feeling, Soph'?" The Lieutenant asked, pulling up a seat beside Jonsson's bed. "Face is still a bit sore, but I'll make do, sir." She'd offer the man a smile, even though it stung her face. "Aye. You've certainly 'ad better days, Sergeant." [Sgt. Jonsson, four days after her retrieval from a POW camp. 22/05/2297] Personal Information Family: Liam Jonsson, 47. [ALIVE] Former Engineering Technical Sergeant (Six years of service), now a Technician working for Neurofiber. Amanda Jonsson, 45. [ALIVE] Former Infantry Corporal (Four years of service), working as a Finance Manager at Neurofiber. Both still live at 22nd Drive, Westway in New Madrid. Backstory: Born and raised in the behemoth of a city, New Madrid, by two ex-Infantrymen on a planet like Karrus, it was almost destined for Sophie to join the Mobile Infantry. So, when the time came and she turned 18, she wasted no time in rushing off to Basic to do her three months of training. To the surprise of no one that knew the young girl she passed Basic with flying colours. Sophie had always been headstrong, eager and ready to go. All traits that would earn her a pair of First Class patches in no time. That would then turn to Lance Corporal, then Corporal in a matter of weeks. This, however, would prove to not necessarily be such a good thing. Three months into her career, Corporal Jonsson was tasked with leading a squad during Operation Claymore, a counter attack against a Separatist force. She vastly underestimated the capabilities of the enemy, leading her squad into an ambush which would result in the death of six of her squad and a severe injure to herself from a tripwire grenade. She was awarded a Purple heart but demoted to Lance Corporal for her incompetence. This wavered the confidence and faith Sophie had in herself for some time, but before long she jumped back into the ring, gunning to take back Corporal and prove she had what it took. It would take a few weeks, but she was given back her patches and continued to climb the ranks all the way to Staff Sergeant over the next few years. Eventually though, Sophie decided to look for something new. Hearing the reputation of the 112th Battalion, she tried her shot at joining up, being offered a spot as a Sergeant. Eager for the challenge, and happy to take the demotion, she joined up, arriving on March 26th, 2299. Characteristics: Loyal, Optimistic, Proud, Ambitious. [Sophie Jonsson's Fedbook Profile, as of 12/11/2300] Personal Relations Interested | Admired | Respected | Close Friend | Friend | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated Mobile Infantry: Elaine Asper: She's our Lieutenant again. I respect her so much and sometimes I feel she should be the Captain of us, not this new guy... as out of line as it is to think that. It's just something about the Lieutenant. To be such a down to Earth person and all, it's just great. I really hope she likes me, or finds some sort of value in me and what I have to offer. I don't know, I just want to do what I can to help her out. Maybe be like, her go to person or something. I just have to prove my worth to her first! Hopefully she thinks of me as someone she can rely on to get any job done, I'm not so sure lately though. I think I might be slacking. She's been our Major for some time now, and I couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more. I would follow Major Asper to Hell and back with out a hesitation. She trusted me to be one of her Staff Sergeants and I'm honored to have the chance to work closely with her in future. Anything she wants done, will happen. Henry Westfield: I've been speaking to him here and there when I get the chance, ever since he lead an Drop with me as his Second. He seems like a nice guy, his heart is in the right place and he wants to do his best as an NCO. He needs some work, but hey- no one's perfect when they start out. Personally, I don't really know him too well, but I wouldn't mind getting to know him better. I still don't feel like we talk nearly enough. He's a decent enough guy and I want to reach out more. Perhaps now I can have a good reason to by checking up on him as his Superior. I want to work hand in hand with all of the Sergeants to get the best out of them, perhaps he's the best place to start. Mark Davis: One of the Enlisted. I haven't spoken to him all that much but I'm more than certain he was the one who I saw looking quite upset on the RnR. I was quite drunk so I could be wrong. He said something about a disaster in his life and how he drank too much each year because of it. I hate to see things eat people up, and feel like I know how that feels far too well. He's a great cook, and a Corporal now. He got real badly wounded the other day, and I hope he makes a good recovery. Especially now. I need NCOs, and he's definitely one of the better ones. Keep doing what you're doing, Davis. He's finally made it to Sergeant. So far, I think he's doing an okay job. We talk a lot, usually late at night when most people are asleep, just the two of us chatting away. It's quite nice, his company is pleasant. Honestly, he's probably one of my closer friends. Tumas Tankijin: I don't really like him. Seems like a royal pain in the ass that I'd rather not have to ever deal with. I'm sure he has his uses, but to me they are few and far between. We've spoken a few times now, once on the Glowin with Myers and the other night on this new ship. I got to see a more human side of him though, and found that I think me and him aren't all that different. Deep down, at least. We both just want to do our part and make a difference in this war. Maybe I was wrong about him. Augustus Azam: One of our longer lasting Corporals. He seems to get the job done when I ask which I appreciate. I haven't heard much about him which means he isn't terrible, and that's good enough for the kind of people I need right now. Luka Krauss: One of the people I throat punched a few days ago. I feel some semblance of guilt for my actions but she seems to understand why it happened and hold no grudges. I respect that in a sense. Actually getting to know her though, even to such a small degree, she seems okay. Quite kind, I think. I don't mind her, even if we got off on the wrong foot. She's turned around a lot, I think. She's a Lance Corporal now, a decent one at that. I honestly forget that I ever even punched her and hopefully so has she. Not my proudest moment and one I would love to just move past. I'm glad I have people like her working with me right now, I certainly need it. She was made a Corporal and seems to be doing good. I enjoy her company when we share it, which isn't as frequently as I'd like but when we sit and chat it's nice! I'd like to think of her as a friend, truthfully, someone I trust and like being around. Jessica Ryan: Ryan is an interesting one, I think. She's arguably one of our best NCOs and probably one of the few people I'd want as a Sergeant with me. She's smart enough, works well with the Platoon and seems to be an all around decent human being. We don't really chit chat all too much outside of professional stuff but I enjoy the times when we do. I'd like to think of her as a friend, or at the very least someone I trust. She's still doing good as a Sergeant, I think. We're not really able to speak much and I can't really witness how she's doing first hand, but I haven't heard any complaints yet. Which is good. Isaac Conniff: I remember being so confused when I saw him working behind the counter at Burger Marshall, but I'm glad to see him back in the Infantry. He's a good Corporal and someone I actually missed quite a lot. He's a good laugh, it's just a shame we get to spend little time actually sharing laughs together. I see him laughing with people a lot though, I suppose he's quite the people's person, or just naturally charismatic. Wish I could say the same. But! He's a damn good NCO too, which is all the better in my books. I have a lot of trust and respect for him, even if he thinks I owe him a thousand pounds. (Which I don't.) Long live the Cockroaches. Ryan O'Neill: A newer member of the Platoon, but a pretty likeable one. He's pretty kind, I think. Has an odd child-like wonder to him too sometimes. He seems reserved, respectful and has a good head on his shoulders too. Cares about others, shows a lot of empathy. I think he's a good guy, really. Hope he sticks around and keeps those qualities. Though maybe they'll dull out like with others. Rodrick Oakwood: Our Staff Sergeant. I have respect for him, I'd say. He's an honest guy and respectful towards myself and the others below him. I know I can rely on him in the field and I really hope he relies on me too. Or at least sees the potential and ability to help that I have. It's been rough lately, with the arm and all, to find some way to help out on ship, but he's been giving me some tasks here and there which I'm more than happy to help with. Personally, I don't know him too well, but maybe that's for the best. Being too close to a superior isn't always a good idea. However, I do like the Staff Sergeant more than most. We had a long talk today and it was nice. I finally had a chance to just open up to someone about what's been bothering me and I feel better already. I have a new found admiration and respect for him now and honestly, I think he's someone I trust and hold quite dear. He's a nice person, friendly and just... he cares. He expressed his trust in me and it's the first time I've had that feeling of pride in myself in so long. Wednesday's at 4, dedicated retard hour. I look forward to it, or any time in-between then. I'll miss you, Staff Sergeant. I wish you were still here to help me. He came back! I was actually pretty excited to hear his voice on the radio. I'll have to seek him out to catch up, see how Donovan is doing as well. Things like that. Carter Beckett: I like Carter. He seems like a nice guy, really. We have a little joke now about being a Superhero and Sidekick, me being the Sidekick, obviously. Carter and Surfer Girl. I have some power from a radioactive wave that makes me control the water and he's uh... the soul of an old man trapped in a young body who knows like, Ninja powers or something. We didn't really iron out that part. It's cool though. He's nice though, and pretty funny. Hopefully he doesn't go anywhere anytime soon. Medical: Tillie McCreary: I like Tillie, she's a Medic who I like quite a lot. I think she's a very troubled right now and needs some help. I hope she gets better or I can help her, but I'm not sure. I like her a lot, and I think it goes both ways. She's a good friend to me and I want to help her out. Hopefully she gets better soon. I'm proud of her for making Tech. I just hope we can work out the problems we have right now. I miss her company. Seems she's all the way up to Lieutenant now! It's gonna be odd talking to her like usual, but I'll try my best to be professional, while not making her feel weird. Rachel Cross: Our most active Medic. She's a nice person with a lot on her plate, something I can relate to, I think. Hopefully she handles her gripes in a better way than I, but I appreciate her offers for help. I just might take her up on them again, it felt nice to get things off my chest. She's Tech Sergeant now, good for her! I like Cross. She seems passionate about her job and cares a lot for the Enlisted, which I like. She's an all around kind hearted person, in my own opinion. Theodore J. Vincent: One of the newer Medics and a member of MIPOD. We spoke for the first time last night and he caught me at a uh... a moment, I guess. We spoke about some things, mainly how I felt, and he gave me some solutions that I think might really help me. I'm really grateful, honestly. Lisa Bennet: A Doctor in Medical, and a pretty sweet one at that. She's good at her job and quite playful. She says some kinda weird stuff sometimes and I've got her pretending to grab my butt once or twice, but I assume it's all a little jest and joke which I don't mind too much. I wish we spoke a little more, I think we'd get along quite well. Hermaour Karlossson: Medical's Master Specialist who's been caught up in a whole lot of shit recently. Because of these things, I can't help but think he might be a bit of an idiot. I don't know him personally at all, I don't think. Hope he gets straightened out so he can do his job properly soon. Engineering: Amanda Winters: Lieutenant Winters. She seems to be a kind person, or at least tries to be. I respect all of the work she puts into the division with her Technical Sergeant. The pair seem to work together incredibly. I don't know her too personally, but from what I can see she's recovering well from her time as a POW. Part of me wants to reach out to her about it, but it isn't my place. She seems to care about her Engineers though, as shown when we lost Strattmann. Xavier Arden: The new Technical Sergeant of Engineering. He's quite nice, I think. Pleasant to talk to as well. I haven't really seen too much of him in the field but he took over for me when I was injured, which is a good sign. Engineering might just be a better place with him there. Haley Miller: One of the Engineers, and a pretty good one too. I heard she did really good on a recent drop, might get a medal for it. We haven't really spoken too much on a personal level, so I don't know her too well, but I think I'd like to. We hung out playing Truth or Dare for a while and have sat together with Davis a few times. I quite like her, honestly. I'm glad I'm getting to know her, she's quite fun to be around! I hope she does well in Engineering, I think she'd be great at Technical Sergeant! Chance Mellone: We spoke briefly in the Messhall. We both expressed our inept social capabilities. The honesty is appreciated and it's nice to know I'm not the only brain dead R-tard on ship. Joe Morelli: He's a Engineer that gives off one of those 'hot shot' attitudes. It kinda suits him, but not fully. He's not too bad though. Charismatic, might be the correct term. I wouldn't mind talking to him more. Marauders: Logan O'Connor: One of my limited experiences with him is also the one I dislike most. He chose to push McCreary's buttons and it really backfired. On probation from Marauders currently so we'll see how that works out for him. I have my serious doubts. He likes the song 'Holiday' and so do I, so that's pretty cool. William Garret: I've only talked to Garret a few times but he seems okay. He apologised on behalf of the Marauders after the O'Connor issue, which I respect a lot. He seems like a nice guy all around. A reliable Marauder in the field and a good shield to keep us safe. I'd like to hang out with him and talk a little more, honestly. He seems nice. Psychics: Emily Heize: My Gordon Ramsay fanatic twin. I like Emily a lot. She's probably one of my closer friends, even if we just sit and watch TV shows together and make stupid jokes and whisper about pasta. Hopefully we grow to be good friends as time goes by, I could use one right now. After a long game of Never Have I Ever, I think I know her much better. She had an... interesting upbringing, and not one I could ever see myself getting behind. But, I like her a lot, she's quite funny. Long live the Cockroaches. Fleet: Isaac Reyes: An Ensign I met after the Epsilon defences. I'll admit I was a little tipsy when we first met, and quite drunk by the end of the night but I remember he made me laugh a lot. I think. I'll seek him out when I'm actually sober and can talk properly, maybe he'd be a good friend? Other: ----- Transferred, Missing or Retired Gone But Never Forgotten
  16. MOBILE INFANTRY PERSONNEL DATABASE <:: FILE REQUESTED - (Miller, Haley) ; S.N.87656-HM ::> … <:: FILE FOUND, LOADING ::> … LOADING … LOADED <:: FILE OPENING ::> UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS OF THIS FILE IS PUNISHABLE BY IMPRISONMENT UNDER SECTION 12, SUBSECTION C, CODE NUMBER 1522 OF THE UCF PENAL CODE. <:: LOADING PERSONNEL FILE ::> ... Loaded, Displaying File (Miller with her brother James, aged 17.) <:: PERSONNEL INFORMATION ::> Forename: Haley Surname: Miller Middle Name: Rose Known Aliases: N/A Known External Contacts: Capt [Ret]. Johnathan Miller (Father, Mobile Infantry (Formerly), Mass Driver Operator for TRAXUS Industrial works, Hesperus.), LT. Rose Miller (Mother, Mobile Infantry Medic, Orestes Station, Hesperus.), 2Spc. James Miller (Brother, Mobile Infantry Marauder Program.) D.O.B: May 15th, 2278 Current Homeworld: Hesperus City, Hesperus P.O.B: Earth, San Francisco, California Current Occupation: 52ENG; 26REG/47BAT/ACOY/1PLT "Asper's Archer's' Previous Occupation(s): 45REG/21BAT/BCOY/2PLT "Reilly's Rangers" Current Rank: Tech Sergeant Active Deployments: 2 Engagements: 60 Drops: 53 <:: AWARDS AND COMMENDATIONS ::> 2x Outstanding Service to Combat Engineering Ribbon Operation: KNIFEHAND ribbon Operation: SWORD ribbon Operation: WILDFIRE ribbon 2x Distinguished Service Medal 1x Spiritus Medal (Second Perxies Campaign.) 2x Valorous Unit Medal <:: PHYSICAL APPEARANCE FILE ::> (A picture of Haley on shore leave prior to her transfer to the 47th. Dated June 15th, 2300, six hours before the beginning of a military flashpoint on the planet Altis. ) Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Pale Blue Skin Color: White Body Type: Athletic Ethnicity: Caucasian Birthmarks/Identifying Marks: N/A Height: 5’6| (1.6764m) Weight: (130 lbs) | (58.967 kg) <:: MEDICAL HISTORY ::> -Right arm melted off due to a tanker, Biotech issued (Skin graft purchased.) -1x GSW to lower right back (treated.) <:: Mental Profile ::> Insane<|---------|--------|--------|> Sane Miss Haley Miller is reported by her colleagues to be level headed and by the books on the battlefield, but generally softens when off duty, being outgoing, joking and kind to all she meets. Miller has a strong work ethic and is easy going with her peers, always trying to stay positive even when things are bleak. As well, Miller seems to learn quickly, always seeming to be a natural at any task set before her. As such, I have no qualms with clearing Miller for active service. -LT. Anthony Hall, August 5th, 2299. Update: The loss of her right arm seems to have taken a toll on Miller, often appearing melancholic when asked about her arm and the usual complaints about phantom pains, as well as having trouble sleeping. Though she seems to be adjusting to new new Biotech, it is evident that she is still affected by the loss of her real arm. We will continue to monitor. ENS. David Franco, Biotech Specialist. FMS Ophelia. <:: IFED INBOX ::> Saved Video Message from James Miller, 22/05/96 Character Relationships |●| Love |●| - |●|Romantically Inclined |●| - |●| Close Friend/Respected |●| - |●|Friend |●| - |●| Liked |●| - |●| Undecided |●| - |●| Mixed |●| - |●| Dislike |●| - |●| Despise |●| - |●| Abhor |●| - |●| Fear |●| Relationship with herself Herself: This is your fault. You're better than this, and I’m sick and tired of lying to people. So sort yourself out, skank, before I sort it out for you. You’re becoming too much like her. You’re pushing your friends away and... Just... fuck you. Other Relationships Mobile Infantry Marauders Engineers Fleet Medical MIPOD Faction Relationships United Citizen Federation: Ah, the Federation. I'm sitting here writing this, so my opinions of them are pretty clear. I do have my own reservations, but nothing too serious, I'm still ready to do my part. Mobile Infantry: Gotta love the ground pounders. Some of them can be pretty dumb, but they’re still family. Marauders: Badass boys and girls in even more badass combat suits. Scary as shit, but also cool as fuck, I’m just glad they’re on our side. Medics: How could you hate the men and women trying to keep you alive? Engineers: My big, happy, slightly dysfunctional family. Jokes aside, I'm proud to be their XO, and I hope can help keep them safe in this war. MIPOD: Well, most of them are pretty cool. But I can't lie that I'm scared of the fact that some of them can probably flay me alive with their mind. Fleet: Guess most of ‘em arent to bad, just wish some of them would try to work the stick outta their asses. Enemy Combatants Arachnids: Gross and yucky, kill ‘em all. Separatists: Shit man, at least with the bugs it’s a little more black and white, but with the seppies? Those are people out there, people who just wanted to stick it to the Man… Fuckin’ hell, just stay focused, do what you’re told.
  17. Angelika Gjallahad Age: 21 DoB: September 2nd 2280 Sex: Female Eye Colour: Blue Height: 5'7 Hair Colour: Raven Rank: Second Specialist Occupation: Marauder Skills: Cooking, Navigation, Performing Morale: Stable Mental State: Moderate Medical History: Theme: Relations: Love| Attracted To | Admire | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate Sophie Jonsson: Oak: Collins: Chris Bruh: Holtz: Eliane Asper: Vond: Private Fishflakes✞: Weiss: Cross: Allen: Westfield: Jaxon: Cooke: Winters: Cait: Hawthorne: Rose: Blaise: Colonel Whathisface: Shaw: Moeller: Northstar: Sanderson: Neta: Sai: Law: Arquette: Cho: Holloway: Krueger: Noviello: Torres: Hegg: Herm: Azam: Star: Miller: Evans: Eric Shepherd:
  18. Face Claim Theme General Information Name: Aria D. Miller Birth Name: Amanda H. Miller Sex: Female Age: 29 Date of Birth: 8/03/2271 Weight: 201 lbs Height: 6 ft 2 in Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Place of Birth: San Antonio, Texas, USA, Terra Nationality: North American Ancestry: 15th Generation Texan Accent: Southern American Known Languages: Terran Standard (English) Sexual Orientation: "Child of God" Economic Status: Middle Class Marital Status: Unmarried (No Relationship) Religion: Roman Catholic Political Affiliation: International Reformation Association (IRA) Citizenship: Citizen Family: (Mother) Danielle Miller ALIVE (Father) Sharp Cirto DECEASED (Brother) Alexander Miller-Cirto DECEASED (Sister) Deandra Cirto ALIVE (Brother) Kael Cirto ALIVE Professional Information: Faction: N/A Current Assignment: N/A Current Rank: N/A Total Drops: 137 Service Time: 12 yrs 1 mos Date Enlisted: 20/11/2288 Extra-curricular Activities: Jumpball (Texas Tigers, Offensive Line Right Tackle) Medical History: Possessions: N/A Health and Status: Status: Retired Mental Status: Stable Alignment: Neutral Evil Achievements: Neutral: Regrets: Personal Relationships: Relations: Loves | Admires | Like Family, Brethren | Good friends | Friends | Acquaintance | Neutral/Mixed | Dislikes | Hates | Fears ✟ = Dead ? = Unknown ✭ = Discharged/Transferred (B) = Link to their bio --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- Eric Shepard --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- --[[MIPOD]]-- --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- --[[Federation Marauders]]-- --[[Federation Fleet]]-- --[[Other]]-- --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]--
  19. Theme "God what a piece of junk." - WO. Rodrick Oakwood Voice Personal Information Name: Rodrick Joseph Oakwood Allias: Rod, Roddie, Oak, Oakey Age: 20 DoB: January 4th 2281 Home Planet: Karrus Education: Highschool Known Idiomes: Federation Basic (English), Russian, German, Scandinavian Status: Alive Marital Status: Divorced Medical Records Pre-Enlisting: A case of Chickenpox at a young age. Post-Enlisting (in order): 4x Small shrapnel to the left arm (healed, scared) 1x Melted leg from the knee below (healed, BT replacement) 1x Talon to the right shoulder (healed, scared) 1x GSW to the arm (healed, scared) 1x Eye loss (healed, BT replacement) 5x GSW to the right side, punctured lung and liver (healed, heavy scared) 2x Fractured nose from hand to hand combat (healed) 1x GSW to the center of the chest (healed, scared) 3x Small 2nd Degree burns on the cheeks (healed, scared) 1x GSW to the thigh (healed) 6x Severe burns to the arms and chest (healed, heavily scared) 2x Severe burn to the right cheekbone (healed, scared) 1x Lower arm loss (healed, BT replacement) 1x Talon slash to the back (healed, heavily scared) 1x Third degree burn to the right cheek (healed, heavily scared) 138x Small and medium sized shrapnels across his body (healed, heavily scared) 1x Large Rippler shrapnel to the stomach (healed, heavily scared) 2x Plasma burns on the right foot and shin (healed, scared) 1x Talon slash to the torso (healed, heavily scared) Mental Attributes Personality: Rodrick Oakwood is a young man, his mind often a mistery even to himself as he finds many of his thoughts and deductions to be "just a fool talking about what he does not understand", reguardless, Oakwood tends to be funny and often unserious, cracking jokes, messing around with his friends, everything a person his age would find fun. Although he may be like that, Rodrick tends to be like a switch, when the situation demands it, he is often seen as serious, thoughtful and very rational about his words and actions and it is as if he were a completly different person all together. Mental Health: Stable Morale: Normal Affiliation: Lawfull Neutral Attire & Equipment Field Equipment & Gear: During drops, Oakwood is mostly seen wearing a standard Mobile Infantry uniform and a gray M3 helmet. He carries two backpacks on his back, along with his Mark 3 Rifle slung onto his shoulder. He has a knife strapped to his left shoulder and a series of fragmentation grenades, flashbangs and smoke grenades on his webbing. Off duty attire: Off-duty or at the Upham, before or after drops, Oakwood is normally seen wearing his gray fatigues, black leather gloves on his hands and a Mobile Infantry beret on his head. Items: A cassette labeled 'Vond's Awsome Mix Vol. 1', a wedding ring around his neck like a nicklace. Military Information: Date of Re-Enlistment: December 29th 2300 Division, Regiment & Battalion: 2nd Army, 7th Core, 15th Division, 26th Regiment, 47th Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon. Rank: Warrant Officer Weapon Specifications: Morita Mark I, Morita Mark III, Morita Mark IV, 'Hel' Flamethrower, Mark III Squad Automatic Weapon, CD-96 Ventilator shotgun, EE-Pulse 44, Z01 Anti-material rifle, 'Longbow' M55. Branch: Mobile Infantry Callsign: None Affiliation: The Federation, Mobile Infantry, 'Kelly's Kings' Medals Personal Relationships Family Father: Anthony Oakwood - Citizen - Retired Mobile Infantry 1st Lieutenant - Alive Mother: Isabel Domingues Oakwood - Citizen - Retired Fleet Second Petty Officer - Alive Brother (Twin): Daniel Oakwood - Fleet First Petty Officer - Deceased Sister: Nicole Oakwood - Mobile Infantry Trooper - Alive Ex-Wife: Cait Donovan - Citizen - Retired Mobile Infantry Engineering Technical Sergeant - Alive Two unborn children Alive Romantically involved - Interested - Like Family - Best friend - Good friend - Friend - Aquaintance - Neutral - Rival - Disliked - Hated - Nemesis Henry Westfield - Friend "One of the few Murphy veterans that yet again return to us when they should really just sit back, relax and let others do the fighting. I haven't seen him in a year, not sure what he was doing this entire time and I really need to find time to catch up with him. Hopefuly I can still rely on him and his leadership skills in the field, we'll see." "Nothing much has changed between us. He does his job and I do mine, we talk from time to time but I can feel us drift apart, possibly my fault." Elliot Cooke - Aquaintance "Blonde hair, pretty face although marred with achne, for some reason I get weak in the knees every time she's nearby, she's a charming one really. Cooke's been a Corporal for over a year now. Seems to drink a weird mix of coffee and butter, lots of fucking butter.. Shit I just realised I still don't know much about the girl." Rangi Setu - Friend "Grizzled veteran, both Mobile Infantry and Fleet. Seems like Setu decided to come back to where he really belongs. Having known the man for over a year now and the stuff we both lived together, the storeis I've been told.. Well, nothing would honor me more than to fight along side this guy." Tyvus Weiss - Aquaintance "My first ever interaction with Weiss was after we had successfuly stormed and nuked one of the 145th's main POW facilities.. In the medbay with Hayden or.. What was left of Hayden, really. Dude is competent, went from Second Specialist to Master Specialist in no time, probably one of the best combat medics we have around too though we don't really talk much these days, rarely see eachother too." Angelika Gjallahad - Friend "One of the new ones, she has a big mouth and likes to call her higher ups 'nerds'. Though I don't mind it much, there'll be the day where she'll say it to the wrong person and well.. We all know how that ends. All in all she's a good girl, competent with her E-44 and from what I've heard and seen, might have an aptitude for psychic stuff." "One hell of a Master Specialist and a good friend, though nothing much has changed between us and certainly my opinion." Atichat Saiphan - Good friend "Ah, I've been serving with Saiphan for over a year now, decent lad and competent engineer -- He was the one who quickly taught me how to operate an IFV when it was needed. It's safe to say that we're somewhat good friends and I hope it stays that way.. Saiph is one of the few guys from the 112th that we still have left and I really hope he doesn't kick the bucket any time soon.. God knows that we need competent engineers." Sophie Jonsson - Aquaintance "A Veteran soldier who's been Sergeant for as long as I can remember. She's an alright person, kind of acts like a robot almost all the time and honestly speaking, I see right through that act. Turns out I was somewhat right and I got her to open up with me the other night and it's safe to say that I haven't had such a good laugh in a while.. Funny thing is that we're also from Karrus and so happen to have grown up in the same city. All in all, I look forward to getting to know her better, both professionally and personally." "We've drifted appart recently, kept it strictly professional. Jonsson's been dealing with her own set of problems as we all have and maybe I should sit down and have a chat with her but honestly.. I don't know what to say to her." Sebastian Bently - Aquaintance "Oof.. The Colonel.. Don't really know much about him, other than that he hates being in the position that he is. I don't really like to assume shit but it seems like.. Well, he seems like he never asked for any of this and yet he got it. His reputation is big, really big and people expect alot from this man.. I don't envy him honestly.. Feels like he could use a break from time to time. Appart from the 'Legend' I only really had a conversation with him once and that's it, I don't know the man behind the legend and maybe that's also for the best." "Bently and I have had a couple of sit downs, chatting and drinking scotch together, mostly professional stuff. Don't really know where we stand but he doesn't intimidate me anymore. I wouldn't call him a friend though and I shouldn't even think about him that way, he's my superior." Hermathur Karlossson - Friend "Karl's one of the best medics we have around, good shot with that Belcher too. He's a bit of a prick sometiems but I know his reasons and all I can say is that I've also been there. He recently came to my rescue when I fell off some pipes while returning from a highly dangerous 'equipment retrieval' and covered my ass while I climbed up the support beams to get to safety.. I owe him for that and I hope he sticks around." "Herma's still around in spite of all the shit he's done, which amazes me to a certain point but also makes me feel glad he's still around.. He's one hell of a medic." Tatsuo 'Zaki' Okazaki - Friend "I first met Zaki on the Grant, first couple of days in and I heard from Ale that he was one of the most respected Sergeants of the unit. First memory I have of Zaki is him coming down on a wheelchair to the smoking area wishing us luck on our next deployment. First time I actually fought with him on the field was during the Dantana crisis, he was my squad leader for the duration of that whole ordeal. He was the one who gave me my Lance Corporal patches in the Zion, asking me if I had what it took to wear the stripes -- Funny how much changes in a year since now I out rank him. I wish he stays with us for a long (ling) long time.. Not only because he's a damn good soldier, a good leader but also because he's one of the only remaining friends I have from the Grant and the 112th all together." Francis Ramsey - Friend "Lucky hillbilly black guy of the unit, Ramsey had a tendency to get out of life threatening situations unscratched but it seems his luck ran out during our last campaign in the Troglodyte-yada-yada-jungle planet where he lost his arm. I remember this guy being Private First Class when I first arrived at the Grant, stuck with medical for a while too and seems to have left them after Scarvis. Honestly though, knowing this guy? He'll probably retire at some point with his only injury being that damn arm loss." Killian Northstar - Neutral "Northstar doesn't really strike me much as someone who'll go far up the chain of command but more like.. How do I put this in a way that doesn't make me sound like an asshole? Uh.. Let's just say that he's better as a rifleman than a leader, dude is far too problematic to be anything other than that honestly." "You've made it to Lance Corporal and kept the rank for a while now.. Part of me wants to believe that you've imporved and wants to accept that you've matured out of that problematic and rebelious kid you used to be but part of me will also keep a close and skeptic eye on you until you can compeletly prove me that you've got it. Also fuck you for shooting me in the simmulation." Sarah Redbrick - Like Family "Redbrick? She's sort of like my mentor ever since that incident I had with Ale, she saved my ass from a demotion and possibly worse. She obviously knows her shit but I can see that she's also a bit.. Troubled to say the least. I don't want to disappoint her." "There's no one else I'd rather have as my "Sergeant partner", the more I talk to you, the more I understand you and I can safely say that you're one of the best people I've ever met and befriended, you'll always hold a special place in my heart Sarah.. Thank you." "It's been over a year since that little.. Drama and I'm glad it's all over because honestly speaking I don't think I ever really had those feelings for you and probably never will.. You're more of a sister to me than a love interest." Eric Shepard - Neutral "A veteran from the 112th and from other units. This guy is the type of guy to rush head first into the enemy with a SAW or possibly two and slaughter anything or anyone in his way. He's dangerous and a good trooper. I like that." Victoria Rose - Friend "I suppose I could call Rose a friend. We go back to the Grant days, tossing knives at the bar board and it was always annoying to see her show off but eh.. She's a Lieutenant now so I suppose I'll have to start addressing her more formaly." Mark 'Ilari' Davis - Aquaintance "Davis is one of my Corporals and one heck of a cook. Seriously, no one prepares meals on this ship like he does.. Suppose you could say he's Phan's replacement in that department. As for NCO though, he's got alot to learn." Those Gone
  20. Federation Data Base of Aaron Holtz Theme Song Lawful Neutral Renegade<████████ | ████████>Paragon Sanity/Moral Broken Mind <███████|██████|██████> Clear Minded Name: Aaron David Holtz Aliases: Doltz, Eagle Eyes, Dad(?) Faction: Mobile Infantry Age: 27 Place of Birth: Terra Status: Alive Known Languages: English, French, ASL Mental Illnesses: PTSD, Depression. Physical Disabilities: Missing right pinkie|| Missing Left Leg || Synthetic Jaw|| Missing Right Foot Occupation: Soldier, Officer Motto: "I have too many kids..." Weight: 185 Lbs Height: 5.7 Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color: One Blue, One Green -------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Specialization x [Count Unknown] Purple Heart x [Count Unknown] Campaign Ribbon - 0.0 Campaign Ribbon - Epsiolon Eridani Campaign Ribbon - Edenwe ll Campaign Ribbon - Hesperus Campaign Ribbon- [REMOVED] Campaign Ribbon - Mars Campaign Ribbon - Civil War Federal Defense Medal x [Count Unknown] Mobile Infantry Distinguished Service Medal x [Count Unknown] Mobile Infantry Cross x [2] Good Conduct Medal x [1] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demeanor: Calm, To himself, Father Like. Habits: Watching the stars, Mumbling to himself. Phobias: Atychiphobia (The fear of messing up), Thanatophobia (Fear of losing loved ones) Marital Status: Widowed [x2] Mental State: Sane WEAPON(S): DMR, MK2, MK3, MK4 OUTFIT: Basic MI Gear, Scratched up helmet and Armor SPECIALIZATIONS: Weaponry, Pathfinder School. JOB: Mobile Infantry FAVORITE ITEM(S): A Wedding Ring || Jack's Dog tags || An old Tape which has 'Sonja's Mix' written on the front || (To be built later: Make it easier for me, Request!) Lover/Romantic feelings/ Trusted/Amiable / Respected / Acquaintance / Known / Neutral / Mixed / Particular/Exceptional Dislike / † = Sanity / † = Deceased Mobile Infantry Engineering Medical Corps MI-POD Marauders Fleet TRANSFERS / RETIRED †GRAVE YARD†
  21. Sebastian Bently Sebastian Bently is a Colonel of the Mobile Infantry. Born on Terra in 2276, he was raised in London, England. Living in an Upper Class family with his Mother and Father, John and Chloe Bently. Having been previously assigned to the 103rd Moritas for three and a half years, living aboard the UCF-184 BC "George Marshall." Sebastian Bently was a part of the 112th Infantry Battalion, named, at the time, 'Bently's Bastards' living aboard the UCF-291 BC "Ulysses S. Grant". In April, 2299, Sebastian Bently and the rest of the 112th Alpha Company were trialed for Treason. However, it was later revealed that the Sky Marshal at the time had used the 112th as a Scapegoat, and the survivors were cleared of all charges pressed against them. Judicial Record December 21st, 2298: Article 92 - Failure to follow correct Protocol: Guilty. April 21st, 2299: Article 94 - Mutiny and Sedition: Not Guilty. April 21st, 2299: Article 118 - Murder: Not Guilty April 21st, 2299: Article 81 - Conspiracy: Not Guilty April 21st, 2299: Article 134 - Disorderly Conduct, Drunkenness on Active Duty: Not Guilty. April 21st, 2299: Article 85 - Desertion in the Military: Not Guilty. Medical Record Left leg blown off by a Frag Grenade. Missing half of his ring finger to a Warrior talon. Right index and middle finger shot off. Scar along the right side of his face from a Machete. Plasma burns along both hands and forearms. Plasma burns covering the abdomen. Burns along the back from a Flamethrower. Military History Service Record 2294 - Enlistment and Basic. 2294 - Graduation from Basic. Assigned to the 103rd Morita Battalion. 2294 - Promoted to Private 2295 - Promoted to Private First Class 2296 - Promoted to Lance Corporal 2296 - Promoted to Corporal. 2297 - Partook in Operation Hammerfall. 2297 - Transferred to 112th Infantry Battalion. Demoted to Private. 2297 - Promoted to Private First Class 2297 - Promoted to Lance Corporal 2297 - Promoted to Corporal. 2297 - Promoted to Sergeant. 2297 - Partook in Operation λambda 2297 - Demoted to Corporal. 2297 - Partook in Operation Meggido, the Fall of Terra. 2298 - Demoted to Lance Corporal 2298 - Promoted to Corporal 2298 - Court Martial of Allison Walcroft and Matthew Squires. 2298 - Demoted to Private. 2298 - Promoted to Private First Class. 2298 - Double Promoted to Corporal. 2298 - Promoted to Sergeant 2298 - Transferred to 112th Weapon Specialist Program. 2298 - Promoted to Sergeant 2298 - Promoted to Staff Sergeant. 2298 - Partook in the Battle for Sanctuary. Lead the Unit that captured Erin O'Brien. 2298 - Double Promoted to Second Lieutenant. 2298 - Promoted to Lieutenant. 2298 - Promoted to Captain. 2298 - Partook in the Battle for Terra. 2298 - Boarded and lead the charge to destroy the Progenitor Ark. 2298 - Promoted to Major. 2299 - Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and awarded Hero of the Federation. 2299 - Trialed a Traitor of the Federation, escaped Federal Prison. 2299 - Proven not Guilty for his Trials, along with the rest of the 112th and Awarded the Meritorious Unit Medal. 2299 - Awarded Valorous Unit Medal and Meritorious Service Medal for the Retaking of Scarvis with the 47th. 2300 - Awarded an 'Operation Sword Offensive' Theater Ribbon on Dexford. 2300 - Lead the Planetary assault of Dexford, code-named 'Operation Knifehand' successfully, taking it back from the Arachnids. 2300 - Promoted to Brigadier General and assigned the defense of Hesperus from the Arachnid Invasion. 2300 - Self demoted down to Colonel after two weeks as Brigadier General. Awards 3x Valorous Unit Medal 2x Meritorious Unit Medal 1x Good Conduct Medal 1x Veteran Combat Medal 1x Combat Action Medal 7x Purple Hearts 1x Citation for Meritorious Service 1x Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon 1x General Specialization Ribbon 1x Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon 1x Hero of the Federation, representing the 112th as a whole 1x Operation Knifehand Theatre Ribbon 1x Operation Wildfire Theatre Ribbon. Theme Song: Combat Theme: Basic Information Name: Sebastian J. Bently Place of Birth: London, Sutton. Terra. Date of Birth: June 16th, 2276 Age: 24 Gender: Male Height: 6'3" Official Will: --Encrypted-- Voice Claim: Family: Father: John Bently [Alive] Mother: Chloe Bently: [Died on 28/12/2297, Terra.] Physical Description: Weight: 185 pounds. Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Injuries: Large scar going down the right side of his face, starting beside his eye and ending at his chin. Missing half of his ring finger. Stomach is horribly scarred from a mixture of necrosis and plasma burns. Scars littering his Torso. (Gunshot/Stab wounds.) Back and right leg covered in burns. Scar on his left forearm. (Stab wound) Bio-Techs: Right index and middle finger. Left leg. Military Information Rank: Colonel Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: 20/06/2294 Years of Service: 6 Promotion History: Rct. - Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl. - Cpl. - Pvt. - Pfc. - LCpl, - Cpl. - Sgt. - Cpl. - LCpl. - Cpl. - Pvt. - Pfc. - Cpl. - Sgt. - Spc. - Sgt. - SSgt. - 2Lt. - Lt. - Cpt. - Maj. - LtCol. - Col. - LtCol. - Col. - BgGen. - Col. [SSgt. Sebastian J. Bently on an RnR with the 112th. 12/05/2298] "Something beginning with 'E'..." Bently's Background: Sebastian Bently, a Colonel and Commanding Officer of the 47th Mobile Infantry Battalion, wasn't even going to be an Infantryman at first, nor did he ever even plan to be. Growing up, Bently was raised in an upper class family in London with his Mother and Father, having a fairly normal, if not uninteresting life. He went to a private school until he was 18, at which point, due to some issues with his family at home, he signed up to the Mobile Infantry, joining the 103rd Battalion. He served there for three years, reaching the rank of Corporal despite being unhappy with the condition of the unit. Upon reaching the rank of Corporal, himself and a Company Staff Sergeant dedicated 13 months to attempting to fix and better the unit to little success, watching countless people come and go and seeing hundreds of people die to mistakes made by poor leadership or simple incompetence. Bently served the 103rd for three years, the height of his career there making him a Corporal. He spent a large chunk of his time working hand in hand with a Staff Sergeant, attempting to fix the reputation and performance of the below average Platoon. These efforts were all, unfortunately, to little success. This resulted in the deaths of countless men and women over the years, something that Sebastian carries with him to this very day. During August of 2297, Bently and the rest of the 103rd were sent to defend an FOB on a bug planet. This operation would later be known as 'Operation Hammerfall' to those who were there. The 103rd took heavy losses in this event. Of the fifty men that dropped, Twenty died, five were reported MIA (Assumed dead), and Twelve were injured, Bently included. After recovering from his severe injuries, Bently requested a transfer from the 103rd Battalion and found himself placed in the 112th in early November of the same year, serving there ever since. Attributes: Strength: 15/20Dexterity: 17/20Constitution: 16/20Intelligence: 15/20Wisdom: 16/20Charisma: 12/20 Combat Rating: 8/10 Leading Rating: 8/10 Drop Gear: On combat drops, Bently is seen carrying a large bag, as well as several pouches that are attached to his belt. In these are: Several Morita magazines. (3 Spare in his bag as well as a bundle of Mark Three magazine.) A canteen full of water and Four MRE packs. A dozen Chemlights of various colours, mainly green and red. Red and green smoke grenades. A flare gun with several flares. 8 frag grenades. A tactical bungee cord (5 meters long) attached to the back of his belt and Kevlar, used for repelling up or down surfaces. A helmet mounted pair of binoculars with Night Vision capabilities and a flashlight. A customized Belcher Shotgun with several drum magazines. A holstered Peacemaker Sidearm with several magazines. (Two containing standard Ammunition, the rest loaded with explosive tip, armour piercing rounds.) A Morita Carbine. Personal Items: A set of Dog Tags belonging to a Sanctuary Corporal, usually seen around his neck beside his own. A silver Zippo lighter with three sets of initials on the side. 'M.W' 'B.D' and 'K.S' A Peacemaker Sidearm with an engraving along the side reading 'SSgt. R. Smith. 2297.' A black watch always seen around his left wrist. An engagement ring around his left middle finger. Character Description: Bently comes across as an emotionless and bitter man to some. Being quiet, apathetic and flat in tone as well as showing a lack of facial expressions, mostly being emotionless or straight faced. He avoids most social interaction, not being one to engage in small talk and seeming rather awkward and stiff around people when actually seen conversing with them. When around people that could be considered as stupid or useless, Bently is seen being very blunt, perhaps even harsh or aggressive towards them, showing a clear distaste. He is very rarely seen showing any signs of affection or care for people around him, only ever coming across as 'friendly' or 'kind' to a select few members of the 47th when in private. He is usually considered a difficult person to connect with or even talk to, described as 'intimidating' or 'distant' from the some, and 'stiff' by most others. His respect for superiors and authority is limited at best, only being shown when either forced, or, again, with a select few people above him. However, he is never outright disrespectful to superiors unless the circumstances are warranted or severe. [Sgt. Sebastian J. Bently reading a book on his tablet. 12/04/2298] Emotional and Mental State: As of Mid January 2298, Bently has begun to do irregular meetings with Medical Staff to discuss his well being. —Notes are to be placed and replaced here— Session Eight: Session Nine: Session Ten: Session Eleven [A Wanted poster filled with false charges created during Bently's time as a 'Traitor' of the Federation. Each charge proven to be false in court. Picture taken on Karrus, early 2299.] Diary Entries: Video Log: Transmitted to London, Terra, 223 Westway Avenue on December 16th, 2297. [SSgt. Sebastian J. Bently on RnR with the 112th on his 22nd Birthday.]
  22. Luka Krauss "You know the problems with drawing lines in the sand? With a breath of air they disappear." Basic Information Name: Luka Krauss Rank: Private -> Private First Class -> Lance Corporal -> Corporal Place of Birth: St. Petersburg, Russia, Earth Age: 33 (November 25, 2268) Gender: Female Height: 5'10 Alignment: Chaotic Good Certifications: SAW Gunner, Marksman T2, Flamer, RTO Physical Description: Weight: 160 IB's Hair colour: Redish-Brown Eye colour: Black Physical Appearance: Luka is a 5'10 woman with brown hair that is roughly lower shoulder length. She typically has her hair tied into a bun when she is on duty but lets out hang down during off-duty hours. There appear to be no such markings along her body such as scars or tattoo's, at least, none are visible at a glance whilst she is wearing all of her equipment. Luka tends to keep a certain tidiness to herself, always looking in a certain professional condition whenever possible. Personal Information Family: Ilvya Krauss - Little Brother Backstory: VALUE LOYALTY ABOVE ALL ELSE Luka spent her childhood well-appraised between her family and academically. However, her family was tied in with a history of being law enforcement but more specifically, detectives. By the time she finished secondary school, Luka had graduated as the salutatorian to her school, attending university with a major in Criminal Psychology. After her studies, she went quickly into work with CI's as a Detective, going undercover in what was left of the criminal underground on Terra, mostly to do with drugs manufacturers and anti-Federation terrorists. She would travel the world, following their movements and working closely with law enforcement and the PDF, making some connections with like-minded individuals in the underworld who she was able to convince to assist her in taking them down. This was her line of work from when she was 22 until she was 29. (Luka's picture taken during a raid on a bandit camp during the Progenitor invasion) The world is a complex place, complicated by man's fickle nature In that time she made several arrests on both minor and major underground operations with a few close calls and needs for breach of protocol along the way. However, once the Progenitors invaded in 2297 and the PDF and MI getting overwhelmed, she took matters into her own hands. With a group of volunteers, they looted weapons and equipment from fallen troopers and set up refugee camps along key locations and routes for those who weren't able to be evacuated. At this time, it was total anarchy, and the only way to restore order was through force. They were able to restore clean water systems and gave the survivors somewhere safe to wait out the several months. Though it wasn't all a paradise, punishments for stealing and other criminal acts were more cruel than Federation standards, a necessary evil, she claimed to herself. Floggings were more thorough when they were needed to be done, and more numerous. Nobody was exempt from them either, needing to occasionally do them to her own guards or plots to take control. There were also the rise of minor Separtist movements and generally bandit like groups who regularly crashed with the settlements she lead. It was during these times that Luka developed her more xenophobe POV against the arachnids and hostile aliens in general for the destruction of their world (Luka on her way to meet with the Chinese Triad) Oh my god, the suspense is killing me! When the Federation was finally able to take over, they let down their weapons and moved on with the next part of their story, rebuilding. However, Luka found that crime was more regular due to the destruction of Terra. She was given a medal for leading people to safety and saving several thousands from the destruction of the Progenitors. When offered a position into the MI, she took it as a reason to get away from the destruction, as she felt her place was no longer on Terra. The amount of death and destruction during these years had changed her, so she wanted to move on. Leaving what she knew behind and seeking something new, and she found that in the Mobile Infantry. I find the Arachnids remind me of Big Joey's mother: Loud, smelly, and poor taste in food. So far during her several months within the Mobile Infantry, she's found that she has made some friendships with the people on the ship. She's developed more so as a person and while not caring for her rank, does believe that the Mobile Infantry do fight for something important, even if a lot of the missions can get quite bleak. Luka finds herself respecting those deserving of it and wishes to improve herself and care for the Federation so what has happened to Earth never happens again. Along the way she's grown the appreciate those around her and its lifted her spirits since the disaster on Terra. Timeline 1/10/2300 - Luka finishes basic and is shipped off to join the 47th on the Joseph A. Glowin 5/10/2300 - Luka goes on her first drop as a recruit, investigating Federation Ship downed by plasma on a civilian planet. Adult Royal was found to be inside of the ship and they barely escaped alive. Promoted to Private. 6/10/2300 - Luka joins in an operation to capture a brain bug inside of a downed Arachnid ship. Luka's first time seeing how truly chaotic the field could get when there are several swarms upon swarms of bugs. Capturing the brain bug was deemed no longer possible and the 47th barely escape with their lives. Some parts of her did hold some fear seeing the Arachnids for the first time when they're in strength. 8/10/2300 - Luka deploys with the 47th to win the "Hearts and minds" of a mining town made up of veterans on Hesperus. After the acting lead was deemed to be incompetent, Luka was made the acting Private First Class, with the assistance of Warrant Officer Oberlin, she was able to turn the tide of the negative outcome into a more favorable one. Photo Ops were given and the town seemed to be content and happy with the troopers. 9/10/2300 - Luka deploys with the 47th to New Virginia to quell a CB infestation before it got out of hand but it got out of hand as soon as they arrived. This was the mission where Luka develops an anxiety with high buildings when CB's are ever involved. Though she assisted in saving an elderly couple from the destruction of the city before they were ordered to evac. 9/10/2300 - Luka goes into a drop to close some holes that surfaced around a civilian town, bore witness to some incompetence among the 47th that partially included some NCO's which resulted in several wounded including the drop lead. Mission was considered a partial victory. Promoted officially to Private First Class. 10/10/2300 - Luka goes on a drop to investigate a research lab that went dark, it is her first time performing as the Second-in-Command of a drop. Information and survivors were successfully rescued before a Private shot a chariot bug, causing a large wave of Arachnids to storm the facility. 11/10/2300 - Luka served again as SiC in a small team comprised almost entirely of privates. She knew the mission was going to be terrible from the start when the D-L was hardly communicating with the team which lead to overall confusion and injuries ensuing. Luka suffered some burns on the back of her legs caused by a Firefly while they were investigating for a civilian bunker in the area. 11/10/2300 - Luka goes with a team to investigate another facility gone dark, upon arrival there were lots of CB's that were killed and no survivors were found. However, once their location was revealed, massive waves of CB infected individuals stormed the artic facility which Luka helped to fend off with the help of Marauders. However, once the facility got breached, a Marauder shot Luka in the back of the stomach, almost dying, she barely manages to escape with her life. 13/10/2300 - Luka goes back to the same town on Hesperus to assist in the recruitment of MI veterans in the area to help fend off the impending Arachnid invasion. 15/10/2300 - First time Luka was actually put to the test as SiC and she choked the opportunity as she knew she was being tested for Lance Corporal. The operation let to the discovery of a brain bug on the planet of Hod that they all narrowly escaped. The overall objective was considered a success as hostiles were wiped out for the time being. Luka has her first encounter with an impostor bug, getting stabbed through the chest with superficial wounds, her armor taking the bulk of the force. Later in the day, a leviathan appeared over Hod and their camp was quickly overrun by the arachnids. The Battle of Hod began. 16/10/2300 - Promoted to Lance Corporal by CWO. Slim Elmo Shady in a desperate need for NCO's. 17/10/2300 - First drop as a squad leader, leading red team. Her squad was acting as the rear guard for the team as whole. It went overall smooth, nothing truly of note. They gave the Arachnids their first STD which put 13 fleets down for the count. 18/10/2300 - Luka deploys with a team to destroy a hive without a brain bug. Mid-way through being assigned to take care of those too heavily wounded to move further on while the rest of the team went to plant DOTON's. Eventually they were forced to link up with the rest of the team before needing to escape as an adult royal awakened. 19/10/2300 - Luka's first time using Power Armor, she led a squad where their task was to quickly grab supplies from abandoned checkpoints full of ammunition and general supplies. Her team managed to secure the most supplies with three trips done before the massive arachnid numbers overwhelmed them and they were forced to retreat. The decision to go on the third trip was made to make the most use of their time whilst the others searched for the seperated Specialist Smith. Luka begins to start enjoying her service in the MI despite how chaotic it may be, she remains optimistic. 19/10/2300 - Luka joins the 47th using drop pods into the atmosphere in a bid to retake the bastion. The mission is successful. 20/10/2300 - The Battle of Hesperus ends as the 47th activate a fusion bomb. The 47th is taken off duty and is able to get some R&R. R&R - Luka gets arrested for accidentally hitting a cop while driving a car, she is released and cleared by Intel with a warning. 22/10/2300 - Luka leads Blue team as they search an abandoned FOB as a potential place to re-locate civilians. Arachnids are found at the location and quickly begin to overrun the team. In the chaos, Luka is shot in the shoulder by Lance Macro, causing a fracture in her left shoulder. She's required to spend time healing before being put inside of a bio-gel pod for recovery. 24/10/2300 - Luka goes with a team to search for survivors of a downed Skyhook during a sandstorm. Davis, the acting DL, seemed to have no idea what to do so Luka and Carter had to somewhat guide the team until they found a cave with the pilots of the Skyhook. All were rescued without an issue. 24/10/2300 - Luka gets her first opportunity as a drop lead, they were tasked on a SAR mission for researchers and troopers for a facility gone dark. One trooperKIA when jumping on top of a grenade to save several troopers within a quick radius of the grenade. All-in-all, mention went well despite the loss of a medic. 24/10/2300 - Luka gave her first training to a couple Privates for Marksman certifications, it went mostly well though needing to co-teach with Macro seemed to prove a bigger challenge than if she had simply taught the course alone. Personal Relations Interested | Admired | Respected | Close Friend | Friend | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated | Feared Faction Relations: 47th Mobile Infantry Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon 25/10/2300 The troopers here are well... Special. Many of them I find are anti-social, hard-to-talk-to meat heads which makes it difficult to pass the down time being social. Among the current standing NCO's, there's only about three or four who I'd consider competent for the job. Still, for those who do have some grains of intelligence, they are quite easy to get along with and I must say I've grown fond of them. It's certainly a different life in the MI compared to back home, and I do find it quite thrilling. Special Recognition: Opinions on herself: 11/11/2300 I think of myself as a realist. I know that I am capable, and I strive to learn. Ranks and power are not my concern, but knowledge is. I wish to learn any skill that may prove beneficial in the future, investigating criminals is a whole different world from fighting a war. There is much to learn, and improving efficiency is my goal. Chloe Carter - @Shazzy - Retired Back Again- Close Friend 17/10/2300 Carter is probably the person I find myself most engaging with in this platoon, even getting a throat punch beside. She has a particular charisma about her that I find fascinating, the same can be said for her work ethic behind her jokester front. Apparently been a G.I. since she turned 18, that's 17 years of service in the MI. Chloe only does what she knows she can get away with while following the rules - most of the time. She knows a lot more than she lets on if she has specialized training. As such, I can't help but feel that there is more to her story. I am just currently unable to pinpoint what exactly she may be leaving out. 11/11/2300 Carter has moved on to pursuing other things more important to her and her life. I told her that I'd watch over Bragg until he decides to retire, though it was more of a "do it or I'll kill you" type of exchange. I'll admit that I'm a little disappointed that she had gone, when I was hoping to learn more through our modules together. She's a dear friend and I'd do anything to assist her if there comes a time for it. Take care out there. 12/3/2300 Back again, I'm glad to see Chloe. After seeing her back again though, lost my legs and sunk into a pretty deep hole figuratively.. I'll never be whole again... God I hate that it's so easy to make a pun with that thought. It could be worse I guess but I'm glad Chloe and Bragg were there to help me with it. What a shit show that was. Chloe seems like she's back in her prime, actually taking charge and all of that like she's been wanting to do all this time. Seems I was right about my initial thoughts on her as well, it's so good to have her as somebody close and hold dear. Everyone else: Augustus Azam - @Godot - Neutral 10/10/2300 My interactions with the good Corporal are mostly limited to seeing him for training or on the field. From what I can see he genuinely tries his best to give his best foot forward, even giving Myers a chance to lead. Azam has a good sentiment but giving someone undisciplined a leadership role on a high stress mission was doomed to fail from the start. I know your kind, and your good heart can and did get people killed. People must earn their place. Makes me wonder if Myers learned his lesson for trying to hold ground when he lost his arm. Mark Davis - @Warlord - Friend, sort of close 10/10/2300 Another Corporal among the ranks here in the 47th. I really don't know too much about the guy other than he cooks some pretty good food and that is very much the social type. Davis lost someone recent, a Corporal Hunter, as I recall. My intuition tells me that perhaps that stress is still building up inside him after seeing him crack under pressure during a drop. Either that or he doesn't handle stress well, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt since anyone would be confused on what to do in a situation like that. 11/11/2300 Davis is a man of many talents, two of them just to name a couple are cooking and I look forward to seeing his sewing skills. He's someone I'd consider a good friend of mine, though I suppose I'm not entirely close to him, Davis is a good measure of optimism among the ship. He got Sergeant recently so I hope that he's able to live up to his own and other's expectations, Davis has got the potential for it afterall. Jessica Ryan - @maxrevolver1 - Neutral 15/10/2300 A few different interactions with Corporal Ryan. She comes across as somebody who I could see becoming a great leader in the future. I don't see her all the time compared to the others but when she is around she pulls through just fine. The type of person I find myself enjoying having a nice chat with, especially after only sitting around in an APC while recruiting those vets - must suck ass to be them right now all things considered. Plus to my recollection I've found that she is a marksman as well, but much less of a hardened soldier than Carter which is a good thing. My hopes are that we do end up speaking more. 19/11/2300 So she got Sergeant, can't say I'm entirely surprised. I think of her as a decent leader and she does her job though I'm still a little iffy on how I feel about her. There's still a lot to improve on in my opinion but at least she isn't a cunt. At least she's trying. Tumas Tankijin - @Shaxx - Neutral 16/10/2300 A capable First Class that I've had a number of transactions with over the past couple weeks in this platoon. I don't know much about him but at least judging from before Hesperus, I assumed him to be a friend of Myers. I can recall our first conversation going along the lines of us briefly walking by each other before he yelled back at me asking for my name. Naturally I gave him my name and then we both parted ways. As I recall someone vaguely mentioning though, he's been around for quite some time. He seems to have a brain cell functioning at least. Sophie Jonsson- @OpTiCFaZeSoCkz - Liked 29/10/2300 The only remaining Sergeant in this platoon. My opinions on her are a little hazy, she aspires to reach the rank of Master Sergeant and almost gave up on that dream of hers. 90% of the time I see her doing administrative work on a terminal or just watching or playing some game on her IFed. I don't always agree on how she decides to run things, but Sophie is at least competent in some light. I can definitely tell the difference between her and Bragg, probably has to do with that video game addiction if I'm honest. I can never find myself being too engaged in those types of things. Eric Shephard - @Randy - Neutral, leaning Disliked 11/11/2300 I genuinely thought this fucker was retarded, he was a bloodthirsty cunt who had no respect for command unless he was able to lay down some lead down range. However, he has recently proven himself to at least be capable, even if I don't like him, it would be foolish of me to have negligence of his capabilities as a trooper. Shephard is not someone I'd enjoy spending my free time with though. Jacob Duvall - @Brigade - Liked 11/11/2300 Started off thinking Duvall was clearly an idiot of a Private, but he's proven that he's learned from his mistakes and has grown to be a capable trooper and a capable medic. He's one of the better newer faces that I've seen and I respect his willingness to prove his abilities and not bolster about them. Duvall could very well have a good future ahead of him as a trooper. Michael Baxton - @Baxton - Liked 11/11/2300 Another Private who I also thought was a bit bloodthirsty initially, though he's grown past that from what I've seen. He's made himself capable and could very well become a decent NCO though he decided to refuse the position from what I hear, which is a bit of a shame though I respect it. I trust the man just as I would any other trooper now. Rose Thorntin - @Shazzy - Close Friend 11/11/2300 The TAC Pilot I see around every now and again, most of the time I see her is when she's in her ship lighting up hostiles from the sky. Though she's a nice person, while I may not know her personally, she's a good person to have a talk with. We went on a mission to rescue her from a POW Labor Camp after she got shot down protecting a dropship to save all of the troopers that were inside. Rose is definitely someone I respect deeply for her sacrafice. William Garret - @Tridon - Respected 19/11/2300 I respect and like Garret because he's shown commitment and pulled through multiple times as a Marauder while she was leading. Both on the supply run during Hesperus where they got the most runs out of the team, and him saving her for the grenade. I feel indebted to him for saving my life and perhaps eventually I will repay him. Emily Heize - @jinnyy - Neutral 19/11/2300 Heize well, she's improved a lot since she first joined in my opinion. My initial impressions were that she had a spoon so far up her ass that a CB couldn't get down her throat even if her mouth was open wide, considering she tried to move ahead of the Marauders during a CB drop. More recently I guess she's not so bad, but I wouldn't even stretch our relationship farther than an acquaintance and co-worker. Emma Sterling - @Krismer - Neutral 19/11/2300 A relatively new Private. She's got the enthusiasm of a child in my opinion, I found it a little annoying initially but I digress. Perhaps it was simply because Davis trained her in an improper manner and I blame her as part of it. Not the brightest Private but certainly among the better kind that I've had to put up with. The Dead or Retired:
  23. Personal Information Name: Aira Va’esh Saari Age: 20 Date of Birth: 4/21/2280 Sex: Female Origin: Nascia Religion: Vestarism (?) Eye Color: Pale Grey Hair Color: Black Height: 5’10” Build: Ectomorphic Family: Father - Vaalis Saari Mother - Meri Saari Sister (Older) - Mia Saari Sister (Younger) - Essi Saari Theme: ---------------------------------------------------------- Military Information Branch of Service: Marauder Program Unit: 47th Mobile Infantry - Asper’s Archers // 13th Marauder Detachment Previous Units: 22nd Mobile Infantry Rank: Third Specialist Length Of Service: 2 Years Service Record: N/A Training: Basic Training, Advanced Statistics and Tactics, Marauder Basic Training, Mobile Weapons Platform Training Judicial Record: N/A Awards/Achievements Valorous Unit Medal Meritorious Unit Medal Citation for Meritorious Services (Marauder Marks) Citizenship Ribbon Federal Defense Ribbon Colony Protectorate Ribbon [Aira’s ancestor, Dr. Eriana Saranova, pictured above on ‘The Jewel’s’ research roster pre-launch, circa 2088.] ---------------------------------------------------------- Medical Notes As taken by Dr. Vanessa Everhart Due to Saari's heritage, and the genetic drift that had occurred between the roughly two-hundred year period of isolation for Nascia, we have come to see her test results fairly similar to other Nascian volunteers for Federal Service. This includes the photo-sensitivity due to a lack of UV ray penetration on Nascia, as well as immunity to most prion or fungal infections/genetic mutations (note: bacterial and viral resistance is near identical to Terran-born individuals). Unfortunately, she appeared less than optimal for psychic intuition. Due to the bottle-necked production sequence of Nascian's inhabitants, nearly forty-percent of the populace have some sort of psychic capability. Aira, apparently, has either yet to find this capability through miracle, or will simply live a relatively normal life without it. Frequent testing will be made on the woman for any long-term sub-surface abnormalities from Nascia's reintroduction to society. Having completed all of the preliminary medical and genetic testing required for new-found colonists joining the Service off-planet, Aira Saari is deemed fit for service with the Mobile Infantry. Signed: ---------------------------------------------------------- INCOMPLETE FILE RENDERING > ERROR ERROR-CODE: SAXOPHONE. CONTACT AN ADMINISTRATOR FOR HELP. ---------------------------------------------------------- Personal Relationships Interested | Respected | Trusted | Close Friend | Friend | Noticed | Neutral | Mixed | Hated † = Sanity | † = Deceased | † = Retired/Transferred † Theo Kuusimäki †
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