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Katherine Walcott - Resident Xenophobe

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Katherine V. Walcott


Character Summary
True Neutral

Renegade<████████ | ███████>Paragon

Awful<███████|█████|██████>Not Awful







Name: Katherine Victoria Walcott
Aliases: Kat, Kathy, Sketchers
Age: 22
Birthday: August 11
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birth Planet: Norilia
Heritage Desoric-English
Hometown: New Windsor
Gender: Female
Specialization: Engineer
Height: 5.6 Forearms
Weight: 9.51 Stone (133 Lbs)
Build: Mesomorph
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin Tone: Pale


Tarot Card / A Quick Consensus


The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man shows a man suspended from a T-shaped cross made of living wood. He is hanging upside-down, viewing the world from a completely different perspective, and his facial expression is calm and serene, suggesting that he is in this hanging position by his own choice. He has a halo around his head, symbolizing new insight, awareness and enlightenment.
Cold, callous, weirdo; these are but a few words to describe Katherine. The type to leer and brood rather than be confrontational, Katherine has manipulative tendencies and would sooner speak behind closed doors about someone than confront them head-on. Poised with glibness and often-superficial charm, Walcott finds herself predisposed to getting others to do things for her in her stead, whether to shift blame or simply shirk responsibility. Callous and often unsympathetic, many find her praise difficult if not borderline impossible to acquire should providing it not benefit her. Impulsive, irresponsible and sporting poor behavior controls, Kathy has a tendency to act out of her usually calm disposition under the proper circumstances.
Standing at roughly five foot six, the young lady is of average height for her gender. Her body is composed of smooth skin, unblemished apart from a singular mole on the chin as a result of her 'green' nature as a soldier. She could have been described by a physician as having a mesomorphic body type - one typically ascribed to athletes of rougher sports, boxers or firefighters. Framing a pale complexion was a tuft of dark hair that came down to roughly shoulder length. Her shoulders sit slim; also bearing spindly limbs which gave her a thinner disposition than some of her broader counterparts. Her jaw is sharp, her cheekbones high which contrast a pointed chin, and a hooked, beak-like nose.

Set with light blue eyes which tend to observe her surroundings, they are complimented with thick lashes, as well as full eyebrows. Incredibly hygienic, it's evident that the Desoric takes good care of herself. Preened brows, filed nails, long lashes and white teeth with naught a blemish on her skin save for during long-term deployments. Her voice carries a colonial accent with a scratchy, husky undertone which leaves her with an androgynous pitch that sounds neither too feminine nor too masculine.


Callous * Well-Mannered * Glib * Droll * Abrasive * Introvert

Marital Status: Unmarried


  • Pacing
  • Drinking
  • Nail Picking
  • Compulsive Lying


  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Cooking
  • Working Out
  • Fixing Things
  • Tinkering
  • Learning New Things


  • Soteriophobia - The fear of losing one's self-reliance.


  • Desoric People
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cognitive Intelligence
  • Neatness
  • Hygiene
  • Realistic Perception
  • Lax Individuals
  • Damp Climate
  • Overachievers
  • Salty Food
  • Alcohol
  • Non-Invasive Tendencies
  • Privacy


  • Psychics
  • Relentless Optimism
  • Lack of Hygiene
  • Non-Desoric People
  • Loud People
  • 'In Your Face' Individuals
  • Overly Friendly People
  • Excessive Femininity
  • Domineering Attitudes
  • Recklessness
  • Being In The Spotlight
  • Brash Rebukes

History & Misc

General Skills:

  • Engineering Pioneer Certification
  • Engineering Munitions Certification
  • M55 Certification
  • CLS Certification
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Small Arms Training

Criminal Record: N/A
Anything Else:

  • Given Desoric heritage, Katherine's colonial accent has English roots.
  • Katherine is a hands-on learner.
  • Katherine is an only child.
  • Katherine finds psychics unpleasant.
  • Katherine has a high 'shitty food' tolerance.

Awards & Commendations:

  • Engineering Sapper Badge
  • Engineering Demolitions Badge
  • Engineering EMECH Badge


Psychological Reports


Session One


<:: Begin report; Engineering Specialist Walcott, Katherine. Patient ID 0598873.

Session one.

After a two-hour long interview, Katherine has displayed what I can only describe as an insincere if not artificial scope of pleasantries. A faux smile, a coy tone to reciprocate my own playfulness with her. The subtle body language - or rather, the lack thereof accompanied by her eyes are strong tells of an underlay beneath the mask worn during our talks. I found this strange and particularly uncommon, as most voluntary psychological evaluations are ones where the patient wants to be helped, and tend to vye for a good first impression. I have a hard time telling if this is a conscious effort, or if she was just nervous - but what I can tell is that she was quick to want to please me by entertaining my questions rather thoroughly.

I have spoken with some of her colleagues prior to this evaluation in order to build a character portfolio based solely off of second-hand information. I have presented her with many of my interests in our exchange, prioritizing those which conflict with her own. The subject was quick to disregard her own beliefs and ideologies in order to agree, mirror and echo my own in a way which I believe is meant to conjure a relatable, comfortable feeling with the interviewer. She does this in a manner which is thoroughly convincing, enough-so that had I not done my research, I suspect would have fooled me well.

Post-interview, I thought to ask my same sources about some of her stories, aspirations and general rhetoric only to find that there was very little truth to any of it, barring a couple of instances. All of the truthful tales seemed to be ones which painted her in a way that was self-gratifying if not in some way superior, or successful in a margin well-beyond her peers. I've concluded from this that she is an excellent rhetorician with a mind that works very rapidly, though I am yet to test this under stress.

So far, my findings are somewhat concerning, but warrant further sessions in order to be conclusive.


End Report. ::>

Session Two


<:: Begin report; Engineering Specialist Walcott, Katherine. Patient ID 0598873.

Session two.

Today I had another session with Katherine. It's been about a week since our last one, and now I'm remiss to admit that I'm concerned for this trooper. Our sessions run from three until five. It wasn't until I'd called for her twice over the ship PA and found her escorted by a non-com until she finally showed up, forty-five minutes late. The story the Sergeant gave me differed from what I got out of her, which leads me to believe that, yet again, she's been lying to me straight out the gate. Between that and her reckless abandon for responsibility, I've concluded that this is repeating behavior witnessed and reported by her superiors. What doesn't surprise me however, is that these very same superiors find her on-ship lack of responsibility to be unrelated to her ability to perform to standard where it counts, when they deploy with her.

With this new revelation of information, coupled with my findings last week, I have little doubt that the case I have on my hands may very well be a series of symptoms characterized, and belonging to a high-functioning psychopath. The charm, the emotional manipulation, the lying, so on and so forth. It all points in one direction. I was however, surprised to find truth in some of her answers. The main premise of her being recommended to me, not ordered, but strongly suggested is a result of her indifference to conflict, danger and the emotional responses that tend to accompany these things. In the field she is described by both her peers and superiors as cold and callous when it comes to death, injury or other acts which may disturb or unsettle the average trooper, despite their level of experience.

She's never deliberately hurt another trooper, and she's very careful if not borderline meticulous with her work. It's been implied to me that this has nothing to do with the health and safety of her peers, but rather for an air of personal gratification stemming from being well-regarded by colleagues and associates. It's worth noting that when describing her fellow troopers, the word 'friend' only came up once when inquiring about one Shay Callahan.

I will speak with her again next week.

End Report. ::>

Session Three


<:: Begin report; Engineering Specialist Walcott, Katherine. Patient ID 0598873.

Session three.

I started stress-testing Katherine today. Asked her to perform a variety of various feats under pressure while also playing a mix of sounds she finds unpleasant. I've learned two things. Firstly, she exhibits a surprising resilience to distractions when she focuses on getting something done. The conversation seemed annoying for her, a stark contrast to her outward disposition from the first two talks. In lieu of fabricating elaborate responses, she was more inclined to power her way through the conversation by yes-manning in an effort to try and get through it as quickly as possible. I'm not certain if she realized that the answers she gave me were different from the answers she gave me the first go around, when they were posed with some nuance. In a simple consensus; When subject to sensory overload, Walcott's sociability shines through a little more naturally, while her work ethic remains the same.

Secondly, it has become known to me that touch bothers her greatly. Katherine does not seem to enjoy physical contact with other people in the slightest. She refuses to shake hands during the greeting parts of every session, and when finally given a brief bout of contact in the form of an arm touch, she grew defensive in demeanor and receded. Tense shoulders, clenched hands, legs retracting. The cause for this is uncertain, but I have no doubt that it may very well be tied to the rest of her psychological abnormalities. I almost feel guilty labeling her as such. Despite our relationship being entirely one-sided and, I would dare say borderline toxic if I weren't her doctor, I can't help but feel somewhat inclined towards her. Like Katherine is something simple, yet familiar despite being wired in such a complex fashion. I want to help her. I want her, to want me to help her.

End Report. ::>

Session Four


<:: Begin report; Engineering Specialist Walcott, Katherine. Patient ID 0598873.

Session four.

Something interesting occurred this morning. Katherine approached me, asking if we could speak. This is unprecedented and as far as I'm aware, completely unsolicited. Our talk was pleasant enough, she wanted to tell me about her week. Transferred from third platoon up to first, same station. She called this change 'satisfactory', which I suppose is better than bad. When asked if she was integrating well and making friends, she made mention that she's been making new acquaintances. No progress in that regard, I suppose. I find it's very difficult to get Katherine to express any kind of outward emotion or any sort of care for another person that comes off as genuine. Whether or not she actually feels these things and just hides it, or if she's completely incapable of forming such attachments are lost to me at this time.

I asked her if she would like to relay names to me, which she did. I intend to do a little bit of research in order to determine whether or not her tales about the troopers in question are genuine or just machinated. I fear that without regular interactions with people she claims to enjoy or derive amusement from, her condition may begin to worsen again. I think that consistent exposure to both our sessions and practice with engagements will make her better. It won't re-wire her, but it might help her integrate better by utilizing learned behaviors rather than acting on instinct. Her instinct is to keep people out, no matter what. I don't think that it's healthy, and I'm going to keep working with her.

As a personal note for my follow-up, she noted a couple of troopers by name.

She made mention of one Arabella Quinn. The words Katherine used to describe her were... interesting, and I don't think that they have any place in a medical report, so I won't repeat them. She did also offer other words about her, however. Specialist Walcott claims to enjoy her company and has expressed relief that 'at least one of her colleagues' brains haven't melted'. I had trouble discerning what her suspicions about Specialist Quinn's affiliation with Fleet may be, considering she's an engineer. My suspicion is that it's some kind of Infantryman thing. Nevertheless, hearing Katherine banter about another trooper in a way that isn't a direct derogatory remark is probably for the best. It suggests to me that there's some form of comradery between them - at least on Katherine's behalf.

The next mention came from someone she only called Private First Class Cho. She claimed not to know his full name. She made a note that this trooper 'reminds her of her, kind of'. She described him as intelligent and competent with a desire to distance himself from most others. When I made mention that perhaps he thought she would make a good friend because she is all of those things and perhaps he was looking for someone with whom he could relate, she laughed at me. Right in my face. This isn't unexpected for someone like Specialist Walcott, but it does give me some interesting pointers. She's obviously self-aware of what her personality looks like to other people. She's fully aware that she can be superficial at times, and other times completely stonewalled and straight-laced. I think that this quality would be incredibly dangerous, were she ambitious. She isn't, however. I asked her a couple of follow-up questions to probe about desire for advancement, post-career thoughts, so on. They were all met with the same, or very similar responses. Katherine has no ambitions, and I haven't decided if that's a good thing, or a bad thing yet.

Another trooper mentioned was one Christopher Miller, a medical Specialist. She found him noteworthy enough to speak about, which I suppose implores me to believe that she doesn't hold too much animosity towards him, what-with her reluctance to actually admit dislike for another. Verbatim, she said; 'Never in my life have I met a more simple, socially confused troglodyte with a below-room-temperature intelligence... but I enjoy him.' She expressed a common interest that they share in music, and in her unfunny humor. I imagine at this stage, any commonality with Katherine is good, especially if she takes well to the person. She seemed enthusiastic that he, according to her, has strange eating habits. Weird flex, but alright.

The last trooper to come up was one Sergeant Sophie Jonsson. Lord take me, if I've never heard Katherine say more words about one individual person for as long as I've known her. She described to me, in vivid detail, essentially every encounter that they've ever had. When I asked a few probing questions about whether or not she's certain they're not good friends, I was given the same answer as always - albeit this one had a morsel of nuance to it. She tacked 'a lot' on to the end of it. 'We're just acquaintances. I enjoy her, a lot.' Progress? I could have sworn I saw Katherine fight back a grin at one point during this conversation.

The only thing that concerns me is that psychopaths have a tendency to lie, which Katherine has - in every session thus far. I can't help but be wary about whether or not this entire story is fabricated in an effort to make me think she's improving, when in reality nothing has changed. Time will tell, I suppose - or at least my follow-up will clue me in.

End Report. ::>

Session Five


<:: Begin report; Engineering Specialist Walcott, Katherine. Patient ID 0598873.

Session five.

Another week, another session with Katherine. This one has been less strange than the others, though I don't think that it would be a session with Specialist Walcott if there wasn't at least one thing worth talking about. Starting off with interpersonal updates, Katherine has made note of two other troopers with whom she has some experience. Then-Master-Specialist Fayzulin and Specialist Saint-Claire. She has admitted to not having had too much contact with the former, but enough to formulate an opinion. She claims that her opinion is distressing to leave bottled up. At first I thought it was going to be murderous or something obtuse. I was right about one of those things.

Lance Corporal Fayzulin was described as, and I quote Katherine when I say 'an obtuse, angry blow-hard in need of some big man cock; But I'd let her choke me anyways.' When asked about the sexually explicit nature of her comment, Katherine was dismissive and, well, frankly it seemed to bore her. She expressed having no desire to communicate further with me on that subject, and I would dare say that it was done in such a way that purely intends to confound me on account of the fact that she knows unsolved enigmas eat at me. I suppose Katherine would not be Katherine if she weren't always trying to undermine every approach I take to get her to open up about how she feels about a given situation, or another person. Moving on, when asked for a more professional take on the matter, Katherine had this to say. "I hold no disdain towards Lance Corporal Fayzulin. I simply do not care for her dismissal from engineering. Whether deliberate or against her will, one of our only competent Master Specialists is now gone, and it serves to do nothing but hurt the rest of us." Katherine went on to express a couple of off-handed 'dogbrain retard' comments into the mix. She seemed genuinely angry about Fayzulin's dismissal. I think that her anger is projected towards the Lance Corporal as a result of her not knowing where else to direct it. We'll work on it.

The second trooper that Katherine bothered to mention was one Specialist William Saint-Claire. When speaking of him professionally, she made note a strong note about his level-headedness despite being reckless in certain circumstances. When asked to elaborate, Katherine had this to say. "He toasted that bitch from medical, but he did it to save the rest of us. He made the right choice. We all signed up to sacrifice ourselves for other people. That is the core value of the Citizen. Self-sacrifice. The needs of the many over the needs of the self. I think that our superiors would do best to remember what the fuck we're fighting for in the first place." I told Katherine that these thoughts may be best directed towards her superior officers if she is looking for change, though she expressed 'no desire to be killed or flogged for having an opinion that differs from holding hands, sucking or fucking.' This concerns me, but it's not my place to break confidence with a patient.

End Report. ::>

Session Six


<:: Begin report; Engineering Specialist Walcott, Katherine. Patient ID 0598873.

Session six.

Katherine has been skipping on me. A little bird told me that she has been ensuring that she has duties scheduled for our appointment dates. A job as a trooper supersedes non-vital medical inspections, which means that I can't actually force her to come in for these, on account of the fact that they're voluntary and not mandatory. In order to counter-act this, I did a little bit of digging. Katherine is a clever woman, but I would go so far as to say that Julian Crest is also a clever doctor. It's come to my attention that Katherine has been skimping barracks inspections by signing on for faux duties in the engineering bay, every time that they come up. Whether it's to avoid NCOs, avoid the confrontation, I'm not so sure. What I am sure about however, is that she rarely attends, if ever. Naturally, the slack is probably picked up by everyone else on account of the fact that, judging by the way Walcott keeps her uniform, her locker and bedding can't be a whole lot better.

I digress. What I've decided to do, and will keep doing, is doing a surprise rescheduling without actually telling Katherine. What I've done this week, and am frankly proud of myself about, is dropping in to the engineering bay while inspections were taking place in order to catch her doing nothing. From there, we spoke and had a routine session. I figure that if Katherine is able to waste my time and not show up for appointments, it's only fair that I waste her time and drop in on her when I know she's cheating. A friendly clash, but I think it infuriated her greatly. Nevertheless, she spoke to me instead of trying to get me to go away. No contest, no spite. I think that deep down, Katherine enjoys our sessions. Maybe she likes my company, maybe she feels cathartic. I won't ask, because she'll never tell me. Regardless, to the meat.

Another day, another long talk about all of the reasons why she respects and admires Sergeant Jonsson. That took up the majority of our session, being frank. I find it hard to tell if it's genuine, or if Katherine just likes to waste time to get the sessions over with. I'm inclined to lean towards the former, what-with the fact that it's very hard for a speaker to fake hard passion during a conversation like that, and keep it up for so long. Though, not impossible. I need to consider doubting everything Katherine says, while trying to doubt nothing at all as her doctor. It felt touching to hear her refer to the Sergeant as 'her only friend'. I would dare-say that she's made progress, provided that it's true.

A new name came up this time. Netanyahu. I did my usual digging. Would-be NCO, busted down to Private. I find it amusing that Katherine would speak of him in a positive light, what-with how contemptuous she can be in the face of authority. It might be that she respects his demotion, or perhaps it's the behavior she respects. When I asked her about it, she had this to say; "Most of those types come back down with the rest of us for a little while. They get really humble, really quickly and implore everyone to believe that somehow, overnight with a couple of stripes taken off of their sleeve, that they've changed. That somehow, things'll be different. I know better. I had a good talk with him, you know. I think that, he thinks I'm keen to kill myself. I'm not, but I didn't tell him. I don't care whether or not I live or die, and I think that both my earnestness and my intrigue serve to be convincing benefactors. I did not lie to him when I said it would be nothing for me to play chicken with him, with a grenade. Pull the pin, flip the spoon and wait for the bang. I'd go just like that, if for no reason other than to assure him that I was serious.

One loud flash and it's over. I wouldn't feel a thing. He'd feel it for a lifetime. Who wins then, asshole?"

End Report. ::>




Stole from McMann

- Friend   Liked - Approval - Acquaintance - Neutral - Mixed - Disliked Hated -

(#'d Left-to-Right)

1. Thoughts of you professionally

2. Thoughts of you in general

3. Relationship Status

4. Interest in you (Amiable/Friendly, None, Curiosity, Professional, Secretive)

5. Do you have a personal use to Katherine (Yes, No)

/ = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred


Arabella Quinn




Christopher Miller


Sophie Jonsson


Elzara Fayzulin



William Saint-Claire



A. Netanyahu


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