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Eric Shepard - The Womb Raider

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General Information


     First Name: Eric



Middle Name: Robert

Last Name: Shepard

Age: 24

Date of Birth: August 15th

Nationality: North American

Place of Birth: Riverdale falls, Arlen County, Iskander
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Father: Randal Shepard , Citizen. Status: Alive

Mother: Lucy Shepard (New Surname Faircastle) , Citizen Status:  Alive


Pre Enlistment life 



Born and Raised on Iskander, Eric Shepard is the son of Randal Shepard, a Landscaper after retiring from the Federal Fleet after his two years of Service and Lucy Shepard, a Retired Sergeant in the Mobile Infantry with four years of service, she is currently a real estate agent. Eric's life growing up was a rather simplistic, spending all of his child hood and teenage years in the small Town of Riverdale falls, which is a three hour drive from the Capital. At a young age Eric became the class Clown and Trouble maker, always finding himself in detention as well as getting the usual visit to the Principles office with his Father and Mother after school. As he grew older and high school was right around the Corner, Eric still maintained his rebellious personality with only two new traits coming along with it.....Girls and the Military, due to his excessive binge watching of War movies and....adult Videos after school. As High School life drifted on, Eric became the typical jock/bully. Being in the starting team of the Schools jumpball team, as a Linebacker , Offensive Lineman  and finding enjoyment in picking on Geeks, Rich kids and sometimes, other Bullies who threatened his Mojo. At the Age of 15, he met local Prankster William Beans at a end of summer vacation party, after challenging the Jokester to a Karaoke battle and losing, Shepard and Beans became best of friends. The duo spending most of the remaining time hunting broads, pulling pranks and chilling out after school.


Once High School was over, instead of working in the Landscaping business alongside his father, Eric joined the Mobile Infantry for one to receive Citizenship but also to fulfill his dream of becoming a Soldier at a young age. William and Eric found themselves transferred to the 82nd Morita rifles after Basic, an Iskander based unit. Throughout  the years, Eric and William were engaged in multiple Operations, including the Fall of Terra, fighting valiantly against the Progenitor Menace in South East Asia, unfortunately to no avail. As he and his unit we're one of the last units to be evacuated with 30 percent casualty rate to the Unit. As the Civil War occurred, the 82nd fell under mutiny, half the battalion swore allegiance to Sanctuary, the other half fled the onslaught to join the Sixth fleet, Shepard and Beans were amongst the latter of Troopers wishing to skip on O'Brien's totalitarian form of Government. The duo eventually found themselves a shuttle to their new Home, the 112th Battalion aboard the Grant as transfer Weapon Specialists.



(Eric Shepard age 8, fighting a Midget after school)



(Eric aged 17, arriving late to a full pledged after school brawl against the Rich kids of Riverdale Falls High.)

(Eric (in Jean Overalls) with his fellow Seniors hazing a freshman)

(Eric encountering Lesbians during his last summer before joining the MI)

(Eric during his Selection Process for the Federal Armed Forces)
(Thats fucking gay dude...)
(Spc.Eric Shepard using a human shield to charge a Sanctuary foxhole during the Civil War)



             Physical Information

Height: 6ft2
Weight:  195 pounds
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Build Type: Mesomorph
Medical History:


Pre-enlistment Background
High School Education:  High school Diploma
High School GPA: 2.45

College Education (if applicable): N/A

- Jumpball (Line backer and Offensive Lineman)

Criminal Record: N/A

 Armed Services Career

Branches Served In:  Mobile Infantry
Current Unit: 47th Mechanized Morita Rifles Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st. Platoon
Role:  Light Machine Gunner
Rank:  Private
Promotion Record:
Rct - Pvt - Pfc Spc- Pfc-Pvt-Pfc-Pvt-
Criminal Record: Article 99
Article 15
Age of Enlistment: 18
Wounds Received in Duty:
- Multiple Rounds to the Torso and Right Shoulder
 -Arachnid Talon to left thigh
Status: Alive

Awards Received:


Hero of the Federation Unit Citation

112th MI, Ark Boarders: For the saving of Terra, and Humanity as a whole. The 112th Mobile Infantry who had boarded the Progenitor Arc and destroyed it under Captain Bently have shown great heroics, and secured Humanities place in the universe as a dominant force. The 112th name will forever live on in legend, even in retirement.





Mobile Infantry Cross



Fought hand-to-hand combat with the enemy before engaging a hostile Marauder head on and ultimately shielding a fellow Trooper from a lethal Grenade blast with his Body




Mobile Infantry Distinguished Service Medal (V Device, x6)


Meritorious Service Medal.png

Meritorious Service Medal


Purple Heart   ( x3)




Combat Veteran Medal





Combat Action Medal




  Meritorious Unit Medal  (x3)





  Valorous Unit Medal  (x2)

Citation: Awarded for the Siege and Destruction of the Ark.





Citation for Meritorious Service



Spiritus Medal





General Specialization Ribbon  ( 3 Silver Stars )




Citizenship Ribbon




Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon




Operation Olympus Unit Citation





Operation Meggido Unit Citation




Operation Lambda Unit Citation




Operation Dawn Citation




Omega Campaign Unit Citation





Operation Restoring Hope Unit Citation



Operation Bread Basket Unit Citation


Operation Wildfire Unit Citation


Operation Let Freedom Unit Citation


Operation Iron Bastion Unit Citation


Operation Bug Cage Unit Citation


Operation Sword Offensive Unit Citation 


Operation Leviathans Bane Unit Citation


Personal Relationships
Relations: Strange Wool|Bro| Dude|Pal| Meh| What a fucking baby|Die Bitch|  Bought the Farm

Sofia Holloway


Dude...this chick...is the incarnation of the edge but HOLY FUCK, she got some T H I C C ass Thighs, bet she can squash a dudes head like a Watermelon with those....wouldn't mind going on a little Journey to the Crater


Aria Miller


OOOOOH The fucking legend herself! Motherfucking Get some 9000. Me and her are like fucking Bonnie and Clyde. The perfect battle buddies, just give us some SAWs, Flamers or M55s and we'll those Boogs a Fucking Makeover. Bet she still got that Ear I gave her...memories you know.


Take care of yourself, Sis. 


Elliot Cooke


Brah….my partner in crime, the days of the coochie hunters are numbered!



Hermaður Karlossson


Oooga Booga...me smash....me edgy Viking Man...Vallhala!..HAHA, nah this dudes aight. Funny as fuck to piss him of, like my little snorting incident but hell that was an Awesome ass spar...wouldn't mind doing another one in the future.

Roadrick Oakwood


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..Yeah hes okay, pretty edgy though, you know...guy is 19 and looks like  Captain VJ Dax, god rest his soul. Course hes an NCO so that's a big no no for me, but I might need to talk to him more often...who knows.

Novah Ensley


Eh, she's aight. Reminds of those Chicks who we're hot as fuck but didn't talk much back in High School. Though She does have a good taste in Music....well sorta. I oughta talk to her more often, maybe give her one or two jabs at her edgy outfit.

Adrian Perot


Adrian Perot my man! I gotta love this guy for giving the NCOs are run for the intellectual Comebacks. Dude reminds me of Beans, didn't expect to find someone who'd be on the Bandwagon to Banter, dude. Plus that little haze we did to Haggis...Worth it. Stay cool, you Badass Motherfucker.


Joseph Morreli


Hell yeah! This motherfucker is like a guinea version of me! Gotta love his macho approach, the fucking Savior for the Grunts! You better keep up with your Grenadier shit, pal. You'll go for and we'll grabs these fucks by the balls! BOOT SQUAD, HOOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fucking long lost Brother, don't worry man. I got your back dude. You and me, we'll get the crown, save the town and Mister Krabs!


Adrian Augustus 


Good kid, reminds me of my early days in the MI, though I got a hunch this fucking Pip Squeaks gonna go for NCO, good for him. If it does come to that....I'll happy follow beside him into fucking Combat!


Chloe Carter


Huh...I used to think they were just some edgy sniper bitch with their head up their ass. Real scum, but! It seems she mellowed out, especially after Wildfire. She even got me so close....into going for NCO. Sorry Magic Chick, I am and always will be a grunt. Plus, pretty shit you had to pussy out after the CM, shoulda stayed and took it like some chick with balls....Meh.



Rachel Cross


Jesus you krauts are unpredictable, first of you hate my guts, the only Words I hear from your mouth when you speak to me are 'Fuck you'  'Retard' or both combined. Now, your acting nice to me and even offering some one on one talk...….I aint complainin dude! I'd like to see how far she goes on with her little charade....if its real or not.


Jack Varks


This dude? Kinda stutters a bit,oughta take a chill pill or get fucked top or bottom, beats me. Though he's pretty intense with that flamer, pretty dope. He picked Lance recently, obviously trying to act as the Shepard of a sheep flock. Pun intended, he still has a long way to go.

Your still a fecking, feck face. And I fecking love it. Keep fecking up those Boogs, you ugly feck face.



Jessica Ryan




Angelika Gjallahad


I would lie to myself if I said that I make fun of this chick just because shes edgy and sometimes a fucking Retard. She's just way to hilarious to not fun off, like even the fucking short hair has me interested dude! I don't know man, prolly a turbo dyke but....I aint gonna go all Jerry Dasher on some chick with short hair.

Martin Patton


A typical fucking Piss Vest, but I fucking love him! Dude is a legend when It comes to being a lil bitch. Always wants to throw hands with me, just like the Lil Bro trying to square up to the Big Bro. Godbless. Good drinking pal though, perfect attitude and knows how to live the Grunt life.


Rest easy faggot....I'll see you in hell, we'll doom slay some Imps together...……...


Haley Miller


What a Neeeeeeerd, plus she's fat too. Disgusting, if she went to school with me....wedgies, swirlies and Noogies all fucking day. Jokes aside, atleast she has a taste in fucking movies. Better then most of the chicks around here!

Frederick Irving


Cool ass Grapehead, isn't edgy like the rest on . I dig man, I dig

Local Poddie School shoots Civies, ironic.


Tzipora Bronson


You failed the test...….disappointed but not surprised. Jokes aside, this Engies aight, one of my select lesbos I enjoy making fun of. Actually stands up to herself....how Valiant.

Jonah O'Malley


Gimme my pot of gold, you leprechaun prick!


William Garret 


Ah! My sparring rival, dude took my girl from me and im gonna tear his asshole bigger then the grand canyon, no joke...my fave rauder out there! Atleast hes got some balls in comparision to the rest of those fucking Smurfs! No Mercy...…….


Gabriella Fernsby


Dude I'd smash. Nothing hotter then having a Pot head Chick with the humour of a fucking twelve year old....Hooah Get some! Or get fucking Friend Zoned and become their best bud, I don't fucking mind man!


 Goddamn, I'm good. 


Hayden Toubia


Good kid, lil fuck boy though. Did fucking Heroin to spite his Mom, that's pretty edgy but hey! Alteast the fucker loves SpongeBob and is a Competent NCO for now, yo. Maybe if he grows some hair on his balls he'll become the next fuckin Sergeant Zim or somethin else fucked up.


Ryan O'Neill


Fuckin Kid Sergeant. Prolly been in the shit in for a few months and already a Sergeant. Dude paid me 400 quid for being a badass like I'm his personal hooker and snitched on my ass wasting that Cannibal but eh......now im sounding like a whiny little bitch, I gotta get drunk after this or pick on someone... This guy means well I guess, wants to save the platoon and make into a proper MI outfit or something, he's got a while to go man, a while to go.

I'll rip and tear more Demons then you pal, just you wait!


Aight Aight, Kids got some Moves and is super die hard for the Fed I dig. Its a fresh breath of Air for the NCOs yo, Fuck the Dark ages! Lets hope this Pip squeak keeps up with his Ideals,man!

Sarah Redbrick


OOOOOOOOOH SHIT, Its the fuckin Brick in all her fame and glory. GINGERS DONT HAVE SOULS, WEIRDO, YOU KNOW IT! HA! This chick is like a fuckin Angry little Teen who'd break your fucking spirit just cause you think the fucking sky is yellow or somethin. HILLARIOUS when she has her little fucking SJW rants, god bless. Still, shes a dope NCO and Trooper, wouldn't mind going to fuckin Klendathu with her ass and wasting all the boogs and fuckin throw some salt on that fuckin Brain bug...…..also Gingers are kinda hot.


Amelia Six


Cute cheerleader chick, though way to fucking Young. Miss me with that Pedo shit, though her bandana is fucking sick yo! I gotta borrow it one day and fucking do the sickest Naruto Run EVER!


Farah Zadija

Hail to the Gunny, man!


 Arthur Rye


Ah, my fucking Boy crush. Has the chin of a fucking Hero. You and me bro. We'll save the federation and throw the Ring of Lesbianism into Mount Coochie!



Hecle Phan


Run.....Run and don't look back, for your own safety

Jade Mason


My new bullying victim, takes it like a champ god fucking bless, finally a chick with some balls. Stoopid Coochie Hunter

Anatasia Kreslina


Goddamn your fucking edgy! I can feel my fucking wrists slicing themselves open just by looking at you. Least your the Metro Kinda Edgy. She can still hold a proper conversation and chill with us grunts. So that's aight, also shes fucking Tubes...…..pretty fucking hot.



Joe Hayes


This Kid is way too fucking good natured for the MI. I'm gonna haze him to death...…..Pun intended, heh..



Mania Ngata


Holy fuck....another Token black guy, a literal fucking Unicorn, and one who isn't a fucking Gang banger! Picked up Corporal, lets fucking see if this die hard Infantry boo has got what it takes.


Michael Medvedsky 


Ah, my Roshambo and snus buddy. Longest fucking run I ever had, dudes got balls of steel, plus that little pissing act we pulled off on that Seppie was fucking funny. We'll go for another round....soon, my friend.



Antonio Sanchez


Cool guy, fellow fucking Jumpballer rock on man! Lets see if this dude keeps up with my antics, only time will fucking tell


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On ‎8‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 5:26 AM, Sting said:

cooke and i guess my fellow band of retards

added aswell as more pre enlistment info

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25 minutes ago, Sarduker said:

Add Kent and the very much dead hegg

No can do bud, haven't talked to them


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23 hours ago, Sarduker said:

Dam man. Do vrust though for kent

same applies for him 😞

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29 minutes ago, Floofy said:



49 minutes ago, Sarduker said:


feck indeed

16 hours ago, Seamus said:



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