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Ydun-Risi Jötunnsdóttir - The Larimar from the North

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Name: Ydun-Risi Løve Jötunnsdóttir
Age: 31

Height: 5'8"
D.O.B: 2268/11/20
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Cassandra
Hair color: Ashy Grey
Eye color: Deep blue
Build: Bottom Hourglass
Rank: Captain


Service Record

13 years, joined Fleet at age 18

Highest rank achieved in Fleet: Captain



Character Description and Background:

Ydun-Risi, or just 'Risi' to her friends, is a healthily shaped Fleet Captain. She evidently takes well care of her body and health, making her nordic ties stand out quite visibly. Had she had blonde hair, she could hardly have looked any more scandinavian. Risi and her sister Ysra-Thur were born on Cassandra as first-generation Cassandrians, their parents coming from Scandinavia on Terra. Both sisters have inherited a long-standing family genetic mutation (on their mothers side) of having their hair greying at a very young age. The hair itself is healthy, but it's pigments quickly shifted from the deep browns of their childhood, to a faded brown with mixed grey strands in their teenage years, to the shades of ashy greys in their twenties.

Risi keeps herself healthy, often working out when she has the time as to keep herself in shape. She also frequently visits the firing range to keep her aim with small arms sharp, and is known to occasionally join the MI in the Simroom if they allow her. Her slightly deep, somewhat honeyed voice fits well to a commanding tone, imprinting both a calming yet strong and decisive tone when she speaks. 

She's known among her crew to be a friendly and approachable Captain who only shows her claws when she has to, and claws she certainly has. With a healthy figure, she has no lacks in strength or endurance and will quickly rein in unruly figures whether Fleet or MI and is not afraid to make use of the power of her position to bring troublesome individuals down to an acceptable tone. In her ordinary day however, she's quite friendly and frequently joins the crew for breakfast when her schedule allows for it, favoring it above a private breakfast in her own quarters.



Personal Relationships
Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family|Respected|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears

--[[Federation Fleet]]--

- Ysra-Thur Jötunnsdóttir: "My sweet sister, we've been together since before I can remember. Through thick and thin we've faced the trials of life together, and so we shall continue to the end of our days. Alfader, du hvis navn i nord kan aldrig gå af minde, beskyt min søster fra dem som vil gøre hende ondt." FA

- Sabine Bilodeau: "A recent arrival to our ship as part of the Out Crew, she seems like a devout Fleetie through and through. I can see a lot of myself in her, no doubt one day she will take up the mantle as Captain, even if she does not think so herself. An impressive record, Commander in just a few years." F

- Hagan Macaulay: "At first I thought he was a rowdy Trooper in a pilots suit, but as weeks grew to months I realized that he was a leader, if a bit of a charismatic one. He does well to lead our TAC. Even if we don't always see eye to eye, we do at least respect eachother." RF

- Pritchard: "He's enthusiastic to see things get into motion, a good quality to have if you want to get far in Fleet."


--[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]--

- Mabel Airhart: "Mabel is a strange one. I swear I've seen her before, yet she swears she'd have remembered someone like me had we met before. Nonetheless, she seems laid back, maybe hiding her experience behind a veil of 'being a mere Private'. Perhaps she just isn't comfortable with responsibility." AF

- Sebastian Bently: "Seems like a reasonable guy. Wants what's best for his Troops and has a proper head on him when talking tactics."


--[[Federation Hospital Corps]]--

- Lisa Bennet: "A surprisingly friendly Doctor. Most doctor's I've met have been nigh unbearable in various ways, either too deep in their own self-confidence to be able to show any kind of humility or self doubt or too rowdy to be bearable. Doctor Bennet seems much more mature though, a pleasant face to greet for my medical checkups." F

- Hannah Apatow: "I remembered her from when I visited the medical school once, she stood out among the rest. She's definitely a texan, no doubt about it, but at least she seems like a reasonable one. I get the feeling she'd wear a cowboy hat instead of that beanie if she was allowed to." AF

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