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[WARFARE] Type 7C Passive Radar System

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General Information

Name: H.S.S. 'Type 7C Passive Radar System'

Role: Low-tech Mid-range Radar, Nebula Radar, Countermeasure/Interference resistant radar

Manufacturer: Hesperus Sensor Systems

Introduced: 25th February 2297

Status: In service

Number built: 82 Type 7C Radar Installations as of 1st October 2300

Unit cost: full system - £5,2 million (2300)


Technical Specifications


Length of base - 5.3 m

Width of base - 5.3 m

Height of base - 2.5 m

Height of antenna and base - 5.5 m

Diameter of antenna - 4.8m

Weight - 3.5 metric tons


Type 7 PRS Specifications

The Type 7 PRS is built into the nose of the vessel and thus has a 40 degree blindspot toward the back of the ship. Due to it's construction and the nature of how it functions, it is not susceptible to most types of interference, making it good against countermeasures and in nebulae. It's low-power and passively scans at all times. The Type 7C variant has an active radar addon, allowing the crew to focus in on a single 6 deg cone to keep track of specific objects.

Azimuth: 0 to 360°

Zenith: 0 to 360°

Accurate range bracket: 0 km to 125,000 km, reduced range in nebula (down to ~75,000 km)

Precision: +/- 5 m - +/- 0.5 deg azimuth @ 5,000 km

Target tracking capabilities: 37 independent targets

Minimum target size: 16 m³ @ 75,000 km

Targeting capabilities: Stores target data in memory which can be directed to the ships Weapons consoles. Low accuracy, recommended to use ASMs with self-homing ability at ranges beyond 10,000 km. Recommended to use ASMs with self-homing ability at ranges beyond 23,000 km when using active radar telemetry to guide.

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