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luckish's unban appeal

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Date of Ban:  October 27

Reason For Ban: Toxicity?

Banning Admin: lit

Reason for Appeal


I was banned for Toxicity(?) on October 27th as per the notes above. This occurred due to a single/couple of interactions OOCly.

1) Insulting Megabnark and 'doing it again'

I sassed Mega in OOC, honestly forget why I was kicked the first time. My memory is awful, so if @Megabnark can let me know what I said the first time that would be swell. I came back and snarked him for "kicking me during roleplay to display his power". I was told to stop, yet I did a /report calling Mega a "whiny babis", then promptly quit in console because I knew I was going to say more vile shit to him. I shouldn't have been vile in the first place, but was it really necessary to perma ban me again? I only think a few choice people don't think I'm welcome here, but I could be entirely mistaken. Kinda feeling targeted because Mega was shitposting in the quotes thread earlier in the day, wondering if "I even played here". Yes, I continue to use heroin because it's addicting, Mega.

In Summary:
I was toxic towards Mega in OOC, and I was sassy to Lit when he told me to quit it. I'll avoid interactions with choice individuals if it means it'll lead to inevitable conflict.

Edited by Luckish?

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Okay, so. I will explain one thing; I didn't kick you for being toxic. The kick was performed by Litcoins, as was the ban. But choosing to complain about not getting back flags that were taken by another admin (only a day take-away), I gave you a very clear warning publicly (which I should have done privately), then taking it to reports after OOC was shut off was uncalled for and your targeting of me was completely misplaced. I'm sorry that things turned out this way, but here's my end of it. It is up to Shaxx and Litcoins from this point.

Again, sorry for this. None of the punishments were my doing, but your toxicity in the moment was on display to the whole admin team at the time.

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As I have been dealing with the previous incident, @Lit Has given me permission to respond to this.


From what I see it appears the pair of you are not compactible with one another as people within the server.

Your showcase with the comment and the post earlier this week is testement to that.

You two need to understand you may not like one another but we all want the server to suceed and we all want to have fun.

You have your disagreements, accept that and move on.

Ban is De-Escalated to a week, to be 3rd of November for your unban.

I will privately speak to you about your actions and how you conduct yourself around the server to best adjust this disagreement that has gotten out of hand.





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