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The Revenants

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(Logo used by the Revenant forces on their uniforms.)


Type: Human
Status: Active
Homeworld: Chaziv 9
Home System: Outer Colonies


Originating from the Outer Colony planet known as Chaziv-9, the Revenant faction are a large group of Separatists roughly one to two thousand men strong as of 2299. They operate out of the way of the Federation for the most part, lingering near the Skinnie Quarantine Zone on their home planet, which is currently ruled and controlled by the Revenants, providing a steady supply of new Troopers (Whether they are forced into the faction or join by choice.) 


The Revenants are known to take people into their ranks by force, often through torture, black mail or the threatening of loved ones or ones own self. There have been reports of people being forced into the faction from anywhere between the ages of 15 and 40. 


[More Intel to come when uncovered.] 


Unit Types:



Standard Foot Soldier.

The standard trooper of the Revenant Faction. These Troopers are usually given low tier training, made up of people who are forced to fight. Intel suggests thats 45% of the total Standard Forces chose to join the Revenants, while the other 55% are there by force.



Foot Soldier Commander.

The Commander units are easiest to identify by the logo on their chest plate, these troopers are similar to regular NCOs of the Mobile Infantry. They are assigned as squad leaders and only picked after extensive deployment.




Identified by their Orange uniforms, the Engineers are explosive and technical experts, used to hack or blow through doors and barriers. 



Heavy Trooper

Covered in large plates of armour and Kevlar, the Heavy Troopers are usually seen carrying a shield and Heavy Machine Gun and are often accompanied by a fire-team of Foot soldiers.



Shadow Trooper

The 'Special Operatives' of the Revenants. The 'Shadow Division' are made up of some of the most devoted members. These Troopers usually move separately to main forces and are highly trained, to Separatist standards at least.



Shadow Commando

'Commandos' of the Shadow Division are team leaders usually, but squads of them are often deployed to protect Officers of the Revenants. They are the best of the best, likely trained by Ex-Infantry.




Revenant Officers are usually ranked as Lieutenant or Captain, the number of people higher than that are unknown, but so far one has been caught by the Federation, 'Commander Arthur Abajar' back in 2298. 




People of Interest:


Bounty Hunter ID: #2498, Call-sign 'Lance'

A former resident of Chaziv-9, the Hunter known as 'Lance' shows a personal interest in hunting members of the Revenants, sometimes offering to do jobs at a reduced price on the bounties just to be sure he can kill the targets himself. His work with the Federation has been here and there and his name has been taken note of by the Revenants themselves, who have put a bounty of £73,000 on his head. (Unrecognized by the Federation.)

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Armacass is a large, Private corporation founded and owned by Multi-Billionaire and Entrepreneur, Harlan Arstide, who was born on Chaziv-9, but grew up and graduated University in Iskander with a degree in Business and Finances. He founded Armacass when he was only 21 years old, and by the time he was 25, Armacass was officially a Billion Pound corporation.

Armacass have, over the many years, grown a solid reputation for themselves. Responsible for creating phones, tablets, Televisions and various other Civilian grade technology. However, they have recently started to work on Military equipment. With funding from the Federation and assistance from Scientists, Military and Civilian alike, they have steadily made great advancements in the field. However, most of what they are working on is classified.


On the 26th of November, Mobile Infantry stopped a raid on an Armacass underground facility. What the Infantry found was that the Separatists responsible, Chaziv 9's very own Revenants, seemed to be wiping servers and trying to steal data. What they were looking for...? SICON currently are unsure. Only time will tell what interest The Revenants have in Armacass and their research.

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