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Pay-grades in Federal Service.

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For some of you that may be curious, or want to Roleplay the wages and money that your characters may have, the following is a list of ranks and how much you are paid for each.

Remember, each pay-grade is subject to change should the Trooper be given a raise by a Commanding Officer.

It should be noted that joining the Armed Service is one of the better paying 'Blue Collar' jobs one can get, especially those with low grades who join the Mobile Infantry.

If the someone is promoted before their next paycheck (Each payday being the day that the Trooper Enlisted into the Federal Armed Service) they are instead paid as the new rank they have achieved in that month.




Recruit - £1300 a Month. 

While the rank of Recruit usually lasts for a little over 3 months, (During the time someone is in Boot Camp) they are still paid quite well.


Private - £1750 a month.

Once an Infantryman achieves the rank of Private, they are given a pay raise, and will now be paid £1750 a month, or £21,000 a year.


Private First Class - £1900 a month.

While the raise between Private and First Class is not high, it is still noticeable, now allowing an Infantryman to make £22,800 a year.


Weapon Specialist - £2100 a month.

A fully certified weapons specialist of the Infantry earns slightly more than a Private First Class, but less than a Lance Corporal, allowing an infantryman to make £25,200 a year.


Lance Corporal - £2300 a month.

Once reaching Lance Corporal, an Infantryman will now make £2300 a month, or £27,600 a year.


Corporal - £2700 a month.

A Coproral gains £2700 a month, or £32,400 a year.


Sergeant - £3150 a month.

A Sergeant of the Mobile Infantry gains £3150 a month, or £37,800 a year.


Staff Sergeant - £3,600 a month.

A Staff Sergeant of the Mobile Infantry gains £3,600 a month, or £43,200 a year.


Master Sergeant - £4,250 a month.

A Master Sergeant of the Mobile Infantry gains £4,250 a month, or £51,000 a year.


Warrant Officer - ~£4,850 a month.

A Warrant Officer of the Mobile Infantry gains about £4,850 a month, or £58,200 a year. Due to the flexibility of the rank, the pay is just as flexible.

Sergeant Major - ~£5,000 a month.

A Sergeant Major of the Mobile Infantry gains £5,000 a month, or £60,000 a year.

Second Lieutenant - £4,600 a month.

Once reaching the rank of Officer, an Infantryman will now make £4,600 a month as a Second Lieutenant, or £55,200 a year.


Lieutenant - £4,800 a month.

A Lieutenant of the Mobile Infantry gains £4,800 a month, or £57,600 a year.


Captain - £5,200 a month.

A Captain of the Mobile Infantry earns £5,200 a month, or £62,400 a year.



Should they want to, @Jun @Kris @jinnyy @Megabnark and @Cipherare free to add their own divisions and how much they are paid to this under here.

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Third Specialist - £ 2,000 per month.

This is someone fresh out of training in their division. They make more than a private first class due to their status as a specialist.

Second Specialist - £ 2,200 per month.

Someone deemed competent of service and capable of performing more advanced tasks is often promoted to second specialist. This also warrants being paid an addition two hundred pounds.

Specialist - £ 2,600 per month.

Specialists are the meat and potatoes of every division. This rank is the most populated by people, and rightly so - they can perform all 'standard' duties of their division or have shown merit in their division warranting the promotion.

Senior Specialist - £ 3,000 per month.

A senior specialist is someone who has gone above and beyond the standard duties of their division, often showing interest in training members of their division and consistently performing these duties exceptionally. Once deemed capable of training someone to be a specialist, people are often bumped up the "NCO" ranks of the division, such as senior specialist.

Master Specialist - £ 3,500 per month.

A master specialist is someone who has shown they have become absolute savants in their field. These people are often only limited to their rank because there is an XO above them. They often point out people worthy of senior status and lead the division with the XO and CO are not around. As such, they are paid more than a sergeant - even though their positions are essentially the same in their respective fields.

Technical Sergeant - £ 4,000 per month.

Technical Sergeant is a rank given meritoriously to those above the call of duty. They have shown their dedication ten fold and, in turn, earn a true position as a Non-Commissioned officer, recognized both by standard infantry and by the division. A technical sergeant not only can be an Executive Officer, but can also be a Commanding Officer. These are the members of divisions that create whole new generations of exceptional members. As such, they are paid more than even a staff sergeant of the Mobile Infantry, and rightly so.

Warrant Officer  - £ 4,500 per month.

A warrant officer is someone between Enlisted and Officer. In order to achieve warrant officer, people often hold positions in the Mobile Infantry or their Division for an extended period of time, proving their competency and effectiveness in the field and on ship to a degree worthy of being knighted in a sense - these are essentially the support managers of a management team. These are people trusted to train people into effective leaders and soldiers - HOWEVER a warrant officer holds no authority officially. They are only bodies meant to train and administrate - they are supposed to and should never be in charge of discipline or leadership. Period.

Second Lieutenant - £ 4,800 per month.

A second lieutenant is a freshly commissioned officer. Most often, at the divisional level, an officer must go through Officer Candidate School, which usually means they are capable of sitting on courts and carrying out court martials. These are always commanding officers or someone similar. They are officers, and should be respected and regarded as such.

Lieutenant - £ 5,400 per month.

A lieutenant is someone who has proven their competency as an officer and have received a promotion and, in kind, more pay. These are experienced officers, generally - those who are more often than not highly experienced in their field, and highly experienced as an administrator of the Mobile Infantry. And, deserving, they are paid an additional grand and two hundred for their specialist nature.

Captain - £ 6,000 per month.

When it comes to a division, a captain or major is rarely seen. They hold this rank primarily because they have ascended beyond leading a detachment. These people are often in charge of multiple detachments and have completely forfeited their position as a trainer. Their job is to maintain the status of their detachment group and make an excellent face of their division as a whole.

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Pay-grade Information as per Ministry of Paranormal Warfare's database.


Third Specialist - £4000 a month.

Upon initial enlistment with MIPOD, all found psychics; regardless of power; are granted a £8k instant sign-on bonus. After a eight-month training course under a combined Federal Psychic Education Center, tied in with regular bootcamp, psychics are paid rather handsomely.


Second Specialist - £4150 a month.

Reaching Second Specialist grants a raise of £150 is given, due to the usage of the psychic jumping substantially, as well as the survival rate compared to Third Specialists.


Specialist - £4750 a month.

Once an Operative reaches Specialist, a heavy pay bonus is administered due to their now rather useful capabilities, utilized by both Internal Security and FFRL. The usages are kept under a classified cover.


Senior Specialist - £5250 a month. // HANDLER CERTIFICATION GRANTS +£250 TO MONTHLY SALARY

Once reaching Senior Specialist, the Handler Program opens up to those who pursue that career path. As well, Operatives' survival rate is far higher than those below them, making them a far more consistent asset to the Infantry around them, as well as the Federation as a whole.


Master Specialist - £6500 a month.

A Master Specialist is paid incredibly well, due to their abilities and reliance of consistency. With most Master Specialists being Handler trained, they can receive up to £6750.


Warrant Officer - Completely reliant on operative's capability. Starts at roughly £7500.

A Warrant Officer of the MIPOD gains a rather large some, depending on their capabilities.



Second Lieutenant - £7750 a month.

Once reaching the rank of Officer, a MIPOD operative receives a handsome pay of £7750, or £93,000 a year.


Lieutenant - £8250 a month.

A Lieutenant of the MIPOD gains £8250, or £99,000 a year.


Captain - £12k a month.

A Captain of the MPW earns £12k a month, or £144,000 a year. No Captains of MIPOD necessarily exist, as once one achieves the rank of Captain, they are placed into the Ministry of Paranormal Warfare, rather than MIPOD.


Major - £13.5k a month.

A Major of the MPW gains £13.5k, or £162,000 a year.


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