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Detective British

Tank The Turtle (Platoon Pet)

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<:: Troopers, this is Tank the Turtle. He is our new platoon pet. He will be fed, and watered and given every luxury available to him. Enlisted men who have trouble following discipline or showing responsibility will be assigned to look after Tank. In the meantime and in-between everyone will look after Tank as if he was one of our own. His tank will be changed every week, and will be inspected when Bunk inspections come around. The only time Tank should not be in his Tank Tank, Should be when the tank is being cleaned.


Tank will be fed kelp and plankton flakes which will be kept in a bottle next to the Turtle Tank.


If any harm shall come to Tank there will be hell to pay for those involved.


(The turtle holds the honorary rank of Sergeant.)


Sgt. Parsin.

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